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  1. .............................Fuck you, too. XD
  2. Well, guess I’m fucked. Then, again, I was born darker than a sheet of paper, so I was always fucked.
  3. I still have mine. I go back and play it from time to time. It’s still hooked up next to my PS4.
  4. Man......2020 needs to fucking stop.
  5. They announced they were buying them a year ago. Everything just got finalized this year.
  6. Think bigger. This is Hasboro. Imagine Gangsta Furby
  7. Yep. It will be official as of February 28, technically, because they had 60 days to back out of the deal.
  8. Why can't you steal actual money in your dream? Why is your dream making a movie?
  9. I am sorry for your loss. May catharsis come sooner rather than later.
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