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  1. Nope. The packaging is identical to all the other Tuftex balloon bags I have, except for the color name. Also, the balloons don’t appear to be the wrong size either. When uninflated, they are exactly the same size as all my other 24 inch Tuftex balloons.
  2. Currently thinking about how much of a stupid, sexy disappointment the new balloons I recently bought are.
  3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail probably
  4. So recently I got some 24 inch gray smoke Tuftex balloons because I wanted to try something new. After trying them out for a few days, I must say that they are a stupid, sexy disappointment. Their latex is pretty thick, yet nice and smooth (As is the norm for Tuftex). They have a nice, shiny medium gray color that is quite pleasing to the eye. They retain the voluptuous round shape that 24 inch Tuftex balloons are known for. They are also able to reliably reach their rated size with minimal risk of popping. They also have an absolutely divine scent (Just like all other Tuftex balloons). Everything I’ve mentioned so far sounds rather good, so what’s the problem? In general, the best thing about 24 inch Tuftex balloons is just how durable, yet stretchable they are. Their latex is thick enough that they can withstand a lot even when extremely over-inflated, yet soft enough that the balloon doesn’t build up too much pressure too fast. This balance results in a balloon that can be inflated far beyond its rated size before it even starts necking (which is when the balloon becomes significantly more unstable and prone to popping). I don’t know how, but these gray balloons have utterly fucked up this balance. Their latex is way too rigid. It doesn’t seem to want to stretch much at all. During inflation, the pressure in the balloon builds up so fast that it quickly becomes significantly harder to inflate than it ever should be. Blowing up one of these balloons almost feels like trying to blow up a hot water bottle. The extreme rigidity of the latex also results in the balloon necking far sooner than any other 24 inch Tuftex balloon I’ve ever inflated. I was just barely able to push the balloon beyond 25 inches before the neck damn near completely overinflated and the balloon felt so firm and tight that I was afraid to hug it for fear of it immediately exploding. All in all, I’ll still enjoy these balloons somewhat, but they really are a disappointment. I don’t think I’ll ever buy them again. *grumble grumble* Stupid, sexy disappointments...
  5. I already disabled the autocorrect setting, but it still autocorrects.
  6. It’s Thanksgiving Eve Eve? I thought it was Black Friday Eve Eve Eve.
  7. That takes too much effort. i’d Rather just disable autocorrect altogether. >.>
  8. You can’t really bang a balloon if it was never inflated in the first place. >.> <.<
  9. I’ve literally never typed “no pooping” on purpose (outside of this thread).
  10. It keeps changing “n o n p o p p I n g” to “no pooping”.
  11. I am okay with this, so long as said balloon stuff is only non-pop.
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