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  1. I got my Pfizer booster on the 18th and I feel pretty shit rn
  2. Lmk if you do end up doing it, it'd be cool to get lunch or something.
  3. Fuck you and the bougie chair you rolled in on
  4. From the makers of Hitdogs!
  5. Met someone with the name 'Christle' today and it physically hurt to write it on the dry erase board.
  6. He seems like the sort to vanity search for mentions of his sns. Do you really want to potentially draw him here? Isn't there enough right wing trash around here already?
  7. I strongly encourage you to unfind him.
  8. Covid is still fake, Covid isn't serious and can be cured by farm and feed store meds, Mask mandates are a population control test and "they" are going to keep pushing more mandates until we're like Nazi Germany, the vaccines make you sterile, and Trump won and the election was stolen. I'm sure there's more and I'm just not up to date.
  9. What happened to EVIL YAMI RUSH? I had no idea they died.
  10. I sold plasma when I was a young and broke 20 year old. I found it to be incredibly unpleasant despite my love of blood and needles. I'm perma banned now though.
  11. I only found out a short while back randomly in convo that he was therealfolkblues2324 (or some other numbers) and I was pretty shook. I posted with him a lot back in the day and never knew he was Ryan.
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