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  1. I'm pretty indifferent to Byleth. I'm not bothered by having a bunch of FE characters since half of them are Echoes so I barely count them as being different characters. If I were to ask for Three Houses representation I wouldn't have wanted Byleth purely because it's a character whose personality is literally having no emotion nor charisma while being awe-inspiring to everyone around them. Out of the main cast, it's nigh impossible to find a more boring representative. Regardless, Peach is probably the only character I'll ever play in a serious capacity, so any want for a specific character is [highly unlikely] fanfare at most for me. It's also fun to have new characters to fight.
  2. naraku360


    Legosi literally beat the crap out of Bill for doping on rabbit blood, like a drug. There was an elephant selling his own fingers. There was a black market for selling herbivores meat. Legosi and Haru are the only ones struggling to control it because most other people aren't fighting it. I'd argue Loius was fighting his instincts as well by aiming to become a predator.
  3. There are 2 kinds of people: The kind that don't put pineapple on pizza. And I lied, that's the only kind. No real person puts pineapple on pizza.
  4. Umineko was...... probably the worst anime I've seen, as far as TV series by a company as noteworthy as Deen are concerned. I get that they don't have an incredible track record, but Umineko is physically exhausting to watch. And Ookami Kakushi is, in fact, a show that exists. That's about 99% of what I have to say about. All I really remember is that it set up an expectation that something would happen and it was a lie. So I can't really say I have much faith in his stuff as anime. I don't know how good or bad the source material is, just that Higurashi is good (wouldn't call it great), Ookami Kakushi was boring and sometimes kind of bad, and Umineko was like 2 hours of intrigue followed by 6 hours of being waterboarded.
  5. I have one friend whose taken her side, but it seemed to come down to don't call a woman a liar and I haven't seen anything more compelling than that gem. You know the claim is ridiculous when even MSNBC isn't committed to run with it. They had a Morning Joe segmemt that just shat on the claim. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. The part where they literally went from confirming Sanders' denial into asking Warren how she felt when he did say it was one of the most reprehensible things I've seen our routinely garbage media pull.
  6. You're right, I was mistaken on the timeframe. Otherwise I think the point still stands, and we'rein agreement. I don't buy Warren's side at all.
  7. We're on the same page, this is a terrible look for Warren regardless of intent. I'm not sure if she thought this would go well, but if so it's a massive miscalculation. You don't go from friends to "I can't believe you said that thing to me 4 years ago!" overnight.
  8. That's exactly my issue with it. I haven't been huge on her this campaign since her policy doesn't stack up to Sanders, but she has been better than everyone else. This is just gross and blatant. We're supposed to believe he urged her to run then dismissed the possibility of her winning because women can't win - in the same conversation? What would the motivation be? Why did it take over 4 years for her to react to? It reeks of bullshit and I didn't expect it from her even if she's disappointed in the past. The response appears to be hurting her more than Sanders, though. I'm not sure I'd go as far as antisemitism because I do think this is predominantly a scummy political tactic, but otherwise yeah, pretty much.
  9. "Hey guys, I lost to Ted Cruz, so I'm basically the best pick for president."
  10. Why? I mean, once the OVAs started focusing on comedy and fanservice exclusively, it was over. They adapted Outbreak for fucks sake. If you're out of ideas for interesting stories in the franchise, it's been 15 years - you can move on. It'll never happen, but I'd at least have enthusiasm if they did Onisarashi-hen. The problem being they won't and I know they won't since it's not following any of the main cast, so it isn't marketable as Higurashi. I don't say any of that to shit on Higurashi, I like the show. I just don't like how much they've milked it dry. So, here's to vainly hoping it's not going to be another misguided panderfest for all 5 people looking for Higurashi merch in 2020.
  11. How small of a penis does one need to have to make a post like this unironically?
  12. Paul Joseph Watson? Didn't they start banning people for posting nazi shit?
  13. The best part of that is that season 3 was shorter than intended because they were struggling to come up with enough ideas. So, want 70 episodes?
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