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  1. i bought 12 - 16' deck boards and 10 -12' 2x6's for a project on monday. shit cost me $600.
  2. 7.5 is not almost 10 3.5 is not almost 5 it's not a statistical significance thing. it's a matter of providing accurate-ish estimates for the sake of simplicity. 7.5 isn't almost 10 because it's a full 25% less, which is a lot. 97.5 is almost 100 because it's just a couple % different. edit: i think i see where this is going, nevermind.
  3. i don't wanna be that guy, but the article only states that india's reported death toll crossed the 200k total this week. they didn't actually have 200k new deaths this week. HOWEVER...it also states that they're vastly under-reporting their daily case and death counts. there could be as many as 10 million new infections daily right now, even though they're "only" reporting around 380k new infections daily. if one assumes the same under-reporting for deaths, that would give you something far worse than 200k... 10 mil (assumed actual daily new cases) / 380k (reported daily new cases) = around 26. 26 times more cases assumed than what's being reported. daily death toll (7-day average) is around 3400. so using the same under-reporting factor, 3400 x 7 x 26 = about 620k. in one fucking week. now, an argument could be made that deaths are less likely to be under-reported, because you have a dead body for proof whereas you don't have a positive test result for every positive case. so let's assume, for shits and giggles, that the under-reporting of deaths is "only" a factor of 10 instead of 26. well then, you get 3400 x 7 x 10 = 238k in one week. that's the entire city of richmond VA and then some, in just one week. big fucking oof.
  4. beep, beep! my drivers: 93 nissan quest 89 ford ranger 93 mitsubishi galant 88 buick century 95 buick park avenue 03 chevy 1500HD 12 jeep wrangler jku and cars i have owned but did not drive: 03 hyundai tucson 06 jeep liberty 12 gmc terrain 13 chrysler town & country
  5. ngl, i missed it until about half an hour ago. but it's a very nice thread.
  6. poofy. not too on the nose, but just enough on the nose. bravah.
  7. well it's been a day so yes, more positive than the rest of this mess.
  8. i guess in theory, lot numbers could be traced to delivery location/date information. idk why someone would want to go to all the trouble of tracking that down, but i'm not a big data guy so :shrug:
  9. you're not going to effectively farm chickens for the meat on a city lot, unless you only want a couple meals a month for your efforts. maybe you can trade your chicken eggs for meat from a local farm/processor.
  10. ok look. just go buy/rent a few acres of pasture outside of town. on six acres of grass with a natural water source, you can raise two cow/calf pairs. butcher the spring calves in the fall for your food. you'll have to inseminate the cows in june, feed/water/shelter them all winter, and possibly assist with the birthings in march, but you'll get two whole beef cows for the freezer every year.
  11. smokers smell like shit...but a fresh cigarette (or cigar) still gets me every time.
  12. ok the car was a problem for me too, but only while i was still smoking. after i quit, it wasn't an issue.
  13. you're not going to raise enough meat in town to fill that need. and if you're not deterred, you might need to get permits or risk being fined for it. better off planting a garden and learning the joys of canning.
  14. for me the addiction was 100% chemical. and the only explanation i can offer is that i got really sick at one point and something in me said "fuck that shit" and i never looked back. no oral fixation, no habits that needed relaxing. it was all the chemical dependency. and 3 years later, it still triggers when i smell a freshly-lit cigarette.
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