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  1. Any time I see another tired argument among Star Wars nerds I just remind myself they're fighting over the franchise that brought us this.
  2. The other day I was watching something on CR and the audio just went completely silent for 30 damn seconds, and there's comments about it since the day it was uploaded so it's definitely something wrong with the actual video and not on the customer end. Funi's player had its share of issues but I straight up never saw a problem like that before, so I'm guessing FuniRoll's just not doing any quality checks anymore as a way to cut costs.
  3. We're on a mission from Tom. Lupin- Hiiii Glasses Fujiko. Who's this douchebag? I don't trust this guy. I don't know enough about archaeology to know if any of this is bullshit so I'm just gonna assume it's legit. "Thanks for curing my tuberculosis, doc, have this weird bird rock I found." That sure took a long time for him to get to the point. How many men will she have to seduce to get that fossil? Jigen's too old for this shit. It's okay Fuji I'd help you for free. I always love the super realistic latex mask ploy. Well that sure is weird. Shoutout to that guard looking at porn instead of watching the cameras because I'd be doing the exact same thing. Uhhh this ain't normal. How does she fit all that hair in that cap? Just fuck already. This definitely feels like some kinda elaborate trap. Uhhhhhh hey Lupin you okay there buddy? What the fuck is going on. Hey, who spilled Angel's Egg in my Lupin episode? One Piece- Fuck you, Hordy. I can't believe we can't just let Decken bleed out here. Sea Hagrid cracks me up. Eat some balls, douchebags! You suck, evil Zoidberg. Nami being menaced by yet another invisible asshole. Goddammit Brook. Cut that out you're ripping his jacket. I am always down for more Mecha Franky. They are all idiots, aren't they. Meanwhile, Chopper being the only one doing any work here. Man Usopp got cool. Aw hell where'd Chopper go. Stop taking drugs! I just want shark waifu to make it out of here. Okay that was definitely a pregnant lady there, how the fuck does that work? And then everyone else got stabbed. Uh hey Luffy you know what water does to you right? I agree with Hordy, Decken should just fucking die already. Look I know we need to keep him alive so the giant boat doesn't crush-murder the entire island but I really wish he'd just die. God I hope he's dead and not just knocked out. Oh right, the ship. Well this could be going better. Oh, so it's a special phantom mystery ship. I don't think I'm lucky enough for Decken to be dead. No, he is not alright. Man that is one strong bubble. Sweet, free shark teeth. Dude it's not a flex to be smarter than Luffy. This is a real rough day for Shirahoshi. I don't like Fukaboshi's odds here. She died because you shot her, you sack of shit! And then he died. Spoiler alert he's doing this because he's just as MASSIVE bag of dicks. Owwww that's gotta hurt. I have no memory of these guys. Okay I would rather just be crushed to death than lose the air conditioner. Dude no that's SO MANY drugs. Hordy is the fucking worst.
  4. My mistake. I thought that "I Enjoy it but It doesn't seem like we're gonna get much of that moving forward...." implied that you believed the block would be getting fewer shows and thus there'd be fewer voice actors hearing themselves live. I didn't realize it was referring to voice actors having a strict pre-midnight bed time that hasn't really been an issue in the past. My apologies for misunderstanding the one time you weren't panicking about the health of this cartoon block you seem to be obsessed with. Pictured: me logging in and opening threads I know are gonna make me be a bitch
  5. Silly me, thinking we could see one thread where you're not doom posting.
  6. At this point I kinda just shrug and show up ready to be surprised. Lupin- Oh great, ominously glowing Jesus statue can only bode well. Is Lupin dressed up as that old lady in the wheelchair. YO HO HO HE TOOK A BITE OF GEM GEMS. Everything is shiny and I want it. Hiii Fujiko. This old man is totes not Lupin. Hi pops! Wait, granny's doll! Aww, he brought back her doll. This is totally not a devious plot, not at all. Hiiiiiiiiii Fujiko! I understand completely I'd also fork over a priceless diamond to nail Fujiko. That's a super cute dress. Granny's copping a feel there. I'm not gonna question why Goemon was riding a giant squid I'm just gonna accept the little things that make me happy. Hiiiii Fujiko's tits! Okay what is granny's deal. I don't trust granny. Goddamn I'm gay. Oh this flashback is gonna get depressing. Oh he was a sexy pirate I get it. Lupin is now a better pirate anime than Fena. The treasure is rare nuts. I take back what I said, I'm rooting for granny now. Goddammit pops not now! NO MY DIAMOND. I would be so pissed. One Piece- Clearly tonight's theme is pirates. Decken, still the fucking worst. Shirahoshi is a good kid. YEET. Awww, they're all trying to help her. Hordy sucks. Bubble Luffy, go! Whelp so much for Bubble Luffy. That's it, show's over. Oh hey, her brother. Can someone please punch Decken's entire spine out now? I dunno man maybe she doesn't like you because you're creepy and gross? Oh good, her other brothers are here too. WHAAAALE. Fuck those random fish in particular. Don't show me sad flashbacks now. Remember kids, drugs are bad. Look we could just let Hordy murder Decken and solve one of our problems for us. Thanks, Hordy! I hope this episode is just 20 straight minutes of watching Decken painfully bleed out. Oh fuck you Hordy we can't have anything nice. I like watching Decken suffer. Well boys you failed to help your sister but the important thing is you tried, I guess. Nooo not the whale! Oh hey Luffy. Meanwhile, shenanigans. No don't give sea Hagrid drugs! You suck, evil Zoidberg! Nooo not the kraken! It's fine, Uncle Fish is here. Whelp you hit Nami now you have to die. Now Zoro gets to do things! Zoro isn't drunk enough for this. Aw hell the drunk octopus went into druggy berserk mode. He is gonna beat your ass and then steal whatever's left of your booze. "That is way too many swords" is Zoro's cue to come play. Finally, a worthy opponent! Meanwhile, the damn boat's still in mortal peril. Fuck off, Hordy.
