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  1. The walk is as sad as you let it be. Or as happy as your memories.
  2. don't even flex, I crush cars.
  3. God damn, fuckin' old times dude. I love getting old. I'd love to know how Gnome is doing these days. Gnome was a quality human.
  4. debatable. I can give a glimpse of where I am but the utility of th model is useless. All of the work is headward. So boolean algebra was actually an attempt to explain human thought, and ended up being ideal to create computers. I believe Charlie made a mistake and forgot to include a neutral response as it relates to thought, and I believe a binary should be a trinary. You can design multiplication tables for anything but I have to figure out how to represent the logic gates.
  5. and I crush. Put that in your fucking baby stockings.
  6. This old song rings on and on for days upon days. Sometimes though it carries you, weary in your ways. All this age, where does it go? We plead upon the sage. He smiles and says, there it goes, and goes about his day.
  7. You may walk a crooked line or walk a straight one, few will walk the way. Yet when you do I hope that you enjoy the entire way.
  9. We are but soldiers in an infinite war, scrambling for some semblance of reality. We grasp and hold to it tightly, and we never let it go. That small shred of reality makes us what we are. We hold and protect it, and we never allow a bit of infiltration. We are the protectors of a future none can see.
  10. Jackie Birthday! I assert I am not late.
  11. And as I flew I wished I knew The things that lie before. But when I do You'll find the view And love me all the more. Jesus God, did I ever tell you how great I believe myself to be?
  12. Shit, I figured he had enough internet fortitude to answer the charge at least.
  13. Didn't you start a whole campaign against calling people kid touchers on this board? I specifically remember that.
  14. Similar, when I was a kid I think there were some things I was missing about the game, I didn't get very far back then. But a few years back I played through and I felt like it's a solid game. There are two other games in the collection I have a sort of personal vow to beat, Landstalker and Sword of Vermillion. Landscaper was a cool Zelda clone except for how difficult the jumping puzzles can be. Being able to discern where things are in space can be awful with that game. Kind of wondering about beating Phantasy Star 2 though, I never did but 4 is the apex of the series. The elevator mazes in 2 just make me sick, I have a game active and I am unapologetically using maps because fuck that shit. I just recently played through Shining in the Darkness without maps, which is a first person dungeon crawler and your map spell reveals about a tenth of the map at a time, and you have to have walked there before. Which helps you find unexplored areas when you can be frivolous with magic.
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