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  1. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On Might just be one of the best Gundam games ever.
  2. Last time I made a change to my profile was over a year and a half ago. View count has gone up by nearly 12k since then.
  3. I dread balloons. Especially really big ones. Yep. >_> <_<
  4. Because it's only fitting that I have an overinflated view count.
  5. Well of course. All my threads blow.
  6. It goes to me. Also, cocks. Or something.
  7. Whether or not I'm a morning person is directly related to whether or not I wake up to a balloon in bed with me.
  8. Quackers Nytlyt Still Me blueraven1999 panic Too lazy to take a screen cap.
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