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  1. That's because this website is unevenedge.com and if you type in unevenedge.freeforums.net it will take you to the old board
  2. are you talking about the old UnevenEdge proboard? https://unevenedge.freeforums.net/
  3. the part where the toad says "but look at us... we're adorable" and the lips aren't synced is killing me more than chrispratt
  4. improper apostrophe five point deduction
  5. I am thankful that I haven't shit myself on this car ride home... yet
  6. I 100% believe that dentists run up costs where they can. During covid dentists tacked on a ppe fee until the state AG put out a notice reminding them all that they can't charge But the 6mo cleaning/check-up was covered by insurance, I don't pay anything out of pocket for that. I actually had two separate appointments, I scheduled the cleaning before I started the Invisalign so I had two appointments I asked to consolidate because coming in twice was dumb.
  7. ORTHODONTICAL non-broken-penis UPDATE I had a check-in appointment and a regular cleaning appointment mushed together yesterday. I made a comment about not being sure I really needed the cleaning appointment having been in every month and a half since August and the brushing/flossing 3+ times a day. She explained why the cleaning is still important and that she would be doing it herself because they are down dental hygienists "because nO oNe WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe" and I'm like thinking a little "that's kinda TMI but also eww." Then when everything was done and I was practically in my coat and out the door she was like "oh wait sit back down I still have to grind a gap in between two bottom teeth" and then after the surprise grinding she almost sent me away with retainer sets 12-15 instead of 9-12 but fortunately ol' eagle eyes Malone over here was paying attention. ok that was my orthodontical update
  8. I think you're mistaken, that's the purpose of Thanksgiving Eve Eve eve, not Thanksgiving Eve eve. You're a day behind.
  9. a real shame, what with the hammer and the waffle iron and the whole shot was ruined
  10. tell me about your bad times, and how many of scoob's rubber bands you ate
  11. You should think @molarbear's broken penis is a very tragic and serious concern.
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