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  1. Touché 😆 well, thank you kind sir 😆💩
  2. Why do you gotta make yourself sound so old 😝😆
  3. When I woke up it was dark and 5 am 🧐
  4. Me too it was like 5 am 💩
  5. I know, but I don’t wanna suffer alone 💩
  6. I’m stuck in another thought loop. “Is the collective behavior of a generation defined by its behavior or does the public definition define the behavior of the generation” what comes first the definition or the behavior? it’s that chicken or the egg type of thinking that I hate 😆
  7. I know what a Xennial is. I was just messing around and find it funny that this chart 1. Bleeds the end of one gen into the next gen 2. Moves the Xennial gen up 2 years. Most talk of Xennials starts at 77 it’s all nonsense anyway 💩
  8. Yeah but somewhere after the baby boomer they stopped giving a fuck and generations started bleeding into other generations cuz no one gives a fuck about those stupid things anymore 😬💩
  9. GTFO my lawn with your words and things! 🧐
  10. Yeah but then they had to throw Xennial into the mix and now I’m stuck on stupid thinking about Xena warrior princess. Like seriously htf did I get here 🤦‍♀️😆
  11. I don’t understand this chart 😬💩
  12. It’s above 53. 40 year olds are gen X
  13. I don’t know, but I’m guessing that they did.
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