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  1. I think as a general concept, having federal standards/guidelines as a minimum baseline is generally a good thing in other areas and could be helpful here. But actually nationalizing the local police creates a whole load of federalism issues.
  2. The compromise will most likely be the equivalent of the 9/11 victims compensation fund.
  3. The font chosen to emphasize it was really just the highlight of my day.
  4. Do mean nationalizing the police or nationalizing police training standards?
  5. There will be another bill but it most likely won't have another direct check to taxpayers. The focal point will be an agreement to provide direct aid to state and local governments and whatever the Republicans leverage that for. Current potential items on the list include a payroll tax cut and COVID-19 liability immunity for employers. The House bill is just the Democrats' staking their ground for the upcoming negotiations, and they threw everything in. If Republican side has to burn chips to remove silly things like the Trump signature thing, they will have less chips to use on things that actually matter to the Democrats.
  6. it's an annual proclamation the White House puts out every June since like Jimmy Carter (except obviously no one knows that) so this link is the 2020 proclamation that they did yesterday
  7. it's an annual thing but it just looks so bad
  8. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-african-american-music-appreciation-month-2020/
  9. I have panic from ptsd at the disco
  10. no i just legit haven't shaved since february
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