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  1. Here is the original because why not https://youtu.be/lrzKT-dFUjE
  2. I think I bought hard-to-find GameCube ports of older resident evil games on my mom's eBay account.
  3. Also that's not what the debt ceiling is or how it works.
  4. It's inaccurate to compare the federal budget to a household budget; a household budget is built around the premise that the earner(s) will eventually retire/die and must settle all their debts in a finite period of time.
  5. Is your concern about living at home centered more on the realities of living at home (privacy, freedom, etc.) or the outward appearance/judgment of living at home?
  6. The world is run by the illuminati. And the illuminati is controlled by a clandestine cabal of IBers through Discord.
  7. Nabs, it's always been cumulative. Yes - we are trying to make site activity literally anything other than "malevolent boredom". Are we going to succeed? Who knows? Is it worth it? TBD. Your problem is that you are mixing together a possible good-faith effort to take the local rants rules literally, mixing it with zeni-tier method acting, combined with hyperpersonal flaming of folks (who yeah are most likely violating the local rants rules on political stuff) as well as katt. The vigilante thing in it's totality wore thin and I have no idea when and when not to take you seriously because you mix it all together. Yes, there is mod discretion - the only possible moderation action with no discretion would be a word filter - which we do not have. We've had no written rules for four years, making it up as different eventualities popped up as we went along, and we finally got something on paper to put actual guideposts on and we're trying to figure out how to deal with things and to what severity to penalize things, trying to find the same page, knowing no matter what we do people will bitch and anything short of a full site reset will probably just hasten the inevitable. At this point I'm not going to unban anything. But in the meantime, this particular vigilante cocktail needs to stop.
  8. A no-point warning from July isn't the basis of the ban. If you would like me to go back in time to July and debate the facts and merits of that no-point warning as a committee before it happened, I will gladly do so.
  9. I'm not overstepping the mod, however I will say the "official mod" thing has a habit of crossing from mildly entertaining shitposting into explicit staff harassment.
  10. Raptorpat

    Took 4 months

    now you'll finally be able to play among us like a true pro
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