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  1. That tat she's showing off too is meh.. I actually kind of don't like the whole tatted up look, but I've met too many people that OVERHYPE their tattoo attention fixes. Homegirl I know has been going for the cover of inked even though I don't think she even has a job that big. I think it's too late to vote, but I feel bad for not jumping in and voting because her photos for shit like this are always badass.. She's been posting about the shit for a while because of her modeling efforts, but my oh my.. Also I've seen better booty than your pic anyway.. I Do not like Cardi B (though I'm just a hater I guess). I was trying to balance my annoyance with respect for showmanship tactics I lack, and probably under appreciate though. She's getting herself places.. Even places she knows nothing about that make her look more stupid, but I digress..
  2. I'm going to put this one here just because since I'm now invested in the story of this dude's baby mama drama now I wanna see how this plays out. I'm going to post this page that's seemingly unreachable from the home page, but still tied to the same site/server, and it's home page seperate. Not sure if the creators gonna update this, but it was a cup of wtf when I found it. Again I'll post two seperate links to the same website. Honestly I think there's a few more unreachable pages to be found from the home page still up, but meh. https://kathrynmariejohnston.com/stretching-capacity-of-the-human-anus.html https://kathrynmariejohnston.com/
  3. The only thing I googled for this was deer attacks because it seemed like you may have been pretty close to getting yourself kicked in the teeth and skewed by an antler by the attitude of your post. I really don't care much about deer or hunting them, but no I don't need google to tell me when rutting season is or list out the changes in behavior AND PHYSIOLOGY FOR A BUCK that can be displayed in and out of it.
  4. Yeah there's some good shit there disregard the react I'll just change it to a like this post isn't sad.. Agreed. It's easy to pop your own knuckles, but popping your own back has gotta be a godlike talent..I understand. I have scoliosis that's resulted in herniated discs and all kinds of shit that MD described, but fucking steriod shots, and a 6 foot tall army beast of a chiropractor failed to be able to do the same for me a few too many times. If you find it works for you and your chiropractor's.. not a wingnut at least give them your business. I said as much already.
  5. Another good one from the british version of my favorite self-and-otherwise proclaimed 'shitlord' youtuber. He goes over the science behind Covid-19 vaccines being circulated. Edi for clarification: Not sure how many vaccines out there actually use the method layed out here it may just apply to this specific 'Pfizer' vaccine. Still cool though.
  6. I've been seen by chiropractors with just their DC and then found one that just started out with a DC and felt the need to expand that also expanding their practice into a certified spinal rehibilitation clinic with MD studies, and the difference was night and day.. Well I mean this guy.. The MD +DC was pretty much afraid to touch my back let alone do that insane cracking crap.. He laid out an exercise program (physical therapy) that overtime significantly improved the state of my back and the ability of my spine to properly do it's job. He also went over all the little spinal pieces that were screwed up by formal name and recommended less...fucking shock inducing practices (decompression techniques etc)... The only thing a chiropractor has ever done for me is pop my kneck/back and ask me if I feel better.
  7. My point is that if so many of these people can get by making false claims and often times try to branch out into medical fields a freaking back cracker is going to know nothing about.. I might as well let homegirl go to town with her '100 percent success'-- "Just let me walk and jump up and down on your back for a bit method" rather than go through the hassle of booking an appointment and being billed medical professional rates just to get more or less the same thing done. Are there honest chiropractors out there..Sure. I feel like they're pretty hard to pick out of the rift raft these days. Especially if they're comfortable with just the title of 'chiropractor'
  8. I think I just put Mconnel in the lead over Cruz with my vote here. Honestly I'm sure Ted Cruz is disgusting, but he's boring as fuck and falls off my radar way too easy. I can see him being hoisted up by the same disgusting people that deified Trump, but that would probably be twice as laughable in the end game stage so meh. Mcconnel's like fucking Palpatine merged with a Koopa, and says some pretty inflammatory shit for someone that claims that his opposition is the real divisive enemy every chance he gets.
  9. Chairsexual or furnisexual? My fbi agent should get a kick out of that google search. Not as good as 'the human anus can stretch...' but pretty funny.
  10. 1.This isn't worth arguing about. 2. You seem to think all deer operate through skynet, and arent capable of a large variety of responses due to species evolution, and environmental conditioning. 3. Deer are pretty much all out of rutting season right now. 4.This post and your last one are what a rebuttal looks like not my last addition. I just provided some explanations for the behavior you described because it wasn't surprising to me. 😷
  11. That really wasn't my angle anyway. Comparing deer with the amount of human contact deer living near a suburban area have to deer in any secluded area is stupid is all I was saying. Same goes for any wild animal. Also I don't blame you for saying as much after encountering a few chill deer, but I doubt you'd be talking that big if you encountered a territorial buck that wants to bring the fight to you. I'm not someone who views hitting a deer as a badge of honor either. That'd just be dinner for me.
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