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Thanksgiving may be ruined by my vegan sister


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3 minutes ago, cyberbully said:

You're a dumbass and probably best you not let it get around you kill animals.  You dont quite give off the hunter vibe

I bet he fishes.

He seems like a fisher.

6 minutes ago, ghostrek said:

who says I'm throwing stones  throwing glass from my house


16 minutes ago, ghostrek said:

fuck vegans   I mean that metaphorically  not literally  just for clarification


5 minutes ago, Kudasai said:

Didn't I ask you to post pics proving that you cleaned your room?


Glass house.

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2 hours ago, Poof said:

What if its better tho

I mean I guess you never know. Me, I would've just made it the regular way and told them to bring their own. No need to potentially ruin a crucial Thanksgiving dish to appease one person, y'know?

But hey, maybe it'll be great. Unless someone is allergic to almonds. They're gonna have a bad time. 

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6 hours ago, ghostrek said:

I like eating  dead animals that I kill  usually eat fish but whatever I have a lot of friends that hunt so no

Pickers can't be choosers, and with that hostage look you got going, vegan chicks are about the best you going to get.

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43 minutes ago, DragonSinger said:

Jesus, that meal looks atrocious. Vegan restrictions can be annoying, but that meal was all around incompetent and inedible. Whatever company made that trash is on some bullshit.

"Rich tofurkey giblet and mushroom gravy." Oh it is "rich" alright. Someone had a good laugh bulk producing this crap. 

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