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  1. Unofficial so just mentioning it here and not making a formal announcement yet, but we may be doing our big software/security update this weekend. Slight possibility that downtime cuts into toonami hours but not sure yet. If it goes through, we will probably shut down the ASMB anniversary board at that time and revert any lingering changes like mod rank shenanigans. Security update should resolve this horrible botspam we deal with on a daily basis.
  2. I got the bill put on hold over the summer while it was supposed to be resubmitted properly (billing under the physician instead of the nurse), because I was still getting late bill notices despite it being their job to redo it. So I wasn't supposed to get any further notices until it was resolved. Then a week or two ago I got another notice that my full bill was overdue and needed to be paid by the end of the month. So I finally call back over, the first woman checks the history and says that their internal review (to just change the name on the bill from the nurse to the doctor and resend it to insurance) was never completed and didn't know why the bill was resubmitted. Transferred me to another office. Second woman has to put me on hold to review the extensive notes from months and months of back-and-forths and she tells me that the bill was actually re-denied by the insurance company on the grounds that they took too long to get their shit together and bill them properly. She said that by law if the insurance company isn't obligated to pay because the provider's billing department fucked up, then neither is the patient and the provider is supposed to just eat the cost. So she said I was never supposed to get that last bill and the ultimate resolution is supposed to be my bill being readjusted to $0. So theoretically I'm off the hook, but I still need to wait for it to come out of that central billing purgatory to see that in writing. She said she put another (real this time) hold on the bill, but who is keeping track at this point. Could have been a fuck up, or could have been a last ditch (illegal) attempt to get paid, idk.
  3. we got our first real bikes when I was five, we lived on a dead end so we could ride up and down the street. had training wheels and a tall flag on the back to warn cars. anyways we were riding around but my older sister was just in some sort of snotty and/or resentful mood and refusing to acknowledge me, and would speed up so I couldn't keep up with her. she was on the opposite side of the street, so as I was trying to keep up, I was looking at her to my left. then I finally looked forward and took myself out riding right into a parked car. cried like a little baby (five year olds are kind of little babies), and a man from that house (they were having a BBQ party or something) picked me up and carried me the two or three houses back. lost a thumbnail and sliced an egg-shaped piece of skin off my thumb tip. still remember after the fact when my mom cut the dead skin flap off with scissors. wouldn't touch the bike again for ages.
  4. I don't need anything but I hope your arms didn't get too tired out
  5. I walked into the lynel coliseum the other night unprepared and did not realize I couldn't sneak out of view to cook gloom-heal foods, I killed my way through four of them but couldn't pick up the loot because I was so close to death because I couldn't ungloom my hearts (I was cheesing it pretty hard by the end, I really am not fond of this game and BOTW's difficulty spike revolving around damage soaking/outputting instead of like smarter enemies or new attack patterns etc.), and then the final lynel got a hit in and killed me. Respawn sets you right when his gate opens but all the lynel loot drops despawned. I was so tilted I fought the guy a dozen+ times over and over again with only four hearts and a fairy until I beat him BUT IT DIDN'T MAKE ME FEEL BETTER
  6. happy birthday lobster man @Vercaties!
  7. one boob, two boob red boob, blue boob
  8. regular old rants can go in GD, either as a new thread for angry discussion or the Haters/Complainers megathread for a one-off vent
  9. I grabbed the game when it was free on EGS a couple years ago but I never got to the point of installation. Was totally afraid of getting completely sucked in.
  10. This is probably the crux of the issue. If negative reactions and punishments aren't breaking through to him, then they will only serve as a temporary roadblock instead of a learning experience (in fact he could be learning the wrong things, like how to sneak it around his parents). That's probably a question for his therapist if he has one.
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