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  1. rofl. I would come up with better jokes, but it feels like I snorted anthrax or something.
  2. Who's they? Theres so many better things to randomly yell out than hank..
  3. Even strict cops let people go because they know the state is.... crazy with their shit still in a lot of ways. IDK. Too much shit to get into for me to want to get into the legislature. /post.
  4. Sweet. I'm glad.. It isn't always that way.. I don't trust the state of Texas to not screw me over dubiously if in fact it can lol..
  5. Pretty stupid I agree... At least you have the money to pay for all these bs tickets I guess..
  6. It was stupid... Hopefully some older asmbers remember him talking about this because it isnt rape or sexual assualt. @Shiina insert a catch phrase you've been using here... Not worth going further for anybody legally anyway.... just lame..
  7. Which one of them stuck their dick in when i wasnt lookin fuck. jk/
  8. Could be cancer from the sticks for all I know. I rarely experience allergy related symptoms though... I still feel like it was related to the air I breathed in during my two mile run. Ever since I've been stopped up, and the dry heaving wasn't from me running out of breath... The humidty straight up had me lacking for oxygen... meh. No excuses for not being able to pass my test, but what... after going and taking that thing I've been feeling weird and stopped up ever since.. I probably caught someones germs or something during that run. It certainly feels that way. Fuck.
  9. Wow... I feel like a prison Co again all around thanks Ghostrek/ I really can't release the info it doesnt feel right. Don't worry about it though Ghostrek just try to find coworkers and people that can vouch for your credibility on that... because if someone from the opposite sex was able to use this against you and they think their story will be taken more credibly than any defense you come up with they might try. You should be able to defend yourself if you get accused. I'm just saying that you should be ready and cognizant. 😥 Stupid... outside of the prison system I don't think a good case can be made against you for that even if it is true. They should have acted when it happened if they wanted you to get legal consequences anyway. Idk I hope people don't put two and two together from this, just wow... Nothing substantial in this crazy world we live in if you ask me. Carry on. Just know ghostrek that even though there was no one else involved....X The p.m. should've said that... You could be charged of a crime if someone was able to testify that you did infact do that.
  10. Either you have to tell the lawyer what the rumors are about. Or tell us... or drop it dude. idk. PM me if you are uncomfortable with the rumor I would say...but idk. This must be a pretty bad rumor since you are so uncomfortable giving us the details.
  11. Why are they talking about it? You can't say 'I don't know' and expect me or scoob or anybody here to be able to help you at all.. Also a professional lawyer can't help you either so that's why we are saying this.
  12. Ok so you are not getting fired.. You are still scared of some kind of sexual misconduct 'rumor' growing again. Why is that Ghostrek?
  13. I understand.. Just because they are different companies does not mean anything though Ghostrek.. Especially if the company you are now working for hired a bunch of people from the old company along with you. 😑
  14. Bro.. If you can't even get your story straight you arent suing anybody let alone a business..
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