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  1. I’m hoping he’ll get better. Idk. Darnold is doing just fine. He’s got the o line he needs to succeed. Good for him.
  2. That the final was 25-6 says something about the Jets D though. It was a blowout but it should have been way worse considering there was 5, 6 turnovers if you count the turnovers on downs
  3. Oh shit I’m dyin. I needed this laugh cuz I’m so mad. Like how fuckin dumb was it to drop Darnold and rely on some midget QB from a sub par school cuz he had a good 4 games in a covid season? You know what I’m sayin 😆
  4. Totally agree with you. Doris changing so quickly, when it took days for that other dude doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s because he was a vegan pacifist? I definitely felt that Doris lost her senses way too quickly. What I don’t understand is why the goons stay goons but the talented don’t stay murderous if they don’t take the drug. Austin said once you take it you can’t ever practice your art without it again but that’s about it. If that’s the link I’ll be furious. Have you watched American horror stories on FX on Hulu. I haven’t cuz idk where to see it outside of fx on Hulu. I’m not getting Hulu. Pooh smash
  5. Fuckin officials already on their bullshit blowing a play dead for no reason cheating Maye out of a fumble recovery. New England gets special privileges
  6. There’s a theme to every met gala. They can wear whatever they want but usually they try to stick with the theme. This year was American fashion or independence or some shit. That’s why so many looked like dominatrix cuz that’s American independence to them. me, I would have dressed as a dying covid patient in blue jeans cuz that’s American independence nowadays
  7. I’m having a love hate relationship with this season. It’s entertaining and quickly paced but I don’t really like any of the characters, I feel absolutely unsatisfied with the Karen Mickey part of this story and I’m not so sure those that deserve all the bad things will have those things happen to them(next week is the last ep of red tide) How the drug, unofficially called “the muse” works doesn’t even make sense. The physical changes that the posers go through makes no sense. The talented having some unspoken control over them makes no sense. Idk if I’m into this universe enough to let it go, just the shit that makes zero sense to me. I hope it’s explained better. The chemist explained the behavior part, but not the physical stuff. idk Belle and Austin are the best parts of the series and they weren’t in this episode much, Belle hardly and Austin not at all. I also feel like there should be way more of the pale people walking around even though I have no fuckin clue what they do in the summer when the population jumps from 5k to 105k (exaggeration but hardly it’s like a ridiculous pop jump). These things are just allowed to stroll around town. It’s just really not making any sense to me 😆 other than that it’s great 😆
  8. But seriously had you followed the dog it would’ve taken you to some in between spirit floor
  9. Idk y but I read and saw your post in Studio Ghibli style animation. It was so cool. you can’t have a corgi cuz you didn’t press the buttons for elevator doggo? ☹️
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