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  1. just cause you're a hero doesn't mean you're a good person, Endeavor and Bakugo both represent that
  2. .....is it bad that I'm actually starting to like this show less?.....like...I still like it...but....most of the adoration I had for it at the beginning has sorta become indifferent
  3. he married a woman just so he could create "perfect" super babies through selective breeding and psychologically abused his wife until she had a nervous breakdown and threw boiling water on their "successful" experimental baby's face
  4. and then wait like a year to find out if we're getting the next season -_-;;
  5. Char IS the proverbial Darth Vader to the Gundam franchise
  6. some of those lines didn't match the lip-flap
  7. the fat dude is voiced by Dr. Robotnik
  8. I really like this series opening theme I'm not gonna lie
  9. also are they just gonna ignore that they destroyed the water supply for the hospital?
  10. the girls in Boruto appear to be there for more than just one day becoming wives to the protagonists....but I still don't see Boruto not having an ending that sorts everyone into random romances to set up for Grobuto in 20 years
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