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  1. Well for reference we used Bluebell Vanilla ice cream and the sauce was 3 parts Sweet Chili Sauce to 2 parts Ketchup to 1 part Worcestershire Sauce. That sauce has been good on basically everything I have had it on, which made me try it with ice cream.
  2. I have heard that adding sugar to spaghetti/tomato sauce is to help balance produce that may be out of season or not quite ripe. Spaghetti sauce isn't something I ever make, so I don't personally add sugar to it, but molasses or brown sugar would be better than white sugar if I did. That being said, I have made tomato sauce with orange marmalade with a pinch of sugar and I really enjoyed that recipe but, again, not something I really ever make. Adding too much sugar (which is super easy) to a tomato sauce sorta turns it into a sort of candy sauce that is way too far gone to be a spaghetti sauce IMO. Sugar in grits depends on what I'm going for, really. Have done it but it isn't my go to. Sour cream with chili sounds fine, especially if it's a particularly spicy batch. That being said, I don't reach for sour cream when eating chili or anything similar like a chili dog. As for cranberry sauce on burgers, that's tried and true for turkey patties. As for, say, a beef patty, can't say I've ever had it. I have had cherries and strawberries on top of beef burgers and liked them, and have made fruit based BBQ sauces with chunks of fruit in them for beef patties for what that's worth. Cranberry chutney or even like a relish work well with turkey but I'm not sure they'd work so well with a beef patty, much less the canned cranberry sauce. Shit you never know if you like something like this until you try it. I had sweet and sour BBQ sauce on vanilla ice cream the other day and really enjoyed it despite believing it would be awful.
  3. This was another point I was trying to look into but Sponges likes to side with law as some sort of shield when in truth there really isn't a legal precedent for this kind of thing because it's so new.
  4. Tried the regular one and the zero sugar. It's more like Sprite but not a clone. Won't be drinking it again, just like Sierra Mid(st).
  5. I was saying the problem with AI art is humans in regards to how it will be used and abused by humans. Doesn't matter what the original intention of a tool is when it morphs into something else by those using it. AI art is not inherently sinister but it is already being abused in its infancy.
  6. I locked it because Sponges is playing some dumbass Thunderdome game and I immediately messaged Pat to say he can unlock it whenever he likes.
  7. Just seems like a reliable, affordable off road SUV is all. But there are so god damned many its bonkers.
  8. Insanely hard. The amount of things they did to promote it were absurd and its no wonder they started backing off within 3 years of entering the market.
  9. Whoa take a look at ole money bags with the Rolls-Royce over here!
  10. Sponges you are the most tone deaf motherfucker I have ever encountered and I am quite positive part of this is some weird ass shtick you're doing to either drive up interactions with your posts or to stroke your ego. Everything you type sounds like a bunch of patronizing half concessions at best and a mound of text-based jackassery at worst. Now grab some bit of my post to feign dunking on (I have underlined it already for your convenience) and ignore the overall message while patting me on the head with your benign ass arguments. What's the problem with AI Art? Humans.
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