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  1. Happy birthday dude. Thanks for the hosting this, and putting up with the subsequent but often at least slightly humorous consequences.
  2. I'm sure I'm probably a member that you think needs a board buddy. Pretty sure I don't have one of those, but I don't want one either. If I truly felt I needed one yeah maybe. I like I that idea I guess, and I have to give you props for the suggestion Vamped. I am dealing with a lot irl, but my life has constantly been filled with dangerous struggles and situations to deal with..On top of being called some of the more 'out on a limb' members here's psychologist/shrink I probably have all that shit covered I guess, but that being said.. If anyone here truly feels at the end of their rope with their irl situations I believe my board history will reflect I have always offered as much. Well...Certain names that know who they are as well as every other acitve user here have voided that privilege unless I take it upon myself, but my point remains..
  3. Also guys I just want you to know it might be cringe.. because I started out making the folder ironically. but now I have a big ass collection folder named Hentai with some actual models in it now because I couldn't help it, but it was supposed to be raunchy anime stuff. For some reason this thing is in it. Shows up in my pictures a lot lol... It's a pretty dope image though lol...Just showed up all big in shit because of win 10 honestly and made me laugh. 🤷‍♂️
  4. LN jacking so many samples yet doing them justice and sharecropping right... Anyway I'm usually not a dude to start typing out a rap in a beat creators comment section but I told him I'd give it a try lol... crooked in the head and cooked in thin lead the mask now resides Inside the tomb o' Dumile; Doin' Doom a fav; Maybe lost; but naw not forgotten; a little corroded on the side; but yall the straps are not rotten; profit of the beat whose coffin I'm robbin' sike, **cough** nah I don't need the mask. Just a conversation starter and a well defined task. T' hell with my past and T' hell with rhyme math. I have enough syllables t' kill a fool and get lyrical; all without distillin' one empirical chemical! Enemies and naysayers all like 'let's be civil'. It's criminal...Pivotal to the likes of those that.. Like the subliminal. My message to the masses: Facist asses have the earth like molasses; Time t' turn up our works and find the jerks. Hike some dirt on their caskets! Honestly just participating in youtubers comment section but now I want to record.... 🙃
  5. I mean that and battery terminals... I've really never heard on using it to clean carburetors... Probably wasn't very dirty then..
  6. Change out the fuel/air filters or atleast make sure they arent clogged up with dirt and debri, check spark plugs for damge and contact etc.. Everytime I fix one it's usually shit like that..Or just taking caked up grass out of places it doesn't need to be.
  7. Seems like a good time and place for this. Gonna jam real quick.
  8. Thanks for reminding me about Persona I have played literally 0 of them. Joker in Smash bros, and DB putting Persona characters against simular anime characters made it sound pretty tight though. They shoot themselves in the head to activate their anime powers it sounds intense..
  9. I mean it is an open mic night so hey if it's truly open. I may be overshooting the place on the tejano vibes which I'm really not knocking by the way. It's just the pointy shoes and chicken dance melody only goes so far with me so I stay out of it. 🙏
  10. What I'm implying is I don't think this Tejano dance joints going to be particularly hyped to pause their dance groove to watch someone do a half ass cover of Metallica. I could be wrong though. and here's hoping.
  11. but I just got off work and this dudes going to an open mic night at a tejano joint at which they answered the phone in spanish first, but still said yeah to him playing shit like metallica supposedly.... Nah bro hope that works out, but maybe I'll catch him at the next one he's going to. At least I know that place recieves the metal scene a little bit better. Lol this dudes probably gonna get an empenada shoved up his ass at this first one. Gotta admire his courage though I guess..Just not sure if it's courage or you know..stupid.
  12. but ummm...back on topic you can be an atheist without worshipping science or the natural order. Atheists tend to accept their contemporary societies scientific explanation of the natural order anyway, but I mean by definition they don't worship it, or anything. I mean many people that consider themselves atheists are even open minded to creationist explanations they just side with whoever tends to carry the burden of proof...Myself included. So maybe the universe didn't explode from a cosmic yolk, but scientists are a lot better at carrying their burden of proof than the guys claiming a nameless shapeless being that talks through bushes and knocks up virgins did it in 6 days? It is 6 right? Rest on the seventh? Anyway my point is Religion = MY magic master in the sky made everything including you, and he wants you to do as I say. Look it even says so right here in this book I wrote. Have a copy here's one for the kids.. Atheism = Look your book is full of plotholes and...the parts you didn't make up to suit yourself seem to be ripped off from {insert pagan belief here}. Nah no thanks I'll stick with science.
  13. Well I knew this was gonna esculate quickly somehow, but I didn't really see that one coming. Good on ya.
  14. I mean I did look it up, but I think you're confusing atheism with gnosticism there. OP took me into another gnostic rabbit hole, but I don't mind. It's an interesting belief and it always makes me want to know more. So you speak of the demiurge..
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