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  1. Lmao, what, did you already like send the gift?
  2. I have a friend who died from it, and a few people who caught it but are fine now.
  3. There's nothing glamorous about eating ass.
  4. Nothing serious, just a hookup back in February.
  5. Are you speaking about yourself? Look man, death is an uncertainty. If there's anything you laugh about in this life, remember - that's all fucking gone once you're gone.
  6. I recommend you watch Monster, Berserk, NGE, and Mushishi
  7. I'm ya'll seem to know to avoid fast food. 👍
  8. You'll find someone eventually Zeni. Are you feeling better?
  9. But do you though? I worked. Spent time with my girl.
  10. No, Twitch is just being very strict about streaming that game.
  11. Make sure you put 18+ on your stream tag to avoid being banned. There is also a setting in the audio settings to disable the licensed music that plays on radio stations.
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