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  1. Can you pass the grey poupon?
  2. Mewn

    bah gawd

    Scorpio tingz
  3. Mewn

    Happy MLK day Mewn

    LMAO why thank you Love the "in lieu of gifts" part, sounds like I died. RIP Mewn
  4. Tiredt Why can't I sleep in on my days off? Actually getting less sleep than usual. I wanna go back to sleeping 10 hours on my days off 😭
  5. Happy Birthday! This dog def has Molar energy.
  6. Yeaaaah, this is why double feature did not work out. There needed to be a whole ass alien season instead of half. It felt rushed and unfinished. I did enjoy the conspiracy theories, but since everything was rushed they didn't translate as well tis sad, really wanted an alien season and got this rushed mess. SIGH OH WELL. As much as I love AHS, it does need to end, or at least figure out their shit to make more cohesive seasons. Ryan is distracted with the 1000s of other shows he's making...maybe he needs to end it or pass the torch. Or take a couple years off like he does with ACS to make a better and more thought out season.
  7. Happy Birthday! 🥳
  8. I would prefer the season to stay mostly in the 50's black and white style. 😭 I was very much into that over the modern day shit. Him making the kids go to Joshua Tree 😒 why? Because Demi Lovato got high and saw aliens??? DUMB. There isn't fucking cattle in Joshua Tree lmao. #ANNOYED Also Death Valley =/= Joshua Tree I lived in the valley area down there and the most that came out of Joshua Tree were idiots going hiking and getting lost and hurt and dying. >_> 'Cuz it was the fucking summer and they think they can handle the expert trails. ANYWAY. I know there's a conspiracy theory out there that Eisenhower made a pact with the aliens in exchange for the technology as long as they could experiment on us and make hybrids or whatever. So I'm assuming that's the basic plot of this shit with the sprinkle of lost people/objects showing up. I'm a bit salty cuz I wanted a whole ass alien season, I think this will be rushed.
  9. Yeah this shit just kind of left more questions than answers. Anyway, bring on part 2, I guess lol I saw on Twitter that there are rumors that this might be Sarah Paulson's last season....they might as well end it. Either do that or expand the universe to other countries. Or actually, venture outside of the east coast and CA. 😆 I know that they did Coven and Roanoke in the south. Gimme a creepy Midwest story.
  10. YEAH! The goons should be able to revert back??? I mean, I still will go back to The Chemist and her botched up study...needed more background, like sis, what's the tea. And she gave these pills for her own experiment, what are the numbers, what are the results??? WHAT WAS THE POINT? Since she turned down Ursula to make it into some kind of profit talent management system. Ah, yeah I have watched it, it was okay...but I wasn't expecting much from it...reminded me of a Creepshow type format where they do different stories each episode. Fun for the season if you're bored and looking, lol. First two episodes are the best with the throwback to Murder House and lesbians. 😆 Hmm, well if you have a good ad-blocker you can watch it anywhere. 🌈 Oh, and on the horror subject, I cannot wait for Midnight Mass.
  11. Well there's usually a theme and they really did not complete the assignment this year. Part two of "America" is May 2nd, guess we'll see then.
  12. Yeaaah, and the whole part of stopping the pills means no more blood craving. Lily Rabe's character only had one pill and she changed that dramatically...when we saw the chemist with the first untalented goon, I could've sworn they kept giving him pills or told him to take pills every x days to monitor him...and his symptoms seemed to progress until a certain time (and I would assume he took at least a week's worth of pill) that the chemist cut him off and then he proceeded to continue with balding and whatnot. So, why did she change so fast? >_> I was low key hoping she would become the queen of the goons, lmao. And I also thought the vampire lore part of this season would somehow connect to Hotel >_> The Chemist just has a lot of explaining on how she created these pills to begin with, so I 100% agree that this half part is too rushed and is just progressing the story without filling in the gaps. Watch the chemist's special ingredient is alien blood or some shit and that'll be the connection. 😒
  13. Evan Peters in drag was lawlz. I'm just wondering how seamless this transition from blood sucking creative geniuses to aliens will be. 😂 I know it's suppose to be two separate story lines but knowing Ryan it'll def relate.
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