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  1. laundry detergent

  2. cigarrette smokers

    Eagle 20 Red 100s. I like some of the more pricey brands a little more than those, but not enough where I'm willing to spend. Eagles are the best reasonably-priced smokes out there.
  3. That's why I like BK around here, because it is a touchscreen, but you can pour the drink into your cup without picking up mouth germs with your cup. Get the drink, wash your hands.
  4. I don't see how anyone would be surprised by that. I don't touch anything in fast food places. I can't believe I used to actually sit inside and eat.
  5. do you google yourself?

    That's a personal question.
  6. Nah, bad luck insinuates that I put forth any reasonable effort. I didn't try, I just didn't fuck anyone. If anything, it isn't so much a dry spell, as much as a semi-retirement. Heh, semi.
  7. I dunno, man. I'm the same way as you, where I would often just luck into sex back in the day. And I've only been in one relationship that you could actually call a relationship. But after high school, I had a dry spell that lasted about nine years. So I can see both sides of it.
  8. My hooha is throwing a brouhaha today

    That's what I call a brouhoohahaha.
  9. ye olde IB

    I'm a WWE guy through and through.
  10. I've been doing a lot of pooping recently.

    I haven't listening to much rap at all lately, including yours. But some of your old stuff was pretty good, I guess.
  11. Which is a very casual way of saying I have diarrhea.
  12. raise your hand if you love ass

    I'm an elbow man. I love it when the ladies show me their wenis.