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  1. if you disagree with anything rogan says in here you're a fucking special snowflake and an idiot.
  2. You literally are a fucking third toe.
  3. so i can make fun of him duh
  4. @stilgar sorry i can't fulfill your fantasy of you sucking on my fat cock.
  5. well stilgar is bi, so maybe he does want my "broken" dick that explains it.
  6. no i dont wanna know what he looks like he just follows me into all of my threads and flames me and i flame him back welcome to our cycle.
  7. said it earlier if i dont know what you look like then your words are a joke to me plus i hear enough about you being a basement dwelling brewed fart of a human being so that's good enough for me
  8. Dont tempt me with a good time. ya'll know ill do it
  9. corny im tryin to do some inhouse league matches, or OW, or some gears 5, or a convoy in forza horizion 4. in reality im waiting for halo mcc to drop on pc, i have the insider preview i applied for it months ago but its inactive for the time being. edit: ahh i forgot all of those games besides league require a good computer.
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