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  1. They should get rid of that 3rd WC slot. Each team that filled that new WC slot lost by embarrassing amounts. Maybe give it one more season but I think it’s gonna be mostly a useless WC spot.
  2. Damn when you see accidents that incapacitate players to the point they’re being removed by stretcher, we really need to evaluate the entire game.
  3. Anyone watching this shit? Lol I thought I was watching a Jets game for a second 💩
  4. Like why even hold onto the ball in the EZ in the first place ffs?
  5. Kyler Murray is a dummy bastid. Instead of taking the sack in the EZ to give up 2 he throws it up for grabs and a yoink pick 6. Murray gotta feel like a dick right now cuz he sure tf looks like one. Another rout? 😬
  6. Lol Pittsburgh. Ben got spanked on the way out. 35-14 and KC is looking to score again. I probably will watch more cuz I like that Rothlisberger gets to be embarrassed on his last game
  7. Now I can take this more seriously muh seriously face
  8. Is this working? Anyone with younglings they’re responsible for in this thread now see the kids running to watch nflslime or nfl on Nickelodeon? Oh look praise jebus it’s on cbs. Praise Romo 💩
  9. Watching football on Nickelodeon is making me feel old af😆 I’m like “stfu spongebob gtfo my talkitytelebox!” Seriously though wtf is this even for? It’s like tell me you’re desperate to attract younger fans without telling me you’re desperate to attract younger fans. 💩
  10. Did you see that roughing the passer call? Such nonsense. The dude even helped Brady up after. What was that? The most polite RP call in history 💩
  11. Yeah that’s even worse than having nothin! They got chicken wings, I guess 💩
  12. It’s crazy cold in Buffalo and no one gives a shit about Buffalo. All they got is a football team and dildos. 💩
  13. The Bills are going all the way to the big show. It’s just their time. They won’t be denied. Their offense and defense is just on point.
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