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  1. Yes. He watched Top Gun and played with G.I. Joe's.
  2. They're looking for Cobra Commander.
  3. i have the sad feels

    I added the cream in the coffee....
  4. You can watch It (2017) on demand if you have Cinemax

    I'm not even going to comment on the kid diddling shit. I'm just gonna say, I bought IT on Blu-ray when it came out over a year ago. Watched it when it came out. The fuck has to wait on Cinemax to show it? I didn't even know Cinemax was still a thing. They probably still have Blockbuster where you live too. Go rent that new movie The Goonies on VHS, bro.
  5. Down time

    I'm waiting for the Toe Jam and Earl release later this year. I think I'm gonna finally pick up Smash Bros. I hear nothing but good things about Breath of the Wild.
  6. netflix just suggested "sex education"

    Yes! Haha. Yeah. You can give your partner the ole Hot Carl. Umhmm. Yeah, the Filthy Sanchez. Good one Filmore.
  7. they to me to chill out.

    Whoa. You're coming in hot, bro. You need to chill. Haha.
  8. Games you love that most people hate

    Echo The Dolphin. No wait. I hated that one too. Not sure. I'll have to think about this.
  9. Someone who's smart please help me...

    Then get you an external hard drive for your computer. I have one hooked up to my Xbox, and I can take my computer or phone, and upload pictures or whatever to that, and free up space on my devices, and I know my stuff is safe on it. External hard drives aren't too expensive. I paid a little over $100 for mine and it's 3tb.
  10. Someone who's smart please help me...

    I'd have to agree with bnmjy. Take it to Geek Squad. And in the future, I'd save everything to the Cloud. Then you can access it from any device.
  11. Fucking waiting for a response in the rants folder.

    I had our daughter convinced she was getting a Soulja Game Consol for Christmas. The whole holiday season, she was like fuck Christmas. Haha.
  12. Fucking waiting for a response in the rants folder.

    Nah bro. But disco had already said what could be said. Then Mini brought his high ass in here, so I had no other go-to except gaming.
  13. Fucking waiting for a response in the rants folder.

    We are laughing our asses off at this comment. All I can think is you got high as hell, was eating this, and wondering what the hell was going on. Hahaha.
  14. Fucking waiting for a response in the rants folder.

    High as fuck. Haha.
  15. Fucking waiting for a response in the rants folder.

    I'm not gonna comment on the sentimental stuff, so I'll just ask, what system do you play on? (Not that I don't care, but disco's got it covered).