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  1. HBD Neko

  2. HBD Neko

    Ty guise....I had fun on a cruise. It was cool to see people in n Speedos in Mexico!!!
  3. 2019 TAX SEASON

    Gave away 2gs of my tax money already. Been spending on shit that I don't need like cat earphones and led light strings. Still haven't planned my cruise yet.
  4. I was cold af that night. Dress was short and cute. Feet freezing and toes numb. Cold rain but my make up was decent so I was going out that night dammit.
  5. Keep up the weight loss goal. Looking good as always.
  6. Out for the night
  7. Best Boob Poll

    I have long tiddays. How about that?
  8. Fuck that nightmare fuled food. I did an experience years ago, quit fastfood and felt a whole helluva lot better. Tastes ok, not worth eating much that you feel slow and getting nightmares from eating it before sleeping.
  9. users you wouldn’t mind meeting

    Most, I wouldn't mind. Y'all pretty cool. A few I would talk friendly shit to... And some I would sit in a corner and stare intently at. Would really love to be with Rogue and Sasha and Cracky and his wife.