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  1. I hate showering and getting ready to go out only to walk out of the house and it’s raining
  2. like....song? Cause big bad wolf has been in my head for like 2 weeks
  3. you dont, you are now one with the glitter
  4. do your calls always start with hollow flattery....everytime I’m like “yeah shut the fuck up and get to the point, I got shit to do”
  5. I filed a week before they started, got it 3 days after they started
  6. the new Lola isn’t sexy, they ruined her
  7. So you want to pass a law stopping them from having sex? dude everyone does some nefarious shit...not just politicians. They are humans too, they are not perfect. And the expectation that they have to be some perfect person is bullshit. now if they are fucking minors? That’s already a law. If they are taking bribes be it in monetary gains or sexual? Yeah already a law. But them having an affair in their wives? It’s a breach of the marriage contract between two individuals, but not illegal. And making it illegal for them, makes it illegal for you and everyone else. We have enough people in this country incarcerated as it is, you wanna throw cheaters in there? We’d be a society of nothing but prisoners
  8. You gotta donate to the server for that to happen I think
  9. Yeah well I can’t attest as to how he does his job so I can’t help you with the cop hate there...but needless to say the tattoo thread was based around it...
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