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  1. I had a funny conversation with jez about how most people remember Musket and very few people remember MgS. Musket is like a tenth of MgS. But I'm gonna get a female photographer because I trust a woman more to take pictures women will like, and I'll flirt with her too possibly because that's just fun. It's not hard to read situations, if she's open to goofing around and flirting I will, I'm getting pics for a dating app for God's sake. So if the photographer is single she'll know I clearly am.
  2. I'm sure whatever Packard linked was really stupid but I at least got Imgbb out of it.
  3. You know I can choose what photographer I hire, right? And why would I see her more than once? I don't need to practice talking to people in life, I was just being silly.
  4. I play a dangerous game, Constantine.
  5. I'm not sure I know what you mean.
  6. The whole show was waiting for Godzookie to call Godzilla.
  7. I keep trying to reiterate there is not a thing people can do to offend me with it. That's actually a good idea though, and I could flirt with the photographer to make sure I can talk to new people without hating them in an environment where we are both clothed.
  8. RainyDayJizz#35


    Is that the pic Fats was asking about? I assure I wore boxers, i have a moderate amount of respect for the houses of others. Just another day in paradise over here, I'm liking how people here treat that saying about now.
  9. But to a pimp pussy is money. I just have fun making people happy and a lot of people get reallllly attached to that. With my mindset if I had a vagina it would have paid for at least one PhD somehow.
  10. Happy birthday you weirdo, I hope your vanity made you show up and look.
  11. I'm almost a week into Tinder and in this big ass city it seems a little grim unless I want to fuck a tourist. And why not fuck a hooker instead at that point, at least she has a better chance of living here and is guaranteed to have some unusual quality about her, even if it's one I hate. But selling pussy is a weird decision a guy like me can respect.
  12. As of this moment I would recommend Bumble or Hinge and attempting to actually date a girl, or find one down for a Tinder quality hookup. But you should probably date a girl first. As awkward as you feel single women our age are often awkward as shit, trust me. We're all just humans.
  13. Well you don't need to think a whit about that when your car is still running like a dream in 15 years. My first car was a Corolla too, I loved it. The only reason I don't have one right now is my credit wasn't great at a moment I had to buy a car immediately.
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