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  1. In reference to us though, it's cuntry.
  2. Opinion on ads?

    Buy one gun and steal the rest... Nerd.
  3. Opinion on ads?

    I mean, I guess you can't be picky for ad revenue but I'm a bit shocked that KN or Pat are cool with offshore drilling ads. I didn't click it... Because fuck that
  4. Opinion on ads?

    Hell fucking ya!
  5. Opinion on ads?

    Lol you think I would made that up?
  6. Opinion on ads?

    Fit singles in my area. Horny single moms
  7. Dark Chocolate

    This makes me angry
  8. Dark Chocolate

    Is that true? What am I saying, of course it is.
  9. No. You'll get nothing and like it.
  10. Clegane Bowl

  11. Dark Chocolate

    You're going to be labeled a psychopath
  12. Very sad today.

    I am, thank you
  13. So what's the next holiday?

    Cinco de Mayo