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  1. right?, they can remember fuckign Pui but they're gonna Pull a Launch with Vegeta?
  2. apparently this is a fashion line Toei is producing in collab with a designer brand but it's noteworthy that this launch includes merchandise for every character but excludes Vegeta entirely this however isn't exclusive to this line, for whatever reason genuine licensed apparel for the series has always tended to skimp on merchandise of Vegeta for some reason
  3. at least in Titmouse's case, their big claim to fame (and their first production) was a G.I. Joe movie they produced using only a handful of animators, 4 voice actors and a tiny tiny budget
  4. Studio Orange (the studio that made Land of the Lustrous) is apparently known as the studio you go to when you need good quality animation for a small budget kind of like Titmouse is here in the states
  5. wait so the official explanation for the 5 minuets thing was just "Frieza was exaggerating because he's an asshole?" so it really was like an hour and not 5 minutes? XD
  6. the studio that made land of the Lustrous was able to make CG look gorgeous on almost no budget
  7. it's easy to forget that these actors have been doing these characters voices for close to 30 years
  8. at least we aren't jumping into paintings inside Castle Oblivion this time
  9. Casval's development as a character child: he's seeking revenge for his family's destruction teenager: .....okay maybe his psycological damage is worse than it looks adult: okay maybe he's not seeking revenge he's just like this
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