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  1. Fuckin bird ill kill it
  2. hes just trying his hardest not to stare at Thiccany bottom right guy knows
  3. This isnt the dinosaur cloaca thread
  4. But ur name is sawdamizer
  5. I used to stay up late and watch the softcore movies start to finish and actually got into the stories. I miss that
  6. So they dont even know if it was a slit or if it was round. Useless.
  7. When I was running this morning I noticed one of the remaining trumpers still flying a trump flag had their truck in the driveway running warming it up. This house never has any activity in the early hours that I run. I wonder if they're going on a trip. I wonder if I found a terrorist
  8. do u guys understand thats paula deen is tiffany trump a donaold paula basterd girl?
  9. Poof


    i gotcha but in my dream he hung himself tho
  10. the real question is... ....how do we explain this?
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