  7. Yeah, if there's a family history that's more significant than "Pop pop worked in the ol' town asbestos factory for 40 years and then randomly got cancer" then it's worth it to push for earlier testing. I have a half-sister who got stage 3 breast cancer when she was only 31, and that's another one that they basically call you a hypochondriac for worrying about before your 40's. I started getting ultrasound exams at 22 and mammograms at 30 to hopefully nip it in the bud if they do catch anything one day.
  8. Ass Class- I'm not emotionally strong enough for this. Karasuma is a good dude. They're all good kids, even the one who looks 40. Can someone nail that principal in the dick with a 2x4 please. He has a dad? Don't do it bro that bitch is crazy. Awww even these assholes got to do something nice. Aaaaand I'm crying. I'm glad the principal suffered. Alright kids new lesson, let's get drunk. Oh god what did they buy together it's gonna break my heaert. Fuck you, moon! I don't know enough about moons to know if that's legit. Dude don't send your wife. Good lord woman. Tiiiiiiiimeskip. Awwww he called them their kids. .I still don't recognize 2/3 of these kids. Awwwwww they bought the mountain for him. Are Karma and Nagisa just fucking somewhere offscreen during all this? I'm proud of these kids. The old-looking guy looks exactly the same. I still hate that vocaloid. Karma is now president. Oh shit is she knocked up. At least he got to cut his hair. And then Nagisa killed a student. Lupin- RIP gun. Hat with the save. Aww that one boy likes her. Well this is adorable. Aw hell, what now. I am disappointed this is not really a butch woman with huge tits. That is the worst alias. Lupin being a top-tier wingman to this random kid. Ohhh this is going to go badly. Aw hell the theacher's in on it too. Meanwhile, Jigen being the best babysitter. Congratulations, Jigen is your father now. "You can trust me" says the guy who just shot two dudes in front of you. His license is written on his gun. CHEESE IT. Jigen's so fucking cool. You don't understand he loves that gun like a wife. PLOT TWIST. I love this kid. Jigen/Gun is my OTP. Oh hey the teacher's not evil after all. Oh thank god, the gun's gonna be okay. Goddammit Jigen you were too cool now he's gonna grow up to be an assassin. One Piece- That HONK sound is never not hilarious to me. Time for Zoro to fight another swordsman and take his booze. Chopper is having so much fun in that little tank. We just got that tank, Franky's gonna kill you if you break it! They're all so goddamn stupid I love them. Oh my god what does it do next. THIS IS AWESOME. Nami, somehow, is unimpressed. WE STAN A LEGEND. Oh my god Franky. Meanwhile, Nami defeating people with the power of meteorology. Oh my god look at Usopp he's all grown up and fighting on his own. Oh shit look at Chopper go. LEAVE THAT KRAKEN ALONE HE'S A GOOD BOY. Well now Luffy's gonna beat your ass twice as hard for upsetting his new kraken friend. I miss your hot dead brother, Luffy. Eat shit, fish boys. Oh right, that lunatic sent a fucking ark after her. Just in case you forgot Decken is the fucking woooorst. .Gee this "intended day" thing doesn't sound ominous or important at all. Don't do drugs, kids. Let Surume join the crew. GRAB HIS DICK AND TWIST IT. Uh hey y'all there's a giant fuckin' boat floating over to jkill everyone. I love Robin. Oh hey it's the big guy. THE WOOOOOOOOORST. "Incel fish dude" isn't a character I would have expected pre-timeskip but yet here we are. Oh hey, she grew a spine. Shirahoshi is a good kid. AGAIN, THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORST. I'm okay with Hordy killing Decken, I don't mind if they take a break to do that.
  9. Christ, he was only 35. I'm pretty sure they don't even recommend colon cancer screening until you hit 40, this must have come totally out of the blue. All I can think of is his part on Cells at Work where his character literally fights off a cancer cell. It's going to fucking hurt watching that.
  10. Because the last Junji Ito anthology anime worked out soooo well.
  11. Hell, I remember weirdos tweeting death threats towards a voice actor's child (I think it was Laura Bailey, maybe?) because she played a villain in a game that did bad things. And like, yeah sure a couple of gross weebs screaming insults at you isn't the most concerning thing in the world. But still, if you're not actually required to deal with that shit, and it's because of this optional thing you choose to do in your own free time, it's totally reasonable to just take your ball and go home. That's exactly what happened with Hero Academia's manga translator; he got fed up with people bitching because the official version wasn't exactly like the shit-tier scanlations, and being accused of having a bias against certain characters (no, you really don't have to be biased against Endeavor to make him look bad, he does that enough on his own) that he junked his twitter.
  12. Good. Random schmucks dissecting every sentence he writes to figure out some secret hidden meaning or how to blame him for everything is getting hella old.
  13. We get it, you hate live action. Must you drag it into every vaguely-related topic you can find?
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