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  1. Deleting my facebook account seems like a good idea. Not sure why, but I am weary I might break down and try to cancel the deletion. Friends and connections from my acitve army days all gone.. but with it all the thots and fake friends right? If they truly want to talk to me maybe they'll be able to add me if I ever make another account right? Seems a shame I havent done this yet honestly. Maybe I'm just in my feels idk.. I'll figure it out though.
  2. Also lol I didn't know this guy decided to give an update on Kyle the rooster.. Guess I'm..behind on his channel lol.
  3. Just jokin' man. I couldn't really think of a punchline for this one I guess.
  4. They fry up the same I hear.. Also I feel bad for the dudes saying that.. I mean roosters are kind of jerks, but they are also crazy little dinobirds that are interesting to watch do shit.. Yeah I might be a country fuck at heart IDK.. I'm probably also single-handedly responsible for this clip being viral, but it always makes me feel good lol.
  5. I'm worried about you with this one Mix. No scratch that I'm definitely not one to pull that card I guess..
  6. Holy shit.. lol we're fucking nerds what the fuck..
  7. I wonder if I could even operate a rotary phone anymore. I remember playing with an old one at my grandmothers house that wasn't connected when I was around five years old.
  8. I honestly didn't know that. I've looked into old hebrew interpretations of the bible quite a bit as well.
  9. Ehh Just in case I'm not here for it. This ladies only day off was tomorrow.. I was scheduled for bullshit part time hours tomorrow... fuck it. I'm going to work until they 'tell me not to 'cause the baby yay... New life.. and all that.. Not sure if should post spongebob or squidward to that because who I'm talking about, but... wow. Small towns. ... More ummm sponge bebop plz...
  10. Talk like a pirate day is a coming!!!!!
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