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  1. I have a proximity rule with spiders. You do your thing away from me and I'll do my thing away from you. But should we ever meet in close quarters, especially if I'm butt ass naked, I will destroy you.
  2. We had a set of these, don't know if they were actually clacker balls or not, but they would like snap and a puff of smoke would happen when you hit them together. Like two, dusty cherry bombs you could repeatedly smash together. Horrible toy and I absolutely loved it.
  3. That makes sense. The one I was able to see in person wasn't hooked up to a TV, so it came off as even less desirable. Shame cause I do like some of their games and have always wanted an AES.
  4. It achieves the distinction of cybering when you're balls deep into a robot. Possibly androids.
  5. You get the Neo Geo Mini? I wanted it but it looks kinda lame, especially with that tiny screen.
  6. In some manner or other. People have already been arrested out here for things relating to it. And there are "events" set up out in Rachel, NV nearby Area 51. Stuff like Alienstock. Be interesting to see the news tomorrow.
  7. Got banned on an IRC chatroom for constantly confessing my love of my two bishies, Legato Bluesummers and Kakashi Hatake. Brought it with me to the boards in 2003. Luckily my...artistic endeavors of the time never went online.
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