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  1. finally a little good news. this afternoon, i received notice that we're being awarded one of the grants i applied for. it's the smaller, lottery-based grant, but every little chunk helps. at least now we should be able to catch up on all our outstanding bills. the need-based one still hasn't popped. i did find someone inside that particular office who was willing to discuss the situation. she said we missed the cutoff for round 2 consideration (even though we submitted while round 1 was still open), so our application is still technically "under review" and we still have a chance at getting it, as long as the fund doesn't deplete before our application gets a decision. i sure hope the receipt of the small grant doesn't affect our eligibility for the bigger one...
  2. some rolls come battered and fried...
  3. enough dirt to be dangerous, but not enough dirt to make the kill list.
  4. 20% tax rate? seems legit.
  5. we went out for sushi last night. first time since probably february. we also took the boys but they were not impressed, so they had noodles and hibachi chicken.
  6. you said it. there's no one perfect option. but there doesn't need to be, considering the opponent.
  7. and this news surprises no one. i was kinda quietly rooting for duckworth tbh.
  8. they're opening schools in illinois in 2 weeks. wife and i registered both our boys for all-online learning. my oldest boy (who mainly lives with my ex an hour from here) will be going in-person. she's sending him because she's anti-mask and doesn't listen to me for anything. we've always known she was stupid, and this pandemic really helped set it in stone. so those weekend visits might be a bad idea for awhile
  9. Sure got the "dense" part figured out...
  10. Here's some nice straight-line winds from Morris just a bit ago.
  11. it came on real fast down here, and we only took a glancing blow. good luck up there.
  12. tornado warnings headed for chicago. buckle up buttercup!
  13. parents are ok, lots of wind and rain but no damage. it's managed to drop on on us all the way down here now too. i had to run down to the beer garden and take down the shade sails before they got shredded. it's looking nasty out right now...
  14. my parents are getting hit as we speak, nw corner of il. hope they're doing ok ...
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