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  1. Nope. But don't mistake this as me joining the white collective from the other side of these boards that find their jollies feeding from your rusted trough. Just saying maga plants perpetuating the violent narrative to devalue the protests are a real thing. Other than that, you can go back to arguing amongst yourselves. I got other outlets for this.
  2. These are best enjoyed with snacks
  3. Have you seen the lady killers? Tom Hanks took a late 90s/early 2000s Southern professor role and instead went full Colonel Sanders. Hanks is polarizing at best. Absolutely ground breaking in some roles and total trash in others. He's great, but not really the best.
  4. Just let him cope. He's dealing with a lot.
  5. Can't even begin to understand what you otherwise expected
  6. Star power rising. Stay tuned for season 16.
  7. Settle down dude, it's a birthday, not her age and the vast majority of us have known duzi for years ..
  8. Seem false without her here and knowing fully well where she is...but hbd doozy
  9. I was confused for a bit....I was likes "there's a little koodz?"... Nice gift
  10. I didn't remember it until I read my comments. Not sure if I actually remember them as much as I recognize myself
  11. I'm cool with that, but I think you are missing the opportunity to make women chewing off goat balls a thing. Rule a much more lax now
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