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  1. Dear Ellie, First of all, I apologize profusely for the absurdly late reply. Thanks for choosing to submit your work to [redacted] I read your submission with interest and if we were taking 10-15 books a year, yours probably would have been on the list. Unfortunately, we only take 2-5. But I have a feeling your book will find a home elsewhere soon, if it hasn't already. Writing rejection letters really sucks. I'll just say I'm letting this one go to find a better home. How about that? Best of luck with this and thanks again! L Sincerely, [Redacted]
  2. My boobs are detachable. Can confirm: VERY liberating.
  3. I run to work to avoid being late, because my bartending job keeps me out til 12 AM when I wake up at 5 AM for my morning job
  4. Probably @empty But only if the "Do you like me?" letter I passed during Mrs Hutchinson's geometry class has both y and n circled, accompanied by a doodle of Hemingway getting his ass kicked by Wallace Stevens in Key West
  5. Sometimes crying's good though. I love movies and shows that make me cry. Natsume's Book of Friends/Natsume Yuujinchou has an episode so wholesome yet charged with emotion that I ugly cry, despite being a happy ending. (That episode is titled "Swallow at Lake Bottom" and I highly recommend it) I cried at the resilience of Eriko Tanabe in Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen. The character is a trans woman. Spoilers ahead: Sometimes it's finding out something I thought was going to be a bad reconciliation ended up good, and I was forgiven, and that can make me cry. My life IS good and often fun but crying for me takes space in empathy and joy, too. I relate to Jacuzzi from Baccano, who cries all the time, especially when nervous, except when it's time to be strongest and bravest.
  6. I cry pretty frequently.
  7. I can personally attest to many things happening overnight. I got accepted into grad school overnight. I got a Pushcart prize nomination overnight. I flew to live overseas overnight. Obviously these things all took work and effort, but at the same time, a lot of attempts at all these things were no, no, no, no, no, and then, one morning: yes.
  8. How'd you spend those free ten minutes?
  9. (Resurrecting this thread to announce the story was picked as "Top Three" writings for July and I'm pleased as punch)
  10. https://barrenmagazine.com/newly-wed-in-the-dominican-republic/ We wandered the beach before dawn, the tide thieving the white beneath our feet. At the edge of the resort property a man with a rifle emerged from the jungle, gestured roughly, ordered us away. I remember horses gray as dishwater charging into the ocean; the moon bright as a car fire, its doors swinging open. I remember a man’s song rising out of a window, large as a marlin muscling through air. Hunger hadn’t come to us yet, but its wings fluttered in the branches overhead. I remember we had nothing to do and everywhere to go, except back–we couldn’t– every step had become a door; every breath a turning key.
  11. I don't (I didn't know Sellers did this), but I love it.
  12. Chance The Wrapper is my favorite seasonal retail employee.
  13. Is it? That's a hypothesis I made up on the spot
  14. He has his strikes and gutters. I do wish he's getting better
  15. Only because it's my homophobic dad. So far, his response has been funny af tho Funny for him, which makes it funny for me
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