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  1. It takes place in Britain so let’s go with a Dark type.
  2. There are too many MILFs in this world to list them all.
  3. If you dislike your job, being an overachiever only gets you more work with no raise. Phoning it in keeps you sane and composed, whether you’re a free agent looking for a new job or just trying to survive out here.
  4. Only if it’s solo material. Hell, it might give me some incentive to open up one of my own.
  5. I was a fool and got rid of them all. To make matters worse, all my demo disks were either given away or lost because only one remains. It had an awesome demo of Shadow of the Colossus. Burnout’s was good too and I had a surprisingly nice time with LA Rush and The Suffering 2. The Sly Cooper demos were some old freebies though and the One Piece game was pretty bad.
  6. I downloaded it once I found out it was free-to-play. It’s a bit awkward since I’m so used to Smash Bros that it feels odd to play the characters. So far, I think Jake’s the only character who resonated with me.
  7. I’d be superstitious of that kinda bad juju too. If I’m ever put in some position where someone wanted me to sign on a Death Note, they’re getting a fake name. They’re getting Raye Penbar.
  8. I’m hoping these are just documenting a few body mishaps and not one of those diaries you find in Resident Evil where someone who’s starting to go full zombie tries to write out their thoughts.
  9. Dr Drew had Celebrity Rehab for the longest time on VH1 and that’s what mostly aired by the time MTV switched over to 24/7 Ridiculousness.
  10. They couldn’t quite get out of the funk they were in during the 2000’s with all their celebrity reality shows. Looks like it’s mostly Love & Hip-hop and Drag Race at this point, but at the very least, they’re farther from the days when Dr Drew destroyed the channel.
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