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  1. I have old manga I collected from high school, but nowadays, I’ll buy single out-of-sequence manga volumes from parts of a story I liked in the anime adaptation.
  2. I just heard a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy from an indie band and my experience was like that. The dude sounded like he was from a bad Weezer cover band, but I was still vibing to it because the song is that nice. Same with covers of Heart of Glass and Everybody Wants to Rule the World. If it hits the same emotional notes as the original, then it doesn’t matter if it sounds like turds. I’m still having a good time.
  3. I’d still have to stand by the ghost mom from The Grudge. I was trying to think of dudes just to balance the scale, but there aren’t many horror movie guys that would feel morally correct to shack up with. Maybe Pyramid Head.
  4. “Ah, yes. A foot fetish. Let me guess: Was it because your mom used to make you rub her feet? Or is it your aunt this time around? Did you used to play a lot of Sonic games growing up?”
  5. Nowadays, I feel selfish for wanting to bring a child in to inherit this burning planet.
  6. Not gonna lie, if they write Light Turner out entirely and make L the new Kira, it’ll be a way better movie than whatever the hell that first film was.
  7. I was waiting to see if Demi was gonna come out with another September 21st video.
  8. If all Superman had to do to win over Batman was mention Martha, maybe bringing up family might appeal to them in a way that will make them not want to stab or shoot.
  9. Time is a cruel mistress. Yakuza’s first game has a goofy English dub, but even that had Mark Hamil to make up for it. Eventually, Yakuza 7 would get an English dub that has voice work from George Takei and a stellar cast of professional anime voice actors. Meanwhile, Shenmue’s z-grade voice acting is retained from game-to-game because the unnatural robotic conversations became a part of the game’s identity. I love the games, but much of its charm comes from being one of the most expensive and beloved kusoge out there.
  10. A Shenmue anime wouldn’t feel complete if it didn’t sound like they pulled people from the street to record the dub.
  11. Nah, he’s the host of 2006 hidden camera prank show Juiced.
  12. I got a Moser Roth chocolate from there during one holiday season and it ended up being really good. In fact, Aldi comes through on the holidays with their German items like spiced wine and speculaas cookies.
  13. Here’s a picture of Naruto’s character model having an existential crisis in the story mode for Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: And this one is Yoshi looking incredibly pissed for no reason in Mario Party 2: Finally, we have the one and only Goro Majima celebrating a well done karaoke session in Yakuza 0:
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