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  1. Drop that shit then, homie....stand your ground you proud, African descendant.
  2. My cousin had a song he was trying to figure out and all he gave us was "my feet, my feet hurt" and we were like "no fucking way that's a real song", then years later, I heard what might have been it but it was briefly during radio scanning and I couldn't get back to it
  3. He couldn't handle being pariah despite him begging for it
  4. I miss the old blue gamer fuel...the new one sucks...could just be a different one but idc enough to find out
  5. .....FUCK, now i kinda want to know how much money I've actually put into gaming.....I mean if we add magazines, calls to Nintendo, quarter munchers, mic and joysticks, not to mention recording equipment (I used to record gameplays by hooking my consoles to my VHS long before the internet existed and sold my playthroughs at school) I don't think 500k is unrealistic....I would say a milly, but I would have to legit do the math before i made such a claim.
  6. One of my biggest claims to fame was beating Battletoads (using warps) when i was maybe 10-11 years old....No one will ever take that accomplishment from me and not many can say they've done it. Beating ninja turtles prepared me for that. Maybe Kudz didn't want the task...I can respect that....But I will never not brag about my original NES skills.
  7. I still say down-bad too... Actually more surprised that you say it at all
  8. I'm wondering how long before that stoke becomes a full on fire
  9. Why... I get bored easily. This is honestly the longest I've ever been still and it's just because I don't wanna keep uprooting my kids because my attention span has run out
  10. .....noooooo Damn, this is one that stings me. I love how none was the wiser of how cool he was because of his straight laced tv persona from FH an AFV.
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