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  1. I used to like the idea but people got stupid with them so I just turned them all off. So if you have them on, you may see a sig on my account, but I honestly hate them now
  2. Well he's stated before he and nabs are on the same page and frankly, I stand by their right to see things this way. I just don't suggest distorted getting acclimated to that alliance. Nabs is one stimulus check away from sitting in jingo's lap on his mobility scooter.
  3. Why can't you tell Filipino women to jump off your plank....No one is perfect.
  4. Oh ok, someone corrected that Michael Jackson shit
  5. Found this one in OKC. Gonna blast off later
  6. No preference. Just whatever I grab then I use baking soda and peroxide at night... But this is what's in the bathroom
  7. André Toulon

    I'm done

    I've seen this post so woefully often that I say with unwavering confidence that you're not going anywhere.
  8. I am so glad sexual performance data is not collected during a fap. I mean I have the best intentions but a lot of times unless I skip proactively, I won't even make it to the sex. I'm not mentally equipped to savor fap nuts
  9. Goddammit, phone.....stop correcting me. Lex Luther sounds like a singer
  10. Lol, it's like watching Smallville Lex Luther starting out as a good guy in the first few seasons only to become evil because no one paid him any attention
  11. ...... I'll have to check but I'm not sure either of those are classified as stimulants.
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