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  1. That sound like just what i need bitch
  2. oohh wow see thats all i noticed of u and it scared me. that and u attacking me lol
  3. But i am not even sleepy. Ok im going long day tomorrow. Screaming kids at trampoline park ....
  4. Im surprised abt all hes saying abt sawdy. He was nice to me back then. We talked on the phone even. It wasnt until here he turned on me and got so mean and i was blindsided. Guess he was always like that.
  5. Girl in hindsight it was hilarious. You were being ruthless while they all were fawning over u but u weren't even trying to be nice. I dont exactly remember but it something like u were saying. I HATE YOU ALL and these guys were sniveling and saying pathetic shit like "even me?" and u didn't even try to exclude anybody lmao
  6. Whoops. Shit. Move this rants. Look its 3am in the morning. Coordination is fucked, okurr?
  7. What will the arms of white supremacy use in place of its strongest weapon against minorities if not weed? I just dont see the govt taking such a big step in leveling the playing ground amongst the races Maybe ive become too jaded? I dunno. I see America going nuts at even the hint of expunging all weed related criminal history https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/10/24/politics/bernie-sanders-marijuana-justice-plan/index.html?utm_term=link&utm_content=2019-10-24T21%3A45%3A05&utm_medium=social&utm_source=fbCNN&fbclid=IwAR3OBCNPlPFkzIZ-4eoz86UyrldwkqE03MM2qb5uTAmbj9__kDGZtQWJ_CI&r=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F&rm=1
  8. Not to me. I went into IB once and she was verbally ripping off their balls off as they cried and she bathed in their tears lol maybe thats all i saw before i fled I ventured in there another day and she took notice of me and tore me to pieces. i was scared of her for a long time. But we become good friends later. Yah shes extremely cool. Like to her depths. We talked abt everything for hours one nite...like shit most people arent brave enough to even think abt. I love her.
  9. I preordered and prepaid for this game. It better come out the box rim-me-while- fingering-my-clit good as long as ive been waiting for it. 13 days ta go.
  10. Did he ever meet younger hormonal poof...oh boy
  11. No i understand. Its very very hard and when u are drinking it constantly it does feel and taste gross but ooh me gawd my skin gets soo prettiful. lol My blood pressure pills also have a side effect of a bad dry cough. But if i drink enuff water the cough goes away. I was coughing bad too...all thru the nite and at work So i have incentive. But u really gotta give it another go. Try the flavor with no calories or something cuz its definitely worth it.
  12. Yah i wax but im crazy abt not being marked up especially down there which is why i wax. I want experiences with me to be a treat and thats what keeps guys coming back when there is otherwise no real relationship lol sad i know. I only can handle but so much intimacy and invasion of my personal space. I need to keep looking good for pics. Boy oh boy the pics i see some women put out there. They do not seem to care. As long as its boobs or cooter they think it does not matter. I cant go out like that...nooo...say whatever abt me in person but i take good pics.
  13. Oohh noooo Nooo nooo. I DoOoOoO NOT stress lol like AT ALL. I learned not to give a fuck at an early age. I also barely smile. I DOOOoooOooooOo NOT need the wrinkles. One day i know its inevitable and its scary cuz all my friends are so wrinkly but most nites i can i get 7+ hours of sleep. Lately im adding 64oz of water to my intake a day and i take an easy USUALLY at work and do not stress. I AINT about to age! LOL. This whole 2nd job thing wont even be a thing after this store closes. If its known to cause aging im Neo dodging it matrix-like. Been a habit all my life and seems to be paying off so far. I just get depressed and my routine falters.
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