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  1. I think all four of us need to be naked for that
  2. Being single is having a boyfriend and a husband?
  3. Being polyamorous is more fun tbh
  4. My husband and I always say I love you like catbug says it in this ep: I luOOOVe you!'
  5. Googling "can I legally report sexy beasts as copyright infringement to furaffinity?"
  6. Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino. There's something magical about its lyricism and imagination. There's a sense of wonder even in its darker moments. It shook me out of my post-high-school despondency and I thank it every day for that
  7. Bouvre

    I'm a good girl

    Your earliest mistake was believing I'm human
  8. My favorite part of Job is his friend telling him "Well maybe you pissed God off actually"
  9. Bouvre

    y am i here

    If I tell you I'm Chris Thile will you believe I can play the mandolin?
  10. Beyond everything else here I could ask questions about, or comment on, I gotta say as a paid writer: don't quit your job for writing something you're not commissioned to write.
  11. Raw Kill List Green Room (definitely more of a thriller tho) Seconding Saint Maud Seconding Candyman If you can find it, Possession (1981)
  12. Closest thing I have owned to a car is a Trek 5000
  13. Celebrated full vaccination by cutting my year's worth of hair
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