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  1. //> so yeah he didn't realize till I pointed it out to him , they're gonna get big and I dont think hes capable of handling two semi feral halfbobs./
  2. //> it's one way when people dont track their financials ./
  3. //> this is the exact reason why no one should have financial info available to their kids via phone for orders , this is how destitution happens ./
  4. //> I can re-design any interior space for any optional occasion into whatever is needed , homebuisness or home resting I can make it happen ./
  5. //>wagz./

    Astro girl

    //> even the anime women aren't safe from the PC police ./
  6. //> mu phones camera sucks and I have no photography equipment to show you what I see at night ./( I know that looks like a lenses flare it is not its is a 5k wide hole in the cloud layer )/
  7. //> sure I'll be the guy digging a hole in the yard./
  8. //> what's Biden going to do for swamp people and gator ticklers./
  9. //>wagz./

    Guns or Drugs

    //> drugs cause if she knows I did drugs I cant play with the guns ./
  10. //> that's a very fedex thing of you to say ./
  11. //> ah the potty dance the universal sign of I GOTTA GO !/
  12. //> they do get happy when they can communicate with someone who speaks Gfreeman./
  13. //> just write it down. have a sign that's says hearing impaired in brail for them to point at ./
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