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  1. They weren't pregnant. They're looners. They just stuffed a balloon in their shirt.
  2. That happened to me once. Bad times.
  3. HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHIVERSARY DUCKMAN! =^__^= I gotted you something. >.>
  4. I can give you a man. or a woman. But only on Tuesdays.
  5. It's usually not too hard to get discounts for bulk buying balloons. Last time I bulk ordered 24 inch Tuftex balloons, I got like $20 worth of free bonus balloons.
  6. I already have a ton of red and green 24 inch Tuftex loons though. What I really need is white ones, which seem to only be available in the 4th of July bags. >.<
  7. >.> <.< I got a big tree for you. bby.
  8. Groceries? You must mean ramen And water >_> <_<
  9. That's less than 1 month away 😮
  10. That's actually kinda true. >.> Bigger balloons tend to get warmer. <.<
  11. Even more balloons than I already have. The entire HGUC Gundam Catalog.
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