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  1. Dear God, I kickem off at the heel and pull my socks off with my toes
  2. I watched one hour last ng yt ad and now all these motherfucker are suddenly mini series now.
  3. Exactly.......I was going to ask vamped how she takes her shoes off if this technique would make her trip but I was saving my next wtf to her for the next time she references porn, I ask about it, and she goes " I have no idea"
  4. I am going to need to see the rest of this shirt
  5. Why is the words with friends app just sex workers trying to get me to come to their pages. I only play with dudes now, and it sucks.
  6. Struggle with laces?.....you're a fucking adult, just say you're lazy and make mine Carolina blue
  7. See...this...I like this. No more aggressive gorilla/crocodile fucking
  8. ....I don't quite get the correlation of K-rool and the coconut, but it's been ages since I touched a DK game
  9. .....you wouldn't believe it.... something he said in PMs. The ones that staff don't read. But I like that they read them....let's me know that they are privy to how I really feel.....but I'll stop putting my plans in there tho.
  10. You .... you're my friend
  11. Yeah, I can see killjoy being a major player....I forgot about that dude.
  12. I don't have a spoon so this isn't a pot stir....Just wondering where the initial separation of "folders" occurred. I didn't join Babble until 2010....up until that point, I was in General discussion. All I knew is that GASD made fun of Toonamites but it was pretty light and relaxed. Once I joined Babble, I learned of the IB beef....I, to this day, have no clue what the vitriol is for but I liked it. I clung to it despite not knowing anyone in IB. I actually think I was the last true babbler...I can't think of anyone that joined after me that stuck around....but we did have several "new" characters over the years. In fact, when Babble died at around mid night, IB would still be active so I lurked there. I definitely could feel the flirting in the air and that wasn't my thing so I posted occasionally but not often....after a bit a time, I found out that despite in inner conflict between B and IB, everyone hated toonami, but still didn't really fuck with them.... except Zeni, but he was all over the place. Dude trolled the whole site. So tldr, what kicked off the board beef so many years ago....I wasn't there for it....I just play along.
  13. Jeeze, I didn't even see that. He literally has 25% of all the still functional Dreamcasts on earth
  14. Glad y'all came....do y'all know this kid
  15. I think being 33 devalues your name tho. CAKE
  16. Yup....well there are here....don't know about where you are but due to population, I would assume so
  17. So the truck stop had a bunch of friends and family working there, and now this job does as well?
  18. Doesn't everyone just eat ass now...wtf can you even pay to see anymore.... I used to pay for magazines back in the day but it's foolish to pay for porn just to wack off. I guess the whole only fans dynamic is you want to feel special among the fans, but I get top fan badges on Facebook for free ....I don't even have to comment sometimes... Wait....what are we talking about
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