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  1. ziper eats a lot less these days ... like 5 pieces of his little turtle kibbles
  2. welp i guess my twich account has been hacked

    ive never used it. i think i made the account when i was an xbox technician since i got questions about it.
  3. Your Twitch Account - Successful Log-in Dear fuggstar, This email was generated because a new log-in was made on 20-May-2019 08:52 UTC (20-May-2019 01:52 PDT) originating from: Location: Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Device: Mac OS X 10.8 Browser: Firefox IP address: If you initiated this log-in, awesome! We just wanted to make sure it’s you.
  4. Everyone get naked!

    i was butt naked this morning after i showered because i was too sleepy to put on clothes so i laid in bed with just a towel.. then lost the towel
  5. how lazy are you?

    theres only 3 things good about you you are funny youre good at what you do
  6. how lazy are you?

    look idiot.. you said you were doing FOUR other things other than POSTING.
  7. how lazy are you?

    give us an example
  8. how lazy are you?

    thats only 3 things, bastid
  9. how lazy are you?

    you could be doing something else instead of posting here
  10. My nephew knows the word "pipe."

    haha! awesome i remember my baby was like 10 months old. and i was holding her while buying some clothes and the cashier was like "oh you are soo beautiful! youre adorable" and with no hesitation this child says "I know" in a sober voice. i think that was her first words. i almost dropped her in shock. expect some really funny things out of the kids mouth lol
  11. how lazy are you?

    thats pretty lazy. im guilty of the same for several weeks
  12. how lazy are you?

    right now im super cold at work but im too lazy to go under my desk and plug my electric blanket in
  13. Might be gone tomorrow

    You're just going to drink at the next job.
  14. Can't find my college diploma anywhere

    Ive had a job ask me
  15. Can't find my college diploma anywhere

    Dipolma or degree? lol