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  1. No no that's the correct answer. I don't want that.
  2. Yea hi, long time listener, first time caller. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
  3. Me: (Starting new job that's on call) oh boy I hope I get enough hours! Me: (After being called in 9 days in a row so far because it's so busy) no wait
  4. I feel you. Just wish these swampbilly motherfuckers in my family could cook. It's a disgrace. Wonderbread-ass hicks that haven't seemed to piece together that McDonald is not the only provider of sustenance available. And I sure as shit ain't teaching them how to cook. At most, I'll teach my niece and nephew.
  5. My mom's side has only ever had like two reunions. They were picnics at a park. Nothing fancy. Dad's side was...morbid. Most members of that family are older and we would have frequent reunions, albeit only in the event one of us had passed away. There were very few of us under the age of 40 at the last one I attended in 2009. Weeee~~~!
  6. FPS games. Maybe cooking, but lots of people can cook.
  7. Probably the injuries I sustained to my feet during a state-wide soccer tournament when I was 12 or 13. Had special permission to play with the varsity team of my city's high school and we made it to the finals to see who would represent the state in the national tournament. Managed to get MVP during one game, so I was all sorts of jazzed about playing with the big kids. I was injured during the semi-final match when I was running down the field and turned 180 to chase the ball after it got kicked back. Couple other players collided with me and both my feet dug into the ground, and twisted in different directions. Broke almost every single toe, and both big toes had the toenails shift, break, and dig into my skin. Had to have surgery to remove all the shards of toenails that had embedded in my skin. Broke one ankle and sprained the other one. My very abusive stepfather was actually our coach as well as a nurse. He and another adult moved me off the field and I got to enjoy screaming and writhing in pain while he told the refs to continue the match. Additionally, he never took me to the hospital and gave me a pathetic job of treating me when we got home. We lost btw, so he was more upset about that than anything. Some time later, my dad took me to the hospital and arranged for my surgery. I spent the rest of the year laid up or going between a wheelchair or crutches towards the end of the recovery. The following year I started at that high school and went to try out for the varsity team. I was cut immediately as I was unable to properly maneuver or sprint, much less shoot/defend. I've been unable to play soccer since. But! I did manage to run a little dodgeball league in Texas a few years back, so there's that!
  8. Well that sucks. Live vicariously through my infrequent rat pictures.
  9. I love laserdiscs. Been building my collection. Japanese editions have some cool ass covers sometimes, too. I'm gonna cherry pick some to mount on the wall.
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