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  1. Welp I’m gonna die

    Most of Washington state doesn't have basements either (if any, depending on how basements are qualified). Though I imagine apartment living equates for significantly more fear.
  2. Welp I’m gonna die

    I mean, if you have a tornado siren, you're likely good and equipped. My county and state received a tornado a few months back. We've never had a tornado.
  3. Let's fight. You and me.

    I'm framing this because I know I will win many many rounds, and I will show up to your door years down the line on the anniversary of this post, blasted on a full fifth of Pride-Month-Bottle Absolut Vodka and tell you how I was always destined to be the best. Then I'll start to cry about how I could've been a contender. Elia Kazan will be there too, freshly emerged from the dead with a Red Hydrogen One smartphone, wearing a cute crop top that says "Not Interested" across the chest, filming the whole thing for "On The Waterfront 2: The Coney Island Kool-Aid Acid Test" And boy the look on your face is going to be priceless.
  4. No thanks. The client asked for the small visual comedy for 78 years in the future and then (simultaneously) 160 in the past, so I'm set.
  5. A friend of my housemate is stepping down from a copywriting job with the local radio station, and was looking for folx who might be interested in taking over the position. I messaged her just now. Crossing my fingers. Finding writing jobs is absurdly frustrating.
  6. Got fucking jury duty

    Trust me, nobody likes to see somebody piss themselves for two years in prison than everybody in and working for prison. But yeah, that's a max, but it's still a gamble. I can imagine a minimum being a month. I'd rather serve, or just tell the truth about being too poor for their shit.
  7. Got fucking jury duty

    Max sentence is two years, and I don't know how they determine the heinousness of criminal contempt, outside of the fact that you're lying in court (but not under oath).
  8. Turning in the resume on Wednesday, as suggested by the friend stepping down from the position. I'm nervous because my relevant experience is about two years old, and I have nothing relevant since then outside of some small volunteer writing work with the local arts center. Impostor syndrome is convincing me I might only be worth consideration because I have a connection. Still, gotta do what I do.
  9. Got fucking jury duty

    Then expect some criminal contempt charges to head your way. Unless you manage to black-market your way to a sealed sample of ebola or cholera, in which case, expect heavier felony charges or, at best, expect Dave Lyman (the FBI gives Dave these kinds of surveillance jobs because he's weirdly into people who are into pandemics) to browse your internet history and monitor your calls and conversations.

    I'm only here if it's fully-automated luxury gay space communism.
  11. Got fucking jury duty

    I think you only need your supervisor to vouch for you in writing, but you may want to inquire further personally.
  12. Got fucking jury duty

    Financial hardship is a valid reason. It usually requires some small-time documentation, but it can work. Having very personal opinions about something pertaining to the case sometimes works too.
  13. waj

  14. They're named Lychee and Kumquat
  15. Um sorry I require some too so
  16. I told them. They seem pleased.
  17. Only a little skittish but tame. They're perfect
  18. A major league mood
  19. Tell me about your boring ass day

    Woke up, futzed around on Duolingo, walked to work to pick up my tips. Now I'm here.
  20. when was the last time you shit your pants

    Back around high school. I was almost home too.
  21. A era has ended..ps4 is gone

    I'm still psyched for The Last of Us II and Death Stranding
  22. at min. wage job everybody mumbles

    I definitely have co-workers who mumble, but at both my min wage jobs, it's somewhat rare. Doesn't help restaurants get loud as hell.