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    Pokémon Go

    If you pop this promo code in, you'll get a bonus timed research: 947F4SY9LHBS7
  2. I like the smell of coffee but I can't get past the taste
  3. See, part of the structural change was to divorce current events discussions generally with the inherent angry and bitter vibe of the old format. And aside from a few needless nonsubstantive call-outs here and there, I think the more "vanilla" format is working a whole lot better for that content so far. Instead of quarantining all the news topics and discussions and upset people, this format allows CE topics to flourish a little more and it allows people to not have to switch to a quarantine folder just because they want to post a one-off angry thread. So to the extent that there's no designated "angry folder" anymore and people are now free to be angry wherever appropriate, Noise is at the bottom as the catchall, and GD is at the bottom of the bottom because it's the catchall of the catchall. There's possibly room for tweaks if it makes it for a more pleasant experience, but I think in this case scrambling the old egg with a touch of vanilla has led to a cleaner and more interesting result (someone should try that in real life and tell us how gross it is).
  4. jack is superman, it's all coming full circle
  5. I might not be too far behind you. The last time I was getting routine service done they tried to talk me into a realignment after I had already been sitting in the waiting room for two hours longer than they projected, and now I apparently have three slow leaks.
  6. are you peeing in the wrong side again
  7. I remember four loko getting banned. A then-Assemblymember chugged a bunch on camera to show the hammering happen in real time.
  8. Some things change, some stay the same. I was changing my youngest sibling's poopy diapers then, and I'm changing a different baby's poopy diapers now.
  9. It starts out convenient and satisfying, and that's when they hook ya. We're well past that phase now.
  10. We're heading for a huge contraction in the streaming market, but it won't lead to customer convenience or satisfaction.
  11. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    I didn't know there was a shiny variant until after thale fact. I coughed up coins for remote passes and did the six raids I can see from home, because I couldn't be bothered to leave the house but now I have no coins. I'm undecided on the new incense feature. The spawns I got in the couple days before the weekend seemed generic and not different from the regular spawns (though I'm aware the hsuian birds are in the pool). The share feature seems a bit over the top. Is there any reason to cram to catch 20 incense spawns in one go?
  12. happy birthday jayrider take it easy
  13. AC stopped being cold and started being smelling funny. rip
  14. I mean I don't have like a written job posting. But think like cross-folder, "general" community bona fides, can be trusted with user data, values some degree of continuity/staff collaboration but also has some new energy/ideas, closes the toilet lid when they're done peeing so the cat doesn't accidentally take a swim trying to get up to the window, etc. It's not urgent (especially if the self-run groups take some of the burden on katt and I) but there's a few people I've got an eye on not just for this question but in terms of helpers/mods/volunteers in general. This transition is giving us an opportunity to work with more/new people on all sides and get a better sense of who is interested in the community generally, so we'll see. It's a slow-burn thing.
  15. I've been looking for someone credible/neutral who might have interest for like three years. katt everytime someone nominates her without asking her first:
  16. proud to say that I hit 2.5 of my 4 benchmarks
  17. That one was 120 pages long and had a bunch of drama in it, I'd rather you make a clean v3 if that's cool
  18. I don't know if I actually touched the grass or not
  19. rules that I definitely didn't break, right? RIGHT???? I went to a yankees game once around that same time period. and I fell asleep a couple innings in and woke up when it was time to go.
  20. one time (of the three times) I hit the ball, i was running from first to second and the other kid had picked up the ball and just stood there and looked at me smugly. so with my expert knowledge of the rules at the time (which was just something like "the running part is tag but it's the ball that's "it"), I brilliantly just stepped around him, stepped back, and kept running as he continued to just stand there and not touch me with the ball. when I made it back to home plate, the coach said something like "good job, but don't do that" and I was legitimately pissed because i strongly felt i definitely did the right and correct thing in the absence of any additional information.
  21. when i did junior pee wee, i caught the ball once except instead of my glove, i caught it with my eye socket
  22. The aberration was a one-off gimmick thread. https://unevenedge.com/topic/31410-remember-that-one-thread-in-ib-that-got-to-10000-posts
  23. This folder isn't IB, there's a club and a discord that are both IB. This is General Discussion and no folder camp has dibs, so you best start discussing your generals.
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