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  1. Just throw me in the middle of this. It's how I want to die.
  2. For some reason, I read this and just think of Uncle from the Jacky Chan cartoon saying "One more thing..." Dr Stone- Maybe those monkeys will respect him now. Oh my god they forgot to make another phone. Yaaaay it works. Oh shit, it's bees. Oh my god he left a message for him in the gravestone. MAGMA SMASH. It's a tiny record! Ohhhh I'm gonna cry. "Chrome was right all along" is a sentence that's probably never been said in this village before. I wouldn't know how to explain records either. And now they can make records. Way to spit on his grave, son. Russian Seitz has no time for your shit. RIP razor. Poor shield. Awww she sacrificed her wedding ring. Its gonna be so terrible if that thing just shatters immediately. IT WORKS AND I'M CRYING. Oh my god just tell your son that you love him. Here's your great great great great grandma singing, kids. I'm more impressed that the astronauts turned out ot be talented musicians. I mean, you could have just sang Queen or something but this is fine too I guess. Just wait until you people learn about the porn. Oh right, we're supposed to make another phone. Joke's on you, there's no room for guilt in the kingdom of science. YES, FINALLY. I love my screaming idiot. How are these people surviving they don't even have soap. Sword Art- My stream crashed twice out of sheer protest during this and goddamn I am not putting more energy into this. Just use your dragon to set them on fire, you idiots. Demon Slayer- You okay there pig boy? And then he was eaten by spiders. Oh jesus that's right out of The Thing. Oh god it keeps getting worse. I DON'T LIKE THIS. Even the bird is scared. I'd be pissing myself right now. You gotta cut your hand off. Oh hey, his hair. He got hit so hard by lightning it changed his hair. Once he passes out from the pain he'll be doing great. Sweet, we're in business now. I wonder if he's always done this sleep thing or if it's something his master trained into him. Who's this douchebag. He beats the shit out of you because he cares. Oh god I don't want to see this. Dang look at him go. Eat shit, you creepy spider fuck. He needs medical attention. At least the bird's okay. Oh no bird is sad. Pig boy's fine, just let him go. This won't end well. Oh god that is terrifying. Food Wars- You don't garnish with bacon, you choke that dish out with it. The bros want that meat in their mouth. I hate this show. Yeah I'm really worried that the main character will lose and never lift a fork again. This boy is a fucking idiot. I don't want to go to his meat amusement park. How does this guy even sneak aorund he's like seven feet tall. Enjoy having that meat in your mouth, ladies. This barnyard wrestling match is definitely someone's fetish. You fool, this whole time you were just watching Megumi in a wig. That meat is ramming into her. Yes, this is the Disneyland of having thick, juicy meat shoved in your mouth. Wow what a surprise, I never expect him to win. So then, he was just an unlikable bastard as a child and never learned his lesson. Now, everyone stab him. You're terrible and you should leave forever. He's never getting that goddamn thing back. No, that's not what being a chef means at all! Erina is still the fucking worst. Clover- I hope that bull falls off a cliff. HEY KOOLAID MAN. Oh god now they're all screaming in unison. I'm genuinely surpised wheneve Mumbles speaks at an understandable volume. Yeet the annoying one out of the building. Nobody cares, dimestore Griffith. I'm gonna assume that this is just how puberty works with elves. Man what a hard decision, betray literally everyone you care about to help your evil split personality commit genocide or just not do that. Oh jesus what the fuck now. Oh good, they're all alive again. Yeah trusting them seems like a great idea. I'm so tired, show. I hate everyone. All of you, please just shut the fuck up. Jojo- Goddammit Mista. You gotta cut your arm off. And then Mista shot himself. I love my stand babies. YEE HAW. There goes your ice. In a perfect world, Koichi would have stayed around so we could have Echoes and the bullets screaming at each other. I don't trust this old man. I wonder how long he had to practice to load his gun like that. Mista gets the best lines. AW SHIT HE'S THE GUY. This can't be good. NOOOO MY BABIES. This is not my fault. Shut up, radish man. Are...are they gonna make out? Whelp, Mista's twice as dead now. Meanwhile, Narancia's also dead and Bruno looks perfect. You leave that turtle alone. No, Pesci's dumb as shit don't listen to him. GET AWAY FROM MY TURTLE. Aw shit who escaped. Awwwww #5. I love my stand babies. Aw shit yeah Bruno has entered the ring. Bruno's so goddamn cool. God this music is so good. Quick, get naked. If we know anything from this show it's that old age doesn't mean shit. Bruno doesn't fuck around.
