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  1. My cat did that yesterday trying to find where I keep the 9 lives cans I guess.. He's not particularly bad about diong that though.
  2. Bed bugs appear to be coming back here... and nationwide.. I got a guy thats had them staying with me.... If they come here.. Get ready for Nuclear Phil.
  3. Where at it looks like a great environment?
  4. I finally got curious enough to look this up.. I wasn't aware Chris Hansen had any legal drama going on. I've heard To Catch a Predator had some issues and got cancelled but I forgot that happened all the way back in 2008. At least for his sake all the content cop type people seem to be eating him up on youtube.
  5. Those are definitely the eyes of a tortured soul.
  6. There's not much to get man honestly Zeni will fizzle out eventually. His youtube channel's still the same old shit he's just gained followers from reddit and waging youtube comment section wars. I just want to see Chris Hansen duke it out with the guy honestly though I don't care what's in his catalog. đŸ‘²
  7. I made that comment because you quoted me and stated something to the effect of "I'm so glad he can see this comment..dude has a full audience even in his absense." You see the word absence made it look like you were talking about UE because he's absent from here thankfully, but definitely not Youtube, furthermore you're the one that seems to be defending your favorite content creator here not me idgaf and I'm not doing anything on purpose besides talking shit about an overly hyped poe.
  8. Why? Four or five people here buttering his balls hardly constitutes a full audience, besides nobody gives a shit lol. I do think it would be funny if we hooked him up with the youtube channel Have a seat with Chris Hansen though. That channels current subject is a little boring...
  9. He made that bus video about a month ago.. You see what you're failing to bring up is that those video's only seem old since zeni spams youtube like he did this place with 30+ vlog videos a week in the same creepy monologue he used here. One of the videos the commentator used was only 3 weeks old. This guy honestly chronicled the sagas of zenigundam pretty thoroughly imo.
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