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  1. There was until I saw those stains.
  2. Buying clothes from Wish to see how close the item is to the actual picture is a thing. Viewers, including myself, were really curious about the wedding dresses.
  3. LOL! Holy childhood flashback, Batman.
  4. Yo I can't fuck with Wish after seeing a youtuber review wedding dresses from there. Like I know their stuff has to be made in the worst sweatshops(which is why I never bought from them before), but when the lady reviewing them was all "Where did these strange reddish brown stains and dirt on the dress come from?" while also taking out a bunch of needles stuck in the fabric, it just cemented in my head not to ever buy from them. I won't even give clicks to Wish unboxing videos anymore.
  5. Why'd they have to use clips from A Low Down Dirty Shame? πŸ˜†
  6. I haven't posted my full collection on this site yet, so I'll get on that Monday.
  7. https://apnews.com/dab8261c68c93f24c0bfc1876518b3f6 And Catholic churches broke from paying off child rape settlements got Corona money. Thanks again, Trump voters.
  8. Fuuuuuckkk. Now I gotta do all those things I publicly promised. I just want to be lazy.
  9. Oh wow, I forgot those were a thing. There were two within 25 minutes of me, but they're all cancelled now. *Sigh* They only played kids movies anyway.
  10. *Meanmugs every person in this thread who has a drive-in theater near them*
  11. ☺️ My interest has increased.
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