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  1. I usually wear either two surgical masks or a surgical mask then 2-3 layer cotton/poly manufacturer mask. I'm wearing two surgical masks and then a cotton/poly two layer pleated manufactured mask today.
  2. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/08/huge-explosion-rocks-lebanon-capital-beirut-live-updates-200804163620414.html So a fireworks factory went off and set off a poorly maintained storage of nitrate seized some months prior?
  3. My liver is in great condition and I'm healthy af actually according to my doctor.
  4. It was during the same singular encounter a few minutes apart.
  5. I tried to be really unfriendly at first but felt bad because he seemed like he was just desperate to be treated like a human.
  6. Tried to by drugs from me twice and talked to me maskless and way too close for an hour. I kept backing away and he'd follow. RIP me. I convinced him I'd never drank, smoked, done drugs, or even had caffeine in my life and I'd only needed antibiotics once. And also that I was from Alaska. Because why not, I guess?
  7. It's just a desire for wanton destruction and the thrill of illegal activities. I don't steal normally ever, just thought maybe I'd branch out from my usual indiscretions for a lark.
  8. Oh no. RIP. I just talked about and googled him the other day because I didn't know who the diabetes guy was and if he was dead or alive. He had an okay twitter.
  9. It wasn't his. I guess the crazy homeless guy had a very similar looking bike already on the front rack I didn't see. So nothing was stolen. I'm actually glad, that dude was cute had a cool fashion sense.
  10. You can just grab one off the rack on the front of the bus while the owner is distracted on their phone. I just watched it happen. The owner hasn't even noticed yet. I hope I'm around when he does. I think in going to steal one the next time I see an opportunity and toss it the river.
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