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  1. That thing I sent ya? Well at least I know you didn't get it I guess.. God damn it I'm late..
  2. Oh ok differnt thread right... Flash is fucking flash what of it. I don't have any issues running programs or apps that still use it. I still remember flash games on the internet being like a pandoras box for me as a child... In case you didn't I went into an epic rant about how I feel about the flash as a superhero in dc comics. Reverse Flash is probably the biggest dick in comic book history, and I wish someone would fuck them both up and end that..but no that disrupts the time space fucking thing none of your writers grasp anymore than I do at least so two mother****ers literally running through time doesnt break it, but a pebble in the wrong place might. 🙄
  3. I get that. Sorry I was thinking about the internet as a whole, and how crazy it would be just to see a message on your pc/ device that just says you are no longer welcome on the internet... I mean. Google, your fuck me pics on instagram, and facebook...kiss 'em goodbye the internet hates you fuck off... Sometimes I think a system like that would be righteous, but I'm also no one to get in the way of some good selfie stick peach content honestly. 🙄 among other things. . .
  4. That's not the actual message you get when the internet doesn't want you to internet anymore. Actually I guess I've never got a message like that from the internet as a whole. I'm not saying a want a message like that, but I'm sure it's always interesting...
  5. It's IPA and most shit with a fancy can like it is, so if you don't like the hops or can't deal poke holes in 45 budlight cans like every other pleb is my jaded response to that, but I know what you mean. If your USA and not EU...Like me, but my tastes in booze and alcohol have changed a lot with exposure..You should know it's probably because the big beer monoplolies seem scared and often times they just arent willing or dont feel the need to keep up with the times. Take Anheuser Busch as a big example. When a family of 45 mexicans is ok with buying 5 cases of watered down drained off the factory floor alcohol WHY make your beer taste better... K I strayed from my main point..... Dont take this as anything to do with the lgbt sponsorship of whoever because I'm still shaking my head on how twitter the internet...Fuck even all the celebrity white ass country bumpkins reeing over it.. Ewww what a country to live in sometimes is what I think, but hey it's definitely not the only one with problems.
  6. Well I was joking of course, but I still hate tiktok... I hate that I hate it sometimes too because it's like look... These misdirected youths making way more money off the internet than me because they are in SEVERAL cases just recreating old youtube trends with a twist for like challenges and or questionable underaged actors trying to make a full fledged drama... can't..be all that stupid I mean they have to have their angle and charisma going for them at least... Right? Then there's shit like Pink Sauce....and actual teen cast episodes of Scrubs... which I hinted at above I know. https://www.thespruceeats.com/what-is-pink-sauce-tiktok-6363421
  7. Uggh Ghostrek found TikTok and now we will never be able to explain to him how stupidity is bad... One more notch on the let's ban tiktok U.S. camp if you ask me. 🙄
  8. I wish I had my personal life down good enough to do irl deep fake personas..... J Holiday the youtuber I posted above has done that with the anti vax community and more though. He also has a parody new age healer character called Hemlock Moon_Wolf. A lot of credit to my deep dive into hysterical madminds should go to daddy Jeff, and Myles Powers. Though I mean I feel the same about all the content they cover/ will cover
  9. I'm somewhere inbetween the destruction of all mankind and a need for unicorn farts? idk. All jokes aside I've been not drinking much at all and 2 of those just made feel ready to tear up the tri county area for a bit. 🤷‍♂️ Luckily I have a highly energetic dog. I've passed the stage where I just want to drink more. 🙃
  10. Until you are in a position to serve them publically at least...What's the deal with Kevin's though I thought the male equivalent was supposed to be Kyle, but these people use 'Kevins'. Just when I thought I had all the internet lingo down...
  11. When you work for a communications company legit it's actually quite the opposite feeling at a house and very...weird. Anyway. I got fired over a dispute with my managers I'm currently a NEET so what evs... So first thing was probably my boss calling me up one morining like "Hey it's 8:10 and you are suppossed to hit the first job start button at 8:03 which you never do... my reply being fuck off and get a real job probably diidn;'t help things...Actually this all started one day he called me because of the late job start, and I was like "Fuck it do you need two weeks notice because I'm done. In all honestly I've hated working for the company for a while, but I finally lost my cool that morning and told my boss to shut the fuck up.. After that he did some sort of corporate looking shit via cellphone like if you want to stay employed now you have to do this...Which I checked with my other techs in range. They were like what the fuck no I'm never doing all that at every job... but after checking that I didn't bend to his will I was fired... Fuck that company honestly.
  12. It's pretty surprising seeing how dogs react to each other over time. If that's your main concern then just give it time. I wouldn't be surprised if they become inseperable even if your first dog is pea sized. If that's the case he'll realize having a titan friend comes with advantages outdoors. 😄 I mean or not.. but you can't expect your current pet to get along with it right of the bat that never happens. I mean with me taking in the cat the cats hissing and petrified when I finally got brave enough to let them meet, but these days my cat doesn't even feel safe going outside without my dog, and usually makes sure he has a quick escape route if he isnt present.
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