  3. Ten-year old me is losing her absolute goddamn shit at real grown up Sailor Moon makeup. (I make poor financial decisions)
  4. EmpressAngel

    Lupin part 5

    What are the parallels being made? They're both thieves, and......?
  5. Point out literally any other post in this thread that says that.
  6. And we add fancy turtle to the list of stand users with stronger spirits than Jotaro's mom. Joining a literal baby, asshole bird, Koichi, and another literal baby.
  7. Welcome to every week of my life. Hero- Don't do drugs, kids. Kill him. Hi there, conveninetly-placed Deku. That was actually a pretty solid plan. You people stay away from my daughter. Awww she grabbed his cape. OH NO MY POOR BABY. Eat shit, Overhaul. Oh hey, the song has words now. Aaaand I'm crying. Goddammit just die already. Oh shit, he didn't break all his limbs. Somebody get Nighteye some medical attention. Oh jesus he turned into the Mindflayer from Stranger Things. Well, that can't be good. You stay away from her. The answer is to break your limbs nonstop while she's rewinding you. Oh my god that's really the answer here. Yeah we know, you're king douche of this series. Dragon Waifu says no to the villains. Quick, break your limbs HARDER. Not even his own mafia boss likes him. Wow. so this bastard was just gonna screw literally everybody over. Wow, shocking how the boss actually isn't cool with using his own grandkid as a magic meth lab. Ohhh, he put the old man in a coma himself. He went full Star Platinum for a second there. Uh hey Deku you okay there, you're looking kinda terrifying. Deku says fuck your future. Dr Stone- Somebody's definitely gonna blind themselves with that telescope. Throw rocks at them! Tungzilla. Oh hey, thanks Magma. Did they secretly cuddle in the cave? Oh you fools, you don't get to have an easy task. Good luck with that, Chrome. Awww grandpa. FRIENDSHIP. This is goddamn heartwarming. You ever just rip your clothes off in a display of intense emotion? Senku he's not smart enough to get this. No, his special move is a kick to the nuts. I like the tiny robot. "Blorp." I'm proud of him. Don't judge, it worked. I love the Tungzilla. Oh, them's fightin' words. Too much tubing. He's going to kill you and then make it just to spite you. Awwww grandpa just wants a high five. Ginro is the smart one. Awwwww Suika. You're his crafing buddy now. I keep forgetting he's the chief. Thank god for science. I'm not sure I would trust Gen with all this. Alright this song's a banger. It makes sense, booze does make me louder. You know shit's going down when they use an OP for the insert music. I like that Ruri traded in her long dress for a winter miniskirt. WE DID IT, FOLKS. Sword Art- I don't care, show. I agree this this douche, Kirito sucks and you should leave him. Hi, only worthwhile man in this game. Don't worry, I just threw a harmless knife at him. Bryce is really earning that paycheck on this. I really thought we could have one female character that's not trying to jump on his dick. Oh hey, it's those girls from the episode we don't talk about. Well yes, technically Eugeo is here too. I'm sure this is very emotionally moving if you actually gave a shit about any of these characters. I need a fucking drink. "It's our fault that he had to save us from being raped." And then we played magic dress up because fuck you, viewers. Y'all don't have to suck his dick, he can't hear you. This bitch doesn't know how to apply lipstick, how did she miss her entire top lip. Oh boy, nothing like a bonus dose of the sad attempt at feminism. Please don't jack off the comatose boy. I can appreciate that the only attractive man in thi show just wanders around in an open robe. Maybe I'll luck out and everyone will die. Wasn't Asuna supposed to be in this show? At least when the hot mentor dies, he doesn't hae to be in this show anymore. Demon Slayer- Release the sister box. Boarkugo is fun times. Spiders can fuck right off. Spider titties. I got a bad feeling about this. Ohhh arms aren't supposed to do that. Well this is horrifying. Sticking them in trees is a surprisingly effective solution. The pig's having fun. I give this idiot five minutes before he gets turned into a spider puppet. Bird! And then everyone died. Ohhhh he's mad now. IT HAS NO HEAD. Wandering around the forest screaming is not going to end well for him. There he goes. We're having bacon tonight. That worked surprisingly well. YEET. Spider tits is having a bad day. Oh, that's unexpectedly sad. Hey, who let Endeavor in here? Food Wars- I'm not lucky enough to watch Soma fail. Nobody cares, assistant girl. You just assaulted a middle schooler. I hate this child already. This journalism student weirdly knows a lot of unrelated cooking terms. I miss you, hot dad. I don't care, show. I hate Erina more every time I have to watch her. I'm glad at least that she's charging for her services. It's goddamn Megumi reading the shitty romance manga isn't it. Your stew is bad and you should feel bad. This is weird. Your tits are