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  1. I just want to say: Insurrectionary Techno-Mutualist
  2. Wow, so a black woman takes time to literally try to explain shit to you and the response is "la la la, I'm right and know better than you. White people won't listen to that". It's so sad and ironic, it's almost funny. At this point, with your big brain @Lasty, you should recognize that change is happening right now. Thanks for even entertaining this bullshit @Vamped
  3. this is the content I'm here for 😂
  4. Live right now, the police chief is talking to the community where George Floyd was murdered.
  5. Tanker truck drove through crowd of peaceful protesters about an hour and a half ago in Minneapolis.
  6. https://www.omaha.com/news/crime/shooter-identified-as-downtown-omaha-bar-owner-slain-protesters-death-under-investigation/article_0238d156-cea2-54b8-9a54-05e4e6e3ea42.html
  7. I'm concerned they are purposefully isolating neighborhoods. They're hitting all of the gas stations in the area.
  8. Thank you for showing this. Despite the bullshit happening here right now, people are cleaning up, supporting each other, and doing what they can.
  9. Seeing a pattern of gas stations specifically being targeted and destroyed.
  10. 90% of comments on the live stream were: ARREST THE OTHER 3 OFFICERS AND THERE WILL BE PEACE. Instead they are spending $$$$ on more officers and arresting people breaking curfew. The disconnect is real.
  11. The mayor and governor just went live to address the situation. Here's a nice summary from the times I wasn't tuning them out: They spent most of the time centering the suffering of themselves, the police, and national guard Basically threatened that if people don't go home, there will be lives lost More officers incoming Other cities are looking to us as protests escalate across the United States, so they want to stop the riots Boo hoo, the mayor is tired
  12. Where the Target and Cub were burned on Lake Street, people are cooking for and taking care of each other. Today a nearby business was full capacity on donations to help distribute to folks who are now in a food desert. Creating systems to support each other. I also want to be clear that I don't have an eye for an eye stance about this even though I am pretty fucking angry. There are many, many, many white people on the frontlines right now fighting against police brutality and risking their lives. If there's anything that I've learned being in different communities with folks of different belief systems is that our systems are failing the majority of us in many ways, but of course disproportionately affecting BIPOC folks the most.
  13. For now I'm not at home, but I am travelling into the Cities during the day to support where I can.
  14. The city is not going to stand for that...
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