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  1. Mewn

    i dont feel good

    Time to pop a 9 1 1
  2. The answer is none just get them a wheel
  3. Nice, thanks, I shall eat them all
  4. I thought this said Iggy and I was like damn, that discourse made it here
  5. Kids suck anyway also you suck
  6. Adachi to Shimamura 1x01 I've read this manga, let's see how the anime is gonna turn out. 🥴
  7. So that ending was a bit of a turd.
  8. Mewn


    This was a fun show. Ryan Murphy said LESBIAAAANS! I was there for it. 😂
  9. This board would be even worse. 😂
  10. Well I finished and wow, it was "perfectly splendid". But I did have a few issues 😂 Will lez relationships ever have a happy ending in TV? Nope 😅 I May Destroy You 1x10 I need to finish this one.
  11. Let's not. Just use google instead and then call a physician.
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