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  1. I just saw the after reel of highlights and interviews with the candidates afterwards. I haven't had it in me to watch the actual debates. Just so fucking tired of the "status quo", appeasing, moderate, fake bullshit that is literally getting us nowhere.
  2. Any comments on the DFL Debate tonight?
  3. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/31FWVQBp3WQydWLNhO0ACi?si=mWj0G2EjTd2HOGOGhUzT0Q
  4. 1. I got out of bed. 2. I took a day off when I started feeling sick vs running myself into the ground. 3. I spent the majority of the day doing improv with two different groups. That was a lot of fun. ☀️
  5. Thank you!! I added this to my list. 🎶
  6. Ah this is a good reminder to pick of Black Lagoon again. I surprisingly really liked My Roommate is a Cat 😊
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