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  1. when i was five or six we took in a stray gray tabby, my sister named him 'tippy' and we had him for a dozen years maybe. he was indoor/outdoor and one day we noticed he hadn't been around for a while. my father said he found him curled up in the shade on the side of the driveway opposite the house, as if he curled up and went to sleep and never woke up and then he buried him in the back. not sure how true that story was. when i was between 10 and 12, I found a tiny black kitten stuck in the neighbor's bush. it had some kind of eye infection and its eyes were clogged shut. we took him to the vet and had him for a couple of weeks, named him zach, but ultimately my aunt took him and he lived a long life there with her other kitties. shortly before getting together, my gf took in an older calico named gwen. after we were together she adopted a three-legged black cat named 'dancer' (she also promoted him to Lt.) to keep gwen company, thinking the two would be on the same speed. they did not like each other. then gwen got cancer and lost a leg, so we had two thee-legged kitties for a while. the towards the end, gwen seemed like she was on her last leg and Lt. Dancer stayed at my sister's so gwen could relax in her final days, but that turned into like a three-week vacation so he came back home once we decided the imminency wasn't really there. but a few months later she did decide to shut down and check out, while my gf was out of the country. even though they didn't get along, lt. dancer had a mental breakdown after gwen was gone and he was home alone day while we were at work every day. so even though she wasn't super ready, the gf adopted another cat from the shelter to help keep dancer grounded regardless of whether they'd be actual cat friends. enter wilma, a polydactyl tuxedo cat proportioned like a corgi. she's an ex-feral who loves being petted (on her terms), but won't take anyone's shit and will fwap you several times with her big oven mitts before you have the chance to blink. when I bought the house three years ago, we talked about adopting a third adult cat. meanwhile, a friend from college had taken in the cat their former neighbors had abandoned, and was pregnancy with four kittens. they couldn't find a home for the last two (a solid black girl and a cream white boy) and given then prior context and my heartstrings, I ended up taking them both as a surprise. their names are 'blakitu' and 'button' but we usually call them variations of 'fat blap' and 'very bad white kitty'. so now, as @GuyBeardmane once pointed out: quatro gatos
  2. This is really awful, but I looked at the decision (linked in the article) and the court is definitely not wrong despite how tone deaf it seems. It's not even a loophole - it's right there in the statute, which explicitly states: The court's hands are tied in the immediate sense because it's right there: there's no ambiguity, the facts of the case are not in dispute by either party, and you can't disregard an element of a crime in criminal law. But their decision serves the larger purpose of lighting a fire under the legislature to reform the law sooner than later.
  3. It was a great starter car but by the time it made it to me it started having issues and ultimately I burned the transmission out, but by then I already had the Sebring waiting for me.
  4. I wasn't hurrhurring, I just couldn't comprehend that scale you actually broke my brain and i started durhurrhurring instead
  5. i just looked it up and the official count is 19M infections and 214K deaths total though I agree that it's probably an undercount
  6. 1990 Ford Tempo (great grandmother's) 1997 Chrysler Sebring (grandmother's) 2016 Ford Fusion (lease) 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid (lease) Did not include the 1980s Reliant K I borrowed for a month my senior year of high school after I crashed the Tempo on black ice before the Sebring was fixed up. Ended up fixing the Tempo and using it for the rest of the school year.
  7. Happy birthday vamped!!!
  8. yeah, that seat would have been taken from MN instead
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