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  1. and Banana fish, and Sarazanmai, and kids on the slope, and pretty much every other stunningly animated and borderline to explicitly gay anime that's come out since 2014
  2. so what Itachi's just actually alive again?
  3. like I said....all they have is moments where they stare at eachother like they're in love, have kissed twice, and then have other moments where they claim they hate eachother
  4. Naruto: Sasuke's more of a brother to me than you ever were to him Me: Brothers don't usually make-out then try to kill eachother Naruto >_>
  5. People who've been inside Naruto: His Mom His Dad Several frogs Several Crows
  6. Naruto: You killed your family to save the village, but your brother wants to shit all over what you did and kill the whole village for no reason Itachi: Sasuke....you fucking
  7. XD sorry I just thought of that Joke because of the coral blue no. 3 Lipstick joke
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