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  1. //> constantly rained out each day , candy bought , decorations put up all to waste , did that happen to yall ?/
  2. //> that stuff sucks honestly it's just for your body feel good time not mind feel floazy time ., dont mix it for gods sakes you dont know what'll do to ya ./
  3. //> do you live in the 90s to have an active arcade near you ,? What the hell is this reality where you can get quality figs from a simple machine for a fraction of its price?/
  4. //> it's an unhygienic side hustle from what I heard ./
  5. //> yeah I realize I didn't say that in the post seemed like a long marathon, they did that with clone wars ./
  6. //> I dont expect any " hell" reference or good death scenes ./
  7. //> its gonna be my birthday day weekend, its gonna be great ./
  8. //> I like Danielccmovies , it's the funny one of all the robots voice recap channels that's popped up /
  9. //> CN is going to air episodes 1-6 starting with rogue one at 8pm ./
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