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  1. DragonSinger

    Pokémon Go

    Got some rare candy and premium passes today. They've been generous lately.
  2. Doughnuts have been acquired and how dare they be this delicious!
  3. Why are there so many activities this weekend? Isn’t Memorial Day next week? This is messing with me getting doughnuts. That tenderloin yesterday was all right. I wish my spot hadn’t closed. And why did my sorry butt forget to ask for my aunt’s Wi-Fi password again? And now I know there’s a branch of my family involved in a land feud… in Tennessee, so despite the fact my mom probably got a legit claim to join in that shit, we were all like LOL, NOPE.
  4. I may or may not know a thing about climbing balconies.
  5. Thank you, and I'm going to believe you meant to leave out 'not' no matter what you say.
  6. I'm so glad I've already been past the point of not wanting to deal with the fuckery of traditional publishing again. I would not want to be in the spot of trying to figure out my career now because everything is so much harder, especially when it comes to getting data. The goal posts keep changing so what's relevant now could be useless in a few months. Oh, you signed with a publisher because of the awesome editor they have who helped your book become a bestseller? Well shucks. That editor quit after the publisher lowered their pay and doubled their work. Have fun being on hiatus from 1-6 months as they wait to assign you another overworked editor. The unpredictable timetable totz won't piss off readers and affect your sales. I think the fuck not. Also thinking about how you guys might not see me for a while. The serial writing thing is doing better numbers than I predicted, and I like money so I gotta be laser focused now. Don't like burn the place down or whatever.
  7. It was also used to denigrate girls/women for doing anything not considered to be traditionally feminine and had some homophobic usage too. It was like a catchall insult that took the place of Sinead O' Connor cracks. God this conversation is making me feel old.
  8. Seriously though "What if that was your man?" is a fucking hex. I might actually go outside and throw salt over my shoulder.
  9. Your white passing ass does not get to dictate what classifies as a race fucking issue involving black folks. Chris Rock chose to insult a black woman's appearance on a night specifically meant to superficially gas us up. That was coon behavior on top of other shit that Buddy already posted about. What you need to understand is that like a lot of folks in the gay and trans communities, black women are just as fucking tired of the endless jokes used to dehumanize us. Watching one of the few black women with a seat in that room get mocked in front of millions instead of just being allowed to be beautiful while other women got that grace was painful. It was a reminder that no matter what the situation is, we'll be kicked down. It doesn't matter if the Crown Act passing the House made the news, it doesn't matter if Will Packer was in charge of the ceremony that night, y'all still managed to humiliate a black woman on national television. Then after finding out Jada has alopecia, was an apology issued to her from the Academy or Rock? Nope. Crickets. And while you're talking out the side of your neck to a black woman about how I should feel about this, you're also talking to someone who is disabled so don't put fucking words into my mouth. Acting all big and bad talking about how people will get hurt if they attack comics. None of these hit dogs would be hollering so much if they could actually fight. And what's with all these imaginary scenarios people defending Rock come up with? If that was my man, I'd slap my damn self for being with a bitch ass motherfucker like that.
  10. This 'Slap' situation is really working out for me. White celebrities are telling on themselves, and folks are whipping out archive footage for receipts. This is gonna be a fun week.
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