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  1. Nah, I'm not about the play this stupid game of subterfuge with anyone who scuttled their ship on purpose in a tantrum. Seight definitely isn't one of the same 5 that he's alluding to and sponges just started back posting. It's actually far more diverse than when it was 2 of my accounts, Sawdy, Pooh and dangermouse or whatever. Benji is just getting to be a huge buzz kill and I'm ok with that....it's funny
  2. "It's all a farce, no offense to the king of the farce but fuck everyone who makes this place enjoyable." That's you, that how you sound
  3. Let's not have a conniption here....I think we're just both amazed that you somehow simultaneously are the 1 person over the age of 12 that didn't get the reference and still chose to be the first reply My kids get it and have never seen the movie.... but I get it....not everyone sees everything and it just so happens you didn't know. I guess my biggest concern is how you kneejerk to these completely wild ass conclusions instead of just asking what's going on. This has nothing to do with keyboard warriors and there is no reason to be bootybothered over it....just an old movie reference I used to welcome the cool weather.
  4. I thought he was just fucking around, but now I .... *Exhales* Just let him be....
  5. First day of fall hit and there's promise of a cold front I feel sweeping in as we speak. I already got a new hoodie out for tomorrow....finally, some relief.
  6. He doesn't respect them, which is why he doesn't respect Dr. Wordstrom
  7. I wouldn't assume so but I don't know for sure
  8. This is the 4th time I've been selected and every other time they sent a 20 cash and just put it in good faith you'd return the results. Well, I got a letter today and told the kids they could split the 20 but I expect them to fill out the survey. Well, turns out there was a dollar....one whole dollar in the envelope and upon finishing the quest online, they'll send you 5 bucks on a cash card....it's sad when a couple of broke ass kids don't even want what you're handing out. I don't think I doxxed myself but I'm doing other shit and mighta missed something
  9. My experience with it sucks, I could paint what I wanted myself before the ai produced what I wanted
  10. Nah, I don't work Mondays...gift and curse
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