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  1. Yeah, that was AotS before the demographic shift. I never really watched it since it was all above my head, but it was a flagship show and aired live every weekday, so I'm not surprised it was on a lot. Speaking of over my head, I think Lain was on there, as well. It was especially confusing when I only caught a random episode.
  2. I guess higher-ups agreed with you, because he had a co-host when it was GameSpotTV, too. He must not have been bringing in viewers alone as he did with a female counterpart.
  3. I don't remember watching it when it was just him. I imagine I would have preferred it with the 2 of them, but I always liked Adam, so I don't think I would dislike it as much as you did.
  4. I assumed it would stay online. Seems like it would be a bad move to spend the money on a dying platform.
  5. What I remember most about G4 is them acquiring TechTV, then getting rid of every show except X-Play and AotS and firing everyone that worked on those shows with little to no warning. Then run into the ground where those 2 shows were all they had and the rest was just Cops and Cheaters. It also struck me as a boys club, to the point that I'm surprised I never heard of female employees coming forward with sexual harassment allegations. But despite my misgivings, I don't imagine any of the people responsible for that are involved and that it does well, and they don't fall into the same pits that the company did previously.
  6. Played through Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2 Been playing Yugioh World Championship 2011 because I hate myself.
  7. That one episode with the giant baby scarred me for life.
  8. I look forward to the excellent art with poor writing that will ultimately leave me disappointed.
  9. PenguinBoss


    "Why did he post thi- oh, oh no..."
  10. Terrible idea. You should start as sanitation commissioner or something.
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