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  1. So it begins

    I'm an old soul
  2. So it begins

  3. So it begins

    My mouth needs to hurt the next day
  4. Today's the day

    Ok good that's all I ask for. Enjoy your honeymoon or whatever you call it
  5. Got fucking jury duty

    Go do it and if it's any bullshit charge like drugs, resisting arrest, or blackjack and hookers, then you say "Not Guilty!" When good people get out of jury duty you get stuck w/jingos and buckets going in there eager to try to make their dicks bigger by ruining someone's life
  6. So it begins

    A bag of extremes lasts me longer as I only need 2-3 to induce pain instead of like 8.
  7. The Bunny Brigade

    You just take it easy
  8. So it begins

    All too real
  9. So it begins

    I have the same feeling of apprehension as right before getting dicked up by a monster cock

    I believe I've seen some before. I think she'll be preaching to the choir, but if you insist, I'll check it out
  11. Hey Poof

    It'd be nice to find the one
  12. Today's the day

    Finally. Can we get back to videogames now?
  13. So it begins

    Review coming soon to a thread near you
  14. People randomly saying Happy Father's day

    They want you to be their Daddy.