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  1. Stuff like this is why I won't even bother with chiropractors. If someone put me in as much pain as that guy did to you, my ass would be going to jail.
  2. For our ballots, there's usually only one box and write-in for almost the whole damn thing except for this year. It's depressing but while voting, I cheer myself up by putting Mickey Mouse as the write-in because a cartoon mouse would do better than these assholes. Voter suppression plus Republicans only care about one thing; how will this person affect them and fuck everyone else. If the candidate is a Marjorie Taylor Greene, well that type of crazy is fine because she isn't going to hurt white people in general(only the ones who are 'different'). As long as that status quo is met, nothing else matters.
  3. It's scary but still not a surprise. Folks here will vote in any kind of person with an R by their name because their daddy/mama/grandpappy/etc. voted that way. They see it as tradition instead of considering even for a brief moment the person's ideology. We also had no choice because she ran unopposed.
  4. McConnell is evil incarnate and actually smart, so this has given him the ability to fuck up way more shit for a lot longer than anyone on that list. May that fucker fall into a volcano feet first.
  5. I'm watching this today or tomorrow. It's been a while since I've had a good heist show.
  6. The juicy posts from this will be my late Christmas present.
  7. When I heard about this, those were my first thoughts too.
  8. Sksksksks...This...too...much! This motherfucker is banned from Shopify! Oh my God, I expected this shit to get bonkers but like I've never seen a more pathetic man.
  9. Fuck sympathy for this chick who put herself in that situation, and I outright laughed at the dude who tasered himself in the balls to death.
  10. Speaking of that piece of shit, I wonder where the hell he is. I haven't seen a peep out of him since the 27th.
  11. You guys...YOU GUYS! I'm gonna have at least 1 senator who isn't racist! 😭
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