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  1. Because I live in a state that I didnt grow up in with so many people who've never lived anywhere else, I think about gentrification a lot. The amount of condos and microstudios (ugh) that have been built in the city in the last two years is fucking crazy. The rent has gone up about over 25% in the last 3 years literally pricing people out of even a studio apartment to meet the 2x rent income requirement. Am I living in one of these nice ass apts? No, I have to live with other people because I cant afford a studio.
  2. Charlotte NC Charleston SC
  3. The opposite is happening in the Midwest where people from out of state or from the suburbs are moving into the cities, so the landlords are continuously raising rents while outside builders are creating more high end buildings that only the rich can afford.
  4. - playing SNES - hot cocoa with cinnamon - hot pepper soup - mustard in your shoes
  5. Does he have a viewpoint about this?
  7. Wow @katt_goddess thats amazing! I love your Meatwad button 🎶 Im a fan of a definition of art that is closer to art is life.
  8. - putting your pants on backwards - pretending to be the Pope - punting a small figurine into the trash can
  9. OH YEAH BREAKING NEWS, THE BLOOD IS ABUD, I REPEAT, THE BLOOD IS ABUD. Is that DF material? Idk, Im inappropriate all the time.
  10. No matter how old I get everytime Im the same way, like what the actual fuck is happening to my body. Apparently now I need to expect dizzy spells most of the day.
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