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  1. What everyone expected to happen is happening.
  2. It's a shame this worked well enough for mass shootings that it's now the strategy for preventable disease.
  3. You sure are bending over backwards to defend a guy who displayed the exact thing you seem to dislike stilgar for.
  4. "My opinions and Pim Tool's are different, that's why I post every one of his videos, but somehow have never said that I disagree with any of them."
  5. It's either the most tone-deaf or least tone-deaf design they could have chosen.
  6. Maybe it'd be more appropriate if she was a cop? Though, I admit they don't often use knives.
  7. This is where I post one of hundreds of videos of police beating people, right?
  8. But all those swing voters aren't just going to vote third-party. And I don't believe they'll look at the last 4 years and say "Well clearly the current situation is less insane than the alternative" because an article that doesn't whitewash the history of a national monument.
  9. What's the implication here? That Republicans aren't insane? Or voters don't care that they're insane?
  10. "If it does, I'll get credit by doing nothing, like everything else in my life." This worked out well when he said it 4 months ago, so I can see why he's gone back to it.
  11. Like a true Republican, donating money that you don't get anything back from is a loss to him.
  12. They'll always have 4chan.
  13. I know this is a month old, but if you haven't bought it and are still interested, Binary Domain is $3 on Steam. I've been playing Persona 4 Golden since it came out on PC. Just got to the new dungeon. I was going to try and get all achievements, but I missed stuff and won't want to New Game+ immediately.
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