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  1. All I got is Sangria

    Wine and caviar? How pedestrian. Definitely beneath you, Zeni.
  2. things were said...

    I think Zeni used to upload parkour videos of him at the local park, struggling to get over any and everything.
  3. All I got is Sangria

    Aye, The Final Solution.
  4. things were said...

    It's a Scoob thread in Rants.
  5. All I got is Sangria

    God speed. You did your best.
  6. All I got is Sangria

    What about girls aged 21-27?
  7. things were said...

    No it doesn't. But you keep twisting those words when the thread in question is still there for all to see.
  8. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    Oh shit, I got the same hat, too. I wanted an Eevee hat but couldn't find one in store anywhere.
  9. things were said...

    Arguably he didn't get the first date.
  10. All I got is Sangria

    If I'm on the up and up with the lore of Zeni, then yes. That's all you do.
  11. things were said...

    Nah you're just either legit losing your mind or just an honest to God idiot.
  12. All I got is Sangria

    Is that what you tell the high schoolers before you offer to buy them beer in exchange for a date?
  13. I'm inventing a time machine

    Sell me on this episode's premise, Zeni. Will the hero learn that you can never truly go back? Will he find true love? Are you going back to the caveman era to just snatch up a woman? Will you dawn the mask and become Captain Slap A Ho? Will I find out on the next exciting episode of Draginball Z?
  14. All I got is Sangria

    This one goes out to Mix
  15. antivaxxers

    What a limp dick attempt to be an internet tough guy.