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  1. It really doesn't and I straight up can't tell what you're actually complaining about with it. It's getting promoted, which hasn't really been excessive outside of the marathons? The show after it has a different tone and that confuses and infuriates you? The only significant thing about this series is its attachment to Blade Runner, but on its own merits it's a pretty bog-standard story with no real surprises and pretty unimpressive animation.
  2. "Departure" is literally just the title of the third episode of Made in Abyss. It looks like somebody just made a typo when filling out the schedule.
  3. Doesn't Black Lotus have like, three episodes left? Tossing Demon Slayer at the front of the block seems like an obvious choice.
  4. Aww, we missed watching my boyfriend get violently fisted through the chest.
  5. Seriously, do just have a complete goddamn lack of anything else to do with your time that you spend it fixating on a superfluous five-second message at the beginning of a cartoon every week? Do you wanna come clean my house and put up the Christmas stuff I've been too lazy to put away for a month?
  6. Old women spending ridiculous amounts of money on Precious Moments merch is the boomer equivalent to my obscenely expensive Endeavor figure. At least mine has cake for days!
  7. Goddamn I forgot how much Made in Abyss's music slaps. Blade Runner- My memory is shit I'd take that robot mind. Oh hey, backstory. She's pretty. Oh no she's a robot and he's gonna kill her. You don't drink, we can't trust you. This is gonna suck for him but go ahead and fuck that robot. Oh hey, is that the one other guy? "Skinjob" is still the worst fucking word I've ever heard. Booo, he never got to fuck the robot. This episode mostly feels like an excuse for someone to write some pretty songs. If every computer I've ever had was able to shut down for mandatory updates, why can't the futuristic robots just have some kind of simple shut down timer instead of having to manually track them down and shoot them? Oh right, her boyfriend. Alright, we're looking for some cryptic weirdo who does tattoos. Oh hey, that guy. Back in the weird mind chair. Sorry honey your boyfriend's a fucking creep. Seen here, setting up his newest sexbot. Ass Class- Please don't kill my favorite teacher. That's just unfair never use a man's fetishes against him. Oh right, I forgot they're kinda brothers. I goddamn love this squid. Sorry kiddo you tried. Tentacle brother has joined the class. Oh no, he's dying now. Uhh this kid might need some help. You could probably stab him right now but could you really live with yourself? Oh, that sucks for him. What'd the phones do to you? I didn't think I'd want to hug this kid but yet here we are. You can go ahead and kill the 40-year old middle schooler. GODDAMMIT NOT AGAIN. Ohhhhh he's pissed. Oh fuck you, evil Tatum. SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER. Eat shit, this is our boy now. Oh no my boy. Well that's depressing. Aww they're taking care of him. Just watch the version where the Count is a sexy blue space vampire. Our boy broke. Thanks for the pep talk, dumbass. I can root for this boy now. I also immediately blow my check on food when I get paid. BOMB. I like him constantly shitting on that old kid. Good job you invented Sheer Heart Attack. Oh no don't break your poor teacher's heart. I have no memory of half these kids. Boys no. "Smut, killing, making stuff" is basically my personality. WEASEL! You'lll need to implement anti-rodent countermeasures. Beat the shit out of that boy. They're right, boys are terrible. Sorry kid your parents are bastards. This girl is creepy as shit and I kinda love her. Are the teachers banging yet? Oh no these code names are awful. I can't decide which one is the funniest but Nagisa just being Gender is up there. Okay Dating Sim Emo Character is my favorite. Nobody's gonna call you that, sensei. This is clearly going too well. Oh, these douchebags. Abyss- Oh this is gonna hurt me. I've only known Riko for 20 seconds but if anything happened to hear I'd kill everyone and then myself. I don't trust this abyss shit. You're disturbing the weasels! Oh fuck that's a big creepy thing. MY BAG. Whelp your friend's dead. Please don't eat my daughter. Thanks, weird convenient laser. Oooh, pretty necklace. Oh cool, an adorable robot boy. Oh good, her friend's alive. I need to pet that giant bunny mount immediately. This kid's real chill about his friends just bringing in a robot boy. Found this show's version of Phil. The wall desks are cool. I love this child already. Don't tell him about your new robot friend! That'll fucking do it. Oh my god I love them. Of course he has amnesia. Nothing to see here, just a suspicious helmet wired up to the electrical grid. GO GO GADGET ARMS! Good job kiddo you found your dong. Cool, he's baby Spiderman. Wow, what a hole. Ohhhh that looks ominous as FUCK.
  8. Some of these are more likely than others but I'll take a stab at it. Yashahime Mob Megalobox JJK Back Arrow Moriarty the Patriot (wishful thinking but let me dream)
  9. I've only known Riko for 20 seconds but if anything happened to her I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself.
  10. The more the characters look like a Precious Moments clearance rack, the more horrifying the series. I'm already crying!
  11. I'm mostly confused why "innocent mistake somebody made while prepping the episodes for broadcast" isn't a good enough explanation for you and your preferred conclusion is that they're intentionally lying about when a series was dubbed for no goddamn reason.
  12. It's not worth complaining about. It's the most minor issue possible and literally has zero effect on the show at all, other than maybe taking a whole extra five seconds to start the show. Actually, it's kind of surprising the weebs aren't throwing a tantrum over it.
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