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  1. Like how you're always a bad actor in political discourse?
  2. It's how @Ginguy tries to compensate for his micropenis.
  3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I'm starting to wonder if "Hero" isn't different skins but a Pokemon Trainer for Dragon Quest protagonists. I'm not sure we saw any of them use the same moves.
  4. Honestly, it's hard to not read your posts in Lemongrab screams.
  5. Dude, not more than a year ago you were defending Milo's pederastry bullshit. And pedophillia was rampant in every community in "ye olden times" because people only lived to be like 30, you fucking retard.
  6. Your thread title says "violence and/or protesting" as if to suggest that protesting against your team is in the same ballpark as violence.
  7. It all makes sense now

    And what do you tell people who have jobs that don't provide insurance nor pay well enough to afford insurance? "Go bankrupt"?