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  1. In Kodak’s case, he still has state charges left over since the pardon only covered federal offenses.
  2. It’s like watching traffic from a balcony. Right when you see a car that’s impressive, it flies past, never to be seen again. I guess the best approach is edging through the interviews until you start seeing people go at it for half a minute until the next interview. That is, unless you were made of money and could TiVo the program in the early aughts. Then just pause and rewind like you’re in the future, circa 2003.
  3. Coming from the dude that locked children in cages and brainwashed his followers into storming the capitol and killing themselves with COVID, it’s surprising that he would have a “coming to Jesus” moment about any world politics that didn’t involve himself, let alone condemning China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims. But if not condemning China crimes against humanity towards Uyghur Muslims earlier ends up being his biggest regret, I’ll at least give him more credit than Dubya’s “Kanye said I didn’t like black people, and that’s not cool cause I’m not racist or a hater.”
  4. They’d have to watch episodes of Real Sex and only get to beat off during specific moments where they’d sneak porn into an otherwise informative look into the lives of a porn star couple or a sex therapist trying their best to teach men how to do cunnilingus on a mango.
  5. Thus begins the perilous process of sterilizing and fumigating the White House in time for the Inauguration.
  6. Ivanka only appears to be the smartest Trump because she’s been playing respectability politics and danced around her father’s abuse of power to avoid getting uninvited to events and galas with her asshole husband. Now that the Trump brand has been stained by her father’s skid-mark on the American flag, she’s starting to make impotent attempts to corner her dad’s market like posing with a can of beans or cheering on the capitol riot. It’s not like Nordstrom was going to keep her. The only thing she can do at this point is double down on being the one approachable face in a bumbling crime family.
  7. Would it be possible to have Chapinator_X as a name?
  8. Rick Scott sucks astronomical amounts of cocks for what he did to Florida. He torpedoed our economy, oversaw one of the largest Medicare frauds in the nation, butchered our unemployment system to the point of making people jump through hoops and ladders to qualify, let the coasts get ravaged by red tide, and oversaw large amounts of election fraud, including when they threw out ballots during the close election that lead to Desantis and Scott’s victory in the last midterms. Rubio comes close to being just as garbage, but he’s another bitchmade politician from the 2016 primaries who pretends to be a victim whenever someone asks him to take accountability for the decisions he makes. “Yes, of course I sympathize with you losing your children to a mass shooting, but it’ll cost me if I don’t take more NRA $$$ to continue fucking you all over for the remainder of my tenure.” His “I wanna quit” sad-boy tantrum before running for the 2016 election is all you need to know about his character. Deathsentance also swallows swords, but he’s governor so he can only reserve an emergency jar of Trump’s farts to huff when the copium runs out.
  9. Ted Cruz willingly cucked himself into being Trump’s fingerpuppet after he disrespected his wife and father because it meant he could use Trump’s remaining ilk to spearhead another failed presidential campaign for himself. McConnell is the one that deserves Super-COVID the most, but Cruz is the one that would be the most likely to let Trump donkey-punch his wife if he asked. He also ate a tonsil stone on live television.
  10. You know what needs to go? Calling TV show seasons or spin-offs as part of a “Book”. What ‘s “Power: Book II” supposed to be? That was never a book. Or “The Book of Boba Fett”. You could count how many times books have shown up in Star Wars with your hands. I guess Hologram or Lecture don’t have the same ring to it as Book. I blame Avatar, but at least you could argue that it’s folksy atmosphere made it reasonable for Aang’s story to be recorded in books as opposed to Boba fucking Fett, the mercenary that flew into the Sarlaac Pit in a time when information was recorded on low tech shitboxes.
  11. There’s something to be said about someone who pioneered an influential sound in popular music, yet is known best for being a colossal psycho who murdered an actress and could barely keep himself from killing the artists he worked with. His production credits could double as a list of musicians he’s held up at gun point.
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