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  1. Was that also thegreenhornet? The cool storm chasing dude?
  2. MoonRaker, God-Says-No, Angelicscars, klinkinparkfan, totallyrad, cyberneticXmasghost, scope, qwertyuiopas, starwolf, ton of people I’m forgetting
  3. They were the first. I didn’t know them but fallen members were given that rank in their namesake. RIP
  4. Harry Goz not a board member but one of the funniest people on one of my most favorite [as] shows of all time Sealab 2021 All Hail Squish Face!
  5. Yeah he was just a really good guy. RIP
  6. Evil_Yami_Rush an avid IBer and lover of anime. I used to chat with him often on AIM.
  7. [adult swim] has been around 20 years and with that, friendships formed on the message boards. Many of us were really young, or youngish back then and maybe we thought we would live forever. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be. This thread is for the people we lost over the years. Some hung out on AIM, YIM, tinychat and irl. Forming some strong bonds that even death won’t break. To those people we say “we remember you and thank you for being in our lives” I’ll start with Luuv who saw the importance of these little friendships and connections and made this site with that in mind.
  8. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m being informed through a PM discussion and I still don’t know. June 1st I thought the game was starting but maybe I made that shit up. I ate a weed/psilocybin gummy so I’m sure everything will become clear to me shortly 😬😆🫠
  9. Did you cut your hair or is that an older pic? Your hair looks great short.
  10. IBer first then Babbling when IB became almost dead space
  11. 1pooh4u February 23ish, 2006 was a swimunati the ranks that got added way later in board life
  12. Yeah cuz I don’t recall them being that long last time there was only 5 or 6 players
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