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  1. Yes, bucket, we all know how you feel about Jewish people.
  2. Just imagine living like bucket, and you'll jump at the chance to pretend to be someone else, ANYONE else.
  3. "FAKE NEWS," huh? Trading the dog whistle for a megaphone, I guess.
  4. "But your money!" Try and sound more Republican.
  5. This just in: Depression means you're insane
  6. At least there's no tape of him saying that he can grab women's genitals because he's rich. Someone like that would have no shot at becoming a party's candidate, much less president. Could you imagine?
  7. Because fossil fuel companies bribe... no, sorry, "donate to" politicians, then the politicians coincidentally argue and vote in favor of those companies. It's called lobbying, and I can't believe you've never heard of it before. The most a lot of us can do is vote for politicians that hopefully look at the evidence and vote accordingly. And we have to hope that the ignorant and old either smarten up or die off so the scales tip the other way before we're all fucked.
  8. 1 in Thailand this year vs. let's see here... Oh 28 in the US in January alone.
  9. It's funny because I believe he claims he doesn't spray tan, and I know that he blames looking orange on power-saving light bulbs. Also because it looks like Bugs Bunny just gave him an exploding cigar.
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