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SECRET SANTA Covid 2020 edition ♥


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Covid might be here, but that ain't stopping us!  You know what time it is and you know you want it, this year we're going to have a $35 limit.  This is secret santa and completely random, I have no control over who get paired but I can do a second drawing for those who are pissy pants.  Post yer name and I could put ya in a random name generating machine and see if you pair up with someone early enough to exchange information and get each other gifts.  Plan is to get a list going by 12/5/20 pr earlier so that we can have you a partner and redraw for those who havent echanged infomation by 12/9/20.  Serious players only.  NO creepy shit.  Don't go to anyone houses and please do not give out anyone's information.  For what it is worth, use a post office and a wishlist to keep anonymity.  Also you can use board names although I have ran into issues with some post offices wanting to have real names so that it can coincide with an ID.  However you want to do it with your partner, do it...just remember to use protection.  That part is most important this year.  Try to use a gift list this year to reduce chances of transmitting covid.

One gift idea is to post your amazon gift list, or just ignore it and go with your gut instinct.  Neko's Master plan...i mean Amazon wishlist  'tis the season!  Happy Thanksgivingmas!

Paypal is useful.  So are lists.  Please exchange information wisely.  As always safety first so no weird stalkerish shit.  Please be nice.  It's about as safe as having a penpal so if you are comfortable with that, you should be good.  Please no dirty underwear in mail!  Gag gifts are ok as long as you both are on the same page about it.  Nothing unsafe, biohazard, harmful or of memetic descriptions.  boobs.

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11 hours ago, Quackers said:

you forgot someone !!!!!!!


On 12/5/2020 at 11:09 PM, Neko said:

OK so I have 9 so far. 





Le Gurgaon




In Flames




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