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  1. What happened to EVIL YAMI RUSH? I had no idea they died.
  2. I sold plasma when I was a young and broke 20 year old. I found it to be incredibly unpleasant despite my love of blood and needles. I'm perma banned now though.
  3. I only found out a short while back randomly in convo that he was therealfolkblues2324 (or some other numbers) and I was pretty shook. I posted with him a lot back in the day and never knew he was Ryan.
  4. Is called 'eat furnishings'. And I think that's just adorable.
  5. The Dawn one isn't great. I feel like Jay Z/99 Problems should rep/be referenced in a Crown Fried Chicken slogan-not KFC tbh
  6. Violent sounding/genital torture! Stab sideways then twist clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  7. She hasn't logged in since July 5th.
  8. Name change request for NaBoats to be changed to NaBaby or NaBabby. No real reason it just occurred to me and sounds funny.
  9. Whatever Ruffio and The Lost Boys eat and food fight with in Hook.
  10. Nature. Atoms are the most OP tho
  11. This is some ignorant shit
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