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  1. Organized youth sports these days

    Zeni? Idk... I doubt it. The doc? Yes.
  2. August 1st, 2018 - Rocket League

    Step up
  3. Organized youth sports these days

    He ain't no zeni
  4. Picard Teaser

    You know you just set him off in an autistic rage
  5. Organized youth sports these days

    Ok.... But when does father Kelly come in and deep throat the last supper?
  6. Organized youth sports these days

    Buddy will grow up to sit at the head of all tables.
  7. Had a convo with a fuddy duddy (older dude that is in sports medicine) and he was trying to convince me that youth sports today shouldn't have any sense of competition in them anymore but it should be all about fun. Until the age of 13. Wut? Like, I didn't need sports when I was growing up to know I wanted to be better than everyone. Kid does a wheelie? Fuck that I will do one longer and off a curb, fuck out of my way normie. I say, pit them all against each other and then I'll fight the other parents for the best of the best. Healthy competition is good.
  8. I spread a pound of wild flower seeds out back. Set up my herb garden and changed all my filters in the house.
  9. I resent the fuck out of this.... I'm gonna give you my account info and you'll fucking lose your shit
  10. Chernobyl on HBO

    The dongs.