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  1. Poof


    Wow u finally make more than me / hour
  2. I hope every oz of my existence offends u
  3. No that's just the natural state of any asian who isn't currently smoking and it's not a curable disorder.
  4. Poof

    one of those days

    yea I left the house
  5. Poof

    one of those days

    goddammit packard
  6. Poof

    one of those days

    i did make it to tanning and the pharmacy
  7. know what I mean?
  8. i guess. Its spicy but not that spicy. I think its actually a take on how youre gonna have bad breath if you eat them. Bc it's kinda like plant beef jerky in taste texture and smell and jerky gives u instant breff
  9. tryna make my dick fly off it says kiss burn and it’s spicy but it tastes like beef jerky idk why they wanna bring up kissing
  10. Poof


    i'm listening to videogame music rn!
  11. Poof

    Your car history

    uhhh an oldmobile delta 88 then a toyota camry then i stopped driving when I moved to CA in 2013 and havent had any cars since
  12. Poof

    My latest victim

    no i don't do that anymore
  13. Poof

    My latest victim

    yes yes futurama
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