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  1. There you have it, folks. Ghost is interested in learning more about being terrible
  2. Mischief makers and Fzero X....because I'm not some brainwashed trash that digs goldeneye out of their ass every time the 64 is brought up.
  3. I mean, yeah....but only because it was me
  4. Seriously.. STFU. They should really make you correct your bullshit before posting.. this shit is ridiculous... I should report it
  5. I did too. I see the jump. Unless you put your li... Oh shit, you legit said gambling... If it's money you need, pull out I guess... Wait for the finance boys to get here... I just decided to play with bidens money so I'm holding.
  6. If you take away the gun, then you take away the only appeal to being a cop
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