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  1. It’s gonna be raining pretty hard during the game maybe that’ll work in the jets favor idk
  2. Goin to the game in a couple of hour it’s NE @ NYJ the jets haven’t beaten NE in 7 years. That’s 14 fuckin games. Hopefully that changes today but yous guys that been following the football threads for a while know that’s I never been to a winning game…no wait I seem them beat the titans about 5 years ago. So I bern to one winning game. Bet and make your picks accordingly 😆
  3. The only good looking thing about that movie is the lady that played Linda Blair’s (Reagan) mother is gonna be in it. Other than that I lmao at that part of the trailer too
  4. It changed the entire game and it happens to this team all the time. Statistically the NY Jets are among a few teams that have a high percentage of calls that do not go their way. That’s the reason it’s so noticeable when calls DO go their way. They’re definitely not the darlings of the NFL 💩
  5. The NFL apologized to the NY Jets. They can shove that apology up their Fuckin ass https://thejetpress.com/posts/nfl-apologizes-ny-jets-blatant-missed-call-john-franklin-myers#
  6. Is he out for the season? I don’t think the Giants are going to beat the 49ers tonight without him
  7. The alpine slide at action park had tons of injuries too. They also had this slide that went in a loop. People died in that thing. The Fuckin life guards didn’t know how to even swim 😆 the cliff and rope jumps had pools that were so cold and some people almost died because they didn’t even know how to swim either. That place was a fuckin mad house 😆 no engineers designed the rides. Everything was created from the head of some jack ass 😆 lol wtf is this thing even dumping you out into? Just grass?
  8. Everyone got injured at Action Park. The inmates ran the asylum, so to speak, over there 😆
  9. I got jacked up at Action Park. On their river ride. Passenger in the tube looked over and capsized the entire thing. Did the rest of the ride sans tube. The lifeguards or whatever weren’t really trying to catch me as I whizzed past them and scraped my entire left side cuz most of that surface isn’t like a slide that mother fucker was like sand paper. So many people had the same injury. That place was a death trap.
  10. Lol I highly recommend double checking make sure your score is correct I checked more than once but still 🫠
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