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  1. That was some ending. Needed the Buccs to win for the picks but really it couldn’t happen to a worse guy. I hate Brady he’s such a fuck and he’s not retiring. He said “I’d rather play loosing than not play” he will allow his career, much like his marriage, go straight down the toilet and for what? We all know he’s got a sweet ass sports casting gig waiting for him on the other side of his career.
  2. Kind of a weird week I picked all the wrong upsets 😑
  3. The jets offense is going through Chicago D like nothing. still a bit of game left but I can’t see the Jets defense letting them score 3-4 times though one can never be too sure of these things fingers crossed
  4. Every game they score damn near 40 points but not yesterday fuckin jerks
  5. ☹️ Poor kitty had to have been stuck like that for a while. I can’t imagine ☹️
  6. Absolutely but it doesn’t take away that once again people from the US behave criminally in other countries because we’re all assholes, mentality, which is getting harder and harder to argue that it’s not true
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