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  1. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    Holy crap I made it in! I didn't catch mewtwo but that's ok but you do exist. I know you invited me to a second one but I'm low on remote raid passes but thanks.
  2. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    yeah but i've never successfully gotten in - and I try too! as far as coordinating, I mean like making sure that we are both on when we do the final level up to best friends and with lucky eggs running before pulling the trigger so we get the 200K experience instead of 100K
  3. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    how the heck - i've never made it into a fabled jackie raid also I'm on the cusp of uber best friends with both you and @jackiemarie90, iunno if either of you want to coordinate it for the XP boost
  4. Do you mean on like the tv show? Because they want kids to ask for pikachu toys and they won't if the pikachu's formal name is William.
  5. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/commissioners-fail-to-reach-decision-on-fate-of-elections-director-richard-barron
  6. Counterpoint is that iirc, Trump only lost the states that put Biden over the Electoral College threshold by something like a collective 45K votes.
  7. it depends on how many votes it gets
  8. can you get a tattoo of yogi bear on your butt cheek with his hand on his mouth and a speech bubble that says "heeeeey booboo, are you in there"
  9. it's a bright, primary color that grabs that grabs the eye so it's probably common to just default to
  10. Charles Koch evidently must feel guilty about his contribution to the current state of political discourse.
  11. Raptorpat

    Am Dog

    are you an arfarfarf dog or a borfborfborf dog
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