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  1. I haven't had an ironing board in years....I haven't ironed in years.....I do own an iron.....Not sure how my clothes get ironed.
  2. Baby it's cold outside. Edit, when was the miniature born?
  3. I legit hate to see you spell shit right then read your posts where you spell "him" "hime" or something of that nature.
  4. I swear all I want is someone who will fold clothes.....I have so many unfolded clothes, and my kids suck at it....I think it's on purpose.
  5. My kids are 2 years and a week apart.....October is the month to get nasty because you haven't acclimated to the slight cold yet and you wanna stay inside and boo up. Also, tax season is an impromptu baby making season. That's where we get our winter babies.
  6. It's my start of the work week....It's definitely Tuesday
  7. It's October....December is "I can no longer hide it" season
  8. Oh, I actually know who she is....What kinda cancer? Not like it's important but I kinda try to keep up with what cancers take people out.
  9. I did it because I forgot how redik it was
  10. Wait...How old are you...That's like a reference from my mom's time.
  11. There's only like 12 actual Babblers left so there reeally isn't anything to be won....We just kinda stuck around. Didn't realize there was still some competition going on since I'm just meeting 80% of these people and still only have a vague idea who most of them are(# plucked from thin air....Let me itemize....If you are missed simply speak up) Me Scoob Sponges Jingai (was he actually a babbler or ranter?) Stilgar Boo Mustket Bucket (sometimes) Rumbo (sometimes) Packard Nabs Pooh Disco .......That's all I got right now. Sure there are a few that I'm spacing on because I just got up but I'm sure that's the bulk.
  12. Wow, I can't even concede without you fucking it up.....You are genuinely this stupid. Oh well, I tried.
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