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  1. Hey, it was my first red envelope, just let me enjoy it. We also got coupons for a free firecracker shrimp entree and free drink. Panda Express's owners are Chinese American, so it's not surprising they pay more during that time just out of respect of the holiday. Asian restaurants do get higher volume of customers during Lunar New Year because more people are now aware that they sometimes have special menu items or free stuff during that time too. I had plans of hitting up this one Taiwanese buffet place because of this but was forced to stick to a stricter budget this month.
  2. I really wish there was room to have a real discussion about this, but too many people who give zero fucks about sexual assault and suddenly want to chime in because he was a famous black basketball player are poisoning every attempt when many are already emotional about this.
  3. This would be no surprise to me. They would do anything and everything to get a scoop like this. It's why I absolutely despise them.
  4. Uh, I'm pretty sure that's the daughter who died with him.
  5. It's so annoying seeing art like this get space in museums. On a field trip god knows how many years ago, my art teacher had to shush me because I kept pointing at a painting while saying, "It's a plain red circle on white canvas. That's the friggin Japanese flag!" My teacher agreed with me but didn't want the museum staff to hear me.
  6. So this is why it's hard for me to just relax and read. So many books with middle-aged suburban white lady all over them. For the love of god, could they learn how to describe characters of Asian descent? It's so much cringe on top of incorrectly using black colloquialisms. And then outside of the Romance genre, I gotta deal with the same but from white middle-aged male authors who still can't write women. If I was in the mood for High Fantasy and Contemporary/Historical Romance, my options of books written by non-white authors would be much higher, but I wanted to blow off some steam with Paranormal Romance that wasn't all just shifters. *Sigh*
  7. I don't care. It's a disgusting drink to me no matter whose name is on it.
  8. There seems to be multiple shit spreading around from what I'm seeing on social media.
  9. How is it that I've watched a bunch of vampire/supernatural shit on there, but it hasn't suggested Dracula to me? I had to find out about it from Twitter. What the fuck is up with their algorithms?
  10. This is a gorgeous dark blue polish but damn it takes forever to dry. *Sigh* Why top coats gotta be expensive?
  11. Y'all be some shady ass motherfuckers, I swear!
  12. This is why you're called 'Jizz' and never 'Great Balls'.
  13. Brie, mozzarella, ricotta, and cream cheese say that you're a goddamn liar!
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