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  1. Gamestop is alright. I can only vouch for my store really atm I guess. Some stores on military installations have went out of their way to get me some games that were hard to order though..
  2. Giant enemy penis meet my new bodyguard.
  3. in a way yes. Since his administration and brand of politics is ass backwards/
  4. Some random lady from the Philippines sent me a friend request at one point. I talked to her a bit she was nice. She was a mother and had a daughter my age, but her facebook was pretty lit considering. We spoke a few times, but her english wasn't that great. I'm pretty sure she was just friend requesting random people to strengthen her english. She had some pretty lit photos from Cebu is the only reason I remember her.
  5. The Avengers movies.. I think I tried to watch the older ones on cable now that I have direct tv, but they seem to take forever to unravel and I usually lose interest.
  6. Rain is the only ray of hope when it comes to not sweating out all your bodily fluids here in Texas so it's been welcome. I think there's some storms coming in next week thankfully. You can take my power out, and knock down my fence..As long as you blot out that mother****ing sun.
  7. For the sake of.. conversation your average president would at least you know say something about the current state of foreign affairs and that something should be done. What's Trump suppose to say though when the only public support he gets is from people that think foreign affairs means which country are we going to conquer next? Pretty sure he handled that well though. At least for the purpose of his administration and brand of politics.
  8. Yeah they sound like firecrackers.. I live by a man made pond. The frogs like to wait until the last possible moment and jump in front of my wheels.
  9. This is the first I've heard of Beyond Meat, but I agree with Sho... It looks good in pictures but I can't shake the feeling that I'd be at least a little dissapointed after biting into one of those burgers..
  10. Am I experiencing deja vu or is this thread title becoming regular for you? Also..
  11. Next time do a bunch of flamethrower research before bed. Your dreams might just grant you a flamethrower to torch those suckers.
  12. I don't see how working at a place like that would cause you that much trouble getting another job unless you were trying to get into politics or become clergy or something. Maybe he lived in a really religous area.. I live in the bible belt so places like that are virtually non existant here anyway.
  13. I havent turned my Ps4 on recently, but I've never had a problem with updates.
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