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  1. I have a confession to make.. I don't like StarTrek stuff.
  2. Hmm.. The folder I've been making for erotic animated desktop images might have an entry here. Not my own artwork ofcourse...
  3. ghostrek? buddy? What moron took control of your account and started a (more) coherent...whatever this is while I was away?
  4. Yeah. I think it's been a long running trend. Due to the holiday's manufactured roots probably as well. We got HallowThanksMas now 'mericans good job.😷 Samhain though everyone.. Never get's old for me. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Posted this before, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna remain my fav song for a while to come.. not even sure why, althought I do think this old school Ningen Isu song is from before the original drummer left for his old job as a gas tech..
  6. Meh... I think it's too tacky. Plus she might get mad at me and kick my ass.
  7. I kick my dates out when it's time for bed? If you're referring to me I'm laughing at all the one dimensional assumptions you make based off one post. I think the one you're remembering was one of my first dates with this chick that when I asked if she wanted to make out/ mess around she said something like well this is only our second date idk." Then she ended up staying the night because it got late and we ended up sleeping togther anyway. So the point of that thread was merely to poke a little bit of fun at the mixed signals there. Before we met up yesterday she commented that last time she was here she was hoping I'd make a move, but she doesn't really put in a lot of effort herself. Just one of those "I'm supposed to read minds" kind of situations. We're well past all that by now anyway, but all I'm saying is I appreciate a healthy mix of both people "making moves" not that "here I am just take me!" shit. 🙏
  8. Fair enough. It's not nasty anyway, just not as clean as I wanted it. I just freak out a lot when having women over and feel like everything needs to be spotless. She didn't really care anyway.
  9. She's not a cleaner. That's why I'm doin' it. Might ask her to clean for sexual favors though still contemplating it.
  10. I have someone supposed to be here any min. Cleaning whil tired broken and exhausted is fun.
  11. I might have to watch this to figure out wtf happened entirely here to the group. So posting it as a reminder if nothing else.
  12. Umm maybe there's hope.. The band had a lot of confilct and some members even died. Here's Morgan Lander though. https://www.revolvermag.com/music/hear-kitties-morgan-lander-rage-we-are-pigs-new-song-moot Not really diggin' it as much as Kittie music though have to say..B can scream though gotta admit.
  13. This forum is a suasage fest kinda. Here maybe this'll help then. Japan isn't they only one with a good all female Death metal band.. These gals are the true queens of metal in my book. Your disney princesses handled themselves pretty well though.. Sucks that I can't find I live performance on youtube that doesn't sound like it was recorded on a trash cell phone from the time period. Kittie may be dead these days, but you'll never beat this cougar yowl in my book~ wait this was last year? Oh the video was posted last year.. Knew the song was old totally did..
  14. Relevant~ Not that I'm following much of this japanese.
  15. Why else would a person listen to one of the most listener requested bands in classic rock/ heavy metal radio history other than they're eight years old? The troll level here is inconsistent when I put my meter to it. I think there's a bad connection here.
  16. I honestly never notice it until someone says something. Isn't it always there, but locked or something? Whatever. Point is it's open so go ham right?
  17. What I was going to say is fairly similar. Do I might as weel just second.
  18. I forget this shit gets closed. It shouldn't honestly, I do horror all year 'round honestly. So do..Fucking fans of the genre worldwide. Yet these assholes just like to open it up like a carnival attraction once a year.
  19. How long would a Roomba last in this house with a border collie and a main coon holding down the fort while I'm gone?
  20. The edge of it anyway. Customer said she wanted the whole thing gone anyway it was the previous owners so I just removed it and continued with my job. Working in cable this shit can be hard to avoid. Almost everybody in this company has fell completely through attic drywall/plywood before. We tell them a lot of times we arent going across it if it's too unstable, but sometimes a soft spot finds us anyway even in good newer attics. Working in attics fucking sucks.
  21. ever really. Instead of getting a ladder to reach the splitter some genius tacked about half way up the seecond story I set a step stool on a marble slab that was there about 6 feet under it. I think that's what the guy that installed it did anyway, but my fat as ended up falling through it while on the stool when I turned around to talk to the neighbor that could now see me over the fence. Pretty sure I just got a scraped up knee that's probably going to swell. I'm icing it now. Landed right on my left knee cap on some rock-tile onning.
  22. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=spaqKjKDZrM&list=RDTMAK5uy_kset8DisdE7LSD4TNjEVvrKRTmG7a56sY
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