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  1. Lol fuck I was done, but look at this.. He claimed it was an attack by homophobes.. I bet you feel pretty racist right now.. How much racist woulda racist feel if a racist could feel racist? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47313172
  2. Ok so what maybe I did? The police had no issue figuring out what was going on. From all I found he was trying to make it look like a hate crime.. which doesn't automatically mean he was trying to say a white person did it.. There's WAY more things that fall into hate crimes these days than racial disputes/ I'm done though. This just doesn't have enough appeal for me.
  3. Just stick to strumming your guitar..
  4. OMG.. Explain to me how paying other black guys to beat him up is going to support an anti trump agenda?
  5. I didn't look at Huffington post that's something you guys would do..
  6. What are you even getting at? Not every stunt is politically motivated.. The police even supported the fact that they were just being ignorant.. This couldn't be an anti-trump/ fuck the police agenda anyway if the guy paid his own AA brothers to beat him up.. It would be (smileysurprised) a black on black crime.
  7. Yeah I looked it up. Wouldn't surprise me if true, and of course racist trump supporters are gonna jump on it. no need for further analysis if you ask me.. People do stupid shit like this to get them on tv all the time. I hate being on TV... Last time I was I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot, but whatever. Shoulda bought that new keyboard (my back lighting sucks on this black keyboard) put up with my typos or give me money..
  8. Oh so it's some more of that shit scoob? I subject myself to so much of it I just.. I don't wanna do it honestly..
  9. I want a board feud

    I'm sorry that I probably contributed way too much to them..
  10. I don't even know who he is and packards half senile posts didn't help.
  11. What anime...

    Seriously.. His deviant art page begs to differ. He was paid to do his gay dbz artwork though from what I remember.
  12. Hello

    It's Vipes. He wants to join the reindeer games.
  13. What anime...

    @mochi probably has about seven of these chillin' in a file somewhere..
  14. MH says there's no sex in his marriage BWAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Doom do not attempt to understand this one my brothah.
  15. Hello

    Sup Viper join the fun I guess..