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  1. Closest thing I have owned to a car is a Trek 5000
  2. Celebrated full vaccination by cutting my year's worth of hair
  3. It's been so long I don't have an opinion about it anymore. But regardless of my own opinion I'll always love the fact it played a significant role in Hunter S. Thompson becoming a writer.
  4. Bouvre

    Bechdel test

    It depends on the dialogue, whose talking to who, and what about.
  5. Pointing, with my face equal parts confusion and horror
  6. Related, I also started a TikTok for skateboarding sk8.mp4
  7. Oof, yeah I'm worried about my knees too, and am currently the sorest I've been in years, but I'm hoping to make a legitimate return, and buy some actual protection
  8. So of course I leaned fervently into the inevitably of aging by picking skateboarding up again. My husband + another friend humored me enough to tag along and take pictures. The very tiny found poem can be found here: https://www.havehashad.com/hadposts/found-portrait-of-a-queer-considering-coming-out-while-watching-tony-hawk-conquer-the-downward-spiral-loop-on-youtube
  9. Nah, I wanna say theyre fucking over canadians, and I'll be damned if thats not below the belt
  10. They have the charm of punctured bags of milk. They don't need to know who those people are. They just need to google "exile" and follow a couple links on wikipedia to know some famous exiles
  11. By technicality, he was an American and wrote Lolita in English, so it easily places Nabokov's novel as a candidate for Great American Novel. Beyond that, the Great American Novel is already a construct typically borne out of how a classic that reflects and interacts with cultural/historical values of America (and those values are part of the debate of what makes a Great American Novel)
  12. All these motherfuckers are going to compare themselves to Dante and Ovid with language like that. Just tell them they have the same capacity for charm as a punctured bag of milk.
  13. "Absalom, Absalom!" by Faulkner? I feel that's one of his slightly less read novels (compared to As I Lay Dying and The Sound and The Fury) I actually never met anybody who read that until I met actual Faulkner fans
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