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  1. welp i guess my twich account has been hacked

    Makes sense. You got my hopes up
  2. My nephew knows the word "pipe."

    Your nephew: *points to a picture of a pipe* pipe! Me: ceci n'est pas une pipe. Your nephew:
  3. welp i guess my twich account has been hacked

    I didn't know you were on twitch!
  4. Long time no see

    Marriage is pretty dope. And welcome to this madhouse.
  5. Remote control wifi vibrators

    Asking as somebody with a remote control vibrator that doesn't have WiFi
  6. Remote control wifi vibrators

    Why would it need WiFi, exactly?
  7. How often do you use dressing rooms

    Clothes run big or small, and I'm an unusual size. Plus, I'd rather take the extra time to try it on to see the fit, than find out it's too big and run another errand to the tailor, thus also spending more money. Also, sometimes the clothes look good on the rack, but not on me.
  8. How scene were you?

    None whatsoever, unless scene friends counts as some.
  9. Just learned my mom runs 8 miles every morning.

    My mom participates in triathlons and marathons, does cross fit, is part of a roller derby team (I helped her choose the derby name "Smother Teresa"). She's miles above everybody else in the family at 52.
  10. I'm gonna leak your nudes.

    My leaky nudes have already warped the floorboards. Eventually, the whole house will collapse
  11. Work on your characters

    Characters are essentially how I maintain/configure plot, so if I'm not working on them, the plot goes cold.
  12. This game is so sexist.

  13. This game is so sexist.

    The heck is the more difficult quest? Going outside?

    Happy birthday, Anime!