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  1. Adblocker Plus. Got rid of all the shit for me. Back to normal now.
  2. Opinion on ads?

    I downloaded an ad blocker, and now I don't have to see the ads. I don't know why you downvoted that. This ad blocker is working for me.
  3. Opinion on ads?

    Just installed an awesome ad blocker. My shit looks normal again.
  4. Fuck Easter

    Bed time.
  5. Fuck Easter

    I'm going to post a photograph. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.
  6. Fuck Easter

    Looks a lot like my left nut, if I shave it. Same texture. I'm gonna rename my sack to Mars and Venus.
  7. Fuck Easter

    You're not 50.
  8. Fuck Easter

  9. Fuck Easter

    They should make a yawn reaction.
  10. Fuck Easter

    I didn’t see wrinkles on stills either. But your forehead would wrinkle a bit too if you raised the People’s Eyebrow.
  11. Fuck Easter

    I know no one is trying to talk about how anyone looks. Pot...bend kettle over and fuck it in the ass.
  12. Fuck Easter

    I don’t think I knew you had ink.
  13. Fuck Easter

    This is my hobby. I have no friends and my dick is small.
  14. Fuck Easter

    I’m going to buy disinfectants right now.
  15. Fuck Easter

    I see.