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  1. Yup. It’s possible when you space them out good. Pussy bounces back. I only have the tiniest bit of wear from when I was 15 and first discovered masturbation. There’s a reason I’m still banging the same guys since I was a virgin....well more reasons than that but good pussy is one. I practice my kegels and use them. Most women think just having a hole is enough for a man but it isn’t. Sooooo not true.
  2. Well if that’s an accomplishment in your book I applaud you. What’s your poison?
  3. Your posts have been so awesome lately. I still think about your reply to the old hibachi cook ❤️
  4. i did a lot I’m usually too depressed to do today even tho I feel like shit did you accomplish much today?
  5. I make over $30,000 and my Obamacare is free. Admit you were too lazy to even try the marketplace to get your insurance and just paid the fee like an idiot.
  6. Of course im doing that. We go out every weekend. I still need love.
  7. Everyone is ignoring me bnmjy. Im sad.
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