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What are you giving yourself big ups and/or props for today?

today I give myself big ups for the following.

- walked my dog (BIG UPS)

- cleaned a dish (BIG UPS)

- text a girl who, by the way, is cute and nice (BIF UPS)

- went to work (PROPS)

- water my orchid (PROPS)

Thats all I did today to give myself big ups for so far.


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Here are mine for today - 

- did my job (PROPS)

- got stuff to make a pina colada from the groecerg store (BIG UPS)

- took my dog to the dog park (BIG UPS)

- had a conversation with a man at the liquor store (PROPS)

- washed dishes (BIG UPS)

- texted a nice and cute woman (PROPS)

I think there might be more big ups later, such as when the pina colada is made, but for now, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.

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-I woke up

-I checked my mail.

-I drove my jalope to get some booze

I'm now thinking about getting all my household chores done in 100 degree heat with a sucky ac... Yesterday's big ups would've been better honestly. I'm fucking waiting unitl I only have barely enough hours of daylight to finish up my mowing. I work outside and in attics and crawl spaces in this shit enough as it is.. 


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Big ups for walking your dog? Mine could use it.. but I'm pretty sure they're enjoying the coolness of my tile kitchen floor + ac right now.. Just a 'more you know' thing. It's considerate to walk your dogs either during the early morning or late eve in summer heat...They have no shoes to protect them from the side walk and asphalt heat which can easily be twenty to thirty degrees hotter than the ambient temp and fuck up their feet.

My hairy ass border collies would be like 'wtf dude we should've just stayed inside' after about 10 minutes of running around the dog park even if I drove them smh.. 

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