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  1. - went to the flea market with a cute and nice girl and bought some knives and comics and a hot dog (BIG UPS) - fertilized my orchids (PROPS) - took my friend out for some BBQ (PROPS) - did laundry (BIG UPS) - watched Monkeybone (BIF UPS)
  2. Massive respect for speaking your mind my friend. Props!
  3. - made a new Barpo meme (BIG UPS) - recorded my self playing guitar (BIG UPS) - going to my girl’s cookout (MAD RESPECT) - walk my dog, staying in shade only (PROPS) - did a load of laundry because I was out of underwear (MAD RESPECT)
  4. New Barpo meme just came out, this guys getting really popular for a new guy:
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