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  1. Still Me


  2. He blocked me, and I deleted the number. He can throw it out, he said he didn’t care so whatever.
  3. dated him for awhile, eventually offered to let him crash at my place while he had contracts in town so he wouldn’t have to drive 3 hours home everyday. So time went by and he got really weird, then he ghosted me. So 5 months later I kept bothering him for my key back, and that when I found out he got scared that things were getting too serious. I was like dude, no it wasn’t…we weren’t even boyfriend girlfriend, I was just being nice because your company didn’t bother me. So then I kept pestering him for my key back and he was like “I work nights, but I’m off Thursday. So if you leave work Thursday and head my way, by the time you get here I’ll be awake and I’ll give you your stuff and we can go out to dinner.” So I’m like…yeah ok fine. And I took Friday off because I didn’t wanna come home at 2am to get up at 5 to go to work. So I drive out there, and was in traffic from hell, got there at 6pm. And he’s not there, he apparently has meetings at work on Thursday’s (so not really off Thursday’s hmm?) and he says to me, I thought I said we’d meet at 8?. Ok no, that’s not what was discussed, and so you expect me to sit in the parking lot of your apartment from 6-8? So I flipped out and said “I spent almost 3 hours in traffic, I’ve wasted my time, my gas, and my toll money, fuck this” and I went home. still don’t have my mother fucking key, after over 6 months of asking for it.
  4. I’ve never gotten anything. I’ve always wondered what getting flowers would feel like. I bet that feels nice
  5. I immunize at work. But I love hearing how bitter some people are about getting forced to get it
  6. I bought a tree this year….enjoy
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