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  1. It's none of our fucking business, you paranoid weirdo.
  2. That actually makes so much more sense than whatever they were saying in the actual episode, thanks. Sword Art- What bullshit awaits us this time. You're a little late there, gun girl. Reminder that this is all inside a goddamn video game. Yes, his death was pointless but at least he doesn't have to be in this show anymore. All of this has also done irreparable damage to my soul. Could the nerd not just program a portal to the magic alter here or something? Oh, it's that one angry punchy guy. I feel literally nothing about their suffering, show. Are y'all fucking yet? This is definitely a metaphor for pegging. Haven't these two known each other for like a day at most? At least if they die they don't have to be here anymore. Klein is still the best character. I hope Klein is the true love that wakes him up. Oh what the fuck is this now. I am supposed to know who this guy is? This is stupid. Who the fuck is that girl? THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, YOU WEIRDOS. What in the sweet and sour fuck is any of this? Oh no, her video game character might be lost forever. "Holy crap that's a lot of nerds" is exactly what I say every time I get on this board. THEY TERK ARE JERBS. Holy fuck, one single person in this show knows how a video game works. Oh hey, Black Seitz gets to do something. Oh no, all these fake video game characters who aren't real people are dead. I wonder if sister-cousin is still being tentacle raped for EXP offscreen. Shocking that this plan went awry. Fire Force- I hate you and your ugly baby onesie. Iti's fine, nobody died and the creepy guy got to feed his weird weird fetish. Hug it out, boys. Hey there, Captain Sexy. I can't give you any help but you have like a whole eight people to save the planet with. Date me. God I am gonna get this man killed one day. "Girl you dated a hobo." I already don't like this girl. They look like if Team Skull gave up the Pokemon game. The house, the house, the house is on fire. Oh, I really hate her. "I was born to run an extortion racket on the elderly" is not a good take, bitch. Girl just start taking drugs instead of sprinting into house fires. That's a lot of fires. Maki continues to have absolutely zero competition for best girl. Hiii Vulcan. Just have Gunman start shooting everything. No really, am I supposed to like her? RIP redshirt friend. "We're planning on ending the world, join us!" The hell? Just let them take her. Good job now you've just consolidated yourselves so your enemies have less work. Ouch. Ass Class- Calm down there, crazy boy. OH, THAT'S A BASEBALL. I appreciate this OP because of Bitch Sensei's jiggling boobs. So I guess that's just the only dance move these kids know. Oh, you're just here for the mockery. Squid is best coach. FLIP THAT TABLE. Baseball squid! I don't know enough about baseball to know what's going on but good job kids. Eat shit, other kids. If you can survive against him, other students are easy. You just broke this poor kid's brain. GUN. Whelp, this was going too well. Defeated by the other team's boobs. Well kids the important thing is that you tried. Dude it's middle school gym class calm the hell down. Have Bitch distract him. I am exactly at that level of sports knowledge. I like that his strategy is just being a douche. BUNT. That boy is definitely on steroids. Karma, go stab him. He's gonna hit you with that bat. "Just kill some students, it'll be fine." Random squid face for a second there. Good job kids I'm proud of you. Now go stab the principal. The real victory was the friends you made along the way.
  3. Me trying to figure out how this topic turned into complaining about other random shows that aren't even on Toonami:
  4. This year is horse shit. RIP buddy, thanks for all the good times.
  5. It doesn't count if you'd only fuck their human form, I swear! It's a fun show and the main characters are great. 10/10 recommend.
