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  1. They should have just taken their time. We were waiting a long time anyway. At least it feels like it. I’d rather have waited even longer to get more, and better stories than to just be disappointed that it took 2+ years only to make eye candy with no substance
  2. “What would’ve happened if we weren’t good?” that was a good one, but I felt like some were way too short. I thought the one with the ice whales was a little short. I didn’t get The Drowned Giant at all. Was there a dimension with very small humans that never saw regular sized humans? With the exception of one or two they all were either about immortality, or tech gone too far. Last season was better with more variety
  3. Apple can’t be blamed for smartphones when sidekicks and blackberry was already around.
  4. They never tell us through notifications that they will no longer support devices, that would make too much sense. Seems that ios 14 oldest devices they support are 6S and 6S+ https://www.digitaltrends.com/apple/every-device-that-supports-ios-14-ipados-14/?amp
  5. Just watched season two. It seemed very short compared to the first. The animation styles varied and were really good like in season one. The shorts all seemed to have an immortality theme running throughout most of them. Idk maybe I’ll give it another go. Really can’t say any short was my favorite cuz tbh it was disappointing for the most part. Ice Whales and Snow in the desert were ok. Idk season one was better imo.
  6. You’re definitely not up to date if you’re on 12.5.4. I’m on 14.4.2 and they on update 14.4.6. which iPhone are you using?
  7. https://m.facebook.com/shibainurescueassociation/ https://nycshibarescue.org/ seems there are a few rescues for the breed. You might not be able to get a puppy, but if you love the breed, and have no interest in showing, or breeding, it looks like rescuing is the way to go.
  8. Wow. Wow. Omfg this is a whole other level of ridiculous . 😆
  9. Packard is too fuckin stupid to realize that the “free rent” and “free healthcare” is in lieu of cash money salary. It’s not free. Lose the job. Lose the perks.
  10. They should give your mod powers to me instead. I’ll take good care of them. 💩
  11. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. It’s like one of the only things I stressed should stay and they’re like, nope cuz you guys behave badly and think you’re elite 🙄 I already threw all the temper tantrum I’m gonna throw. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. User input from the people that actually frequent the folder be damned 💩
  12. Post count requirements should be reinstated in dumpster fires. It has nothing to do with “an exclusive club” and everything to do with DF doesn’t represent UEMB as a whole it’s just one ridiculous corner of it. So again, reinstate a post count for access, or if possible, make hours online also unlock it. Some people lurk more than post and are more than familiar with everything. So it can be something like 1000 posts or 500 hours online. locked threads- why not just remove them altogether instead of putting them locked in DF. One of the original things was threads wouldn’t be locked just moved to DF, but that doesn’t work cuz we got some really out there people on here, it’s best just to remove their shit altogether instead of being able to dog pile on an unstable person.
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