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  1. Happy birthday with your ol old ass.
  2. Happy New Years day of birth!
  3. I normally would not have a problem with bacon day. However I followed behind and empty ass Smithfield truck friday, the truck that hauls the hogs and I smelled the most horrid shit. I got sick the the stomach bug the same day...both coinciding together is making me feel some type of way.
  4. No. If you're even considering getting drunk, don't mix the two...gotta breath you know. Go with the fact that you are considering it, you'll figure it out.
  5. @crackymckrackin Internet dad. and minecraft. about three of you fuckers look like the old school undertaker back when I used to watch wrestling. Merry New Years!
  6. It's not a flex, weird...but my main reason is I'm class of '03 and an IBer of '03. Great year for change for me. 1st year of college and I've just turned 18. '03 was a great year.
  7. I gave my address. Just use that. Might be the billing address that you're looking at. Plus you can always alter shipping address even after you've paid but before it is sent
  8. Neko

    Honey I'm home!

    Clearly I have no idea what the fuck is going on nor the anime.
  9. Neko

    Honey I'm home!

    Alright. Looks vaguely sealabish
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