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  1. They nearly pushed Bloomberg on us. They absolutely would.
  2. Okay, ignoring how unhinged that answer was, even if it were based in reality it would still be a non-answer. I didn't ask what could've been done to prevent the pandemic. I asked what you would like to be done now that we're already having a pandemic. As it stands, your "solution" is effectively that the best response to millions losing health insurance due to a pandemic is.... never have the pandemic in the first place. Wow, no shit. Of course preventing a pandemic is better than having one. But we are having one so the point is moot.
  3. It's ridiculous how out of touch the establishment is. The base of 70 year olds is thinning and with the how blatantly the DNC undermined democracy and the fact they're explicitly opposed to the things that would keep grandma and grandpa alive it's only a matter of time before it crumbles.
  4. 1 Sanders staffer. 1. Not staffers. Staffer.
  5. I support not sacrificing millions for the almighty stock market "Monopoly money," as you put it. Also, that's not a solution. How do you solve our issue of uninsured people, especially when millions are losing their jobs? During a pandemic? What is your policy position to solve it?
  6. Either of you going to answer? Of course not. Neither of you actually stand for anything.
  7. https://www.businessinsider.com/health-insurance-millions-americans-lose-result-coronavirus-layoffs-jobs-study-2020-4?fbclid=IwAR2saRElCkaYcFyQInp2K1XfzflhJGoUen9FKZ80OKm_VcRnsKGcQeqV1QY I'd like to see a policy position from @Ginguy and @LytKing on how we should handle this. Afterall, we know what they oppose, but what they want to do remains to be seen.
  8. but you have explicitly stated you want to keep everything open for the sake of the econonmy.
  9. Do you like overwhelming the medical system to the point of collapse? Is keeping malls and movie theaters REALLY more important? Go away.
  10. Had this been the first post of yours I'd ever seen, I would've immediately stopped taking you seriously after that video. You can tell how unapologetically reactionary you are from the content of that channel.
  11. I'm not a fan of him by any stretch, but he is significantly fairer in his interviews than most. I think people listen to him since he seems genuine, for better or for worse.
  12. Rogan is more hit-or-miss than downright terrible. I don't think he's a bad faith actor, unlike Tim Pool, that one weird guy that thinks wearing a leather jacket without a shirt looks cool in 2020, or Sargon.
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