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  1. Tell her you have a spot saved for her in your new regime.
  2. I thought only white boys with no standards could do that.
  3. I thought the clown react was whenever you replied to a thread. Boom, roasted.
  4. Hopefully they've used all this time to think up a better ending.
  5. I got tired of seeing the same meta decks in PVP, so I uninstalled it 2 weeks ago.
  6. Oh. No, but I don't think the picture says much else about her since I doubt she went shopping and just decided to take a picture.
  7. In this hypothetical speedo guy picture? That's the focus, so that's all I cared to come up with.
  8. That's the expected logic when all you post is a picture of an attractive person. Women don't look at a muscular guy in a speedo and go "I bet he's a good provider."
  9. I wish hubb posted more pics like this.
  10. I feel like Will Smith would have to do a lot more than that for him to lose any meaningful popularity. And the only people who are really upset were just looking for a reason not to like him or already actively disliked him.
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