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  1. mhmm. You wouldn't be asking this if you knew the beauty that's blessed us with her presence
  2. oh they def stopped caring the moment they booted me out the door
  3. i don't trust anyone completely shes hot tho
  4. She can stalk me all she wants
  5. And like she said it’s fine bc technically she’s not my nurse anymore
  6. She said the spot right under the tongue by the artery was the “sweet spot” for getting a temperature and we hit it off from there
  7. That what I said 😝
  8. She had to supervise my cell phone use and what apps I was going into. I wasn’t supposed to even open a browser or social media. She was like “You can go to the browser if you tell me what site you need. “ So I described it as a secret message board, she said no, and I asked if she’d go on and tell my friends I was ok but in the psych ward
  9. they said i can come back anytime i want tho
  10. Poof

    oh mother

    you sperlerd that???
  11. Et tu, Vamped? *dies*
  12. are you emulating a phone?
  13. Someone labeled a flock of sheep on Google maps “The Lil’ Bussy Boys” but now I can’t find it
  14. i was watching a porn and when the girl gagged her throat slime that came up was black and i was like WTF why is it black??? then she rolled her eyes and said "coca cola" and i was able to calm down
  15. Poof

    oh mother

    You’re just as bad as her
  16. ikr I had to throw out some human after I turned on some anthropology flick what a waste
  17. I told you it was weird. Don't be intimidated. These people have been posting for over a decade so there's a lot of established drama and in jokes. New people do show up from time to time tho
  18. (i still gotta write it, and I gotta finish reading the bible and more about jesus) I'm glad you made it here
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