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  1. wuts ur butt look like

    Mine looks like 2 balloons squished together.
  2. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    I still count that as prettyboi Link, so I agree.
  3. Last Person To Post Wins

    Or never
  4. I wear glasses now

    I'm supposed to wear glasses, but I don't.
  5. Sounding.

    *sigh* Whatever happened to the good old days where people did normal things. Like balloons. >.> <.<
  6. Everyone get staked

    Damn vampires.
  7. Everyone get baked

    420 BLAZE IT Or something
  8. Last Person To Post Wins

  9. Everyone get naked!

    You say that as if everyone here isn't already naked.
  10. how lazy are you?

    I've been a rather lazy looner lately. Every time I go to loon, I plan on blowing up a bunch of new balloons only to wind up just cuddling a rather old balloon I've had inflated for a few months now instead.
  11. How do these idiots manage?

    I'd imagine they manage the same way you do it.
  12. you guys remember the user, liver_devourer010?

    They ate one too many livers.
  13. Just A PSA πŸ™‚

    I appreciate the good intentions, but that's not entirely true. As a balloon, excessive heat, moisture, sunlight, and sand are all dangerous to my body (and the beach has an abundance of all these things). As such, I very much do not have a beach body.
  14. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    No. Prettyboi Link is best Link.