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  1. I thought BNA was a kinder show because they gave everyone a human form so that you could still find a character to be attractive without having to automatically shamefully dive into the furry rabbit hole. It also surprisingly wasn’t nearly as horny as Beastars since it’s hard to separate sexuality from that narrative when it’s brought up as part of the experience of animals trying to suppress primitive urges. That being said, I haven’t watched Odd Taxi. But one of the newer writers I work with has a breakdown of it and it seems like it’s not explicit from the screencaps.
  2. Now with Nagatoro and Komi-san getting anime, it's time for them to work their magic on Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko to complete the ultra-hyped Reddit romcom trinity.
  3. Finally playing Odin Sphere because I loved 13 Sentinels. Amazing game so far. I’m tempted to get the new Pokémon Snap and Famicom Detective Club.
  4. It’s like when Bleach used to be anime Ghostbusters. Sometimes, it’s like the coolest story could’ve happened if the allure of training arcs and tournament arcs wasn’t so alluring.
  5. Who looks forward to watching Naruto at 5 o’clock in the morning!?
  6. It’s been ages since I’ve regularly kept up with Toonami, but my current brush-ins have been while I’m doing late night channel surfing on vacation.
  7. I’ll probably mention it again once the next poll comes around, but I got the second shot a couple days ago. I felt like shit yesterday from the side effects, but I felt a lot better today and didn’t feel bad enough to take off work so that was a thing.
  8. As it turns out, “Do as I say, not as I do,” is another prevalent Jedi proverb
  9. Yesterday I got the second Pfizer shot. Right around when my state is suspending all local COVID mandates. Trying to outlast the two week grace period before the vaccine kicks in is gonna be like:
  10. That’s what everyone says before they form a morally dubious sex cult.
  11. The Queen will pursue Bill if only to have exclusive access to the real 5G microchip vaccine to extend her life beyond the next century.
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