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  1. New rescue and OMFG. Maybe a month old, abandoned by people or turned away/lost by a stray mama, and we picked her up on Friday in the alley out behind the bar. Had her for 48 hours and she's already tame, housebroken, and getting along with the other kitties. 🥹
  2. I have an old 5' steering shaft that does the job nicely. We flattened one end and put a point on the other end. It's a damn beast.
  3. Still points North when the wind is right. I hear I missed another snafu or two round here lately. You been keeping your nose clean? Metaphorically speaking, of course.
  4. I need to go to the hardware store for a tamper and a post hole auger. And I need to get a few more tons of rock dropped off. So much work left to do. I can't find the motivation to leave the house today. Wtf is this wimpy shit.
  5. Yeah, that's why it only has a couple rounds of that left. I'm already planning a full remodel once I have ADA compliance for building egress finished later this summer. None of the bar is compliant, and so I can't do much of anything in the way of improvements until I can do all of the egress stuff as well. The men's room is basically just a closet with a trough, from like 1970. The plumbing? Same age, probably. No traps on floor drains. Neighboring properties tied in. It's like a plumber's wet dream / nightmare.
  6. I use sulphuric acid in the urinal drain at the bar, only as a last resort. People push their chew and straws thru the grate, and wash all other manner of nasty dude bits down there. Eventually it builds up and clogs, and I have to pull out the tools and grind the buildup out. If I can't get the snake to punch thru, that's when it's time for the acid bath. I figure those pvc pipes have a few more baths in them before it's time to replace the lot.
  7. Got the jeeper creeper all stripped down for the weekend
  8. The outdoor bar is shut down til May. And the Jeep loves this snow
  9. we got around 18" a couple weeks ago, probably the same storm that dumped on you in these pics. that vehicle on the left is a minivan. by the time the snow quit, there was enough piled up on the van to crack the windshield. i didn't even notice it til a few days later when i got around to cleaning it off. we got 8+" of snow again yesterday. and they're saying there's another storm coming next week that could dump another 1-2 feet. i'm over the snow.
  10. shit, we're up to like 14" and counting.
  11. there's no way that fucker saw his shadow in this state this morning. he probably couldn't even dig his ass out that burrow with all this snow.
  12. Google is finally sunsetting their free G Suite legacy accounts. Gmail with custom domains will cost $6/mo/address starting in July. Fuck. Now I have to find a new free host for my emails. Zoho, I'm looking at you again ...
  13. i showed wife the preview yesterday. we'll sit down sometime and get into it. glad it wasn't all hype!
  14. Not sure I've ever read another person (outside of a few critics) say anything nice about that movie. Her BADASS performance made me a lifetime fan. I don't really WANT to meet any celebrities because the reality is never as good as the image in your head, and famous people don't really do it for me anyways. But if I had to pick one to avoid, it would probably be that fucking cock drip Aaron Rogers.
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