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  1. She literally just called me a dumbass for being really wrong in the market today, sent me a link to one of my scenes, and said cya later I need to fap shes perfect 😩😩😩😩😩
  2. But really they were asleep already; this whole period was for them no more than a long night’s slumber. The town was peopled with sleepwalkers, whose trance was broken only on the rare occasions when at night their wounds, to all appearance closed, suddenly reopened. Then, waking with a start, they would run their fingers over the wounds with a sort of absentminded curiosity, twisting their lips, and in a flash their grief blazed up again, and abruptly there rose before them the mournful visage of their love. In the morning they harked back to normal conditions, in other words, the plague.
  3. you hear that, God? Disco said it's okay. Now you gotta do it
  4. I'm a simple gal from ohio this is all I want. 7 iphones that used to belong to giants loaded up w/socionomic data and a professional asian girl there to balance me out I say to thee, God, please, grant me my request. Is it really so much?
  5. Poof

    i get it now

    this chart still pisses me tf off everytime i come in here and see it
  6. korean guy is out brand new super uptight korean cisgirl is in. she might be perfect. I'm doing alright but shes pretty skittish i admit i might have a fetish but i feel like they forced it upon me. it didnt used to be like this but anyway i regret nothing
  7. Yea I probably would I’m just not quite big enough to do it tho
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