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  1. Probably on the toilet.
  2. abomination


    I think I vaguely remember that. And the shit storm that followed.
  3. abomination


    Ric doesn't get banned. Now, if you or I had posted this, then yeah. But I expect to see this in DF as soon as one of the lazy mods gets their asses up.
  4. abomination


    I've been saying this for years. Like, DFACS should have been notified years ago.
  5. Besides, you don't have the money to run. And no one is going to back you. You are a janitor-turned meat handler from Ohio. What are your qualifications? Being a Star Trek nerd doesn't make you qualified. You'd have a better shot at running the Space Force. Just kidding man. You couldn't even land a gig cleaning the White House shitters. Not kidding man.
  6. These fuckers down in south GA haven't been vaccinated, because they still think the virus is a hoax, with their Trump 2020 flags still flying. Fully vaccinated here. My parents, disco and I, may be the only ones down here to get vaccinated. In south GA that is.
  7. I'm not. Who said that? Me. Who's me? I am. Who are you? Me.
  8. I thought this thread was gonna be about us coming to this site. I can't offer anything on the topic, now that I know what it's really about, except, those furry freaks are some sick fucks.
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