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  1. Didn't care for the majority of season one and I haven't been too engaged with season two as of yet. Mostly watching because my girlfriend wants to. Keep seeing glimpses of a better show, or at least one I want to see, but I don't think this show was made for someone like me.
  2. Agree it's hit or miss but when it hits it hits hard. Only a few episodes in but I'm enjoying it. Their free flow setup reminds me of Mr. Show.
  3. Its the new landline, really. Looks like corded phones are back on the menu, boys!
  4. I got laid off back in May. My state is doing terrible right now since we rely on tourism. Still on the reduced unemployment atm but I managed to get a job at a deli. Remains to be seen what my hours will be. I'll be making half of what I was before covid at this new place. Just plain fucking sucks.
  5. Yea but I gotta take a few extra steps to get to the goods again. On desktop I keep it out in the open, sprawled across the desktop, challenging the weaklings that dare gaze upon my beloved filth.
  6. Ah, another classic ITT Tech animation capstone project.
  7. If it's the same as last year's then liquid Skittles.
  8. Oh just let the man crown his chili with faux French onion dip.
  9. Man that went from "Trump is legit, Obama is a snob!" To "please make me a power bottom" real quick.
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