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  1. Still Me


    Is it wrong that I read that in his voice?
  2. Yeah I’m gonna try...then never go back
  3. I have piriformis syndrome, which basically is a muscle in my buttock that will spasm and irritate the sciatic nerve. It causes pain and pressure down the right side of my lower back and shooting pains down my right leg. So I’ve been going to the chiropractor to treat it because I’m currently dealing with a flare since Tuesday. So anyways, first visit was great. The guy was finding alternative ways to stretch the muscles and move the nerves around to that I wasn’t in too much pain. the second visit I get this girl that essentially just cracks my upper spine, pokes my sore irritated lower back, does nothing with it and emails me exercises. but today....today was the fucking worst. I get another guy and I start telling him my concerns and how I was dissatisfied with the lack of treatment the previous time. And he proceeded to press his whole fucking weight on top of the flaring muscle in my buttock. And he keeps doing at as I’m flailing and wiggling away from him. He stops to tell me to stop moving away from him and keeps fucking pressing on it as hard as he can. The pain was so intense that I’m struggling to breathe and I’m crying into the bed. Then finally I manage to scream out, “am I being tortured here?!” And he says no and keeps fucking doing it. When he finally sits me up he notices now that I’ve been sobbing into the head rest. Then apologizes for not knowing I was in that much pain. DUDE....I was moving away, screaming and flailing...don’t fucking tell me you didn’t know. I sat in my car and cried for 20 minutes as the shooting pain in my back and leg continued to worsen. then I got a pedicure cause it’s the only place I knew that had massage chairs
  4. *shrug* got no one to blame but me
  5. Wut? You mean my feelings or with his dick? Cause yes
  6. Right? Nothing better than waking up from a fap nap
  7. I really don’t like the sound of music... so I would say at the very beginning of the movie so that I could fap and doze off
  8. you know it’s like he has a sixth sense.... because whenever I get upset that I haven’t heard from him.... he calls... or he’ll come over... mind you I don’t tell him I’m upset.... it’s just weird that as soon as I make a journal entry (I keep a diary, it’s been helping me with my depression) about how I haven’t heard from him... literally the same night or the next day he’ll shoot a message to me.... like I made this post yesterday right?... decided I wasn’t gonna spend my weekend at home and wanted to go to Buc ee’s. And on my way there...BOOM.... he calls.... and then this morning it’s like 7 o’clock in the morning and he calls me not once, not twice, but three times...
  9. I can be numb most of the time...but sometimes I just get stuck. you?
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