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  1. Yea you said that. What do you do besides drive ppl to food pantries?
  2. It is a guideline obviously I'd just come to cleveland as that's what I did before. I'm not having someone drive to my house. Who wants to see a therapist in their house? That seems weird. And isn't that unsafe for you seeing ppl at their house? Are you sure you're not an escort?
  3. Do you focus back and forth from eye to eye? Or do you look into both at the same time by focusing on the whole eye area? I do the latter. I don't dart my eyes back and forth focusing on the individual eyes. I feel like I don't take in as much of their emotions if I do that bc it's just like looking at an eyeball.
  4. Pickles for me too. Now I have one evrryday in my morning bloody mary
  5. That's what they told me when I went to cleveland to get my therapy to get on hormones in the first place. It's more like a guideline.
  6. If you ever think youre being followed, make 3 turns in the same direction. If theyre still behind you, theyre probably following you since you pretty much went in a circle.
  7. Wow you're a gusher. I believe you. I've heard of women who just orgasm at the slightest touch or vibration and end up doing it all day esp on like car rides and stuff. Once you get to a weight you're happy w/you need to eat normal again. You'll die eventually if you only have 500 calories/day
  8. The pussy probably wouldn't be as good since the doctor would have less skin to work with. Some grafts could be involved or something. There's several different ways to make a neovagina(which is the medical term) so I bet you they could do it. Whether it has actually happened? Idk
  9. Well I believe you can do it. My friend gina had a huge tongue too and she could lick her elbow.
  10. Splenda momma lmao!! There's transbians out there. And dating sites for trans and lovers-of-trans. Maybe look for a transbian group on fetlife if you still use it. Btw tho some girls are really offended by the term transbian. Soooo be careful. I probably shouldnt be propagating the term but yea
  11. It's just part of it. Like everything your body normally does is going to slow/shutdown until you eat normal again.
  12. Tim Ryan is a family friend. I feel like ppl might've guessed that I stanned so hard for his campaign bc he was one of my fans or something but it's not that at all. Ozzy Osbourne's nephew on the other hand is a fan of mine. He hit me up and sent me all these pics of them together as if ozzy being his uncle was supposed to increase his chances w/me somehow.
  13. Cmon just be my therapist damn the ethical ramifications
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