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  1. i've never noticed people yelling "hank" before, but people create all sorts of weird traditions when they're out drinking. it could be a local thing? i think the most commonly yelled word down here is just FIREBALL!!! because of the shitty cinnamon whiskey.
  2. oh, i was thinking williams but it looks like you're leaning towards hill. diffrin class uh ridnick.
  3. don't tell me this is the first time you've ever heard "family tradition"
  4. on the morning we took a ferry across lake superior for our isle royale hike, the only place in walking distance that was serving food was a little bakery/smoked meats shop right by the dock. i'm not too keen on sweets in the morning, so i bought a half a pound of smoked salmon and some black coffee. the 3-hour boat ride across the choppy lake directly following that meal, was almost enough to make me lose all that salmon over the edge of the boat. probably didn't help that i was also fighting a gin hangover.
  5. this child... no new injuries, but now he's running a fever. i'm pretty sure it's not from infection; the wound is actually looking really good at this point and there's no other signs of anything like that. probably just a viral thing, one of many going around right now. doctors want us to bring him back in if he's not over it soon, because they think it could be related to the injury. but they're just being overly cautious. #pleasedontbesepsis
  6. a cool scar is probably how this will end up. he's already got a matching scar on the other eyebrow from doing the exact same thing about a year ago, but it wasn't deep enough to take him in for stitches. might be time to look for a softer headboard...
  7. It's state insurance. Not Medicaid, but discounted based on income.
  8. Copay, maybe $50. Gonna leave a real nice scar though. Cut right through his eyebrow and about as deep as could be.
  9. Finally got a bed. They applied a lidocaine gel to numb it. Gonna be another 30 minutes before they can clean and fix. The boy is handling it pretty well so far.
  10. I was wrong. Still sitting. Pretty sure at this point that of everyone still in the waiting room, we beat everyone here. Approaching 90 minutes now...
  11. Yeah the town this hospital's in is only like 50k pop. Waiting room is clearing out a bit now. Might get to head up soon.
  12. This is actually the longest ER wait I've sat thru for one of the boys. But the other visits were more urgent, so meh.
  13. On a lighter note, the dude sitting across the aisle from me in a wheelchair keeps shifting in his seat. He's wearing pretty short shorts. At one point, I'm sure I saw a ball.
  14. Still in the waiting room. Been almost an hour now. The boy is sleeping so it's not an urgent thing, but my ass is getting numb from these shitty chairs. We've been here enough times with these kids that I'm pretty used to this routine.
  15. Kinda difficult to accomplish those from in here. That's why I'm asking for suggestions. Gosh.
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