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  1. Did you like it? Been waiting for someone to say if they did or didn’t
  2. Someone who's smart please help me...

    I know this is a serious thread with a serious question but I can’t help but remember that Seinfeld episode where he couldn’t read his own handwriting for a new stand up joke
  3. Pokémon Go

    I’m glad for that. I have an appointment that will take up most of the event. Even if I get a task it’s likely I wouldn’t be able to complete it before 5, assuming they have something to do with krabby and wailmer 😬 I really wish they would go back to switching between Saturday and Sunday
  4. ITN: Deep state attempting a coup to remove Trump.

    Lindsey Graham is a dildo. He actually said that students in Kentucky will be safer with the wall and they’ll somehow find the funds for the school they need. The money Trump is taking was earmarked for military housing and schools.
  5. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    Scoob owes us a new nugget of wisdom. New day!
  6. There are no pizza donuts in the break room.

    I was expecting a whole other type of thing, but that looks a lot better.
  7. I cheated on Wawa tn

    Yes. Some unknown literary genius writes you guys. So it’s not so much that yous are the same person, but more like an entirely different 3rd person. Just read this out loud and now I have a headache I’m taking a nap 😆
  8. I cheated on Wawa tn

    The funniest thing about the sun bake clothing wash is that he tries to make fun of how your house must smell cuz, according to Nabs, you have a dozen cats. The person that portrays himself as Pig Pen come to life had the nerve to question someone about their hygiene 😆
  9. I cheated on Wawa tn

    I’m sure that was a smashing success! 😆
  10. I cheated on Wawa tn

    I think they’re the same person, but Viper is the harder character to write for so we get Nabs most of the time 😆
  11. Madison drawing. Shes making lil Bee men now lol

    Reminds me of Mothmonsterman
  12. I cheated on Wawa tn

    I dunno why it took me so long to come to this conclusion. I can buy you’re unlucky and get worms twice (or once and never removed all of them) or that you used drugs found on the street, but paying that much to have seeds explode in your face, that was the last straw for me 😆
  13. I cheated on Wawa tn

    Lol, well I’ve never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the pack, so that’s probably why. 😆
  14. I cheated on Wawa tn

    Lol 75 an eighth for ditchweed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 worms roasted mouse diet soda vs reg soda trigger retired under 30, but poor af pays 75 for an eighth of ditchweed I’m convinced Nabs is just a fictional character now.
  15. AAF Thread

    I checked it out. I dvr salt lake @ Birmingham. I’m not loving it. Just a bad game. Maybe it got better but 1.5 quarters in and I think I’m gonna tap out.