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  1. They’re unbelievably disingenuous too. THEM: Makes dumb, blanket statement over an argument no one is having ME: Returns with equally dumb, blanket statement based on an argument no one is having. THEM: NO! YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT!!! BESIDES SOCIAL HEALTHCARE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CARE RECEIVED BY THE BRITISH PRIME MINISTER. ME and PLAYER 2: But it’s literally the thing. He received care from the NHS. THEM: FOUL BALL! SCIENCE AND MEDICINE TREATED HIM. NOT SOCIAL HEALTHCARE ALSO THEM: DR. FAUCI IS A FUTURE DWELLING DEVIL. HOW DID HE KNOW THERE WOULD BE A PANDEMIC?!? The End. You can’t make this shit up. 😆
  2. Please you and @Ginguy can just suck it. Like no conservatives and republicans anywhere have complained about socialized healthcare. They never said it leads to less treatment and more deaths. If you and ginguy want to pretend that never happened, then this conversation is over.
  3. Like you are? “science and medicine saved his life” yeah the science and medicine provided by the NHS.
  4. I’m sure a lot of conservatives are fuming that social healthcare saved his life. See, see how being stupid works?
  5. I thought that was exactly what Trump is thinking of doing
  6. Also a timeline of the worst outbreaks in US history. https://www.healthline.com/health/worst-disease-outbreaks-history#1 shit happens and it was bound to happen. There is no conspiracy. It’s just amazing, Fauci is part of the Trump administration rn, but because he deals in facts, and clarifies the things Trump says, people want to discredit him.
  7. you answer your own questions. He has experience with this. He was also speaking at an engagement titled “Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration” you are ridiculous https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5e8a0548c5b6e7d76c65c8a4
  8. Jfc stop typing. Chop off your fuckin fingers and never communicate with another human ever again.
  9. HoW DiD FaUcI KnOw ThErE wAs GoInG tO bE aN EpIdEmIc?!? what a retarded fuckin question. not like there’s 500 years, or more of history on this, or something.
  10. I forgot to add the story. It’s now in the post. your apology doesn’t matter. the damage from Jerusalem Times original story was already done and people are all too willing to believe that, of course, the USA gave to Israel when Americans are in need and we’re supposedly pirating them from our other allies.
  11. You mean this story. The story corrected immediately to reflect this and not what you just said, which also was false this is the corrected story. The original made it sound like they gave Israel the masks. They assisted with escorting them. Neither story mentioned our federal stockpile https://m.jpost.com/israel-news/us-department-of-defense-give-1-million-masks-to-idf-for-coronavirus-use-623976/amp
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