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  1. Both his parents look like someone hit "random" when creating a Fallout character.
  2. If you think America is so great, why do you automatically assume we'd turn out like Cuba and North Korea?
  3. When you complain how millenials are too sensitive, remember this stupid fucking thread.
  4. Let's not pretend that Ted Cruz has any scruples to speak of.
  5. This is your safe space. It's the only place you can share your views without fear of any real repercussions. That's why, even though you get banned and leave "for good" over and over again, you always come back.
  6. How their views have become corrupted from their original intent. Or at the very least, how different their values are from what they pretend they are.
  7. How telling that you didn't make a thread about any of those.
  8. Okay, Bucket, go ahead and quote who said Alex Jones lost a defamation suit in this thread. Or where it says that in the article Disco linked. I'll wait.
  9. He won't be done as long as people are dumb enough to watch/listen to him and buy his snake oil. I think he's fucked either way, because as long he keeps this schtick up, he's bound to get in trouble like this again. But if he acted sane, he'd lose his entire audience. Get woke, go broke
  10. That's like asking if you get naked on it.
  11. No worries. Trump got word from daddy. https://thehill.com/policy/international/449546-putin-warns-war-between-us-and-iran-would-be-catastrophe
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