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  1. Everybody, to anybody who is angry at me, or whatever, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
  2. To be honest I don't really know either. I'm just having fun with it at this point.
  3. Don't worry, this jackal is leaving you alone. So you can stop talking to yourself.
  4. Look, I'm just tired of this stupid fucking mind game. I came back to apologize but I can see that will do no good. So I'll stop bothering you.
  5. Awww you're so thoughtful ❤️
  6. Everybody is welcome to make accusations to me in this thread. Just to make things easier. Trolling never gets old does it?
  7. I love how EVERYTHING is about politics. I love the world we live in.
  8. This is either about politics, or the fact that I don't identify as male or female. Either way, I'm tired.
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