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  1. Love, Death, & Robots (Netflix)

    It wasn’t my account. I’m renting a house so maybe they are experimenting with people that never saw it before? please believe me. It was awful ☹️
  2. Love, Death, & Robots (Netflix)

    Give it a quick watch when you have time if you wanna. Tell me what you think oh and btw @Mix Amazon Prime has A Scanner Darkly to watch for free if you wanna see that again
  3. Love, Death, & Robots (Netflix)

    The narration add-ons are terrible they are literally reading all the action direction found in screenplays 😬 I didn’t care about the change in order, but the narration bothered me a lot 😆
  4. Love, Death, & Robots (Netflix)

    So I just rewatched with a friend and I dunno wtf happened. They changed the order of the episodes and added very annoying narration. I didn’t like it at all. They put 3 robots first and then the robot that sounds kind of like Siri narrates all the action throughout and then it switches to another but it’s still annoying reading every bit of action I almost stopped watching when ‘Witness’ came on cuz I’m not blind and didn’t wanna see that annoying shit, but inexplicably and luckily they stopped from tha ep forward. They ruined Sonny’s Edge, Beyond the Aquila Rift, Ice Age and a few others
  5. I read that and I want those 3 seconds of my life back. 😆
  6. Marriage Sucks

    I have no idea 😆
  7. Marriage Sucks

    Who did dat?!? 😆
  8. Marriage Sucks

    Lol that name though 😆
  9. Today's the day

    Thanks you too and congratulations 🤗
  10. Today's the day

    I got this special for you for your wedding
  11. Pokémon Go

    That’s awesome. I caught a shiny swinub too but alas the shiny magikarp eludes me. (I traded for the ones I have)
  12. Pokémon Go

  13. Give me incentive to stop loving her.

    And the way she looked was way beyond compare
  14. Give me incentive to stop loving her.

    You’re fat and your breath smells like skunked beer. Fin
  15. Video Greeting To Uneven Edge

    You sound like the movie ‘Fargo’ I love that movie