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  1. oh sure when Sony tries to aquire another company it's stopped by Monopoly laws, but when Disney absorbs 50% of all media companies that's a-ok
  2. ...........Toei owning Tenchi Muyo is gonna be weeeeeiiiiirrrrrd
  3. nono, the warning he gave me told me to never post anything ever again and that a state wide ban on erotic art is forthcoming
  4. also I dunno if you're in there under another name but I'll likely just be chatting in the ToonamiFaithful discord tonight cause I'm genuinely pissed about this
  5. apparently he took offense to the Deku pic I posted last week
  6. Apparently I can't share my art here anymore so that sucks
  7. a lot of show seem to be doing this thing where they drop trailers and refuse to show ANY evidence any sort of actual production has begun
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