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  1. We may as well not have a majority while Joe Manchin is on """"""""""""""""our""""""""""""""" side.
  2. Aw, poor baby @Ginguy had his wittle fee-fees hurted.
  3. Rather presumptuous to assume he wipes.
  4. The seconds it took to read this post are seconds I'll never get back. What a waste.
  5. @Ginguy your party is the intelligent one, right? Can you explain the brilliance behind this? Our brains might be too stupid to understand.
  6. Being smarter than Don Jr is like being smarter than an especially dumb rock. Complex thought isn't a prerequisite. The smartest is probably Barron on the basis that he kinda never says anything publicly.
  7. I couldn't last through the National Anthem. Ceremonies like this feel like a giant waste of time and I'd rather just listen to Biden's speech after the fact if everything leading to it is going to be a whole lot of "spirit of the nation" jargon.
  8. His cabinet is notably better than expected, albeit a low bar. Some legitimately good or decent ones, and the bad ones are significantly better than Trump on the mere basis thst as far as I'm aware none are literal nazis.
  9. He wants some of her [soon to be liquidated] assets.
  10. Honestly, I hope so. If they're voting for the political party equivalent of Disaster Movie, they're not voting for Republicans. I'm not going to shed tears over the inbred vote becoming divided.
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