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  1. this has always been the inevitable conclusion, but it was generally accepted that it should take quite a bit longer to achieve a significantly lower potency. odd.
  2. .... sure, that. ok folks, it's getting closer now. we're 296 threads and 3,336 posts away from this monumental event. spaceships? nah. covid? pssh. 50k/1mil is the bit.
  3. i'd like to amend that to FNIB, please. everyone south of i80 went to missouri because the mo-covid is less nasally.
  4. i don't want to say the data is bad because it's most likely accurate. but wednesday numbers were high pretty much everywere due to the holiday weekend reporting delays. normally tuesday is the jump day, but since memorial day kept a lot of places closed monday, the reporting shifted back a day and included an additional day of backlog reporting. the increase % of positive tests is not affected by reporting delays though, so that's a bit concerning. however, even states with structured and phased reopenings anticipate a rise in numbers as part of the reopening. it's just part of the package. the intention is to mitigate the surges as they happen, with enhanced tracing and localized movement to squash outbreaks before hotspots bloom out of control. illinois reported its third highest death figures on wednesday. and we're still under heavy shutdown. it's just reporting latency, and can't be taken as proof of any new trends. the true indicator will be what happens over the next 5-7 days.
  5. wife and i had talked about taking the kids down to FL for the launch, back before covid fucked that one up. we've watched just about all the spacex launches live online, and the whole process is just beyond. it's really cool watching people react to the first time they see that first stage rocket land itself after taking a payload out. insane.
  6. oh, i thought you were implying there were different nasal swab tests. yeah, the big scary swab test. we can't get antibody tests out here just yet. they're coming soon enough, and i intend to send all my staff in for that one as well.
  7. spacex has flown enough over the last decade that they ought to be solid. plus, i mean nasa has control and they're really invested in not killing more astronauts right out of the gate. i'm gonna watch and i fully expect either a weather-related shutdown or a successful launch.
  8. nope. all i know is they collect the sample from the front of your brain stem with that long-ass swab.
  9. we were only 378 topics away from 50k, and only 6542 posts away from 1 million when i snapped this a few minutes ago. we need to hit both milestones with the same post. i think we're on track to hit 1mn posts in the next week or two. THIS NEEDS TO BE A PRIORITY.
  10. there's an argument to be had about the regulation of internet-based comms platforms, but i'm not qualified to make it. neither is he.
  11. well that story kinda came back full-circle. black folks lose their liveliehoods (probably because a bunch of karens complained) so people can enjoy a park. 150 years later, karen complains and about a black man trying to enjoy the park, and loses her livelihood.
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