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  1. yea fuck those things please fuck them hard please
  2. Sounding.

    I've had an electric buttplug in me but I think I told you that before?
  3. Sounding.

    To someone else or had it done to you? I haven't. I'm very open minded in my work and in personal life but if left to my own devices, I'm simply more vanilla bottom than you might imagine
  4. Everyone get raked

    You're not hard to find packard
  5. Sounding.

    Yes, that is what it is.
  6. Sounding.

    do you know what figging is?
  7. And in a different time...

    packard will you believe anything written above a photo?
  8. so the left speaker on these headphones has been dangling from the headset by the audio cable for like a month now. then today the right speaker stops working. why would it happen that way?
  9. I wear glasses now

  10. i always thought it was for like if you wanted to have something in your car to hit someone over the head with but you didn't want anyone to think you had it for hitting someone over the head with. hence the name?
  11. Sounding.

    Anyone with a peehole can be sounded
  12. Bosses didn't check the weather forecast

    He's doing the thing where he refers to us all as one person again
  13. Bosses didn't check the weather forecast

    Sometimes I do love you a lot
  14. how lazy are you?

    Could a lazy person post as much as me? Hmmmmm????
  15. I imagine nothing interesting ever happening to him ever.
  16. And in a different time...

    the internet people are coming thru the phone!!
  17. Robots that feed on humans

  18. I don't wanna grow up

    i get it
  19. Robots that feed on humans

    Thanks I think it makes the most sense. #freeyourmind #realizethetruth
  20. if he bothered topping maybe. A lot of conservative men view me solely as a fetish object to fulfill their cocksucking fantasy.
  21. Everyone get naked!

    oddly enough I wore clothes most of today
  22. Robots that feed on humans

    There was no war. Humanity created and voluntarily put themselves to sleep inside the matrix because there was nothing for them to do anymore. It's the logical conclusion of us living our lives more and more in cyberspace while machines do more and more for us. The machines are just doing what the last awake humans created them to do which is to maintain humanity and the matrix, protect, and perpetuate it. The AI deals with the real world while the humans live in fantasy 1990s land because like agent smith said it's "The peak of your civilization." He means in happiness and satisfaction. It must've been determined that the 1990s were the best time to be alive. Morpheus's explanation of the real world came from the ones who got out before him and tried to make sense of what they saw, but they all virtually grew up in the 1990s. They put together the story of machines enslaving everybody because that's the only explanation that makes sense to them. They don't understand how humans could gradually absorb themselves into cyberspace so much that they'd choose to live in it 24/7/365. All they see is a desolate world where everyone is asleep and machines try and stop the awakened ones from waking others up. The machines do harvest heat energy from the sleeping bodies since it's more efficient than letting it go to waste. The awakened humans discovered this heat-to-electricity recycling system and wrongly assumed that it must be the reason the machines are keeping people alive and asleep, but the machines have some energy source the awakened humans don't realize. Fusion or some shit like that. The scorching of the sky is probably a byproduct of pollution or other man made disaster. Morpheus says the humans did it to try and stop the machines, but that's just another misguided theory based on misinterpretation. Basically we exploited the planet so thoroughly that it sucks. There's great technology but no more green. The "desert of the real" is what people in the matrix didn't want to live in. There is no explanation given to humans who wake up because it's just viewed as an unfortunate error. They're already a casualty since they can't be put back in. The designers of the matrix whether human or machine didn't see it happening very often. Some insignificant number like one in a hundred million or something, and it wasn't thought that they could survive, reproduce, and create a society aka Zion. That's about it.