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  1. UwP

    lurky lurk lurk

  2. Poof


    Wow u finally make more than me / hour
  3. I hope every oz of my existence offends u
  4. No that's just the natural state of any asian who isn't currently smoking and it's not a curable disorder.
  5. Poof

    one of those days

    yea I left the house
  6. Poof

    one of those days

    goddammit packard
  7. Poof

    one of those days

    i did make it to tanning and the pharmacy
  8. know what I mean?
  9. i guess. Its spicy but not that spicy. I think its actually a take on how youre gonna have bad breath if you eat them. Bc it's kinda like plant beef jerky in taste texture and smell and jerky gives u instant breff
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