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  1. imagine being afraid of your own mom
  2. oh yea I did see that he was tweeting about 1/2 hour ago but got engulfed in the whole blackout thing
  3. it's way more plausible than disappearing hundreds/thousands of protesters
  4. I knooooooow this is so creepy. I'm still holding out that it's just a prank and somebody is saturating twitter w/a botnet that is reinforcing the whole dcblackout narrative.
  5. I called a starbucks. They opened at 5:30 they said everything was ok. Twitter seems to agree the "blackout" started at around 1am and after that nobody got any updates from protesters Ppl claiming lots of tweets are being deleted
  6. The tweet the video is from says "They killed 5 black people"
  7. There's 154k tweets under the #dcblackout tag. Is it just mass hysteria?
  8. this pic is getting shared a lot. People pointing out that they have suppressors on the rifles. Not suspicious on its own but i unno
  9. I'm creeped out. Like it's kinda normal for ppl to freak out when a periscope goes down and be like OMG JAMMERS then the guy reconnects and is like sorry had to change battery. But this is weird. It's the #1 hashtag on twitter and so far I can't find anything refuting it. I hope it's all fake
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