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  1. It could also be musculo-skeletal. Meaning you pulled/tore a chest/pectoral/abdominal muscle. It happened to me. Had pains for days/weeks, then, one day, felt like I was dying and shit. Went in, and found out I snapped a band of chest muscles. Hurt like a BITCH.
  2. Then I shall kill 15 whole litters of puppies.
  3. Look at Failure Parent McSaggyTits forget that the Internet exists and people have memory.
  4. Don’t really give a fuck what you think. 😐
  5. Yeah....I haven’t prepared the house yet. It wasn’t supposed to be for a while.
  6. I know the feels, man. It sucks. Hopefully, it’s not terrible news.
  7. Yeah. The ONLY part I believed is that you were served a summons for court pending litigation. Yeah. You’ve fucking lost that case. How do I know? Because I know something you don’t: You intentionally skipped out on several things a while ago, bragged about it here, and they have finally caught up to you.
  8. ALL OF YOUR SHIT is ho shit. Don’t fucking even try that bullshit.
  9. Oh look at that, a woman who doesn’t know any better.....What are the odds?
  10. Yes. I know they do stupid shit all the time. My dad worked for Ma Bell for decades. Also, they are in my backyard here in Dallas. (Their HQ is here, and I live 10 minutes from the building. It’s actually within eyeshot of my neighborhood) They do a LOT of anti-consumer practices on purpose, and get away with it.
  11. Yeah. Most people are quiet poopers. You think you are. Just wait until you have you release a shit Kraken so fierce that your colon and sphincter are forced to do epic battle just to get that fucker to drop a few inches through that peephole you call an anus. You know which one I’m talking about......that fucking double Baconator, taco night queso, lasagna bake shit. You know the one that builds up so much, you start asking for a fucking gay priest to perform an anal exorcism on you just to widen you up to prepare for the coming fury. THAT one.....you’re fucking grunting to pound that out. I don’t care how quiet of a person you are.
  12. The ONLY thing that is true about this whole thing is that you were served creditor papers. Period. Creditors are generally willing to work with you and extend deadlines if you show willingness to pay or pay. The police don’t serve those kind of things. Trust me, I worked with law enforcement in my previous job. They would only show up here if you failed to show in court, which would mean you had a warrant, which would mean your ass would be in jail right now. The ONLY situation(s) this wouldn’t apply is if: 1. You got taken in and a bondsman got you out, which means YOU STILL HAVE TO GO TO COURT OR SETTLE YOUR SHIT, DUMBASS. Or, 2. You (meaning your fucking mom) paid off your shit, and they released you. Neither one of these are this. All of this to tell you.....STOP BEING A FUCKING LYING CUNT.
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