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  1. I mean, if you're able to consciously dictate what you call the person while having sex, then more power to you. I don't have that ability. I'm not thinking ahead here. It's all I can manage to not say the name of whatever ex I may or may not be thinking about in the moment.
  2. Because it's weird? Like honestly, during sex, do you want to accidentally be like, "Aw, fuck yeah, Terrance" and then think to yourself, "Fuck, my little brother's name is Terrance"? I think at that point I would realize that I could never fuck that person again.
  3. Ja feel. I think you underestimate the majestic woodchuck, but hey, what do I know?
  4. Ayy, I'm buzzed too. Mid-relapse life. My question is this. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck... and hear me out... if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  5. Not me. I have an apartment to (hopefully) save up for. So I gotta keep it tight.
  6. That's it, I'm suing the English language.
  7. I was going to answer, but then you cursed at me, and now I don't wanna. Harumph to you, sir.
  8. My job is to wait for old people to call me. Then I read to them while I click stuff on my computer. Then I sit at my desk and watch TV while waiting for the next call. Side note, Designated Survivor is a pretty good show.
  9. For the purposes of this thought experiment, let's say they're just really pretty in a "girl next door" kind of way. If it's a dude, "boy next door" vibe.
  10. This is what happens when they insist on the Lions and Cowboys playing every Thanksgiving.
  11. Oh yeah, when I say "distant," I mean it more in the sense of "not close." I have an aunt I'm incredibly close with, and one I've never met. The former I would consider close family, the latter a distant relative.
  12. Yeah, maybe if it's a distant-ass relative I don't even know very well, I would be fine with it. But not close family.
  13. Generally I go with "babe" in casual conversation. During sex, I might say the person's name. Which is why I can't do it. I don't want to accidentally moan my sister's name. I would hate that.
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