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  1. He has his strikes and gutters. I do wish he's getting better
  2. Only because it's my homophobic dad. So far, his response has been funny af tho Funny for him, which makes it funny for me
  3. Air makes it become sticky, which is why keeping it uncapped eventually dries it
  4. Wonder is for the wondrous, even if those wondrous are disillusioned by matured life.
  5. I'm on my way to mine now, and so I'm curious (even if you don't have family reunions, or go to them), what could we expect from your family reunion? Mine is always a weekend of camping, a lot of drinking, a potluck on the final night, and playing music together/singing a lot of classic country songs.
  6. Physical, probably a fractured arm when I was around six. Emotional, the loss of my childhood friend of ten years. Every year that passes, I think of how I've lived more years than I'd known him, and all that I know now (being so close to him) and who I've become, is somebody he never got to meet. But I know he would've welcomed me with great enthusiasm and love. And even though it's comforting, it's still a lot.
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