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  1. //>wagz./


    //> theres just so much happening here I'm al re eady 4 beers too deep ./
  2. //>wagz./


    //> under meg griffins bra ./
  3. //> binge watching naruto takes 4 1/2 days without sleep , that's alot of naruto and alot of retconned and forgotten bullshit ./
  4. //> did anyone see it ? /
  5. //> doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ./
  6. //> well try to find a house with oil heat it's awesome , I had a similar thing with 12 80-90ft pine trees in my yard completley covered the top and side of the house but hurricane sandy k the knocked all but 3 had to use little window ac units since Powerbill inst too bad , was the leak outside at least not to cause hazards to you?/
  7. //>wagz./


    //> hey I'm not coming in I'm sick doctor doesn't want me there you need to call . What employer actually calls the doctor to confirm if they are diagnosed with dead ./
  8. //> anime taught me that by being sad and handsome and older girl will fall in love with you unconditionally with tig ol biddies, it took 19 years but anime was right ./
  9. //> damn that's harsh warm/hot showers help but then that adds to the water bill, extra layers of clothes a re e the cheapest solution to cold times, if its not gas heating then it's what a simple wi rdd e cross?
  10. //> what? a time a year with temperature accommodation that's unhealthy ./
  11. //> I'm currently sitting a 16° shed drinking before my beer freezes over ./
  12. //> you love how cold it is you love throwing salt to the earth ./
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