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  1. I always underestimate how popular they are and how much product they keep and wind up getting the leftover scraps every time I go.
  2. Never heard of them. I made a lengthy post awhile back listing multiple online stores and brick and mortar stores that sold larger sized women's shoes but it seems to have been removed or something. Either way, for stuff like sneakers I can easily just grab something from the men's section, but for more girly shoes like boots or wedges I buy online. Payless was a good source for affordable shoes in my size but they are strictly online now and don't seem to carry many products in larger sizes for women. Torrid used to sell nice boots for a reasonable price, too, but now every time I go in there they have these fuck ugly shoes that look like they were made from left over stretchy pants. I got a really nice pair of wedges from Dolls Kill, but for whatever reason the second pair of shoes I bought from them (at the same time) didn't fit. At the same time, I do have some He-Man ass calves so it's harder to find knee high boots at all, which is what the second pair was.
  3. Grapico is the only grape soda I ever actually enjoyed. Everything else made me feel sick as soon as it touched my lips, like they were overly sweetened or something. Unfortunately for me, Grapico is only sold in one part of the country and I no longer live there. My last trip back home to Alabama, I mailed myself back four 12-packs and tried to share as many as I could with friends. Pretty much everyone loved it, even had some people buy a second can off me. Whenever I visit home, I always grab some Grapico and some Bojangles biscuits.
  4. I got hella cringey pics if you wanna see 'em. Some aren't even that old.
  5. Used to watch that channel for Ninja Warrior, AOTS, and the competitive gaming segments on tournaments and such. Halo 2 gaming tournaments were broadcast on USA but G4 had some Halo tourney stuff, as well. Overall, though, I thought the channel was ballsy to even dare to exist but it truly had very little of interest to offer. As much as I enjoyed Ninja Warrior, I prefer to watch the original Japanese broadcasts (called SASUKE), in their entirety. Hate American Ninja Warrior cause it misses the point of the original, but that's neither here nor there. G4 was a cool idea but there just wasn't enough to tear me away for longer than a few minutes at a time. Wish them success with this but unless they do a Pluto TV type thing, I don't see what the point of this is, for a new TV channel, versus their YouTube channel a doing livestreams.
  6. They seem to believe all manner of queer people have HIV/AIDS. I have also heard we can be denied due to abnormal hormone levels, which can also apply to anyone taking something like estradiol.
  7. My kind can't donate blood or plasma cause we'll apparently give everyone gay cancer.
  8. They filmed it in the Hollywood hills and it plays out like he corralled some kids to follow him up there and learn katas from some teenager he calls Sensei Kyle while he himself wanders off and leaves them there. They also insist on screaming "super duper loud ki-yahs!" It's beautiful.
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