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  1. Whenever there’s a shooting, and Texas has had more than one this month, the answer is always more access and easier access to guns. It’ll work out great. 🙄
  2. The constitution carry state https://nypost.com/2021/04/18/at-least-three-dead-in-active-shooting-in-austin-texas/amp/
  3. Carry a hammer with you everywhere you go. Get fucked with, become a volunteer dentist and knock out the person’s meth mouth. Fr.
  4. Yes that’s exactly what republicans across the nation are doing with their voter suppression laws. Wrong thread, dick.
  5. But our right to bear arms has been infringed. Felons can’t own guns. The founding fathers never intended for us to all have guns. They intended for militas to freely be able to form and obtain arms. Idek if that’s exactly true. One theory is 2a is a totally racist amendment, that militia were groups of men retrieving runaway slaves, that militia eventually morphed into our organized police forces. But who knows.
  6. The 2ndA is a cluster fuck cuz everyone ignores the “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” part and only focuses on the “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
  7. Gun laws need to be tightened up in NJ. My sociopathic cousin has a half dozen guns AT LEAST, and he shouldn’t have any cuz he’s a fuckin gangster wannabe, psycho, dumb ass. we all know how this is gonna go. Conservatives are gonna screech like banshees, declaring that “wE tOlD u dUmBoCrAts WeRe CuMmiN 4 yEr GuNs!!!!”””
  8. If only there was a way to try to prevent these mass shootings. Maybe I’ll ask the good lord for help in stopping this. I’ll just ask louder this time. It’s clearly the only way to fix this problem. and remember kids, if we restrict access to guns the good guys with guns will never be able to save us again....or for the first time.
  9. I think the JnJ will start being administered again shortly. The media needs to put more medical experts that will calmly explain 1. How the trial process works, and why this reaction wasn’t seen in clinical trials. 2. Who are the people getting the reactions 3. Put it all into perspective. 6 out of 7m is an extremely small number. Way less than the number of people dying from covid in NYS they are keeping most appointments and giving an alternate like Pfizer or moderna
  10. The media needs to cut the shit. Just report without scare tactics. They are connecting blood clots to the AZ vaccine. It was probably just a matter of time that we started hearing about the JJ since they are similar adenovirus vaccines. They’re also doing it with the people catching rona after the JJ. Yeah, no shit, we all knew it was the least effective in stopping people from getting sick. The vaccine still functioned as the people survived
  11. Yeah I think there’s one or two cases where the reaction is seen in men. Women on BC might want to avoid the JJ and the AZ in the countries it’s available in. Some BCs already have a blood clot risk, it’s why they strongly advise against smoking
  12. Thots and players that they do something immediately to prevent this confusion ever again.
  13. Those look exactly the same. Only if they made the half assed non lethal weapon a bright color so the cops could easily differentiate the two 😑
  14. Btw the young man had a non violent warrant. Possession of marijuana and failure to appear. He had to pay $394, which he set up a payment plan. As for the failure to appear, unconfirmed reports are saying the notification was mailed to the wrong address.
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