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  1. Each series will extend over whatever month it is, so if you don't win (win what?) You aren't out, every thing resets at the start of a new month. Which is why I'm working with the calendar thingy. Participation is not really mandatory, but if you advance and suddenly stop playing, you may be eliminated just to make room for others who didn't. Can't win it if you're not in it (win whaaaaaaat?) And for my last note of the night, I was thinking that maybe the winner (😡😠😡😠😡) also becomes host the next round....now if no one wants the responsibility, I'll just do it but I'm just thinking about ways to mix things up....so those of you who accepted the invite, if you're still interested, I'll get to work making some user friendly challenges and see how I want to deal with the voting system.
  2. So, just so you all know why I've gathered you here, I wanna play a game. What I have here is a tentative framework of what I'm going for. Keep in mind, I kinda fell into this ass backwards so expect many mistakes. This isn't TD, so normal board rules apply, even the ones on civility. Here's a CPof what we have so far. invite people into the club, have them participate in a series of challenges to create winners; The winners of those challenges as adjudicated by a panel of judges, get immunity while the others are subject to a vote by club members as a whole (minus the judges) as to who gets dropped from the overall competition; Those who are voted out aren't ejected from the club, but can't vote on successive rounds of the competition; The immunity is only for the individual challenge; And, after x rounds; a challenge of the remaining participants voted on by just the judges will determine the winner? I'll pin this and leave it open for any suggestions.
  3. So yeah, just randomly inviting people...y'all just play amongst yourselves
  4. Looks like I need 2 pics Gemini. Wanna go to the store again
  5. Matter of fact, Gemini...you wanna help....go find another pic for the club....I want you the know the Jesus placeholder is ironic...I do not wish to replicate that. Think..... survivor.... And no obscure bands.
  6. Create club> Private Open I'll just go take a pic...I feel like I already did that but hold on
  7. Why do y'all not believe me. It's literally what I said. Gemini could read the club but couldn't post...then I invited him and .. Well anyway, yeah, once you are invited, you can post. Seems kinda private and that not actually what I wanted...that's why I made the thread up top hours ago before I was on Mars. I think I might have to remake it since it doesn't seem like I can...well shit, I can just make a thread in general or whatever.
  8. 🤦🏿‍♂️ Gemini, settle down...you wasn't even here for all of this shit with clubs to come to fruition....I'll get to the rules later....nothing is happening without players so stop trying to chief...Im just spit balling here.
  9. Is there a way to mass invite or did you just ask everyone individually ...or is there like a promote thing..... I'm really high and it seems like I should know what to do next but I really don't...I'm writing up there rules tonight but I just wondering is there another truck behind a gear somewhere
  10. Glad you're here...before I start asking people to come, I want to see if you wanted to judge...like make it so it's not just me judging and I look biased... But if you rather play, that's cool too. Also, just allowing votes among the players is an option but I'm just kicking this around right now. This kinda called my fucking bluff with this.
  11. Oh shit, didn't know I could do that in TD. Ok, so nevermind, it's a go.. So y'all sit right until the weekend and I'll figure out how to actually work this out because it's just kinda dumb as is.... The one thing I know I need at least 2 people to be judges with me for the challenges to grant immunity... Wait, have I said any of this here yet....like the immunity shit? I'm high as shit rn. I finally got some gummies and I haven't had them in 3-4 days stuck in this house.....they hit like a semi
  12. Nevermind, I see I can leave on bully....but Andre is trapped here
  13. I think so. I invited mthor and seight to...I figured they are some amicable people that might let me use them a Guinea pigs while I sort shit out but they haven't bit yet.... How do you boot people out of TD.... And do you have a leave group option
  14. Pretty sure it means everyone not in the group can read it....the only difference from an open club being you don't have to get approved in an open club....but now I need to scrap it because....well, let me see if pat answers me first
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