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  1. What do the Proud Boys stand for, and why do you support it? @Ginguy @One_And_Done
  2. Still waiting to hear what part of the Proud Boys doctrine @One_And_Done and @Ginguy support.
  3. So the hammers must be to defend themselves but the batons and "bear mace" can't be? Fucking dumbass.
  4. Concentration camp =/= death camp Google exists, bitchtits. Also "look Mexican" doesn't mean "Mexican". Wonder why people call you illiterate? I was alluding to skin color. Do you think all illegal immigration comes from sputh of the border? I thought the counterargument for it being racially driven was "I don't want any illegal immigrants, regardless of race!" Now it's "all illegal immigrants are hispanics anyway!" Which is it?
  5. Let's just ignore the concentration camps on the border. Race has nothing to do with all the immigrants being held captive unjustly and in inhumane ways, it's a mere coincidence they all happen to look Mexican and that there's no such treatment of white illegal immigrants.
  6. You're such a scummy bitch-ass cunt. The moment you get called the fuck out, it's "b-b-b-but whataboutdis?!?" It's so blatantly disingenuous I don't know how anyone can take you seriously. The cognitive dissonance is so astounding it's unbelievable to expect anyone to think it's not deliberate.
  7. Do you get news from anywhere but Tim Pool? And why are you so supportive of the Proud Boys? What do they do that you like so much?
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