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  1. I was joking, my dude. Also, Peytonio's 6-picker was actually in 2007 against San Diego.
  2. All the bad food forces me to make more acid. It's fine tho
  3. I dunno, man. That Swayze fella has an awful lot going for him in the looks department. Have you seen the trailer for that Road House movie coming out soon?
  4. What did I miss? Is John Stamos not the hotness anymore?
  5. Dude, you know I'm sensitive about that.
  6. First of all, any player who turns the ball over six times in one game should be disqualified from the Hall of Fame. Yes, that means Peyton Manning is out. At least he'll always have Nationwide. Mike Alstott not being in by now is absolutely criminal. Olin Kreutz and Jeff Saturday deserve to be in. I personally think Donald Driver should get in, but I'm biased, and also the Hall of Fame fucking hates receivers for some reason, so it won't happen. Besides, he won't get in before Hines Ward, Torry Holt, or Reggie Wayne. Gary Anderson deserves to get in because of his perfect season alone (never mind that miss in the playoffs that doesn't matter). Plus he retired as the all-time leading scorer, and he played for like 37 seasons. Throw him in. Herschel Walker is a tough one. Stats aren't really there. No ring. But he was a tremendous dual-threat guy. I don't thiiiink I would vote for him, but I could be swayed.
  7. My official stance has always been that Ultima totems are fake and gay.
  8. No one ever plays with my boobs.
  9. And I DAMN sure don't like old tomatoes.
  10. I mean, there isn't much to it. The apostles were like, "Yo, we have all this spaghetti sauce. Also, on a completely unrelated note, our bones are becoming very fragile." So Jesus rocked up and he was like, "I got you, fam."
  11. Some of them are too much. It reaches the point of obnoxiousness sometimes. That's why mine is just a single line.
  12. Very few people remember that Jesus also turned spaghetti sauce into milk.
  13. Dude, every time I brush my hair, I get concerned because there's SO much on the brush. I'm so paranoid about going bald. That's partially why I keep it long. Gotta do it while I can.
  14. Oh yeah, I remember that! I had totally forgotten that you set yourself ablaze.
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