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  1. I was too lazy to pull out my external HD for old screenshots, ty for the link
  2. avec


  3. avec


    whambulance https://picard.ytmnd.com/
  4. avec


    I clap 4 da shoe hands 1337
  5. Hmmm from what I can recall, I spent most of my time lurking in a lot of folders but ended up posting mainly in Babbling and IB with occasional fangirling in OA. I tried to get into Rants and felt obliterated lol. Definitely did not have a developed enough worldview at the time. Edit: I still can't spell/grammar
  6. Happy 20 years everyone. I'm reminiscing or at least trying to remember shenanigans from back then. What's coming to me are sweet memories of OAers Rainy, Caramello and Milky. I really appreciated meeting peeps at a couple cons and trying to keep up with people over the years. Shoutout to Mewn for our random messages lately! Despite all the bs, it was really fun to get to know people better on the discord during the pandemic and play games together. Ty to the peeps that kept up with me and checked in - y'all know who you are. Being a part of the boards helped me stay alive. Thank you for all the fond memories.
  7. until
    Pooping is a healthy part of your everyday. Please care for your butt.
  8. Thank you so much @Sawdamizer🍻
  9. I was thinking of it as each number as the corresponding month and when he got to 5 and it was masks I was just like... ...fast forward fast forward fast forward ah yes, no mention of the international uprisings or police brutality but ok
  10. But did you watch the Live Action OHSHC though? [I got about 2 paragraphs in, sorry not sorry]
  11. Appreciate you. You better send me a list or some way to return the favor.
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