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  1. Lol I sent a guy from... Poland a pic with this dude chillin on my big ass truck. That cat gets on my roof, and everywhere. When I come home a lot he jumps on my big ass truck hood and rubs on the glass before I get out. Doesn't even let me park first he just jumps up there lol.
  2. This one kitty type. Maybe I'll find it. He's simular in so much ways. Lol I found a link.. He lookes exactly like this fuzzy orange cat this facebook link was trying to call a viking cat though. https://www.petfinder.com/cat-breeds/norwegian-forest-cat/
  3. Pssh. That's a rapid generalization scoobdog, but ya it sounds reasonable as well. So someone has a lot of 'family' working in this shitter business as a grunt like you? If so they probably arent as sparkling as they want to believe.. @ghostrek I have a friend that's a lot like you seem that's been doing pretty much the same kind of thing.. He's came to me not really for help, but because he knows I'm a friend, and I have my own house. He's told me the same kind of shit. You could be fucked if you hit them back on specialized programs.. My friend packs a hell of a punch too.. Just tell people what happened. Don't lie, don't even try to make it seem better if it was an argument that turned into a fight. Just tell your people what's going on, and let them know you've been trying to figure out what to do the same way you did here. Also..Don't post shit like that to this god forsaken forum goblin hole if you want to be taken seriously. I'm just saying. These people are trash.
  4. Damn. So they fucked you up.. Tell your fucking family. You should have someone that's supposed to be watching out for you. Don't you get SLI or some sort of shit from disability. If they see you black, and blue they should ask you anyway.
  5. You say they physically bullied you on the bus. I guess if I were you I'd tell my family that. You do know what the word 'physically' means right?
  6. So what really concerns you with this situation? You think your coworkers are judging you too hard again?
  7. Damn bro I think you are looking into this too deeply maybe. Some people take their work life/ culture way too seriously. I mean YES. It's great to treat your coworkers, and company like a family, but some people really do take that shit way too far. Sounds like you might have that thing going on, but I'm never sure what the real deal is with your situation. Seems like you 'make a mountain out of a mole hill' a lot..If you can understand that phrase.
  8. My neighbors on the end of the next street over have a couple of nice calico kitties with little bell collars on that follow me around a lot when they are outside.. Not sure why I guess maybe their folks are gone sometimes and the cats are just super friendly, and decide to follow me when they see me throwing my trash. Some kitties are TOO friendly if you ask me. My cats a jerk the way he's supposed to be.. I mean he's not a jerk really per say, but if I don't get him good food he gets pissed and whines about it. He's mad right now because I havent got him any canned food recently. My cat's like a hit and run cat he wouldn't roll on the ground and want you to pet him. If he likes you though he might jump out of the bushes, and give you a jump before he runs off into the shadows again when he's outside.
  9. It wouldn't be surprising unfortunately. With the shit I've seen ICE do lately that seems tame.
  10. You seem better though just by default. Let's keep it that way...
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