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  1. lol, i posted in an r/photoshopbattle one time where this image was the original. i removed the blue, making it a regular booby. wish i could find that. edit: always easier to find what you're looking for, AFTER you post saying you can't find it. also, not quite the original image, but pretty damn close.
  2. So the new Adventure Time sequel/spinoff/not sure, called "Fionna and Cake" just premiered on Max with the first 2 eps. After watching, I have a feeling it's gonna be a fun/devastating ride.
  3. is it really a wise life choice to sell everything and start over with a food truck to sell ... gourmet hot dogs? it sounds a lot dumber than it really is... well now that i've typed it out, i'm not so sure about that last part. but these hot dogs we're turning out, GOD DAMN they's decent. i'm torn.
  4. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    sounds good. they're all sleeping now but i'm pretty sure wifey was looking to add some friends. i'll let her know.
  5. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    huzzah! 100k in the bank. :thumbsup:
  6. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    i'm already ready already (egg is active). send away. also, thanks for doing this
  7. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    i'm ready. take me now, subcreature.
  8. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    i'm down. when do you want to run it?
  9. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    sorry, missed this one. i need to turn email notifications back on...
  10. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    Same! It's gonna take me about 7 weeks to trade enough gifts to clear rd1. Good times 🤔
  11. wacky1980

    Pokémon Go

    Sending. I need 3 new friends for a challenge and ... well ... it's hard to make friends in a town of 2000 and I'm one of 5 players, all of which are my wife+kids. Also if anyone's interested, pls+thx!
  12. 11/23/03 ... ish. Then lost access to that account and set up my 2nd main on 2/9/04. Regained access to my original account in maybe 2012, but wasn't about to abandon this goldmine of content creation.
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