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  1. I couldn't say. But ppl quote the movies so often that I know a ton of the most memorable lines. So whenever a group of ppl start referencing a bunch of monty python I join in as if I have seen them and nobody has any idea I'm being an imposter.
  2. I've never seen any Monty Python movies or the tv shows
  3. Mine was too last night into the morning about 8 hours
  4. I'm not sure what happened to his tusk. I didn't even think to ask to give him a pat. It was a handler's area. They let us stay but we weren't really supposed to be over there. Plus like I said he was staring straight into my soul. I think he might've started talking if I tried anything
  5. You might think I'm into that since I just made a thread about an elephant named Big Willy but not really my cup of tea. I don't judge tho. The heart wants what the heart wants
  6. I'm not being edgy. You're more country than I am. You're telling me you didn't play with fire or any explosives growing up?
  7. See elephants have their own social media https://www.elephant.se/database2.php?elephant_id=4057 In the video, that's where I went to see him up close @katt_goddess
  8. I'm a filthy frank fan. Not a Joji fan
  9. It's pretty sick how they're just trying to lie their asses off about running concentration camps as if it's poll numbers or inauguration sizes
  10. She actually said "the brave men and women who are taking people's babies into custody"
  11. Well if bucket would throw away his hate maybe we could've had a conversation about the 2nd amendment and he'd find I agree with him
  12. Yea but they can also be used to not serial kill or murder or terrorism
  13. I mean I grew up in the arson capital of the US. Maybe my experience is not the most typical
  14. why is everyone freaking out bc he blew up a pipe bomb on someone's front lawn? who hasn't made a few pipe bombs?
  15. it felt like all my teeth on the upper right side were going to pop out
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