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  1. wuts ur butt look like

  2. I wear glasses now

    we’re all old as fuck Odin.....what did you expect
  3. GOT final ep poll

    I don’t watch it....but I’m selling whole season digital downloads.....any takers?
  4. wuts ur butt look like

    I dunno...let me ask LB
  5. I wear glasses now

    Both...my vision is crazy bad...my lenses cost me about $400... ... then i bought $300 Tiffany frames..... .... shut up
  6. Starting a new job today

    Did you send them that sick photo of you with a trash can on your head?
  7. Can't find my college diploma anywhere

    B-roe has a good point.... I can’t think of a time I’ve ever needed the physical document
  8. Can't find my college diploma anywhere

    Just get a new one...I think it’s like $20 to get another one printed
  9. Long time no see

    Don’t you fucking lie
  10. Long time no see

    HO-LEE SHIIIIIIIT bitch I haven’t seen you for a minute...how u been? side note...I have zero idea who u married....it’s vaguely familiar but...na
  11. I'm retiring when my post count hits 2112.

    I like some...but not all
  12. The cat has not left my side since I got home

    It’s 7am...she decides she sleeps here now too...
  13. Don’t get me wrong I like the window seat

    Only racist when the hot lights on
  14. Don’t get me wrong I like the window seat

    It’s a code name...