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  1. This was the thread that made you divorce the question mark!
  2. Opinion on ads?

    I dunno why someone wants me to fuck women so bad
  3. See what I mean 💩
  4. If we keep talking about our cuntry we’re gonna get a lot more ads for lube and hot one armed babes 😆
  5. It’s only countries when you’re talking about more than one country country’s when referring to our country’s problems
  6. Opinion on ads?

    Yes. I most def need to get on Ashley Madison post haste 😆
  7. interesting little read.

    There goes my plans to take over the world 😬💩
  8. Opinion on ads?

    On mobile the ads are throughout the thread. Top middle bottom
  9. No shit? Hot damn, maybe we'll get our first female President, in my lifetime, afterall
  10. I gotta look into her policies more. I don't know much about her other than she did a bad on an application once. Just curious if the free college thing was something she always was into.
  11. That would be wonderful if she could really do it but I fear it's only crack/smack talk
  12. some of y'all are creepy

    I blame my sausage fingers. I never clicked on a profile on purpose 😆
  13. Dark Chocolate

    😬 fuck
  14. Dark Chocolate

    I do. I like those crazy flavored Lindt bars like chile and sea salt