getting sunburned, Meat Meat. Just use the goddamn meat you jackass. Oh hey, it's that one hot buff guy. Meanwhile that Italian brat is on suicide watch. Literally nobody says that about eateries. Don't ever remind me about the turtle burger again. No shit meat should play the starring role in a meat dish, you dumb fuck. I feel like the obvious way to beat the creep is just to bring enough food for multiple dishes. Clover- Just once can I watch someone I hate die in this show? I genuinely don't remember this backstory at all. I wonder how hard they had to kick Justin Briner in the balls to do the little kid voice here. What a surprise, he's cured. WHY IS SISTER FUCKER ALLOWED TO LIVE. Reminder, petty bickering is always a good substitute for actual character interaction. How can you even tell the swords apart don't they all suck out magic? I'd be smiling too if i got to escape this show. Oh right, the building got destroyed like six months ago. For the love of god just give that guy subtitles. Alright, I got a kick out of that "Could at least one of you learn to talk?!" bit. SHEEP. Kill them all, Charmy. Damn, she's not brainwashed. Charmy continues to be one of the few characters I don't want to die painfully. Wow, that mecha bull looks all kinds of stupid. Jojo- It's cool that Bruno can just zip people's limbs back on. Oh sweet, sounds like you get a free turtle. Somebody get Trish a bigger shirt. MISTA NO. Well this is awkward. Jaunty jiggle sacks. Surely these two aren't going to be a problem. Hell yeah, free turtle. That in one incredibly ugly man. Please tell me the turtle is a stand. Huh, that sure is an oddly shaped hole in that shell. Stop making me look at that guy. A magic fishing pole doesn't exactly strike fear into my heart. THE TURTLE HAS A STAND. And we add "fancy turtle" to the list of users stronger than Jotaro's mom. Okay that is a really cool stand. Ohhhh that fog is looking ominous. I got a bad feeling about this. This can't be a good thing. Hey uh what the fuck. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. This is some reverse Alessi shit. Did nobody else notice Narancia turning into the Crypt Keeper five feet away? Shit he killed the entire train. Send out the bullets. Big boobs are a lifesaver here. Quick, get some ice. Turtles are immortal. Mista you fucking idiot. Thank god we kept the horny song.
  8. Did you know that there's a nifty spoiler button right at the top of the post box, so that you're not just showing off things that won't be in the show for another two seasons like a jackass?
  9. Y'all realize that there are probably restrictions on what he's allowed to say, right? Like, I'm not allowed to walk up to customers and tell them that I can't take vacation time before spring because the department's sales plummet every time someone else gets left in charge and they can't afford that loss until next quarter. He does have a boss to answer to, and they probably don't want him delivering unfiltered bad news to a crowd that, let's be honest, is going to pick apart and criticize every word.
  10. It's not like I've got any room to talk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hero- It's okay Mirio you're still my hero. Yeah sure leave the injured guy alone to guard this criminal. AWWWWW ROCK LOCK. I don't mind rooting for them if they just want to fuck up Overhaul. Please save my boyfriend. Awwww Nighteye. Aw fuck Aizawa's down. Mirio hit him so hard he was knocked out even after he got healed. Ohhh that's not normal. Please don't kill Aizawa. Is the boss just okay with using his grandkid as a guinea pig? Don't you fucking talk to him like that. Deku says no. Quick, throw office supplies at him! Don't fuck with Nighteye. Granpa is the best. Uh he's injured pretty fucking badly there, Deku. Fuck this wall in particular. Oh that's a lot of blood. Eri honey just go with them. WHELP. This is not a good day for Nighteye. This is not my fault. DEKU GO. Oh shit he's at 20% now. Say goodbye to your arms, Deku. Aww look at him making up his own Smash names. You okay there, Mirio. Poor Mirio. Oh, fuck you. OH, FUCK YOU. Eri honey no don't listen to him. Please save my baby. Well hello there, dragon waifu. Dr Stone- Okay so Magma's definitely going to murder both of them. I hope he put another exploding heart curse on him. I hope it's a surprise birthday party. I mean, Kohaku's probably strong enough to dig some rocks out. You're lucky that he's stupid. Isn't that the trap from Indiana Jones? SAVING PUNCH. Look at Senku trying to hold him up. Awww, he's trying to piss them off so they let him fall. Whelp, they're dead. Senku, giving zero shits. Chrome. Great plan that'll only take six months. YEET. Look, they're bonding! Mecha Senku is best Senku. And then Senku died. You gotta cuddle together for warmth. YEET, again. Cuddling. Ooooh it's pretty. Stop saying magma you're just confusing him. He's not a complete asshole, only like 99% of one. FRIENDSHIP. I'm gonna cry laughing. Heeee look at them nerd out. Well that wasn't our