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  1. Yeah, the season felt super redundant. We closed the case the first two seasons, they flowed a lot better. I remember after s2 I was like "well, this should be done now". This season was just "okay now let's just take every 80's reference there is a basically redo the first two seasons by making Russians open the gate!" idk I loved the darker feeling the first two seasons had, it kept me wanting to keep watching....this one I rolled me eyes and sighed cuz they set it up for another season. I might not watch the next season if it's just going to be this shet. I usually love camp but damn, I do not get why people loved this. On the other hand Dark s2 is quite good.
  2. Eh, did not like this season. Felt very unnecessary and super campy. Shit should've ended after season 1 or even 2.
  3. Yeah, probz. Hereditary was slow af, but wasn't too bad. I do enjoy the whole mythos portion of Ari's work.
  4. Just saw the thicc daddy in the new ep of Handmaid's Tale
  5. Yeah, stop being a creeper, Roxie.
  6. Get ready for the butt pirates.
  7. Eh, I still watch cuz why nawt.
  8. DAMN IT. And the next season would've been Halloween themed ;_; Fucking Syfy.
  9. Happy birthday, you pail of a garbage cat.
  10. PLOOOO! It's been okay. Ups and downs for sure.
  11. Lmao, dude, srsly? Banks? what did she sacrifice more chickens? I could give a shit about Jack, he's a piece of shit like Mark Z. All I want is an edit button, tho. Anyway, too many old people have discovered FB, so hello Twiitter.
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