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  1. How would you pee..,.ya know what nvm. I’ll use my imagination 😆
  2. That could take an uncomfortably long time. At least you aren’t allergic to aloe though but idk how good that stuff is. Works wonders on burns is all I know.
  3. So many people will be shot dead by cops thinking anyone could have a gun. No good will come from this.
  4. Right?!? They’re so handsome. Look at that expression 😆
  5. Adams pretty much said anyone with a concealed gun is getting arrested
  6. I always fall for that trap. Here’s stealing your girl, cat 😆
  7. 1pooh4u


    I thought heart attack because the first article I read mentioned heart disease running in his family. Are they implying it was a self inflicted death?
  8. What do you do when you get poison Ivy or a rash? Just deal like a bad ass?
  9. So as yous may or may not know NY’s CC laws were struck down as being unconstitutional. For the last 100 years residents needed a reason other than self defense. Example a business owner, or a manager that carries huge amounts of cash for deposit would have cause. Now it’s as simple as “I just want to defend myself” people are praising this decision and I think it’s disgusting. An ex cop said “well now maybe people will think twice before committing a crime against someone if they think they might have a gun”. Seriously? Look, just no. All that will happen now is criminals will be more violent and be sure to press their gun firmly to your temple as they mug you. Even if you had a gun, how you gonna pull it out take the safety off and shoot before your head is blown off? So far the Governor is saying she’s calling our legislators back into session to make laws banning CC from mass transit and near schools. I’m going to assume bars too because what’s worse than a drunk with a gun? Two drunks with guns? total shit show.
  10. 1pooh4u


    Did they say how he died cuz that was noticeably absent from every article I’ve read
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