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  1. lol you should've just "Sure, whatever"d a while ago and saved us both some time, since that's how it was always going to end.
  2. You conveniently forget that he said they didn't gas people already? Why would he suggest something so patently false?
  3. jfc if browneye is a tool, you're a pair of safety scissors. How exactly is "Oh, the Nazis didn't directly kill millions of Jews, disease did" not lessening their crimes? And again, it's an alternate view we know is wrong. It's the same reason anyone who hasn't had their skull caved in doesn't take people like Alex Jones and flat earthers seriously. The guy making YT videos is saying the group that perpetrated one of the greatest atrocities in history wasn't that bad.
  4. lol it's fun to watch you completely ignore him until you think you have a "Gotcha!" so you can try to justify ignoring him. You aren't fooling anybody.
  5. I don't know what you're trying to argue at the top here. Putting you in a cage and starving you is still murder. The Final Solution was not to thin the herd, but complete extermination. If his views don't matter, why do you post his videos? Would you rather ignore the more problematic views and just focus on the ones you agree with? (That's rhetorical, btw) Why would anyone listen to a guy who gives "alternative interpretations" of events that you know are wrong? No idea why someone on the "right" would trying to lessen Nazi crimes by means of "alternative" interpretations... 🤔
  6. lol "alternative interpretations" huh? That's what you're going with? Is this the part where you call all the survivors liars?
  7. I hope you're ready for the stinging reply you're going to get from browneye. It'll single-handedly change your view on this whole thing. Not just yours, but all fellow libtards will see the light after it. History books will include it as the most important thing ever posted on the internet. All we have to do now is wait for it.
  8. There's a lot to pick apart here, but I'll forego that and ask the obvious follow-up: What exactly do you think constitutes someone being a racist or neo-nazi? And where does denying the Holocaust fit in?
  9. It's no staring directly at a solar eclipse, but it's up there.
  10. That's why you spoke up when that old guy cut in line, right? Because you aren't humanity's doormat.
  11. Supreme Court: No extension on absentee ballots, so either go to the polls and risk dying or don't vote at all Also Supreme Court: lol no we're not hearing verbal arguments. You think we want to get Corona or something?
  12. Says manchild who posts Pepe memes.
  13. Jared Kushner wouldn't be involved, so it's more probable than you seem to think.
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