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  1. I took my daughter to McDees yesterday because she didn't want Chinese like my son and I....A dude with a sleeve took our order and I noticed he had a naked female Robocop tatted within the vomited arm art that he had....All I could think was what possessed you to get this....I guess you're a Robocop fan, but didn't want to be gay so you had the artist make it female and naked....Nothing about it made sense. But unless he gets it modified, or removed...He'll die with Robocop rule 34 on his arm.
  2. You sure he wasn't dead due to the mustard gas wafting from your body.
  3. Keep us posted on your progress. I'm sure this isn't the end of this story.
  4. You typed that like you understood what was going on, but explained it in a way that leads me to believe you're just now realizing what's going on.
  5. André Toulon

    4/20 BLAZE IT

    This thread is like looking at Christmas lights
  6. You've steered the subject to sleeping somehow being annoying. Should one not find an offensive odor annoying on an enclosed bus as well.
  7. Nah, pimpin'....4/20 in November....Light up, pussy
  8. André Toulon

    4/20 BLAZE IT

    Even better... I did that on accident once too....I think I was Eat a Sack day or something like that.
  9. André Toulon

    4/20 BLAZE IT

    NO, IT MUST STAY....Time to draw attention to it.
  10. What if you smell like you just rolled around in a fireplace.
  11. This is the most generic lie ever told on these boards.
  12. Wow, Wayne Brady and Aisha Tyler.....Both have literally tap danced for white people. Can we get Al Roker and Raven Symone up there SO they can just start dropping Nbombs without feeling awful.
  13. It also says it stinks, has an odd color, and has a terrible taste....But let's just pretend it is "fine"....Now without even considering why I won't drink it, think....Why would I drink anything that smells, looks and tastes bad, even if it won't kill me.
  14. I made a long ass post, but instead I'll just say it's awkward when you live in the town with all your ex wife's family, and they still invite you to holiday dinners and you fuck around and bring your new girl with you because she doesn't have family here either. Then your ex brings her new dude and it's kinda like a really passive aggressive display of the baes. I think since that debacle, the kid's mother and I have created an unspoken rule that we don't invite boos to family holiday functions.....If you boo'd up, just catch them later, but none of that shit on common ground.
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