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  1. i will give you $10 right now if you can shut this woman at the next desk up. someone. anyone. please help me.
  2. it's about done. after we transferred to secondary and added in the cherries, the fermentation reignited off the sugars in the fruit and we had to wait an additional week for that to wind itself down. i wasn't expecting it to eat thru all the sugar like that, so now it's pretty dry...and unmeasurably boozier than the 6.5% we were expecting after the weak mash. i'm guessing as high as 8% but we'll never know. and since it's so dry, we'll have to add maybe 4oz of lactose to back-sweeten it. we kegged and carbonated about 10 days ago, and once we add the lactose, it should be ready to go. it could probably do well by another week or two of aging before it's in the sweet spot. we'll just have to drink some now and then drink some more then and see.
  3. it's not that i don't enjoy the song, but the city probably shouldn't be using their new outdoor ambient music system to play dylan's "rainy day women" :smileyfacepalm:
  4. katt doesn't age. i believe this thread to be lies!
  5. i found a non-oem license from an old pc i had sitting around. it transferred, and we good now. i have pushed a couple benchmark tests on it and everything seems to be running at expected specs. i still can't believe that nvme drive hits 3400mbps sequential read. just crazy. cabling wasn't bad. there's a lot of channels to pull cabling throuh, all the way around the mobo and out the front for the drives. the case leaves a few things to be desired, but it's not too bad overall. the rgb is controlled on the mobo by some msi-branded software, but there's also a button on the top of the case that *i think* is supposed to control it as well. i haven't got that figured out just yet. the highest temp i could reach on the cpu so far is 78C. we installed a couple games on it for the boys to kick around, and when we're playing minecraft the temp moves between 50-60C but rarely outside that range. still haven't put the nuts to it by editing videos, but i think we're recording again tonight so we'll see how that goes later this week.
  6. got 'er rolling now. she pretty. not too bad for my first build.
  7. i think etiquette dictates you can use it until someone legit needs it, and then you have to give it up. but you can only use it for the chair -- not the wheels.
  8. i'm sure @1938 Packard would thrive in a barter system.
  9. i had the memory in the correct slots and they sure looked properly seated. pulled the one from slot 4 out entirely and moved the one from slot 2 over to 1, and then everything came up. moved them both back to their original positions, and everything came up again. 🤷‍♂️ idle temps on the cpu (oc) hang right around 29-30C (sitting in bios that is...i haven't loaded the monitoring software in windows yet). the 2700x came with a decent air cooler, and i have 4 aftermarket fans -- 2 intake and 2 exhaust -- moving air pretty well. once i have my windows install sorted, i'll add the software and run some benchmark tests to see where everything sits. boot time into windows is scary fast on that nvme, at least as fast as my chromebook. this windows install is being a betch though. i can't move any activation keys onto this pc from any of the other 3 i have (all win10) because apparently starting with win10, the activation key is bound to hardware and can't be transferred? i'm still not very well-educated on this so i'm gonna keep poking at it until a solution presents itself. worst case scenario, i can always install the cracked version from my torrent site or (ugh) buy a license.
  10. figured it out. not sure what the problem was, but i pulled the memory modules and re-seated them, and all is well now. installing windows as we speak. managed to use the factory oc to get the cpu up to 4.15ghz, and ram is currently pushing 3200. we'll see how well that translates into gaming / editing boost...
  11. got the rest of the components installed last night...but i can't get anything to output to display. maybe not booting into bios properly, or not really booting at all, not entirely sure yet. i put in approximately 0 minutes of troubleshooting because it was 2am and i had to be awake this morning at 6. none of the led debug lights are coming on, so it's not an obvious problem just yet, but i have a few ideas. gonna strip out the storage drives and gpu and try a couple more things. if i have to, gonna pull the mobo and try a breadboard boot (ugh, not exciting after getting it all put together). but it could also be something as simple as a bad display cable, so my first step is gonna be using dvi on a known working monitor. nothing's ever easy.
  12. got damn. didn't realize how tiny those nmve cards are. anyways, i got about halfway built last night with the parts that had already arrived. got psu, fans, and nvme drive + heatsink today. if i get time this evening, i'm gonna attempt to get the rest of the hardware dropped in place and try to boot into bios to make sure we're looking good. still trying to decide what to do as far as os. i really don't wanna drop $100 on a new win10 license, and i'm not too interested in a linux distro because it's been awhile and i'd be rusty. thinking i can just use the license from the old pc i'm retiring. that's still a thing we can do, right?
  13. the local post office receives package dumps from UPS, to handle the "last mile" delivery of packages via amazon's "UPS SurePost" delivery option that you cannot deselect when placing an order. this option is still listed as "Prime 2-Day" which is fine by me, i don't need 1-day delivery for the most part. so when the package arrives at the post office at 5:30am on day 2, one would think the post office is going to get it on the truck and out for delivery today. and in this case, one would be flat fucking wrong. it will sit on the loading dock until the next day for some reason. best part is, they won't let me walk in there today and carry it out. our post office is literally across the street from my office. and this is a town of 2,000 people, so it's not like they're too big to track down a package upon request, in their one delivery bay. they just won't do it. i can see the pile of boxes from the service window, but they won't walk their happy asses back there to get my box off the top. their excuse? they haven't check them in yet. to that i say BULLSHIT because my tracking update says plainly that the package was accepted at the local post office. but they won't budge on this position. one time i waited in the lobby until an hour after they closed the customer service window (singular, one window) to collect a package because i told them i wasn't leaving without it. i've railed on these boards against the USPS in the past and been told by folks that it's fine, they're doing great and should be commended for their amazing work. i'm not sure what reality those folks reside in, but it is not this one.
  14. fluff story. everyone knows steam games have no actual monetary value. that's like saying he converted it into co2 credits or some zany shit.
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