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  1. I confuse white girls all the time. Especially with the masks. I'm part white girl though so idc.
  2. I had to Google what that was and now I want one too.
  3. Maybe? I'd have to figured out where a post office is and how to use it though...
  4. That's a fantastic tutorial and despite having no use for shark teeth I want to try it out now. ❤️
  5. I love paleontology and archeology and this was a random find after watching various docs earlier in the day. It was supposed to go on my "obscurities and oddities" wish list. I also considered using them with porcupine quills/seed beads in some of the regalia beadwork I'm learning to do.
  6. Hm. Good point. Manufactured from what though? These are definitely not plastic and feel very toothy. Some are broken and you can see the inside where it also looks real so idk. As long as they didn't hard living sharks to make them I'm whatevs.
  7. Why are they "alleged"...? Did I buy something awful that contributes to the brutalization of sharkers? Oh no...
  8. These. I was way too stoned playing Minecraft and buying Gundam model kit supplies and thought I added these to a wish list and not my cart...
  9. I know I'm going to end up spilling them on the floor at some point.
  10. Train hopping is scary as fuck but amazing. I did it with some gutter/crust punks out here. Also, stop by PDX so we can drug binge together.
  11. Commuting home after work assuming this Covid-19 test is negative.
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