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  1. no more grandparents, and no great-grandparents for almost 40 years now. my parents live in what was once my dad's grandfather's house. and my parents own my dad's 4-generation family farm, where his parents lived for 50 years and his grandparents before that. my mom's sisters bought their mother's house when she died last year. i haven't been back up there in almost a year now (thanks covid) so that's how long it's been since i've been to any of those places.
  2. my saturday night bartender: i'm not wearing masks at work anymore because i have a dr's note. me: hang on... *whips out ridiculously over-sized face shield* here ya go. enjoy! bartender: b- b- b- b- she probably legit has a doctor's note, but i'm not about to entertain the bullshit anymore. since we tightened our policies in response to the explosion of local cases, we've run off a large chunk of business because people know they can go to the next town over and hang out indoors without ever wearing a mask. it really sucks knowing we're driving business off because we're the only responsible establishment in 20 miles. but it doesn't really matter anyways, because our region is doing so poorly that we're all gonna be shut down for indoor dining by the end of the week.
  3. those things are never gonna stop bubbling if you keep adding sugar. my black ipa went into bottles last night. it was a week later than planned, but it picked up a weird astringency so i left it in secondary for an extra week with some gelatin to try pulling some of that flavor out. it improved a little, but it's not really back to where it needs to be yet. hopefully after a couple weeks of bottle conditioning and a month in the fridge, it will find its way back. i tracked the problem back to the new grain mill. when you mill the grain, you're supposed to crack the hull open to expose the kernel, but not actually break the hull into pieces. i think the width on the rollers was set a little too small, and it actually crushed the hulls instead of just breaking them open. that released too much tannin into the mash, and the astringency off-flavor blossomed during fermentation. it's correctable, to an extent. i can taste a good beer underneath that flavor, so hopefully it continues to fade in the cooler. we'll try a bottle on halloween and maybe every couple weeks after that until it's good to go.
  4. Pretty much no. Most stores have their "masks req'd" signs at the front door, but nobody enforces it and the majority of people don't adhere. Kinda nuts really.
  5. i just cracked open a glendronach 15 last night. one pour oughta fill the rest of that tab.
  6. illinois has recorded 4015, 4554, and 3629 new cases in each of the last 3 days. the first two were all-time daily records on their reporting days. that's where we're at right now. and with no signs that daily reporting is going to peak/drop off anytime soon, i foresee some new restrictions, either by region or the state as a whole, by the end of this week. and it's now too cold for outdoor seating to be a viable option for most other places. also, that wedding last weekend is a confirmed spreader event. 3 of my staff are included in the 200+ people now in quarantine from exposure either at the wedding or other gatherings related to it, and two local restaurants are closed entirely until they get their employee test results back. we had the foresight to make the wedding groups hold their little social hour in our outdoor venue, and i worked it by myself (and i'm in the clear). so the bar has remained unaffected thus far. dodged another bullet there. we did tighten up our restrictions starting this weekend, and there's still a few people who are fighting us on it, but people are mostly compliant on their own at this point. probably because they're as scared now as they were back in mar/apr.
  7. all my best decisions are made with at least a .1 BAC. don't blame him.
  8. i need context on these terms. was i drunk when we did this?
  9. 6' even most days. down to 203 this morning. it's probably been a year since i've been <200. i had to go shopping for pork rinds and summer sausage because this no-good-food bullshit was killing me.
  10. that's the thing. i know my body, and this isn't presenting any of the "classic" covid symptoms. regardless, i'd stay home today (and probably tomorrow) if i could, just as a courtesy to my co-workers. just got done having a conversation with my boss. like right before coming back to this thread. if my backup isn't back to work by monday, i'm being asked to cancel my planned vacation next week and come into work. fuuuuuuuuuck all of this.
  11. pics man. preferably ones with his face in them. and his name on there somewhere too.
  12. my wife was telling me just this morning, that she saw an article on facebook about that whole thing. i think i gave her an eyeroll or something. ~~~ so i had to tend bar on friday afternoon for a wedding rehearsal dinner pre-party. actually some super classy stuff, cocktail hour and black ties and the whole bit. most of them didn't show up with masks, and the few who did chose to put them away once they arrived (it was outside so we only recommend them, not require them). the father of the bride was tested earlier that day because he was having a procedure done this week or next week or something. he tested positive but didn't know it til tuesday. so pretty much everyone involved with the wedding is on quarantine. i'm lucky enough that i only served him one drink, from across the bar, and i was masked. so my risk is pretty much zero. in the meantime, a cold has burned thru the wacky household. it got the boys over the weekend, wife on tuesday, and me starting yesterday. it's not covid, it doesn't fit the big majority of common symptoms, and with the exception of being congested and having a sore throat and plugged ears, i'm good to go. no fever, no dry cough, no loss of taste or brain fog or any of that. i'm sure if i asked to get tested on this set of symptoms, they'd decline me. however, i would normally stay home anyways with this kind of cold, just because i work around some older people and try to not bring anything into the bank that might ruin their week. well, my only backup is on the quarantine list for the wedding, and i don't have a wfh option. so i'm at the bank, showing all the regular cold symptoms, and everyone is FREAKING OUT because i'm pushing covid all over them. people are fucking stupid. and maybe this belongs in h/c. dgaf.
  13. so cube got played by the gop while trying to do a good thing for all black people. and in return, his fanbase waffle-stomped him with the quickness. *check calendar* yep, checks out. still 2020.
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