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  1. Now all I can think of is that show Bug Juice: Our Summer at Camp. Which feels like a show that I hallucinated. But no, it actually did exist.
  2. I have a VHS of the movie Hook, and I'll give to you if you watch me jerk off.
  3. At LEAST make it a relevant ad, y'know? Throw up an ad for Four Loko. Make it look like I'm secretly schilling for dangerous alcoholic drinks.
  4. I'm all for ads. But in the middle of the post, though?
  5. 1. Pull them out 2. Wring out wet sheets onto your body 3. ????? 4. There's no profit here, but at least you'll be cooled down for a little while.
  6. Anything watermelon flavored reminds me of my Four Loko days. I legit used to drink like three a night. Or day. Or both. Even watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers make me wanna barf.
  7. Sometimes he plays a tough, hot, muscly detective. Sometimes he plays a tough, hot, muscly SWAT guy. And sometimes, he even plays a tough, hot, muscly rapist. 😐
  8. I agree with that in theory. If he's someone with a public platform and see used it to shit on old employers, he put himself in a bad spot. But if what he says happened actually happened, it's still kind of a bitch move on the part of whoever did it.
  9. I feel obliged to make a purchase just for the dedication alone. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY YOU ABSOLUTE MAD LAD
  10. God, what an absolute hell that must be.
  11. Celebrating the 12-month anniversary of you asking me this question.
  12. Which is exactly why I don't care what anyone thinks about what I post.
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