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  1. Oh shit, Trump's managed to be garbage enough that even MD and Ginguy are gradually turning on him.
  2. Elizabeth Warren's campaign slogan should be: Just Like Bernie, But Worse!
  3. Translation: I get all my clothes there.
  4. Ain't no doorway wide enough, Ain't no butter slick enough, To get a TiC through there!
  5. Does it matter? I have a job and I go to it. Based on ^that post, I doubt you can say the same.
  6. Congratulations? Most people here work, too.
  7. Funny how you look at what I posted and only respond to that! Ha! Got em!
  8. Lol "I was talking to my buddy, who definitely exists and is conveniently an expert in everything I need him to be in, and he says I'm right. No citations needed, because you know you can just take my word."
  9. I thought liberals were the professional victim snowflakes. 😏 The fact this argument was used in a court of law is every bit as hilarious as it is utterly pathetic.
  10. Dubs are for people who can't read and like bad voice acting. 😎
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