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Happy Valentine's Day


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17 minutes ago, cyberbully said:

Got any more yawn you wanna toss my way before I commence to ignoring you like the rest of these broads.

Why does everything have to be an insult with you?


fairly regularly you post about how so much of an emotional asshole you are and how you can only stand someone for so long until you intentionally push buttons to make them hate you and leave...


so excuse me for taking your emotional bullshit and using it in a plausible sense 

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2 hours ago, midnight said:

Wanna know how us old folks get kinky on Valentine's Day?

We both take a shot of NyQuil and try to get undressed before we pass out.

We usually wake up with our underwear at our knees. 

Is sex between you two so horrible you'd rather pass out then have it? xD

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1 hour ago, Juice McKenzie said:

or making my pecker moist and dipping it in fun-dip?

I saw something like that on HBO's Real Sex once when I was a kid. That segment sticks out in my mind because it featured the hottest chick I ever saw on that show (a cute red head with large natural tits), and her husband looked like he could've been in Black Sabbath circa 1987 - 1995.

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55 minutes ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

I'm not trying to be funny here, since you work for a pharmacy, this is a serious question: ZzzQuil is good for allergies? Or are you saying Benadryl is basically a placebo that puts you to sleep? :|

Zzzquil has the same active ingredient as benedryl...so yes it would work for allergies

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