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  1. I hope all you fucks that dig for dirt and personal info on here found that one useful.
  2. Opinion on ads?

    Kind of pushes everything to the right of my screen though. @midnight said he might be experiencing the same problem since his laptop screen is small. At any rate it looks fine with adblock on, and it might not even be an issue on mobile/ bigger better sized/ resolution monitors.
  3. Opinion on ads?

    Yeah I get ya it might be the horrible resolution on my monitor that makes it look janky with the ad space banner not sure.
  4. banned

  5. if you'll ever need a patreon finish and submit yours now

    There's other ways to crowdsource anyway. I've never been a fan of Patreon.
  6. Clegane Bowl

    Oh a GOT reference. I still havent caught that bug.
  7. Clegane Bowl

  8. Have you ever had a dream (nightmare) that you died in...

    I've died in my dreams a few times actually. Those are the best ones. That whole you'll wake up before you die thing used to be true for me, but I think when I started getting into the occult, and expirimenting with lucid dreaming that changed.
  9. Opinion on ads?

    I don't mind pausing adblock for sites like this as long as I don't get bombarded with pop ups etc.. I think some size/resolution adjustments could be made still I paused adblock and it looked like the folder tabs got a bit stretched out or something.
  10. Who watches the short horror films on YouTube?

    I've watched a good deal of independent short films on youtube. I definitely have found some good short horror films as well. You better be greatful I found this one for you it took me like a half hour of scrying through google and youtube..
  11. did this site change a bit overnight?

    I had to reload, and allow ads.. I don;t like the way the site looks now it looks like some centering or realigning could be done. My desktop monitor sucks though.
  12. did this site change a bit overnight?

    Oh yeah there's a header for ad space now I guess.
  13. did this site change a bit overnight?

    I havent noticed anything different.
  14. Dude, recovering alcoholics are the vegans of addicts.

    What is even being discussed here..