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  1. Please stop saying this, lest no one takes this the least bit seriously
  2. Look, find you an alcoholic chick and things will go great....until one night you find her bottle of patron while shes asleep and you drink half of it and.....3/4 of and and then..... Fuck it, you killed the bottle and fillt it with a little rubbing alcohol and lots of water and hoped she didnt notice.
  3. This is really starting to feel like a nabs alt
  4. .......you googled her mugshots? Nope, im jumping the gun....you got arrested and saw her on the wall of people who pass fradulent checks, right? You did not go home and google everything you could about this unsuspecting woman, correct?
  5. Youve come a long, long way homie....i remember you were animating stick figures in flash
  6. What about lickers, spitters and infected wildlife
  7. She thinks she was more popular than she was. If you werent in rants, youd have no clue
  8. Nb4 massive covid cases arise. Huge chunk of the athletes already tested positive
  9. Wedding rings attract women, i jave never understood the dynamic of removing it.
  10. .......this is an everyone problem, nothing out of the ordinary. Im a 40 year old dude that hates everything and i get them too
  11. Even so, youre still doing better than 2 other users here so congrats on making due.
  12. Lol, this thread is a disaster and i love it...how have missed this for so long
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