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  1. Like I said some of them said it was normal. But the criticisms I'd hear from people who didn't like it were in line w/the kinds of things we hear about china. Authoritarian, like silencing, arresting, killing journalists and critics. You can't protest. Unfair eminent domain. Corruption. Bad corrupt cops who run protection rackets on businesses. Rampant bribery "You need money to do everything" which means like anytime you need to go to a government office to do something, you better slip them some $$$ or it'll take forever/never. Or work complaints. Work in a factory for low pay w/unreal hours where there's nets to catch suicidal ppl jumping out the windows. Or work a government job where you and anywhere from 3-30 people share the same position and so you only work a few days a month. If you complain the government just says "you have a job." Economic complaints that the chinese stock market is like a casino bc of arbitrary actions by the government. These kinds of things. Out of those I knew and spoke w/ it really was like a 50/50 split between ppl saying it's normal or it's bad. But the complaints are in line w/things that we read about in our news about china. So it comes down to whether you think it's excusable for a government to do those things or not. The US has a lot of the same problems too. Sometimes to a lesser degree sometimes maybe not. Like the cops. When my closest friend was talking about chinese police, I said, "We have bad cops too who kill people." And he said, "But you can have gun!" I said, "Yea but if you kill a cop the other ones will kill you or put you in prison" So yea I think China is authoritarian. The US is too, but I think less than china. I think it should be obvious which one is more authoritarian. When you can't openly criticize the government, own guns, or do anything if they want to take your land they just can, that's worse than the US. I think we're more similar than we think in the way that they disagree about whats real and whether things are problems in their country or not just like we do here. Like a liberal will tell you that the US has concentration camps at the border and it's a humanitarian crisis. Then a republican will tell you, "nah it's normal"
  2. tagging is the worst thing you could do to a person ever on these boards. don't ever tag anyone or face the consequences @K_N
  3. Literally everything we know about China is not propaganda. That's just incorrect. It's not like it's another planet.
  4. They're just jealous of that blockbuster that won't close and how cool their tweets are.
  5. you got drunk thought you could be the next ninja then were like nah and forgot about it
  6. Poof


    I hope they are
  7. Completely ignoring methodology, how is that positive news?
  8. Poof


    ppl are gonna be driving around tesla cybertrucks wearing these
  9. Both. I was orchestrating my return aleady. In Jan, Feb, March. I made I a trip out there each month, and was planning to continue that schedule. I got that spot in Santa Monica right on the beach I think I posted about that was to be my LA base of operations. I had reconnected w/all my directors, photographers, and studios and was ready to get them to bid against each other for my first few return scenes. That's my plan which I carried out once before after my break from filming when I lived in NYC. I don't contact the people I want to work w/. I just come back to town and dink around. They find out I'm there on their own and they approach me which is what they did. Then I go hang out, they see I'm still in fighting shape, and then I can negotiate and leverage my following + my absence + my tendency to sell well to get the most $$$. That's what doing the 3 trips was about. I wanted them to know I'll come to town, and just leave / not going to beg for scenes. Bc they did throw little bullshit offers at me. Like my one ex photographer. I was hanging out w/him. He was playing on his phone being like "Damn this girl canceled. I need a model for this hardcore shoot tomorrow" Of course that's complete bullshit. No girl canceled. He just wanted to throw something together while I was there but it's exactly what I wanted him to do. It's exactly why I was there to say to no to the little bullshit offers and be like fuck u bye. Then another studio guy was like "There's a power vacuum, a good model could swoop in right now and take over." Which is just a line of his I'm sure. They'll say things like that to you at first, then later the story will become something like "We have 100s of models all wanting to film. A higher rate for you just isn't in the budget" Which is why playing these mindfuck games with them is so important. You can't be begging for scenes. You need to play the part of the rare commodity that they have to pay extra for. And yes I drew this location acquisition and leveraging process out over 3 trips when I probably could've moved alil quicker, partied less, and actually got some filming in before covid-19 shut everything down. I didn't know that was going to happen tho, and returning like this is really fun. You feel like a boss, get free shit and favors, and get to tell ppl to fuck off only to have them come right back to you later. All the weed and blow was mine for nothing, while I just watched the offers get better and better. Stupid ass rona had to ruin it. But at least I get to go thru the fun part again later.
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