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  1. GOT final ep poll

    that chernobyl will keep me around for a few more weeks. i don't have the energy to torrent weekly series anymore.
  2. GOT final ep poll

    it was all the way back in season 1 (i'm pretty sure) when arya asked what was west of westeros. i think it's supposed to symbolize a return to her former, pre-murderer self. full-circle stark stuff. that's what i got out of it anyways.
  3. are you kidding? who doesn't??
  4. Everyone get baked

    hey bucket, let's tone down the nazi propaganda, k?
  5. yes. keep it going. i'm taking notes right now.
  6. i appreciate your dedication. really, marvelous work.
  7. how lazy are you?

    jeez, you went there fast. feeling a little insecure today?
  8. how lazy are you?

    so the 4th other thing...is it fucking your secretary? i bet it's fucking your secretary.
  9. this is how i know you're performing a parody of an actual idiot.
  10. It's how lots of threads go.

  11. it was rhetorical but i appreciate the response anyways.
  12. It's how lots of threads go.

    there's no atmosphere on the moon, so no. however, there's plenty of atmosphere here on earth to carry a scent. what does a cigarette smell like?
  13. It's how lots of threads go.

    but does it smell like tar?
  14. It's how lots of threads go.

    early bird special, i'm sure.
  15. It's how lots of threads go.

    sure it does. it's a fair question, asked of a person who should be well-suited to provide an answer as a smoker himself. and it's a very simple question to answer. apart from having a binary response, it's also experience-based and you have like 60 years of that. so what does a cigarette smell like?