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  1. Those physics don't seem sound. I think this is shopped
  2. We just got wing stop...I tried it once and wasn't impressed, but I still wanna try the thighs and the sammich
  3. Ok so my biggest concern so far is I'm thinking I'm not in the right threads at the right time. So tomorrow at 7 central I need to be here....got it. See y'all then....we, and all night too because I'm sure I'm not going anywhere tonight, but I'll be here for team pickins
  4. Oh, it's buddyroe btw....not sure when your last visit was, but I probably wasn't using this name.
  5. Holy shit, what a tweest. But of course I remember you...you were into ska too if I remember correctly. Anywho....glad you at least popped in.
  6. Me neither. And that was back when Glodson and I constantly vied for the top spot. Seems like that would have shown up somewhere. But it not impossible that it didn't actually affect the count and was just something one random user had that I didn't interact with.
  7. I'm in, but to I need to play as bully. Do I still own this thing? But I'll play as Bully, no prob.
  8. I thank my lucky stars every time I'm in a public restroom that I can stand up and pee. If the situation comes where I need to sit down in a public restroom, it's gonna be a photo finish and I won't even have time to clean it up beforehand so pissy booty it is. As an adult, I fully prepare to not have to shit until I get home.
  9. I posted mostly at night because I worked at night. Now I just barely sleep
  10. Sorry but no one does these things anymore. While I would love to break out the slip and slide and roll the grill out, people would show up for a plate and get in their cars to leave after what they consider ample time to stick around for free food. This world is honestly built for my new found reclusiveness but it really sucks that I almost have to pay a cover charge just so my kids can play with other kids outside ..so damn annoying.
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