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  1. You coming here to share the thoughts of those idjits and repeat the stupid shit that Ben said was still a personal choice.
  2. It's just super annoying to me how stupid shit phrases like 'Rhea Ripley hair' gets posted in these conversations because only fucking weirdos dwell on that shit. How about the writing, the character development, or anything else that is actually relevant to the quality of a show? No, I gotta see, "IT'S WOKE, OH MY GOD! ALL THE WOKE! WOKE WOKE WOKE WOKE WOKE WOOOOOOKKKKKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm at the point where I just want to bitchslap a person when they say that word.
  3. You’re saying it in a way that sounds like you agree with it, and you’ve said some other weird stuff concerning female characters or shows with female characters that didn’t sound any different. You don’t have to repeat what ring wing assholes say. Nothing new leaves their lips.
  4. Dude, can you just shut the fuck up about the woke shit? Crapping on a show is totally cool, but you don't have to sound like a whiny incel about it.
  5. DragonSinger

    Pokémon Go

    Playing with you guys is fun and feels like actually getting to participate despite living in a rural area, so right back atcha. I could have smacked my face when I grabbed your invite and then realized I was still out of remote passes. Then I was like maybe I can buy one. *Looks at item and Pokémon bags stuffed to the gills* 😭 I want to plaaaayyyyyy! Can’t report on raid invites because I’ll pass by Pokestops, but the gyms are at the edge of busy roads over here.
  6. DragonSinger

    Pokémon Go

    Yesterday was fun. I was only able to do a raid with @1pooh4u before my remote passes were gone. I actually got to go to a place yesterday where there were a bunch of gyms, but it was my first time seeing them full. Didn't realize the past weekend was such a big event.
  7. 45. That house gonna get heated up from me cooking. Cooling down while in a constantly hot house is a bitch.
  8. Congratulations, you guys look sweet!
  9. After waking from a nap a little while ago, I just remembered #7: Eating a bunch of junk food. *Goes to throw Big Mac meal wrappers into trash*
  10. Living someplace colder sounds so nice. A state with a real winter will make me sleep like a bear the whole season, but darn near anything sounds like an improvement over Georgia.
  11. Only if you like feeling lethargic for a few days afterward. Heat is my body's kryptonite. This was the reaction I expected after hearing so many messed up stories, but all it did was put me out like a light.
  12. 1. If I lie down face first on my pillow for a few minutes, I will conk out. 2. Running out of spoons. Spoon Theory summary: People with chronic illnesses start the day off with a large handful of spoons, we lose a few spoons for different activities, and when we run out, our bodies go to shit. I will literally pass out where I stand if I'm moving about when spoons are in the negative range(did too much shit and threw away some of the next day's spoons). 3. An ounce or two of gin(usually in a cocktail). 4. Reading a boring book. 5. Being too cold. 6. Being too hot.
  13. Watching this at a drive-in theater with a bunch of my cousins while eating some of the best bbq hot dogs of my life. One of my top 3 movie experiences.
  14. DragonSinger

    Pokémon Go

    Got them revives! But now I have no berries from fucking around too much and not hitting up any stops. It's always something, but I ain't falling into that trap of buying shit.
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