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  1. Y'all motherfuckers are fucking hilarious. I honestly don't know who to laugh at more
  2. And you'll still be dry dicked
  3. Meh, used to see wolves walking home at night in MS....I assume the will fuck with you if hungry but my own personal experience says if you don't fuck with them, they have no interest in humans.
  4. I'm not sure what is happening but I want to point out that I never made any bets and sponges never owed me a dime. But my part went to the server so I'm helping, I guess.
  5. Actually, pooh compared you to ..well, YOU. Handling bets the same as you handle your arguments...which is hilarious
  6. And frankly...I'm still oblivious half the time.....I have been talking to this chick all day. She works at the VA I volunteer at and she added me on FB a week or so ago....I liked a pic and she pmd me, asking why I'm so quiet and never join any conversations....it's really because I'm just there to say I'm active in our community and network at our little town hall meetings, but she thinks I'm shy, LMFAO. Still...not completely sure if I should shoot my shot this time. Honestly, she's too young for my kind of toxic but I love the hunt.
  7. Nah, it was a problem...I'm seeing it more and more.....I only have a few months left to fulfill my promise to my daughter but I think I'm just gonna stay dry....being a pothead Is much more fun and less taxing on my shitty anger issues.
  8. My grower dude just dropped me off a jar of some shit that has my whole room stinking but it looks like he harvested it too soon. He says it's the cheese strand. I'ma roll a fat blunt since it was free and see if the smell is more indicative than the appearance
  9. Her: I just got out of the shower. Me: Damn, you still rolling that blunt
  10. Aw fuck did you pm me. I switched phone and left cyberbully at home. I'll see it In a hour or so. I mean I could change accounts but fuck that.
  11. Girl came over to my house one night about 10 pm in her pajamas and mentioned 3 times she had just gotten out of the shower. I told her to wake me up when she leaves so I could lock my door. I mean, I really wasn't attracted to her that much but I was like 22 and raw dogging sluts was a hobby....It didn't dawn on me until the next day at school my homie said "I fucked Jenny last night" and then I was like "shit". After that, I was too ashamed to bring it up and she never pulled up to my house after dark ever again
  12. Yeah. I do because I live it and don't believe in that weird way of thinking that I am automatically entitled to six figures for merely existing.
  13. Eazy, why do you wear your boxers backwards "For eazy access, baby"
  14. I've had some of my greatest adventures on greyhounds and I love ATL airport. They have a smoking section
  15. People claim to be so smart and immediately cling to this dummy's bullshit ...Yeah, he's gonna get our 2k out of the wall money. It's legit going to happen
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