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  1. She sucks at her job. The fact that she has zero ability to filter, and show empathy to those that aren't like her, is what makes her a fucking piece of shit member of society. Get rid of her. I'd fire her ass right on the spot if I heard that shit.
  2. Might I suggest a healthy flicking of the ol bean?
  3. Wait nevermind... If you call the number he gets on the phone at the house, it's a live recording and says "they have a message for Joyce..." and some other stuff. I'd post the number but I dont know if I'll catch a ban for it
  4. Might be someone from previous seasons... *ahem*
  5. I will be surprised if he isnt. The ending was way too emotional for everyone and the message would be lost if he isnt... to me anyways. BBB = Bring Back Bob
  6. That Peter tingle means something different for you as it does spiderman.
  7. Just another thoughtful gesture by one of the sweetest, most generous people I've ever had the honor of knowing. #nohomo Thank you, Buddy.
  8. Getting crackheads to do your housework, and it shows.
  9. I'm not yet. Just doing some cleaning. Have to see what the mrs is up to today, and I'm trying to wake Briggys ass up.
  10. What's good today? I'm trying to max out that rocket pass bullshit. But.... ramming our ship in to unsuspecting captains gets my chonies tinglin too
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