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  1. Every now and then I take a shit so big my nose starts running.
  2. You could have 10x the amount of money in your register and it wouldn't prove what you think you're proving.
  3. Viper's only source of self-worth comes from that boomerang he calls a penis, so he's very defensive when a man decides to "chop his dick off."
  4. So, uh, why did you put "someone" in caps but not "else" in caps?
  5. She's not impersonating anyone. You're an idiot for thinking she is. Full stop.
  6. A JonTron gif? That might be a little too on brand for you.
  7. Are any boomers baby boomers or baby boomers boomers?
  8. Is there a difference between boomer and baby boomer?
  9. Stick to wrestling references that no one else finds clever in any way, kid.
  10. His plan to get women to beat him up is going perfectly.
  11. I'd ask you if you know how stupid you sound, but I know you don't.
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