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  1. Nobody is platonically a part of video game fandoms.
  2. Now now, Netflix. Not until you’re finished with your anime adaptations of Cyberpunk 2077, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil, DOTA, Spriggan, and Godzilla again.
  3. A24’s Hobo Patterson roles are likely his entry point into getting the Batman role.
  4. Good Time and The Lighthouse helped give him the cred of being the dude that A24 calls on whenever they need to have a bitter scumbag character in their movies.
  5. The A24 logo begs to question which of the two dudes will be replaced by Robert Pattinson by the time the reshoots occur.
  6. A majority of animated films Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart were involved with had Academy Award noms so unless there’s a major upset, my prediction is either they finally give Cartoon Salon an overdue Oscar or go with Soul as the more beloved American choice with Disney & Pixar being a safe bet for the “go with what my kids like” vote.
  7. Thanks! Aside from the Hades game idea, other contenders were ones from Persona and FFVII, but I wasn’t a fan of how they looked on Google Image searches compared to some of the cooler Ghibli ideas. I’m contemplating posting it elsewhere too because of how nice it turned out. I got to the point where I can finally lay down on my right arm without it itching and it’s getting less red over time so that’s also a positive.
  8. How do you drive under the influence if you’re worried about gas emissions?
  9. It captures how Batman vaguely wanted to smash Nicole Kidman.
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