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  1. i was gonna...but I like watching the progression of sadness
  2. Roll crimson tide...that means period...imma bleed all over the place
  3. *laughter emanating from the general direction of Texas*
  4. I don’t know you...so I don’t know how I could kill you that would make you scared
  5. Murder and hide the corpse? Maybe...rape you? Fuck no....I’d rather fuck a cactus
  6. Yup what a great birthday that was
  7. @discolemonade i called the store I converted today, wanted to see if they were alright. And they were telling me that they were ok, but all their trucks had been cancelled for the week. So they aren’t getting any more meds for a bit. And they were crazy busy today and were running out of normal shit like azithromycin and Lipitor...
  8. How would I have better knowledge? It didn’t even rain in Dallas
  9. this....hands down....is the dumbest fucking shit I’ve read in like 2 months
  10. Lol you make garbage...it’s not a secret
  11. I also make twice what you do...about to be 4x
  12. I can attest to this, I stopped my prime, Hulu, crunchy roll, and sling. My netflix and my gym membership....that’s what...an extra $300? then again I’m preparing for a job change
  13. What does it matter, you’re data and personal information was already compromised....
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