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  1. I don't hit weed like a did in high school, and I honestly have no desire for that volume of the substance, but I still find it amazing how much some simple ass regi can help me sleep/eat and have a good time in the sack. Doesn't work for everyone I guess, but it sure as fuck balances me out. Probably because I was diagnosed as manic depressive one time, and I've only ever taken depression meds when they were forced on me as a child when I was put into a group home for a bit.
  2. Throwing shit into the sun would be my favorite pastime. Playing with the moons orbit to destroy every annoying celebrities beach front property sounds fun. You talking shit about Superdude? Kiss that Condo and yacht goodbye. I'd also bring the smash bros beastball to life kind of like Omniman did playing with his son. Fuck batarangs you middle-aged emo fuck.
  3. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=qgOYDTkUZsk&list=RDTMAK5uy_kset8DisdE7LSD4TNjEVvrKRTmG7a56sY
  4. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=q-zQOHbN_W0&list=RDTMAK5uy_kset8DisdE7LSD4TNjEVvrKRTmG7a56sY
  5. I can understand not understanding the moral of the story from the outside when I'm still trying to make sense of a few things myself. The person I'm accused of "bullying"even popped in the thread at one point like "I did not report you if I was bullied I would hit the report button. " You really can't write this shit I guess, and that's why I'm just not going to ghostrek anymore. That's probably the moral of the story.
  6. Then what's the problem with calling him stupid for having a 13? My point still stands then because if it's just schtik how am I bullying him? If it isn't schtik it may be cause for actual concern. There does come a point where it's dangerous for people with low intelligence to even be online. Ghostrek has either Faked it 'till he made it or he is one of those people. I geniunely think that could be the case now anyway, but even if he isn't it's better to err on the side of caution in my opinion.
  7. No but stilgar is known for being both, and the only one I referred to as such, ASVAB! It's the root of the whole thread....It all hinges on those scores I guess, but thanks for putting in that much work?
  8. I dont remember the full breakdown of a test a took years ago, but how does that change the point when we are talking about digits as low as 13? Anyway you break those numbers up it doesnt make the end result any better. GT score 110 and like a 86 on the overall score? Sounds backwards though I think my overall is what I and the army refers to as the gt score so 110. That has to be what you are referring to as 'your final marks' anyway. You got a good 6 points on me for what it's worth then, still you are given an adjusted percentage that's more like a standard test...Mine was like 86 it's been forever. So if someone tells me that they made a 13........The rest is politics.
  9. Since I said what I wanted to say to ghostrek I actually do wish an insult of my intelligence coming from you meant more, but like always you show up late as a one trick pony. Meh.
  10. Hey it worked on the third go I guess. "You've chosen to ignore content by ghostrek. Options Bam. You should see something simular. I'm not going to read your post ghostrek, and whether or not you block me is your deal to be honest, but can't say I didn't try...
  11. Were you able to actually ignore my posts lol? I still see yours and I've checked to ignore all messages so everything SHOULD be 'ignored'. (you can't ignore pms I guess) You have to go to your profile and click ignored users and check off all the boxes. After that you may have to log out and log in, but after that you shouldn't see any of my posts again unless you want to. Just DO NOT PM me either. If I'm going to be 'bullying' you every time your intelligence comes up this is how we deal with it. I mean you no disrespect as a human being saying that either, but at this point I do want to be sure we are on the same page. I'm gonna try to log out now and see if it actually looks like you are 'ignored' when I log back in.
  12. Bullying is not done through a couple posts. It took you long enough to chime in though.
  13. Me digging my own grave implies being banned from this site is like death. It's not. As long as I'm not open to anymore pms from him I could care less. something tells me he still can though... I'm done otherwise.
  14. I still doubt any of that shit made a difference at all because this platform has always seemed like trash when it comes to that. Also whether or not he can actually find where to ignore users idk. Social engineering is a tool though.
  15. I just told him to hit ignore on his end. Here's some context. He sends me unsolicited pms a lot. Also I typed his name in the list and it seems it takes a while for just the "you've ignored this user" shit to show up. If I can talk to the dick and get him to ignore me on his end though... I doubt he actually hit ignore user though.
  16. That's right there's no block user just ignore right? Oh well. If he hit ignore user that's a win for me.
  17. You might actually eat crayons then....Because you arent good at reading between the lines. I'm just testing different settings and adding him to ignored users doesn't seem to do shit. I don't block people on this trash there's like 2 other users on the list. So if he keeps posting that's going to help me configure my user settings.
  18. I also suggest you add me to your ignored users. You should be able to click to see the posts anyway it's kind of dumb.
  19. Either way you're going to give me a refresher on how to ignore and block users. Pat said you reported me for linking you to a get money site. I mean I use it all the time and even made friends on it, but that got his rage boner on so we're handling this one way or the other... So how about this. You don't talk to me, and I wont talk to you. Sound simple.
  20. Oh ok I get it now. He's ignored as far as posts go.. What about pms though.....
  21. Now I work on the ignore options for you I guess. I know I spelled your name right, but we arent there yet apparently. You have anything to say about all this?
  22. One might be able to infer from that that you are a marine I guess?
  23. Ok you bring up a good point that may help my defesne. I generally don't talk to him unless I can say something nice, but his deep dive into millitary intelligence did hit me a bit diff. Him wanting to be a marine is just a subtopic or whatever... Any fucking marine I know can and would acknowledge the stigma at least whether they scored 100% on the asvab or not... These jokes just happen in the military as well take Yusha Thomas' content for example... Google him I'm sure HE wont mind the fucking name drop either. So long story short I do forget just how.....I mean sometimes he posts about stuff so cognizantly you wouldn't even know he has a 'disability'. I've called him fucking stupid many times as well without anybody crying so idk. I don't stay glued to his nuts and I've never went out of my way to troll him either. Until I start getting multiple warnings for pointing out obvious shit..
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