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  1. Any weird house rules growing up?

    Why don't you like question marks?
  2. I don't have any debt but I would go to school if it was free
  3. Dark Chocolate

    You're welcome thank you
  4. Dark Chocolate

    It's ok that youre a psychopath
  5. Dark Chocolate

  6. Dark Chocolate

    I don't remember but I'm not making it up. I heard it somewhere
  7. Dark Chocolate

    Black as midnight on a moonless night
  8. Dark Chocolate

    Oopsie daisy
  9. Dark Chocolate

    I love all but I only get kale when I get collards
  10. Dark Chocolate

    Or maybe psychotic not psychopathic. Hmmm which was it
  11. Dark Chocolate

    they say the more inclined to psychopathic behavior, the more bitter tastes are enjoyed
  12. Whats going on w/the beard?
  13. Opinion on ads?

    How much is adspace?
  14. Ill probably be blocked finally for this

    I didn't know this about jesus i'm going to have to re-evaluate his entire back catalog
  15. supposedly if you submit yours after sometime in May, you'll be subject to new fees and less favorable percentages that they are going to implement. this could all be made up idfk OK? but just in case, now you know, or it's fake and you don't know anything new happy jesus zombr