plan but now that you mention it... Is it a surprise party? AWWWWWW. Oh, I'm gonna cry. Did his dad make a special holiday so they'd know to celebrate his birthday? You're a good dude, you weird weird man. Sword Art- I have no idea who this is or why I should give a fuck. Stop saying fluctlight. At least the goblins are having fun. Can I just watch a different show starring those hot witches with the huge boobs. Are we really supposed to be intimidated by the pig faction. Why would you even bother going on a murder spree when you could just fuck your way through town instead? Titties. Wow, shocking how that plan went awry. How sad is it that the bright side of watching a woman get brutally strangled is that he's not trying to rape her in the process? Oh god what the fuck. Why is this a thing. He's definitely got a boner for this. Yeh, this'll end well. "I'm not mad, just disappointed." On the bright side, at least they don't have to be in this show anymore. Just a disembodied spirit, flying through the void of space completely naked. Demon Slayer- She's so goddamn precious. You stay away from my daughter. This old lady is so nice. AAAAAAAAAH. I love this bird. There is exactly one brain cell between all three of them and Tanjiro is holding it. That is one ominous mountain. Knock him out so he'll be helpful. Whelp, there goes that guy. Let the crazy pig guy go in first. Oh that's a lot of bodies. Oh FUCK it's spiders. Aww, Tanjiro is so nice. I kinda love Pig Bakugo. Aw hell they're all posessed. Oh no, bird. Oh hey, it's that one guy. Awww it's the cute bird. I'm sorry but I don't speak bird. Oh hey look, he did something. This looks like a job for Pig Bakugo. Oh god it's more spiders. Spider titties. Open the sister box. Oh no there's a bunch of spider people. Haa, Inosuke failed. I'm just gonna assume this is a regular skill that normal boars have. Food Wars- I do love a good ice cream cake. This sounds incredibly stupid. I remember Bobby Flay having a show with basically this exact same premise. The bros are still the best characters by far. Just make something else, you idiot. You could just add chocolate. Thanks, I hate it. They didn't even taste all the layers. I'm just thankful they're not getting naked thi time around. Oh, lemon curd was actually a good idea. Oh what the fuck why is he laughing. Mmm, nothing makes a nice dessert like brine. Can you vote against him just for being an absolute douche? Cue the sad trombone music. Oh goddammit why are you here. Joke's on you jackass, I'm always angry at this show. Color me surprised, Soma actually made a good point. You know when you raise the stakes that much you destroy any tension because there's no way he'll lose under those conditions. Clover- I can't tell any of Asta's swords apart and I truly do not care. Go ahead and kill half the town, I don't give a shit. Kill your teammates and you will immediately become my favorite character. At least someone's having fun here. Kitty! Goddammit kitty let them die. Didn't Kira basically have this same attack after he got the cat flower? To be fair, "I'm stupid enough to blow myself up" is the kind of problem that's hard to fight against. Ride the lightning, bitches. Fucking cat stop getting in the way I want to see someone die here. The screaming dipshit sure is taking his sweet damn time showing up to save their dumb asses. Christ get on with this shit already. Wow what a shock, Asta showed up at the last second to save their dumb asses. I sure as fuck don't accept you. This fight just keeps going. Jojo- Oh yeah, not killing your enemy when he's right there is always a great idea that pays off for you. Whelp, he's screwed. Y'all are getting so much bad luck today. Abbacchio says fuck you. Man, mirror guy is a goddamn idiot. Look at him beat the shit out of it. Aw crap there's more mirrors. Whelp, he's screwed. Honestly, getting shown up by Giorno hurts him so much more than the fight. Jesus christ Abba what the fuck. I hope that wasn't your jackoff hand. Giorno what the hell are you doing. This won't end well. GIORNO WHAT THE FUCK. Goldilocked goon, this dub is a gift. So then Giorno's dying, show's over I guess. This is not a good day for hands here. That brick is moving. BRICK SNAKE. Man that stand is terrifying. This soundtrack slaps. Ewwww. Thank you, friendly brick snake. I don't know shit about immunity so I'm just gonna assume this is scientifically accurate. Meanwhile Abbacchio is bleeding to death in an alley.
  11. There's a whole lot of difference between a shirtless eighteen year old dude vs the gratuitous crotch shot of the fifteen year old girl with her tits barely covered. This seems like the kind of shit I shouldn't have to explicitly explain to a grown adult.
  12. Could y'all maybe lay off being cringy bastards for 15 year old kids for just a little bit? It's getting real creepy.
  13. They played episode 11 out of 25 for MHA last week. The hell are you talking about it being down to the wire?
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