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  1. Not many, though. They basically gutted the entire soundtrack. This is speaking as someone who HAS that OST boxset.
  2. Yeah.....that's basically the ENTIRE soundtrack.
  3. Those whole thing is a travesty. Everything about it is fucked up.
  4. Lucky you. Sounds like a productive day.
  5. Man…..Hell of a talent. One of the reasons I loved The Wire. Never gave a bad performance, in my memory.
  6. ……..Not sure I should give you my real answer. So……thinking about how I should walk out of my job once I get accepted to the new one. That, and that “poop” is a funny word, because it is a word people are comfortable saying just to say. Also, people who wear socks that are higher than their ankles bother me…………immensely.
  7. I miss that dude. I miss a lot of people from here.
  8. Yeah. This one hit me hard, too. RIP to a supreme badass.
  9. Right now? My buddy TekForce's new album "Child of the 80s". It's on Bandcamp, and soon on iTunes, Spotify, and other services.
  10. lupin_bebop

    Will you...

    Fine. I’ll buy tacos.
  11. As someone with a LONG career in retail….MOTHERFUCKING THIS
  12. Never underestimate the stupidity of America. I learned the lesson with my 10 years at Apple.
  13. I was talking about getting your hands on a Steam Deck, but…..congrats on THAT, too. Serious feat.
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