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  1. midnight


    I had to shave off what didn't burn off. haha. Wasn't a choice, but a necessity.
  2. midnight


    I own my age. I don't need Just For Men. I accept the gray. And you are right, at least I'm not balding. Full head of hair, and a full beard.
  3. midnight


    I didn't. I was smoking meat, and the wind caught the flame in the offset, and blew it in my face. Burned my face, and my beard. That was a month ago, so I have a full beard, just not long.
  4. Captain Marvel. 10/10. Really enjoyed it.
  5. midnight


    Meh. I burned mine off. Ha.
  6. You fry up some bacon and dice it up. Fry onions in the bacon grease and add back the bacon pieces. Then add flour and whisk all that together. Then gradually add cream to it, whisking that around for a few minutes. Then you add a can of whole peeled tomatoes that have been crushed up. I like whole peeled tomatoes the best. They taste better to me. Then add some salt and pepper and sugar and basil, and stir it good and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. You pour this over biscuits. It's pretty good.
  7. I love when this mongoloid tries to post something of relevance in rants.
  8. midnight


    But I'm your old fart.
  9. Nobody fucking cares. She's probably taking her somewhere to eat that's healthy for a change.
  10. midnight


    since I shaved my beard off, and it is now regrowing, it has a lot more gray in it than it did before. at least it's coming in thick again. and fast.
  11. Nothing works in Alabama.
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