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  1. The folder layout starting with Current Events, and not GD. Finally goofed as well I guess. I am irrationally bothered by this fact and I really thought you should know. Good-day.
  2. It's not I meant for it to go in GD, but whatever... I have a sinus infection and I've been up in working since 8am.. Got done with my last job, and then I had to go help a coworker with a blownout tire stuck on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere.....Didn't have a tire iron...didn't have a jack... Yeah mods move this please but anyway... I brought a tire iron and a jack we got it raised up, and his spare had a fucking hole in it. I'm beyond caring about semantics after all that..
  3. Well that and some pizza and marinara sauce.. Definitely doesn't beat the $110 I got in tips last week, but I'll take it. One of the only upsides to doing this shit is that a good deal of the customers are extremely appreciative/ empathetic towards technicians, and when they see you go the full mile to make sure their lines are in shape they're pretty greatfull.. Well there's a lot of techs here that half ass things or flat out lie to the customers as well..
  4. Well if you're talking about who I think you are they've kind of been at for a while their antics went from cheeky to excessively shooting out posts meant to shake the snowglobe.,,, My Monday was hell.. Mainly because I spent like 5 hours unfucking this supposedly good apartments cable wiring so and old lady that moved in from a another address would have the same services as her old address... Either the other tv/internet providers jacked the shit up in the attic crawl space so it would only work for their system or yeah... Some shit like that... Had to cut an splice wiring in a fucking attic crawl space in a fucking bathrooom closet I could barely get a ladder in... I need to be paid fucking hourly if I'm going to do shit like that, I don't like leaving customers hanging, but fuck my boss if I'm working for free just because idiots around here don't understand if you cut the cable wiring or let five diff companies go ham on the shit it's probably going to need a total rerun.. /rant my bad I need another beer...
  5. Ha that guy I posted though maybe he already knows what's up... Still Fuck Tik Tok. idk... THAT PINK SAUCE IS THE SHIZ RIGHT!!\ I don't think anybody died from the shit yet anyway but ya it is a real craze..... Sigh.....let's get serious real quick. Fuck! Apparently THIS dude is only one trying to sigh. Well then here it is, but fuck you Muta well played. (disclaimer here the ingredient combinations sound dope and lit lit as fuck, but I'm not gonna amazon prime that shit to my address just yet after some vetting.. )
  6. Since you found "even" more random shit on the internet. I guess I should contribute... Right...."Random" shit on the internet. Well there's a certain place there that I hate exists and always will... https://www.tiktok.com/@danielmccoin/video/7125993281913163051?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=6944159131054556678 BAM that easy... It's like the capri sun pouch version of youtube for all these fucks, but they don't give a damn cuz after so many followers.....They gonna get some dank...Somethin? Bro.... IDK Please the one thing I think this government should kill after a long bout of it (this government) fucking up human rights and tic tok still exists... it was a joke, but YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU!?!?!!! https://giphy.com/gifs/monkey-animal-attack-YVHKXGMG0e7iU
  7. Dude.. Youtubers I chill with do that shit there's no way it was an [as] thing back in the day....but like Two of these guys wives one of them.. idk... I need to know what shoe hands are about now.
  8. Bro I havent needed to use a discord server in so long I've been ignoring a discord start up error on boot on this pc for about a year... so lol surprised I even got in.,
  9. I like the color pallete and I'm pretty satified with the results here though. @Insipid The bots are made by users or how does this work overall? I've made chatbots, but nothing else. Seems like a pretty massive discord outfit though with sections justs for noobs. Not bad.
  10. There think I got the right one this time..
  11. Nah nvm thta's an osama bin laden query.. I kind of hate it's ran off of a massive discord server though. Not sure I can even scroll to find the query I made amidst the friggin inpoor of new queries..
  12. Well apparently PhilosipherStoned is voted most likely to explode your neighborhood with a bomb.. I idk I'm dead. Typed /imagine PhilosipherStoned...
