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  1. He's probably not such a bad guy in person, but he's got a real serious case of the brain worms when he gets to post online.
  2. Run out of shitty Xbox jokes you pathetic piece of shit? Why'd you even come back, to lick your self inflicted mental wounds and mewl while assuring yourself you retained some status on a podium that never existed you jackass wannabe edgelord? You are the generic, store brand diet RC cola of r/roastme.
  3. Really did not like how prevalent rankism and reg-date-ism were for a good long while on the boards. Motherfuckers just spamming nothing replies or making those simple game/reply threads for the explicit intent of ranking up then talking shit on people with less minutes or posts. And this weird reverence for 2003 accounts, even when you could literally steal one by signing up for a dormant account's name alone. Shit was weird. Pod 6 is jerks. Clap for the shoehand. Flaming stapler. Anime is teh s uck. Bah humbug.
  4. Customers will piss you off in basically any field, really, but unless you outright own your own place in an area that allows you to flex your culinary creativity, you're gonna be making the same dishes over and over and over again with little to no variations and to largely zero fanfare. You rarely hear a compliment, but you always hear complaints.
  5. God I wish I still liked cooking lol
  6. I was so confused to see it back and with a different movie tie in because it was originally for Spiderman Far From Home back in 2019 and tasted awful. But then I was confused even more because I thought it was originally a Mountain Dew flavor that was tied to Batman back in 2012 which also tasted awful.
  7. Free Guy - 7/10 Did not expect to enjoy this at all and was pleasantly surprised. Jungle Cruise - 7/10 Gave me Brenden Fraser The Mummy vibes in the best ways. Encanto - 6/10 Solid kids movie but not for me. Dune - 8/10 Looking good so far for the new Dune movies. The Batman - 6/10 Should have just focused on a more intimate story that slowly grew outwards versus this war of the plotlines business.
  8. Sat down over the course of the week and watched the entirety of season 1. Had no expectations going into this and I still find myself disappointed. There were some genuine glimpses of what could have been, and I think Mustafa Shakir was an amazing choice to play Jet. Other casting choices range from fine to serviceable to downright absurd. I did not expect a 1:1 retread of the anime but I can safely say that their choice of direction with the story was odd, at best. Nothing they added or changed really justified itself and sometimes left me scratching my head. There were some exciting sequences and the most enjoyable parts, for me anyways, were when the gang was hunting down bounties or something similar. Unfortunately, they decided to bloat the runtime of most episodes with what felt like trite soap opera crap. The dialogue really bugged me, as well. In the original anime, words were harder to come by which allowed the show to breathe and explore things in different ways. In the live action show, no one ever shuts up and everyone has to be the comic relief character so it devolves into a battle of the quips and disconnected dialogue. And my god was some of that dialogue cringe. It also felt like some characters were changed up entirely, sometimes even at the drop of the hat at the very end, just to serve some narrative that carries us to needing another season. While I am all for fresh ideas and new takes on Cowboy Bebop, I didn't like what I saw thus far so I am inclined to believe any original concepts will be mediocre at best moving forward as this show will inevitably have a season 2. Personally this came off as boring more than anything else. It was painful at times to watch but overall I got through it fine, I just think it has no real justifiable reason to have existed but if people like it, I guess I'm the asshole here.
  9. It also turns into a different clock in a different place.
  10. Solid movie. Think it handled the source material better than the David Lynch film. Hoping we at least get confirmation on a Part 2. Denis Villeneuve said he wouldn't have signed on unless he got to finish this thing, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything concrete. Timothee Chalamet did a great job, as did many other members of the cast, but I liked him in the lead role.
  11. I mean, full transparency here, I started hating Naruto right around the time Orochimaru showed up and I never looked back. I was really into ninjas and like 13 so it was cool for a literal minute. Kakashi was cool. Still into ninjas to this day, though.
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