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  1. Shameless plug for one of the best Netflix shows.
  2. Well, of course not. That's completely unaffected by whether or not it's in DF.
  3. ITN: Mueller report released

    Except all that obstruction of justice the report clearly shows.
  4. If one more virgin downvotes me

    @Zenigundam we need your downvote.
  5. I'm conflicted on Assange. WikiLeaks did some pretty good deeds, but they were also pretty negligent with it. The stuff about release dossiers to expose the fraudulent activities of banks: good. Doxxing customer info in the process, including SSNs: incredibly irresponsible. As far as how we went about the arrest isn't a part of the personal conflict though. That's definitely fucked.
  6. Lol this is all hilarious, scary and sad

    I.... Get the feeling you don't know what you posted...... Wtf does "go googlelebook" mean?
  7. Lol this is all hilarious, scary and sad

    Okay, what the fuck does any of this mean?
  8. Walmart Robots

    We may have the solution to automation: bathrooms. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/04/09/oregon-burglary-suspect-roomba-robotic-vacuum-police/3420144002/ In the Roomba's defense, though, its algorithm is on par with Packard's so it was doomed from the start.
  9. Maybe you're not watching real deep fake porn.
  10. WTF even is this shit

    I don't think I can forgive Araki for this Joestar....
  11. Game of Thrones: The Final Chore

    Oh, Sorce. I don't think he cares.
  12. Okay, so I'm actually regretting reading any of this thread. This is legitimately ridiculous. The notion that criticizing an organization for monetary political influence because the organization happens to be Jewish-led is "problematic", even if the criticism is valid, comes off as more racially charged than anything I've heard from Omar. I guess talking shit about Saudi Arabia over their crimes is problematic because it makes her seem like an Islamophobe, too? No? Why's that? Maybe because that's stupid. Having an anti-Soros #thejewishquestion money in politics is one thing. But she's very clearly hardline anti-money in politics, period, doesn't matter where it csme from. The fact people pounced on her for a legitimate critique on the basis of antisemitism really just highlights her point: they don't care about the substance of what she said, they just disingenuously want kiddy gloves for Israel.