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  1. Google that shit. It's worth checking into.
  2. We have an MRI walk in clinic here. No insurance, you pay $450. You could fly here and still come away cheaper. You could drive, get a hotel, get the MRI and it still wouldn't cost that much.
  3. All the plumbing jobs I've done for the last month have had fuct time lines because material and inspectors. One town has 4 plumbing inspectors and they all decided to go on vacation at the same time. I shit you not. ALL 4. Not a conference or some continuing ed, fuck that......vacation.
  4. Those two are keeping my yard mowed down currently. They are safe until one of my neighbors pouche them.
  5. I have a few pics were you can see them better but I would have to dig for them.
  6. This, 13mm stone then a 4mm on the other side. I have four more just waiting to take the trip.
  7. Do what I did, delete your Facebook account. Don't just deactivate it, delete it. Profit.
  8. Happy birthday yackie. I got you this awkward silence for your birthday...................... So..... Awkward........
  9. Animator: "I'm going to make a character that looks like a dudes balls for this kids show." Director: " okay."
  10. I have no idea what you are talking about <_< >_>
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