  13. Nah not really I meant that emoji as a "hmm'... I guess at Disco because clearly pooh couldn't help but shout out Thunderdome. She even actively thought about it like...NAh this fool... Then bam..... The op was 3/4 joke the 1/4 being that I truly don't know anything about the club functions, and I'm not sure DF or thunderdome is even worth it as a "club". Not that it wasn't pretty much a club before, but now certain peeps have more or less named ownership over it in a way. I don't know I never really cared too much about DF, but at the same time I liked the way it worked before, and didn't mind or raise fuss if MODS shit canned and nip-tucked topics i had a dispute with another user in so we could talk shit in a more appropriate setting.. Not sure the thunderdome peeps would have me, but not sure I need that as an explicit club either is my point...Hell let me know though I guess, and I'll send a request to join.. I'm not going to lie, and say I've never wanted to just troll and talk shit to people on the internet for fun..Anybody that says different probably has some bigger issues going on IDK. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Oh I'm in the IB club though.. Havent even peeped it TBH..
  14. @Real_AirCooledGirlLaptops are freaking fuck all hard to troubleshoot when it comes to issues like this, but yeah if an external monitor is getting video the laptops lcd screen itself is probably fucked, bad solder, short circuit your guess is as good as mine there. They arent built to be easily dissassembled either so...Find some basement dwelling god willing to dismantle the screen or send it to the manufacturer.. You may not even need to take apart the screen to fix it if the break is a bad solder from say the graphics card or what serves as one in that laptop. I've had bad experiences with my own personal laptops taking them apart, and I mean some I've just taken apart for the fun of it because they were old as fuck and did their duty imo...Each friggin brand and model has their own quirks for example some brands have the graphics processor built into the friggin motherboard, or GPU CPU, and motherboard are one fucking fused together piece that's way too hard to seperate, and put together without damging...and you might need to remove them to find the bad solder depending on how the manufacturer stuffed all that shit inside.. Rant over I just hate that shit my bad, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  15. No. Strip clubs never sound like a goiid time even with a crew to me, however I've made exceptions mostly for people I feel like the experience will help... Like one friend I have..that I've known forever that reminds me of a certain user here...that had the horrible wallpaper in that one meme that went around.. The strippers loved him. No regrets.
  16. I was accepted. If you don't hear back from me it's a cult and I drank the punch. I mean I made some friends.
  17. Like... Generally I wanna know how long it takes to join this club. From what I heard we are supposed to be able to say like basically whatever we want and if people get mad..Well we werent ever supposed to conform to yer shit ya know. I want answers.
  18. Wait shit I'm thinking of changing my 'avatar'...
  19. One does not simpy ride this mustachio...
  20. The last time I watched VH1 was probably when I was 15 maybe younger with free cable, and no cell phone. A decade and a half ago? Fuck lol... It had it's moments I guess, but mostly the top music vid countdown, and seeing the cringe of a few hiphop stars from before my time is all I remember. The Flavor of Love...Bizzare on that celebrity weight loss thing. VH1 was cringing before cringe even trended online. At least they can say that.
  21. Maybe I skipped over the part about how access to the clubs work, and how to make or purpose your own club IDK. Hell aside from tossing folders out that werent being used there's still a bunch of changes that seem pointless. *sob* I'll never belong... Not that I did before, but....
  22. I'd rather that club remain anonymous as well as whether I'm inducted within the ranks... Joking of course I don't really care, but I am curious about the club function that I know a lot of members never used before according to staff. So I have questions about how it's supposed to work with the restructure, but not only that I read the notes put out by staff afterall I'm just thinking this could be a thread for questions, grieviences, etc. Several clubs were once folders able to be accessed either by all members or access was granted upon achieving a certain milestone set by staff.. Now there's club leaders and things like that so are they in charge like a mod for the club or what's the deal? Also Club leaders promotes your clubs here or some shit IDK sounds a mite cliquish to me, but this has always tended to be a cliquish place what with the folder wars of IB, banding together against each other.. ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ There are plenty of archives and history/lore threads out there to catch people up, but what's with this club shit?
  23. Man I completely forgot about Machoman's cream analogy. I recently gave the live action TMNT's a go so I had a differnt analogy in mind. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9d68e728-a5a2-4c0d-a9ba-cf0c3cc3954c
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