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  1. I bought a tree this year….enjoy
  2. Still Me

    Jesus fuck

    can it be cold already? I bought all these super cute sweaters during the summer and I can’t fucking wear them yet. all my Dallas stars hoodies, my dbz hoodies, my ink addict hoodies….I wanna wear that side of my walk-in *continues to throw tantrum*
  3. man this is a trigger thread…I’m stating to relive some shit…how why my back and hip are fucked up….and where some of my scars are from….
  4. I got into trouble once for taking initiative one day after school and mowing the lawn. My dad came home when I was a little more than halfway done and flipped out cause I should have asked. and this other time… the rule was “no one is allowed inside the house when my parents aren’t home, no exceptions”. I came home from school one day and my brothers friend was in the house so I flipped out. Saying he can’t be in the house, we'll get into trouble, get him the fuck out, blah blah. Well my brother had gotten an ok from my dad but instead of telling me, he just called him and told him I was losing my shit about it. And so my dad came home, walked into the house, found me in the dining room doing homework. And without a word hit me so hard I flew out of the damn chair.
  5. like the human centipede….of dick suckin?
  6. not gonna lie I’ve had more sex during the pandemic than I have had ever…. Also not vaccinated
  7. is it in bad taste to like…not finish it…
  8. the great Gatsby, it was beautifully tragic. It starts so hopeful and ends so shit
  9. Ah, lament of sorrow was my introduction to castlevania
  10. @cyberbully weirdly thought of you for this…
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