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  1. Long time no see

    I remember you both. Good job.
  2. I wear glasses now

    Yes. To both. I’ve worn them as long as you’ve interacted with me. Halo days? Glasses. AIM/YIM/TinyChat days? Contacts. Now? Mostly glasses, sometimes contacts.
  3. i hate relying on the mail for a check

    Yeah. Waiting for your mama’s social security check is a bitch, isn’t it?
  4. No. Maths was not why I was summoned.
  5. who is the worst president in history?

    You’re textbook conservative in your sucking of the R-squared Cock, though.
  6. who is the worst president in history?

    You're forgetting the word "White" in there.....he made the world Hell for the REST of America.
  7. Might be gone tomorrow

    Yeah.....shouldn't have been trying to diddle kids constantly. Also, it was only a matter of time before they canned your ass.
  8. who is the worst president in history?

    The ideals of it were born in the 60s and 70s, but practiced and perverted by Reagan in the 80s. LBJ would be the lamest President, if you're going to make that argument.
  9. who is the worst president in history?

    Trump, hands down. Aside from that......I'd say Reagan. He started this whole neo-conservative/Nazi thing.
  10. A drug sniffer dog is coming tomorrow

    It shouldn't matter if they have the dog or not. You don't have to open your door for anything. Period. Unless they have a warrant, they cannot open their door. Even if the dog sniffs something outside your apartment, you don't have to let them enter. Period. You have broken no laws or anything by smoking in your home.
  11. whatever happened to naclo

    Got a life and all that BS.
  12. Sonic the hedgehog is gay now

    Of course he is in your world.
  13. Poor Kitty Grumpy Cat

    Yeah.....my spirit animal is gone......fuck this shit.