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  1. I mean you are right. The TV was in the perfect spot to so the cable guy in me was just like fuck it..
  2. I can't seem to bring myself to do anything productive since I got off work.. EARLY. Slow day, but one of the jobs I did do entailed me fishing a cable line through some boomers nice ladies attic, only to to run the rest of line tacked up against the ev of the house because my company no longer does "wall fishing" or sending the cable down between the fucking studs in the wall from the attic../ Nvm.. It was like 15 degrees here too. All so she could add a Tivo mini for her new smart tv she bought for the sun room... Already had a Tivo main and 4 TV's hooked up through our boxes, but yuno. Some people need a tv in the shitter, some people need a fucking tv in the pool cuz why not. 🤬
  3. She grippin that arm like..
  4. Your guess is as good as mine.. I guess great minds think alike though.
  5. So I'm stumped on this because I wanna say Alex Jones, but at the same time he's a living meme and I'm finding myself day dreaming the meeting. Like what kind of day would it be at this point....If I bumped into the dude on the street and told him I was his biggest fan. How would that go? Would he A. Kill us both after leading me on some sort of boomer public outcry rant.. or B. Whisper the sad story of a man who finally lost to karma IDK.. Pretty sure he's too tried and sued to worry about at this point, but celebrities, influencers...people like him are my r/ let's not meet critera/
  6. I'm pretty sure I remember them stopping by. Yeah Doom called it.
  7. the sound of me not being drunk enough I guess.. but for posterity's sake here I'll throw this relic in.
  8. I mean.. I think celebrity fart jars..like the bath water...and whatever dumb shit the mighty entrepenuer can sell on ebay like the arm pit hair of who ever is always an interesting topic because SOMEONE WILL FUCKING BUY THE SHIT. Now wfast foward to good old 2022 we even have FUCKING NFT's around 'celebrity' farts, and fucking... WHAT THE HONEST TO GOD FUCK!?!?
  9. I've lost all will to live after reading..some of that. Thank you. This is the worst time to run out of weed..
  10. No. Is this related to this by chnace though? Just going to post CTK because D Class TLC Celebs are his thing..
  11. My Kitty was interested in what yours had to say, but not enough to cancel his nap over.
  12. I feel like at one point I'd say reality show tv antagonists like G Ramsey and Simon Cowell, but I guess I've grown to accept antagonism is their sole purpose in their respective series that'd blow twice as hard as whole without them.. Maybe someone like Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson? I mean...Just watching the destruction ensue as they make their way from point A to B is very entertaining I have to admit as much as I hate these types...I feel like Tucker Carlson would be a totally different person off air in the wild unlike Jones.. I could be wrong though.
  13. I think mine might be coming together, but hopefully I still have a good few decades to work on it. Here's my draft. 1. Sky diving in reverse..Because apparently it's a thing. (yeah I'm prbably not doing this, but it looks dope) 2. Dose enough LSD to taste the color purple .... So far that's all I thought of.
  14. I mean.. I've probably bought like 4 mcchickens and a couple cheeseburgers on the extreme end of the munchies, but nah.. That much fatty salt filled food... /pass
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