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  1. barrel aged stout and selling out: goose island, anheuser-busch, and how craft beer became big business by josh noel know thine enemy
  2. We hosted a tap takeover event yesterday in our outdoor venue, with one of the rising stars of the craft beer world. Some of the best beers available from Toppling Goliath were on our list of 11. Every damn one of these was delicious. Not pictured is Term Oil Fluffernutter, a 13.1% barrel-aged stout that tastes exactly like a Fluffernutter sandwich. Also, saying "fluffernutter" out loud is fun. The sours didn't last the day, but the rest are still pouring today and that's just fine. Nearly all of these beers are 1) hard to get outside of the TG taproom and 2) very fucking tasty. I saved back a bit of the Cherry Fandango, a kettle sour, before it kicked last night. I'm enjoying that now before moving on to the Term Oil. Pinkies out, bitches. I'm also filling growler orders today, while sampling what's left of the line again because yesterday was ridiculous. Besides the taps, we had a big cornhole tournament, axe throwing, live music, and a food truck serving some God damn amazing fried chicken and sides. And we raised a bunch of cash to support the jr high basketball program. So I got to enjoy maybe a handful of pours, usually just for show while playing emcee. Today I get to sip and enjoy. Pretty damn good Sunday coming up, I must say.
  3. I'm serious, they're yours if you want them.
  4. Soooo could I interest you in 4 free tickets to tomorrow's game?
  5. grew up a farmer, so i have plenty of ag capability. can hunt / trap / fish, can start a fire with flint/steel and mag lens, can read topo maps / use compass, have construction skills for shelter and mechanical skills for repairs / maintenance. currently working on my from-scratch knowledge for fermentation and distillation (you're gonna need beer/whiskey in the after times ;). i have two shtf bags and a growing pile of ammo ready at all times, so i have a good fighting chance while the plebs are weeded out. once the initial wave of crime/death has passed and factions are established, my skillset will prove valuable enough to be a welcome member of whatever group. yes, that gif's intentionally ironic.
  6. ok hang on. a FREE rv? yeah, buy some tags.
  7. i think a bill of sale should be adequate to move it. i found this page that says:
  8. just hop in and go, buddy. idk how it's done out there, but here you have like 24 hours from the moment of sale to get it home. figure out the rest later.
  9. i want to say angel food cake is different from other cakes primarily based on the ingredients used (only thing i can recall is no egg yolks, just egg whites). i've only ever seen angel food cake made in the donut shape, but i think it could probably be made in sheet form as well if one were so inclined. but bundt cake pans are used for other types of cakes as well. coffee cake comes to mind. do i ask a stupid question now? ok. why the hell do they stuff cotton inside pill jars? is it to keep the pills from breaking during shipping? why not just make the containers smaller instead of leaving all that empty space?
  10. this is the answer. removing it is also a pretty fucking obvious play (for both genders). the tan line / finger indent really adds that flair of desperation to the whole encounter. :chefkiss:
  11. i went ahead and started buying exotic plants again, since i've been home for pretty much the last 2 weeks straight while everyone's been taking their turns in quarantine. just got my first saguaro cactus in the mail today and put it in some new soil. 6-7" tall with spikes up to 2" long. shit's sharp!
  12. I want to say I never even showed ID when I went in for my shots, but we know all the people at the health dept so maybe we got off light... Side note: wife and I have both been fully vaxed since April. We're both currently recovering from covid. Same goes for her dad and our daycare provider. Not sure if we have delta or something else, but the vax didn't stop it. On the plus side, nobody got severe, so maybe it helped out in that regard.
  13. the two youngest boys got ipads for their birthdays a year ago when covid was going on, because their school was doing remote learning thru an ipad app ecosystem. these ipads have lasted a lot longer than the junk amazon fire tablets we'd been buying pretty much every year for them. i'm surprised someone hasn't busted / lost one yet.
  14. i think the middle boy installed in on their gaming pc the other day...or maybe it was on his tablet idk...but they're playing the roblox versions of it and we forced them to start wearing ears because fuck that soundtrack.
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