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  1. Sorry my man that’s a typo. Props to you for noticing that! Big love!
  2. Here’s mine today - walked my dog, early due to heat (BIG UPS) - trained my dog (BIG UPS) - did my job (PROPS) - cooked my mom dinner (PROPS) - watered my other orchid (PROPS) - set up a date with a cute and nice woman (BIF UPS) - listened to miles Davis second quintet (PROPS)
  3. Nice, seems like a few PROPS there. Early and groceries. Deep respect.
  4. - did my job adequately (PROPS) - watered my orchid (PROPS) - took a nap (BIG UPS)
  5. Here are mine for today - - did my job (PROPS) - got stuff to make a pina colada from the groecerg store (BIG UPS) - took my dog to the dog park (BIG UPS) - had a conversation with a man at the liquor store (PROPS) - washed dishes (BIG UPS) - texted a nice and cute woman (PROPS) I think there might be more big ups later, such as when the pina colada is made, but for now, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.
  6. Massive respect for that joke my friend. That’s out of this world good
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