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  1. wuts ur butt look like

    I can't tell how good my ass is. It looks like it pops out a bit, but my back is basically a pretzel, what with the kyphosis and such. So it's hard to judge. Besides the size, it's mostly smooth, except for around the mouth of the cave.
  2. I wear glasses now

    Inexplicably, my vision is pretty darn good. But according to my genetics, the time for glasses is coming.
  3. GOT final ep poll

    Whew... thanks, friend. I was afraid I'd have no way of expressing to people that I do not, in fact, watch Game of Thrones.
  4. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    I guess maybe SS Link looks like AS Link as a teenager. Also, that expression is similar to the expression I had while playing Skyward Sword. Blank, emotionless, and with a thousand-yard stare.
  5. GOT final ep poll

    Why is there no option for people who don't watch Game of Thrones? How will I be able to tell the world that I don't watch Game of Thrones?
  6. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    Yeah, OOT Link is still kinda pretty. Animated Series Link is sort of more what I was imagining. But ideally he would be more modernized.
  7. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    But there's already plenty of fem Link! GIVE US A MANLY LINK
  8. No, I don't think he shouldn't have "consequences" in the way I think you mean. And I'll explain why. Like I said, if someone's ignorant views make you never want to support him or her again, you're totally right to feel that way. And by the way, in Jon's case a lot of people did. So there were consequences for his actions. He lost fans, and likely a few friends. But we're talking about an entertainer here. Even if it was God damn Robert Downey Jr., these aren't people who are in positions of actual power. They aren't making important decisions, the fate of the world doesn't hang in the balance. If they say some ignorant shit, what they risk is losing respect from their peers and fans. If that backlash is enough to make it so they can't pay their bills anymore, then ya reap what ya sow. But fuck people who actively try to ruin a person based on their political and social views. That's a dangerous snowball to start rolling down the hill. That's mob mentality, it's torches and pitchforks. "Hey, everyone! He has stupid political views! Let's ruin his fucking life!" Nah. I'm not down with that. If you don't like what a celebrity says, don't buy their albums. Don't see their movies. Don't click their YT videos. But also don't call for their fucking heads on a stick. Live your own life. That's just how I feel, though. I now a lot of people are very "black and white" in their world view. Someone is either a good person, or a scumbag. But I hate that shit.
  9. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    Design-wise, I'll always be partial to Wind Waker Link, because WW was the first Zelda game I remember playing. and I super love that game's design. It's so cartoonish and fun, which is right up my alley. But obviously, I don't look at that Link and think "Ooh, that's a sexy Link." I know we'll never get a Link that isn't pretty and androgynous. And like I said, pretty and androgynous Link is fine. But a sexy manly Link would be great, too.
  10. Well, when that person's primary source of income comes from creating content on YouTube, be it playing or reviewing games, or doing what he does now which is just making random weird videos, you're still definitely attempting to end someone's career. Whether they're world-famous musicians or a YouTuber with millions of subscribers, it's someone's livelihood and reputation getting dragged through the mud. Jon said, among other things, something to the effect of "wealthy blacks commit more crimes than poor whites." Which is idiotic to me. It's an uneducated and poorly researched take. And if someone hears him say that and says to themselves, "I can't enjoy his content anymore because he says this," then I can respect that. That's how you feel. And most people who felt that way just unsubbed and moved on with their lives. But when internet news outlets take it and use it to ruin his career because he has a political or social view that doesn't fall in line with the "moral majority," or whatever you call it, that's super shitty to me, y'know?
  11. It gets extreme when people on both sides decide to "cancel" anyone who disagrees with their point of view. It's like when JonTron said what he said (you can look it all up if you want, I don't feel like getting into it), and everyone was like "HE'S A WHITE NATIONALIST WHO HATES FOREIGNERS" even though he's Iranian-American and his parent are off-the-boat Iranian. So the internet tried to cancel him. They failed, thankfully, because I enjoy his content. But that's one example of the extreme left trying to ruin a person's career just because he has views that skew farther right than they're comfortable with. That's not a cool thing to do. God forbid a motherfucker have a different opinion than someone else.
  12. The surgery was a success!

    I never do the paperwork. Who's got the time?
  13. The surgery was a success!

    I could've done more, but he was probably a jerk anyway.