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  1. Folks don't know if they'll have careers next year, but author drama is still plentiful.
  2. I'mma need someone to put ribeyes on sale 'cause I ain't had one for a minute.
  3. I didn't know primetime shows did mutant kids. I saw NCIS playing on my mom's tv and they talkin about the medical examiner's daughter being a preteen. I was like holdup, that kid was a baby when I last saw her and I haven't missed over a decade of that show. That is so weird to me. Except for that time Young and the Restless did it with Nicholas Newman. One day he went up to his room as a kid I didn't care about at all and then new Nick came down the next episode looking fine as hell.
  4. That’s a no-go. The balconies/porches are squirrel territory and I’ll feel bad if a raw plantain kills them or something. Ants outside also looking too darn lively.
  5. Damn you, plaintain! How long are you going to stay green?
  6. It's more that people are annoyed that they keep trying to make a big deal out of their shitty work in order to get headpats, and folks would just like for them to shut the fuck up and stay in their circle of tech bros killing off whatever useful parts of humanity that they can.
  7. Oh look, here's Chris Rock out here proving once again I was right to be pro-slap since day 1.
  8. They took it away and sometimes we can have a little flavor if they decide to do a Pumpkin Spice during the Fall which is NOT THE SAME! 😭
  9. Stop fucking putting Jared Leto in shit. Seriously, why y'all keep shoving him into stuff I'm curious about? Ain't trying to look at Tiffany Haddish either. The Idol been looked sexist as fuck, so that drama wasn't a surprise. It might make me give up on trying Euphoria because Sam Levinson already gave me "Will be a future headline for not good reasons vibe", so I don't want to get into his work.
  10. I used to eat frosted mini wheats all the time until they discontinued the maple and brown sugar.
  11. I have a hard time consuming cereal like I used to because they keep changing the recipes to stuff that hurts my stomach. I don't know what's in Lucky Charms nowadays, but it's the worst culprit now. Thankfully, I can still eat Cocoa Puffs.
  12. Me: Damn, this artist's work is as good as the official artwork of those novels. Twitch chat weeks after I've been following this artist: How can you do all these things on the side when you're the official artist of those novels? Me: Thank fucking god I don't comment much 😭 !
  13. The way folks just be talking online about stuff from their jobs that they ain't supposed to be talking about, and I am always here for it. Me: I want to play games again and buy some stuff I missed out on because of all the crappy health shit. Also watches gameplay of Portal 2 that all of my friends gushed about so much back in the day. Maybe I'll look into that series. Steam: We put Portal 1 and 2 on sale for a buck fifty. Me: Okay universe, I get it. Play Portal.
  14. This is becoming like dealing with Brianna Wu. With her, it's hard to shoot off an insult without an incel trying to join in. But with this guy, it's fucking British royalists and Muskrat fanboys. Just fuck it, let them fight each other.
  15. Social media owners: I can't believe people don't read the TOS. How can we have conversations about my site if you don't read them? Writers who constantly read contracts for a living: Reads the TOS. Social media owners: 😮😮😮😮.....HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!
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