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  1. So many broken blenders sunglesses. It never ceases to amaze me how people don't see that Deion has always been self hype....Not saying he's a bad coach, but Geion is here for Deion....If you get some Ws in his wake, cool....But he got his check and that's all he cares about....Hell, he has a song stating this very fact and this mfer can't sing.
  2. Wait...sorry, I was lit....humans don't use cones, right.... they wear those halo things?
  3. If a disabled person is bitten by a zombie, when the turn, would the zombie know how to use any apparatus that they needed when living, or does the hunger supercede the living ailment and they can use all of their appendages....or do they just become the ones that slide around on the floor. Furthermore, say you're turned with a cone around your neck....are you just fucked until it breaks or something. Lastly, I'm not a big zombie buff other than resident evil games and shit like that....if they don't eat, do they die off anyway? I saw bits and pieces of TWD and I know the samurai chick had some that she took the arms and jaws off of....do they eventually die of starvation.
  4. Ok, this is giving me some Lady Dimitrescu vibes.
  5. I think you're like me...we can't take compliments without wondering when the other shoe gonna drop....what you really want, chick. I remember I was in Subway and this lady said "I love your salt and pepper facial hair" and all I could think was "this bih called me old, and now I must finish her" I told someone else and they were like "omg, she was flirting with you"....I'm just like
  6. I really wasn't going to say anything.....but it's a small part of my fun
  7. I guess sometimes things take care of themselves
  8. Hey, it's your fault for all being born on one day...I don't individualize..... @mthor?
  9. Only black dude I remember off the top of my head
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