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  1. Garbage Special is now stuck in my head.
  2. How about super orange? Like tang orange.
  3. Who tf is this aimed at?
  4. Now I clearly understand that I need waluigi to narrate my sex life.
  5. you just gotta aim for the hole
  6. With the way this thread went, it's obvious that equality means listening. We don't need to fucking oppress each other. That's not going to get us anywhere. Original comment: Maybe white people could try an approach that isn't punitive or ascetic in nature in order to understand? That religious shit is just keeping people small. Not necessarily asking this from anyone else right now, especially given the history of the U.S., but I do feel that continuing the "you do harm, so get isolated / go to jail / get fucked up" mentality is just perpetuating the same bullshit.
  7. My opinion on the influence of media is that if a singular viewpoint of supremacy or othering is being constantly pushed around the world and as people we continually consume it without question, then we will internalize it. In the same ways that kids internalize racism. Will human beings always inherently be racist, give in to fear, etc? I don't know, but I do think that we have the capacity to evolve / change.
  8. I need to know where some of these images come from...for science.
  10. avec

    Titty pics

    Honestly they just look like giant pulsating ball sacks.
  11. avec

    Titty pics

    I've never really looked at a cow's utters until today and my god.
  12. Im too lazy to have alts.
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