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  1. wacky1980

    Old People

    the closer i get to being old people, the more i find myself being annoyed by the antics of old people. i'll surely become a "get off my lawn" old people in due time.
  2. it doesn't hurt to ask. if they don't, it doesn't take much to accept a new policy. you can find examples online (here's a good one from fema re: influenza), and then just submit one to a manager with the request that it be accepted as policy and that they will agree to follow it when the need arises. they'd be crazy to refuse adoption of a policy if they don't already have one, especially at a time like this.
  3. the bank has a pandemic mitigation plan that basically outlines the steps we take to ensure the health and safety of employees, and the continuation of operations, during a pandemic outbreak. it includes best practices for interacting with public, use of tools and strategies to minimize the spread of disease, a defined channel of communication with the public concerning any changes to regular service levels, and a clear outline for designation of responsibilities should infection spread through the bank staff. it was a big gripe for FDIC examiners a few years back, so pretty much every financial institution has something similar on their DR/BC radar now.
  4. i'll be requesting that we activate the bank's pandemic mitigation plan at tomorrow's weekly meeting. that sounds scary, but it's just a prep stage that basically confirms we're aware of a potential threat and taking steps to prepare for an outbreak. making sure we have masks and gloves and sanitizer stocked up, and staff is notified of any business continuity updates. fatality rate is not insignificant, so i'm not shrugging it off just yet. i have school-age kids to worry about, after all. but i'm also not making any changes to my routines until there's report of local cases (there's supposedly a person being monitored for possible infection about 150 miles north of here, but that's not really "local" out here in the sticks).
  5. he was in h/c ... complaining ... about it before making the post. waaaaait. did you just call me super creepy? good news is, there's meds for that too.
  6. i'd have assumed a deer carcass would be polish or maybe french canadian. UP perhaps? i thought russians still used polar bears above the 45th parallel.
  7. that could go several ways. a peace offering? a donation? have you pissed off any mobsters lately?
  8. man, hello fresh don't fuck around up nort'.
  9. I got this exact set on black Friday sale for $125 when I built my new gaming PC. Been very happy with it. I can't imagine needing 2x this RAM. What are you doing with all that?
  10. I recall a few years ago, where TurboTax tried to force a payment to e-file anything more complex than a 1040-EZ. I used to run my return on a couple "free" platforms to see how consistent they all were. TurboTax would usually come out a few bucks higher than the others, but their $69 fee ate thru those additional refunds.
  11. I won't get to file until probably March, because we have to finish our corp return in order to get our k-1 for personal returns. And our accountant won't start the corp return for maybe another month. As for $ amount, it will mainly depend on how the corp return shakes out. We took on a chunk of new debt while building the second venue, and I'm not good enough with corp accounting to know exactly how that will show up on paper. The personal stuff is also up in the air because wife quit a side job mid-year that didn't withhold taxes, so that 1099 will be smaller and will eat up a smaller chunk of my withholdings. I've already adjusted my w/h down by $100/mo for 2020 because of that.
  12. it's nyc. the rent was unaffordable before the problems she's complaining about. and that shit's happening everywhere now...moreso in the metros, for sure, but rapidly rising housing costs are a reality pretty much everywhere. it's a problem in the sticks as well. i can buy a 50-yo 4-unit complex in the quad cities for $150k and my mortgage payments would be <$800. and then i can turn around and rent each unit for $1000. shrug.
  13. the people moving to the city who are looking for a better life aren't the ones causing your rent to climb. baby/bathwater. it's the exact same argument anti-immigrant folks use, citing drug dealers and rapists as the reason all immigration should stop. the merits may be different, but the motivation behind the two arguments is exactly the same: maintaining the status quo. the personal insults are just the icing on the cake. thanks for that. i wish you the best of luck finding an apartment.
  14. thanks for the confirmation. you're essentially replacing "muh country!" with "muh rent!" have fun up on that hill.
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