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  1. It's a short, breezy piece, and of course it's gay. https://www.ligeiamagazine.com/summer-2020/a-new-phase-ellie-gordon/?fbclid=IwAR2IVZVPUvdH02cefpTs1AJ2ULTio8jNxLmm8_ZlKoFMeJ8FTcQAkky-l-A
  2. Here's one of my favorites. It's in the collection: https://jellyfishreview.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/they-are-coming-for-you-so-you-better-run-you-better-run-so-you-can-hide-by-chloe-n-clark/
  3. Big update: NPR gave her book a wonderful review, so if you had any interest in supporting a new bright talent, here is a good start for what to expect https://www.npr.org/2020/07/09/888934194/gently-weird-collective-gravities-grounds-the-extraordinary-in-the-ordinary
  4. I was a passenger on the Hello Kitty airplane from Incheon to Taipei when I was coming home from teaching abroad.
  5. Tiramisu is my turnon
  6. Woke up, ate a sandwich, went to bed. Woke up, ate a sandwich, went to bed. Woke up, ate a sandwich, went to bed.
  7. T isn't close to U in tiramisu.
  8. I cherish his work. Listened to the score to Days of Heaven on repeat while writing so many early short stories
  9. Year after year On the monkey's face-- A monkey face.
  10. When it comes to idiots, I strive to be the Prince Myshkin of idiots.
  11. Did I mention when I asked a question during our private lecture, I was the only person to get the comment "That's a good question" ? (The question was about what compels him toward the strange/fantastical and how he sees those elements as helpful and/or hindering)
  12. Thanks! Not that it's something I worked specifically toward, but it nonetheless feels like an honor. Like, few moments in my life feel as incredible as when somebody takes the time to publish your name because you made an impact on them
  13. And I've been informed I'd been included in the acknowledgements section. Needless to say, this is the first time this has happened, and I'm incredibly moved.
  14. 1. I'm quite the lurker, and I like the place and the people enough not to disrespect anybody intentionally (though I'm sure I've made my mistakes), so I'm pretty aces about keeping it light and non-antagonistic. 2. Absolutely nothing. I figured that was the point of being here. 3. I dunno, make one thread?
  15. I haven't digested a TON of Russian classics, but I did love everything I've read from Dostoevsky: The Idiot, The Brothers Karamazov, The Double, The Gambler, and Crime and Punishment. He was sort of one of my first big obsessions. It's been so long I need to revisit literally all of these. Loved The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov Chekhov's The Seagull Oblomov by Goncharov Fathers and Sons by Turgenev In terms of shorter works, My First Goose by Isaac Babel (his short stories in general are dope, but this was the first and it left an impression on me). (Additionally, not all these are existential)
  16. I can't remember the last thing I watched on cable, but The Darkness was a netflix movie so clumsily written I couldn't bear 10 minutes of it.
  17. My friend, a professor and Godzilla enthusiast, answered accordingly: Firstly, I would think that Dracula would need to get creative, what with the thickness of Godzilla's skin and all, in any iteration. But it isn't an altogether impossible question, with Godzilla and Dracula technically having shared the same universe before (Marvel shared the rights to both at the same time). I would say it certainly depends on the iteration of Godzilla you are looking at. But... I certainly wouldn't think SOMETHING would happen. Several Godzilla baddies have been created from pieces of Godzilla before, so his genetic structure is not invulnerable to undergoing change. Certainly I think Dracula might struggle with some radiation poisoning issues. And I would think he would have to scarf down a lot of blood. If you think about Blade he is a half vampire, so I imagine Godzilla might see a few power boosts like that. I would love to see Godzilla pick up a few familiars or transform. But I think Godzilla would remain mostly Godzilla, just with a bit of Stevie Nicks thrown in. Gothzilla, if you will.
  18. If they're even better than the Kate Bush song I will owe you my whole life. Even if they're not I always appreciate a music rec ❤️
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