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  1. She’s such a bitch. She has terrible taste, and she’s almost as whiny as her husband. 💩
  2. EXACTLY! When I wear them I fold it not quite in half, so that I can fold the top an additional time to cover my nose and mouth, while still leaving enough bandana to tuck in the top of my shirt. Idk if tucking it in makes a difference, I’m trying to get my breath to travel down instead of being just open.
  3. I got no problem with people living their lives. Eating out, w/e, but ffs please wear a mask if you’re gonna do those things. Especially when you contact other people. My problem is the people that want everything open, refuse to wear masks and they walk up your ass. Fuck those people
  4. I don’t even recognize who this is 😬
  5. The problem with the bandana is most people wear it wrong. You can’t just fold it in half and tie it around your neck, leaving the bottom part all open.
  6. Where I live there’s like a line, the north shore is pretty compliant, but a lot of older people do the nose thing. Go to the south shore and people stop wearing masks. They’re typically wealthier than the north shore. It’s like when people have money, and don’t have to gaf about diseases cuz they can afford it, the more irresponsible they are with everyone else’s health. Anti mask, anti vaxx, open schools, it’s nuts. It’s all about them and theirs, fuck every single one of the rest of us though 💩
  7. I see a lot of nose dicks, oddly with older people. as long as the mask doesn’t disperse your vapor like a shower head, something would be better than nothing
  8. I actually think I remember where I was. I think I was with my bf at a dr appt in a hospital clinic. I guess the “better safe than sorry” method makes sense for them. Besides I think they did pre procedure Covid19 testing there, if someone happens to have it, and they were wearing something considered substandard, they don’t want to be held responsible for its spread
  9. W/e the case some places don’t allow bandana, gaiters anymore, and it’s not worth arguing about it, if you want to continue to do wtf you’re doing. Idc as long as they supply the alternative 🤷‍♀️
  10. The study hasn’t been peer reviewed, or anything that allows other researchers to say “yeah, they work just fine” 😬
  11. At this point Trump is just being a ridiculous, ass, clown 🤡
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