  6. Y'all: Thicc thigh waifu Also y'all: Post some skinny anime girl with average sized thighs at best if we're being generous
  7. I'm Deku's height and that's perfect because it puts me right at eye level with Mirio's tits. 👍 SAO- Klein is best waifu. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, YOU IDIOTS. No seriously, why are the bad guys even bothering with Alice when Yui has existed as a fully functional AI with free will for years now? I'm sure all these people appreciate that you keep reminding them how they're all fake and none of them are actually real. I straight up don't remember what any of these nerds are doing in the real world. I genuinely cannot follow the plot of this series. I forgot the undying rage I feel every time I hear the word FLUCTLIGHT. I hate all of you and I regret every decision I've made in my life that has led to this point. What does ANY of that even mean? I have not understood a single goddamn sentence of this. Robot is the best character. At least duct tape a knife to that thing or something. Kirito didn't know shit about Alice, you were paying him to play a video game you weird weird people. At least if Daddy Knight dies he doesn't have to be in Sword Art anymore. I feel nothing, show. I still don't know how Diavolo's stand worked but I do know that time shenanigans never go well. This is not my fault. What in tarnation. No really, why DON'T you despise her? Is the immolated clown molester's ghost also here? Wait when did those two fuck? Am I supposed to care about any of this? Fire Force- I need that calendar. Date me, Captain. Dude your name is Roach you don't get to pick on anyone. Hello there, new cute friend. Does this guy only speak in whistles? This old man creeps me out. I'm uncomfortable. And now a crazy naked lady is trying to make you kill people. Hey uh what the fuck. Grandpa's got some issues. And then mascots. Uh, what. I'm so creeped out. Oh goddammit not this bitch again. Uh hey Shinra you okay there kiddo? Don't give in to your hate boner. This is grandpa's fetish. Hey there, cute friend! Dumbass assist, go! He's so fucking stupid I love this dumb bastard so much. Me too, Ogun. Aw crap, dumbass has a sad backstory too. COWBOY DAD. Oh noooo. Shhh don't tell him his parents abandoned him. Self defense punch! Bye, crazy naked lady. Ass Class- You okay there, Squid? I still hate you, Vocaloid. Oh, you're creepy. BIRD. Even Squid Sensei is freakd out. HEY, KOOLAID MAN. And then Killua joined the class. I know that mood. Brothers! I choose to believe his parents look like that. Explain yourself, Tatum. They even like the same porn. He's fine, he's just got a mutation. Oh shit, he is a squid. Uhhhh you okay there, sensei? I don't like this. If he dies we riot. MY LEG. Let the kids have the money at least. PSYCHE. Eat shit, lil' bro. Goddamn kids and their temper tantrums. Go to sleep, kiddo. It's okay sensei we still love you. No kids you're not here to learn about your teacher's personal life. "His tentacles upset you" is a really funny sentence out of context. It's heartwarming to see all these students buckle down with the goal of murdering the only teacher who ever cared about them.
  8. And? So were Paranoia Agent, Champloo, FLCL, GITS, Eureka Seven, Trigun, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and probably more that I don't remember off the top of my head. If it aired on Toonami, and multiple times at that, why wouldn't it count?
  9. I did not have enough Emergency Vodka. Sword Art- I remember fuck all about what happened last season. Is Kirito sill in a coma? Maybe y'all should stop using their actual gods as your disposible accounts? "All of you are fake and none of this is real! Tee hee!" RIP nice pig girl. Oh goddammit, big titty sister-cousin is here too. Date the sad pig boy instead of your blood relative. Was she always this dumb or is this new? Oh, is it her turn to get molested? I was joking but I forgot this is Sword Art. My power is also stored in my giant boobs. We're REALLY doing this, huh? What the fuck. Oh hey, I guess she remembered this is a video game and she's not actually killing a real person. Where the fuck did this place come from? RIP dragon, you were too good for this show. You're too tolerable to be a main character in this show, you can't defeat him. At least if you die in Sword Art, you don't have to be in Sword Art anymore. I also get distracted sometimes when I'm faced with a big, thick sword. RIP hot dad guy, this is not my fault. I'm with Redshirt Seitz here, this sucks ass. I hope this is Klein getting to do something. Okay I was joking but I will absolutely take this. Fire Force- Maki is my girlfriend. Shinra could use a hug. Oh this is gonna be fun. This is me shopping in Animal Crossing. Dude, she's a nun. You're gonna need new shoes. Absolute chungus. Oh hey, it's the dumb one. Hey there, Captain Sexy. Hey Vulcan. GUN. You can go ahead and kill Creepy Science Dandy. Let's split up, gang! Maki is best girl. Arthur, seen here in a rare moment not being an absolute dumbass. Date me, Captain. Kakyoin'd it. NUDIST BITCH. No, let him keep the outfit. Bitches be evil, Shinra. OH HELL YES. Expository biceps. I need this calendar. This is the best first episode of anything ever. BEEF SQUAD. Shut up Shinra I'm here for the cobra. DOUBLE COBRA. It's okay Captain Sexy I still love you. Ass Class- "Oh, sexy guy. It's a miracle!" is a sentence I've said verbatim. I love you, BItch Sensei. Titties. Fucking Russians. Human Resources Assassin sounds like a sweet job. Well now look whose cover's been blown. Good luck, my dude. Lady even I would see through that and I'm horny and stupid. Now that's a sweet prize. Oh dang, he's got some moves. Best cheerleader. Assassination daddy will never love you. "Fuck him" is always a valid option. Dang look at her go. OH YOU'RE BONED ALRIGHT. They're gonna fuck. Where do you even get a custom suit of squid armor on a teacher's salary? Guard your balls, Speed of Sound Sonic. I hate you, Vocaloid girl. Y'all are about to die. He is the best teacher. If he's gonna talk through this movie he's lucky he's unkillable. Huh, wonder if that's a hint that he's got a long lost sibling. Hi, Tatum. I know I just called it but I didn't think it would be that fast.
  10. Ohhhh I'm gonna need to bring out the Emergency Vodka for this.
  11. Poor bastards can't even jack it to anime titties to forget about the horrifying wildlife.
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