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  1. And now there are security cameras set up at the dumpsters to track down and fine people who are littering and making the areas look trashy. You're welcome. Shit for brains. You truly have no idea about anything do you? Keyboard warrior. Pussy in real life. Typical. Not knocking you, bro. It's just, be original. There's too many of those around these days. Wanna stand out and be different? Try not being an internet tough guy, who's scared of his own shadow irl.
  2. You make everything political because you have no understanding of life. Carry on, fool.
  3. Haha. Nah. I was referring to you as a Non Player Character. Which is what you are. But if throwing some Trump shit in there is what you have to do to make you seem relevant to yourself, then you do you.
  4. You are irrelevant in everybody's life. You have no substance about you. You are minuscule in every fabric of existence. A peon. You are an NPC.
  5. I came here for a personal reason. Besides, my wife posted this thread and I am seconding her. Be grateful I am trying to leave the boards and stop bitching at me. Instead of trolling and fueling the fire as you said, take a page out of your own book and shut up.
  6. A crossover SUV has the chassis of a car. You are still driving a car, fuggs. You stupid fuck.
  7. Her mom is still making her payments on the '09 piece of shit she slides her slimy ass in every day. The only thing the cunt owns is debt. Broke bitch = two jobs and still a broke bitch.
  8. Sitting here like the old fuck I am, watching The Today Show.
  9. Avengers Endgame 9/10. Ma 8/10. Us 8/10. Spider-Man Far From Home 8/10. Annabelle Comes Home 2/10. The Nightmare Before Christmas 4/10. Hocus Pocus 4/10. Child's Play 6/10. The Lion King 9/10. Dumbo 9/10.
  10. I can't tell. Not like anyone is getting kicked out of this place for good. That's the problem with the place. There's some good people here that don't come around much anymore and it's all because of the assholes. I mean, I know I'm an asshole, and I would have never joined this site, had it not been for personal reasons. I had one goal when I came here, and I wasn't expecting to last this long. I've asked to be removed before, and was granted a three month ban. I want a permanent ban, because this place is no fun anymore. It shouldn't even be an issue. There should be a delete account option here. Then no one would have to bother anyone. You could just delete your shit and be done with it. But since that's not an option, here we are.
  11. It's not being lazy. There should be an option here, just like everywhere else. If anyone is being lazy, it's the mods by not just granting our requests. I'm not changing my password to bullshit. I want my fucking account removed. As in, inaccessible. Non-existent. Simple request.
  12. Fill me in. Who were you before this name?
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