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  1. Blah blah gay sex blah blah balloons. also, cocks.
  2. I'll float down on you, bby. Or something. >.>;
  3. Last time I bought Party City balloons, they were all stale and fragile. Most of them popped before even reaching 3/4 of their rated size. >_< I really only ever buy balloons online anymore. Most party supply stores around here don't sell big balloons (and the few who do sell cheap, crappy brands). I really wish more places around here carried Tuftex.
  4. Wait... why are they falling? I thought they floated.
  5. lol I know what video that image came from.
  6. I always expect balloons (or balloon themed things). >.> Also, cocks. <.<
  7. This phrasing with both fun and deliberate.
  8. @PokeNirvash HAPPY BIRTHIVERSARY! ^__^
  9. I'll be walking with a limp for like a month now.
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