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  1. Wait, they said that....I figured they just had 5m sitting around
  2. Doesn't this conflict with the religion of time
  3. Gordon is ok because he left sesame for the real streets
  4. Mississippi, how long did you really think Primetime was gonna stay at Jackson state. Y'all won't even fix the water situation for the man....fucking right he's going to Colorado
  5. I don't think it sucks but I can take or leave Spaceballs. It feels like a cult classic who's cult kinda stopped caring
  6. .....you do know Pablo Eskobear is real and this shit actually..... Wait, let me stop myself....I don't know if the events in the movie are supposed to reflect the events of the actual bear that ate a bunch of coke but it based off of a real story.
  7. Only few stereotypes have actual validity
  8. Still more realistic than boxing is right now
  9. Nah, the book was but they fucked up the movie
  10. Stop spreading propaganda, JFK is just fine and living in Montreal
  11. I thought there were a lot of birthdays but it's just alts
  12. First tg without granny. Me, the kids, their mom and her friend just had dinner and I dipped. I'm going to bed. This day is shot
  13. Nah, I liked archer but I don't have all the episodes memorized like Futurama or boondocks. I just assumed they did it too.
  14. Predominantly kids, but the first time I say a sf2 cabinet, it was in Cali and it was pretty much sewed up with older Asians. Pros, so you were just putting money in to get your ass beat. When I got home, they finally got it in our local arcade a few months later and it was mostly just kids. Japan was also pretty adamant that all Americans were blonde, and had flat tops/crew cut....like military, with the alternative being the surfer dude....ken. Check out some old jp games
  15. Can we talk about the stereotypes in Street Fighter....yes pls. Where you wanna start....I wanna start with fei long. He's didn't even stay a staple, but they just HAD to create a Bruce Lee charcter
  16. None of that bail money goes under free parking bullshit
  17. Seriously....I've been jonesing for a game...but pogo is gone and all other versions cost money....I will not pay to play inferior computer monopoly....do I have to actually....invite people over
  18. Apparently he was 3 other rangers too...I mean, I stopped watching it at an appropriate age unlike most shit so I didn't know about those
  19. Not even 50 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.joblo.com/r-i-p-jason-david-frank-green-power-ranger-dead-at-49/amp/
  20. Is citrus a balloon thing or you just got beef with lemonade
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