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  1. Yep. At least she'll be as heated as her mom.
  2. Yeah......why are you not ban-on-sight again?
  3. I'm all about an amazing Saturday morning. Haven't had one in a while......I'm due.
  4. That may be true....or maybe you're just a clumsy, irresponsible fuck. I wouldn't know. I haven't really had mine slip at all, unless I'm not holding it.
  5. I want to give you something: . , : ; ( ) /\” ? ! ‘ They are called “punctuation”. I suggest you use them in the future. That way, you don’t look like a fucking 8 year old in an adult’s brain.
  6. Well.....I got to help Peter Mayhew in my store a few months before he passed away. Me (knowing full well who he was): “Wow. You have the same name as him. The guy who plays Chewbacca.” Chewy: “Yeah. People tell me that. He’s much better looking, though.” After I helped him and got his phone back to him: Me: “Thanks, by the way.” Him: “No, you helped me. Thank you.” Me: “Nah, you’re the best wingman ever. Thank you.”
  7. Yes....play a game that runs better on PS4 and came out years before.
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