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  1. Party time! This place needs more vandalism.
  2. I have little knowledge of this sword as a native of Ballbling, but I did gift you guys 40,000 smiley indifferents after the character limit was introduced.
  3. Shit's gonna be on the ceiling.
  4. So fucking long since I've seen these three letters. I hope you miss quote trees too.
  5. Ghostrek not you. You need a hug or something.
  6. IB hated Babbling because we aren't incredibly socially awkward, I get it now. And then you have the personable weirdoes that just like weird people. This whole human thing... it's an odd species to be.
  7. No, this only leads to failure. Your best option is developing an acid addiction.
  8. I think as a senator there are better uses of your time than posting on an offshoot of a defunct message board for Chinese cartoons.
  9. Tell a lot of dick jokes.
  10. Who told you to do that? What are you, a drunk secret agent?
  11. I thought it would be clear I don't care. If it functions as a Gundam it should be built. And I shall pilot it, and never return to Earth, a frozen corpse in a giant humanoid robot to float through space until it is annihilated by some large object.
  12. You mean to tell me you don't want to inherit a massive Precious Moments collection just for being a nice guy?
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