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  1. I always forget corded chainsaws even exist until I see one (or in this case, someone mentions one) and it just seems like a silly thing to have a cord on......but nowhere near as dumb as the corded lawn mower
  2. I can't speak for other black families, but we had red velvet for every friggin occasion when I was a kid.... Cheesecake?....can't call it
  3. They pulled it....I put a pic in one of these threads earlier
  4. Walmarts fervor for the black dollar
  5. .....is this.... Nevermind....carry on
  6. After seeing this, I just might
  7. .....the Japanese love Elvis. Or that just might be some shit I picked up from a stereotypical movie or show, but I saw something to that effect.... And thinking about it ....I might be thinking Koreans
  8. Oh, archer was definitely predictable....every season was the same shit and reused jokes in a new skin eventually. I may put R&M above Archer. I kept asking why they renewed it for so many seasons....is it still going on?
  9. I once caught a fastball with my bare hands, threw it back and beaned the dude who threw it ...all on impulse...I'll never do it again if I tried
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