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  1. I've watched bad fantasy shows since I was little and was gonna power through, but it's really great that Amazon actually listened and is now giving WoT the attention and care it deserves.
  2. Me before S2E6: *Shrugs* I can take it. I've read these books multiple times. I know what happens so you can't hurt me. *Smirks* Me sobbing now: PAY MY THERAPY BILL YOU SONSOFBITCHES!
  3. Bullies pick the right ones because I would have been whooped Emma Roberts ass up and down that set.
  4. Jujutsu Kaisen might stay on the unfinished list forever at this point. Manga spoilers are annoying me, and I don't like wasting my time on anime that will piss me off. I wish folks wouldn't rely on killing off important/interesting characters to move the story along because they always end up writing themselves into corners, and the payoff is rarely worth it at the end. Relevant video:
  5. So is the quality of the show bad? I'm curious because one of the voices is an actress I liked on Lucifer.
  6. Aviendha and Verin! I'm being fed so much!
  7. Oh so you trash trash. Anyways, Sony found his ass likely got fired from his school job for inappropriate behavior with a student because he wanted to fuck around and find out with a corporation's legal team, and he said he couldn't recall if that's what happened on the record so he's going to stay a bottom feeder for the rest of his career no matter what your wack ass believes. I will add that I saw him at DragonCon being doted on by a stream of young girls and allowed them to cling on him. It gave me the ick so bad that I went from wanting to speak to him as a FMA fan into avoidance mode.
  8. I liked Blue Exorcist. My enthusiasm waned because of the first ending, and then I didn't try getting back into it once that ending was retconned with the new season.
  9. Y'all are way too grown to be getting locked up like this.
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