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  1. But it’s your job to educate everyone else? And yes saying “I don’t understand” is equal to saying you don’t see why people thought it funny and then you went on to educate us as to why. Well fuck you I don’t agree with you. I’m telling you why the fuck you don’t get to tell me about harms done about a song I’m a targeted group of. Bottom fucking line. I also don’t need your education on nazis and the far fuckin right
  2. This muzzle, he has plenty, I’m sure 😆 (excuse the screenshot I’m having a senior moment)
  3. I have considered he’s Charlie Manx (nos4a2 character) come to life. 😆 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NOS4A2
  4. True stress out the ass. I’ve aged too, but still Jared looks like he’s already in rigormortis
  5. It’s forced because people get fired, and episodes of shows get pulled. So the individual doesn’t get a chance to say they won’t watch, or buy shit cuz it’s not readily available. I say “readily available” because it’s not like these things can’t be found, or bought. You just gotta go through extra steps.
  6. It’s understandable. Lord only knows how many times she’s explained BLM doesn’t mean other lives are worthless, in more appropriate ways.
  7. Nope, well actually yes, it’s a forced boycott.
  8. I don’t understand why you’re confused? Gina brought up a valid point on why being racist, or nationalist ironically isn’t funny and is harmful. I’m not completely on board with that yet. it’s not uncommon to give comedians a little more room when it comes to offensive things. At least that was the case at one time. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Except she used the murder threat as an analogy. She said she would stab them and as they are bleeding to death she would show a paper cut and say all cuts matter. Some stupid shit like that. No one heard anything after “I’ll stab them”
  10. The founding fathers (as flawed as they are) would be rolling in their graves over the perversion of the first amendment.
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