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  1. who peed on the floor
  2. Ah so this is what you meant. Lol no thank you 

    Fox Tv Sigh GIF by AniDom

  3. Be careful! I was on dilaudid when I had e. coli in college. The morphine wouldn't touch the pain so they jumped me to the heavy stuff and it hit real hard... at first. Within the span of four days, I went from completely glassing over when they shot it into the IV to being able to immediately get up and jump on the IV bag stand after giving it a good push and riding it to the other end of the room. The nurses were so concerned that they immediately tried to downgrade me to hydro pills and after I said the pills weren't enough, they gave me one last shot of dilaudid that night and said I can't leave the hospital until I affirmatively told them I don't need it anymore. In hindsight, their concern was probably the difference between me and the opioid epidemic.
  4. I think it could be a good idea to have like a dedicated hangout thread or club with the retro theme, depends on what the content would be. Obviously no one is actually RPing, but like to have a thread where you metaphorically pull up to the metaphorical bar to talk about _______ could be cool. Probably makes sense to do a thread in GD and if it blew up into something large and/or unmanageable then it'd expand into a club space and divied into multiple threads. But a single thread to start is probably a cool idea, @romana said so so it's gotta be true.
  5. the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence
  6. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    they made it so you can be friends and give each other gifts etc. if you haven't given up yet and wanna find/share your friend code, we'll all send you stuff and help level you up.
  7. Refresh my recollection, what was the old speakeasy thread?
  8. Happy birthday seight! The hero we didn't know we needed!
  9. We've cleared out some space so you can pen them all in here. (I am assuming people pen their flocks, idk how sheep work)
  10. I give snogs to my Irish brethren. I also give snogs to @Doom Metal Alchemist because he doesn't know what they are.
  11. Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    They should also let you use remote raid passes. Last time I checked, it's still winter.
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