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  1. I had a few drink combos I didn't expect to like. I had raspberry lemonade and pumpkin rum and it was delicious. Also had strawberry soju and coke (without yogurt) and its amazing. Admittedly, I spike the coke with soju versus a more traditional mix.
  2. Easy solution: you two go together to both dinners as a couple.
  3. And here's the Halohub picture I made for the video:
  4. This is mostly for the people tagged, but regardless, this is my first, real Halo 2 video. (And it only took 15 years after the game came out!) @DBZ4ever @molarbear @inhumanrampager
  5. Honestly I just get myself a little treat, like an ICEE or something. And then I brood while I enjoy my prize.
  6. Tbh I don't really eat there unless I have said coupons. Some absurdly cheap meal bundles on those coupon sheets. I was fond of the angry whooper, though.
  7. That's my secret, Cap: I only go for the candy corn. But no, seriously, for some reason people forget about drug stores like Walgreens so I can easily waltz over in the next couple days and get whatever I want.
  8. Wait a minute... This isn't a thread about the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House directed by LeVar Burton!
  9. Ah yes, the time has come for me to raid the local Walgreens for discounted sweets!
  10. They had a room like that at some magic shop in my home town. By the time I was old enough to go in I had created so many theories about the room. Is it the real magic? Dangerous magic? Is there a fucking Rancor in there? Magic booze? Straight up porn? Gore? It was a fucking dildo room that had a small area for adult gag gifts. I was so disappointed.
  11. I fit squarely into your age range and remember not only porno DVDs at the video rental stores, but porno VHS, too.
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