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  1. No butt stuff is by accident, sorry not sorry to say
  2. The hell is an Ohio? Is that an offbrand Oreo recalled for scoliosis?
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin-walker
  4. Bundaberg is everywhere in my town. I think I like it more than the popular brand sodas, but it's certainly not a frequent purchase.
  5. I'm a skateboarder and cyclist, but out of the options I think tennis is the priority. Volleyball too, but I'm worse at that than I am at tennis.
  6. From the writer of MEH And the director of NYEGH Comes BYLEUYGHHH
  7. It would be a way for you to make up not showing up to my thesis defense.
  8. The house is pretty darn big. I'd be surprised if anybody could hear us from certain parts of the house!
  9. I've been living in apartments ever since my half-year in South Korea in 2013. While I've been living in a house for the last two years, my spouse and I haven't been on the lease. We don't didn't expect to get the house either. It was mine, my spouse's, and our housemates first choice, but there were prospective renters ahead of us. We were sure they'd sign, and with homelessness looming (the landlord is selling the house we live in now) we figured we'd have to settle. But they didn't sign, and we got the go ahead to meet, inspect, and sign. So we're excited. We live right next to one of our good friends, too.
  10. Trying to keep my writing habits strong. Working a lot because of college debt from both undergrad and grad school. Living my best life as best girl instead of best boy.
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