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  1. Brady should retire if he doesn’t stay with NE. He def shouldn’t go to another team. If he does I hope he has an awful season. Could you imagine? We already have seen that Bellichick does fine without Brady, does Brady really wanna answer the question, ‘can Brady do well without Bellichick’ ? I wonder where Rivers is gonna go.
  2. https://amp.businessinsider.com/kobe-bryants-daughter-gianna-gigi-bryant-killed-helicopter-accident-2020-1
  3. His daughter too and 7 other people RIP
  4. And @wacky1980 let me fuckin tell you what the mother fuckin difference between “muh country” and “muh rent”. Mother fuckers are being really stupid and jackin up rents and causing homelessness meanwhile immigrants aren’t stealing jobs they aren’t committing the majority of crimes or sucking off the tit of the welfare system. anti immigration is all about pretend ills what I’m talking about is really happening so stfu and stfd you know nothing piece of trash.
  5. I will because being fuckin homeless doesn’t fuckin appeal to me all because mother fuckers get their rent paid by mom and dad. So kindly go fuck your self. Not my fuckin fault you got some shit kickin, redneck complex.
  6. Gentrification is the devil in sheep’s clothing. You won’t believe the closets people have the nerve to pass off as apartments. I’m just super pissed because I’m apartment hunting. Of course people aren’t trees they’re going to move. Landlords need to stop being so greedy and out of state renters so stupid
  7. If you own a home this might make you happy if the value of your home skyrockets. It sucks for renters though
  8. I have people that moved to Charleston, or is it Charlotte? The one in SC, not NC. Wherever it is, she got a beautiful home really cheap and all the pics she posts are of a bustling, cute, little city, too bad it’s going to get crazy expensive in no time 😬
  9. They say no city in America can someone afford a home on federal min wage
  10. Yeah us Yankees fuck up southern cities faster than..... I dunno, something really fast 😆
  11. No. I’m going to buy a home for 150k tell all my friends and then they’ll knock on your door and your neighbors and offer 300k for their homes and in 10 years no one you know will be in your neighborhood. You won’t recognize a store you want to shop in and coffee will cost 6 bucks a cup
  12. Eli Manning did a rare thing, retiring from the same team you played with as a rookie. You don’t see that a lot anymore.
  13. And no Scoob, Wacky is right. I’m all about the fuck all of them. Especially since I’m in the process of both trying to find a place and keeping my place which my landlord really wants me out so he can raise the rent 500. But thank goodness NYC has new rental protection for tenants so the landlord can just ignore them. Right?!?
  14. There are plenty of cities in the Midwest that they can ruin instead of coming here with their dreams of opening a hamster fart and elderberry microbrewery
  15. The percentage of transplants that don’t contribute to gentrification are so small it’s fuck them anyway.
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