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  1. China sanctioned Pompeo, Bannon and a few other people https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/20/china-sanctions-trump-officials-mike-pompeo not the Trumps though, Ivanka has too much business out there for them to do that.
  2. The funniest part is her ranting about a weird flag. Lol like bitch did you not see your peeps replace an American flag for a Trump 2020 flag during the seige? These fuckin people for real they really shoulda read that prenup before they all divorced from reality cuz now they’re soulless, delusional and morally bankrupt
  3. Let’s finish celebrating this first
  4. There’s something very Cassandra-esque about it in retrospect 😆
  5. Lindsey Graham is unbelievable. The Nation needs to heal so the government shouldn’t hold anyone accountable for anything. That’s his stance. He’s a spineless PoS
  6. Omg I remember when he said that. For the first time he spoke for all of us when he said that 😆
  7. Didn’t he place that Monsanto person somewhere in the cabinet or FDA. Something to do with not being poisoned by business? The position escapes me but idk if the roundup people should be making sure we didn’t poison our water and shit.
  8. Proud boys are big mad cuz the tiger king didn’t get a pardon 😆
  9. Wow she’s amazing https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/01/20/meet-amanda-gorman-the-youngest-inaugural-poet-in-us-history.html
  10. Don’t even sweat it. No one, including Ginguy, that supported Trump until the bitter end have any credibility. Nothing they say matters because you know what they’re all about.
  11. He’s going to EO a lot of Trump’s policies day one. Mostly climate and environmental stuff, I think.
  12. Biden’s speech is in stark contrast to Trump’s 4 years ago. We got a lot of work to do. Biden is no savior by any stretch of the imagination, but he might be able to bring us together, even if the truce is an uneasy one.
  13. Trump probably didn’t even leave Biden a letter, but if he did you know it was written in crayon EDIT: He did in fact leave a letter. If Biden talks about it, you’ll know it was not written by Trump. If Biden doesn’t mention the content you’ll know it’s because the letter was hot garbage Translation: We all know I really won the election, you loser. No one has done better than me with the stock market, the economy and covid. Good luck, you’ll need it because I made sure my administration hamstrung your transition team so that you have a rocky first 100 days. PS my First Lady is prettier than your First Lady.
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