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  1. Thanks for visiting! Please use this club to freely discuss whatever is on your mind regarding current events going on in the world around us. This is not limited solely to ITN (in the news) items or whatever shitshow is happening in the political realm this week, but also includes your own ideas, philosophies, concerns, frustrations, and hwat have you about being alive and trapped together on this rapidly warming planet we can never leave. The personal IS political. Your experiences are important, please share them. Vent, scream, cry. It is all okay. Basically, just talk about what you care about. Currently, this club is viewable by the public but only members may post. Members are invite-only. Please invite your friends!...if it lets you! We're still working out some of the the kinks with all this club business. The rules of this club are stricter than those of the Rants folder. While heat & passion and lively, spirited discussion are all appreciated, insulting others here is not allowed. Please direct all criticisms you may have to the ideas being expressed and not the person expressing them, so as to not bog down discussions with low-minded slapfights. Leave the mean-spiritedness to the gutter forums below Free For All. Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of club membership. Of course, all other forum rules still apply. No flaming, no spamming, no racism, no sexism, absolutely no transphobia or otherwise bigoted remarks, etc etc. You all know what's up. Thanks, and happy posting!
  2. Happy birthday, zorak mothr
  3. That's right, we're doing seasonal name changes just like on the ASMB. Simply leave a post ITT and we'll be sure to get to you as soon as possible with your *OFFICIAL* spooky Halloween name!
  4. My house including the walls is damn near covered in spiders and slugs. Can't put anything on the towel rack in the bathroom because it'll get coated in slug slime. Fuck
  5. An extremely detailed and realistic Donald Trump mask and wig/costume. Gotta maximize my minutes
  6. Any sugar-free chocolate treats?
  7. NaBabby

    Badabing Badabook

    Been rewatching What We Do in the Shadows lately before starting the new season. Is there a better show on tv? I don't think so.
  8. NaBabby

    Official AEW thread

    AEW makes me laugh a lot. Adam Cole with the fake rage against the machine theme song trying to be his group's x-pac. Never seen this guy before this but it's pretty funny how famous and immediately over he is, thinking about like people invested in WWE watching this going hrmm.... Black's entrance is much better without tony talking through it, but it was weird hearing complete silence from the 4 man booth for like 30 consecutive seconds since there's always constant chatter. They were clearly ordered not to speak during his entrance whatsoever the way talking ceased the moment it went to his music. I hope one time the lights come back on and Black is tripping in the dark or still scrambling to his spot. JR's endless fuckups are fine because they make me laugh, "RTF." His shitty attitude sometimes is also funny. Punk on commentary was pretty good, he seemed excited and talked a ton over the fozzy singalong and everything making a lot of jokes. So andrade is done with chavo and sticking with his other new manager named Jose who he threatens and abuses. Ok.. Is he going to get Ric Flair out of all this? Ric Tully Arn all on the same show... Tully is my favorite manager, just a very menacing, somewhat demented seeming old man who high fives his guys win or lose but either way he doesn't really have to do anything. Thinking about him fighting Sting in an actual match is hilarious these men are 60. RTF crushed that spike piledriver. Is the pinnacle over now..? That looked like a badly blown table spot. Excal tried to save it with "this is a lucite table" idk maybe. Why not just put him through it not-longways and just do a normal announcer table breaking spot. Kinda looked like shit. Punk is one thing but it is very surreal that Bryan Danielson is in AEW right now.
  9. For the first time I was a couple pounds under instead of a couple pounds over (one of the key weight thresholds that determine the volume of plasma they remove from you) so it went quicker since I didn't have to give as much. This would usually pay less as larger people are able to make more money per $ due to donating more plasma (and taking a longer time to do so) but for rn it was still a flat $100. Feels good to be helping people during a pandemic with my bodily fluids somehow, and I appreciate the opportunity for $ from a non labor employer. I have developed some "superficial thrombophlebitis" on the same ide of my body as my donor arm. These are several little red blood clots visible beneath the skin on my hands and feet. Just like little red dots. Google says it's usually fine and goes away without incident in a couple weeks and lists recent injections as a common cause. Slight risk of serious complications beyond that. I'm not going to worry about it. Might switch up and try the other side for some balance, just wanted to avoid scarring that arm but o well Couple dots on the heel of my foot that I had been sitting on
  10. That show was so good. Norm was great in that setting, plus the freaky intern breakout character, all of it
  11. My favorite thing about Al Snow is all the many jokes throughout Mick Foley's first book like "it was the worst pain I had ever felt while not watching an Al Snow match"
  12. Gonna say probably not since there's like a million similar-looking Samoans in that family and he was 18 at the time and not at all involved in wrestling beyond his family connection. That is a very 2003 list of Sunday Night Heat All-Stars... Meeting Booker is cool though, at least.
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