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  1. I think nameraka is right. You might have to reach a certain number of posts first. Maybe 500. I think once you reach DF, you can change your rank.
  2. Send me $50 and I will explain it.
  3. Haha @ all the fried chicken establishments your fat ass frequents. You should really consider DIEtING.
  4. I thought Nabs was dead. So much for wishful thinking.
  5. It was a joke. I am just waiting on Facebook to calm their tits so I can get back there.
  6. They said I had suspicious activity. I had to get a code texted to me and enter that, then upload a picture of myself. Now it is under review. I am making an alt now. My third alt, as the other two were removed before.
  7. Meh. I'm only here because Facebook kicked my ass out. Bastards. So, to those of you I'm friends with on there, I didn't delete my shit, Facebook has me in jail until they sort out my shit. Hopefully in a day or two. Then I will be gone again.
  8. I saw some of bucket's alts. Gay something or other. Can't remember.
  9. Sounds like Trigun took the wrong balloon up the pooter?
  10. Poof. Thanks for the down vote. At least you can be counted on for one thing. I mean, apart from porn.
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