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  1. Meh. I was pretty disappointed by the drastic shift in tone from mostly somber dark fantasy with some shonen aspects to pure action shonen with dumb "comedy" that's just the annoying lightning guy screeching for half of each episode. I hear the author intended to keep the earlier tone but the sales were poor. Honestly, it's pretty sad that it only got popular after she was pressured into making it more generic. 😥
  2. That looks like a tacky Hot Wheels bus designed by someone who doesn't know the difference between buses and trains.
  3. naraku360

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    Re:Zero and.... Uh...... 😐
  4. I had a 10+ page argument with everyone in OA because I thought it was an unusual pick for a channel that typically didn't have shows firmly grounded in reality. Which everyone decided meant I thought it needed to be scifi after I said the exact opposite 200 times. Then it turned out, perhaps Monster... is actually scifi because Tenma does brain surgeries.... Not going to lie, coming out of an argument where the other side was saying that Monster fit the channel because shows didn't have to be scifi any more [ignoring that literally was never the point] but actually maybe it is scifi anyway since Tenma does medicine with me looking like the idiot would still be a little tilting if it weren't ages ago.
  5. When Trump got involved it became a Klan-flict of interest.
  6. It's going to be a small town of 30 people with Skyrim as DLC.
  7. Its brain is getting all scrambled after Tim Pool decided to cover a terrorist attack from the right.
  8. Why does she have to use a different analogy? It's not a threat to make a comparison.
  9. You had your shitty dumbass thread. Now you don't. Time to fuck off.
  10. We should make a better country. With blackjack and hookers.
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