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  1. Angela Bassett. I would embarrass myself. I'm blah about every other celebrity, but not her. As soon as I see her, my brain will short circuit and I'mma say some stupid shit like "I wanted to beat Laurence Fishburne's ass because of you!", "That motherfucker should have made you Storm!", "I wanted to be you in Strange Days!". I ever find out she's in the same building as me, my ass gonna do this:
  2. Thinking about how I do some bootleg Pippi Longstocking shit when cleaning my floors(if I can't find the Swiffer). Honestly surprised I haven't broken anything while doing that. Now hoping I didn't jinx myself.
  3. I'm down to try most of the new flavors but the Flammin' Hot is a no for me.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of money and time spent after you get deep into a hobby. Edited to add that Sailor Moon was my gateway anime time/money suck.
  5. *Listening to all the laughter, loud talking, and reggaeton from the neighbors(same level of noise during the holidays so I think it's a regular family gathering) to the back of us* It sounds like so much fun. I bet they got good food over there too. I miss hanging out with people! I want to party too, but I can't chance it with my weak ass immune system. My parents and brother are the only ones I can hang out with because they stick to a routine and they're very safe at work too.
  6. Sipping on Some Sizzurp is a nice driving song to listen to while in downtown Atlanta.
  7. How I don't go looking for sex stuff but it still finds me Why are there weird looking Ai no Kusabi books? Who dis bitch's name on the covers? How did drama over this weird lady start a brouhaha on Dear Author? WTF?
  8. I haven't had a reason to look up 'vascular' on Twitter before today(doom scrolling covid shit), but I should have guessed that 'roid daddy fetish' would appear in the results. Their veins looking like they're about to expode is evidently a turn on for folks. I still remember looking up something tiger related and boom WEIRD FETISH SHIT. Wasn't even furry so I was like, 'What is the connection?'
  9. Goddamn Dairy Queen. Whose nephew did y'all find to post some of those terrible food pics on the menu?
  10. I paused Shoot to Kill yesterday on a scene where Poitier is helped out of his wet clothes by Berenger's character who also is holding him close to warm him up. Seriously, it looks a little Brokeback Mountainish, and it shouldn't be held against me that I am looking very direspectfully at that scene.
  11. Missed out on that one and a bunch of other shows during that time when it went out of print. It's why I don't fuck around and get whatever I can now.
  12. *Starts singing "Lonely in Gorgeous"*
  13. Shoot to Kill(Sidney Poitier action film). I won't post the video because it's the full movie. I like how it hasn't given away who's the psycho killer in the woods. It's a crapshoot. You've got two characters played by guys who've done sadistic killer roles and a third one who usually plays good guy roles with an occasional double cross thrown in. The killer's voice was heard at the beginning in a soft tone on the phone, but the very first two I mentioned includes Clancy Brown whose professional voice actor ass can hide that deepness when he wants to. The other fella who played the daddy in Hellraiser and Garak on Deep Space Nine can also control his voice well. *Glances at the happy-go-lucky backstabber* Very tricky.
  14. I want to never finish this depressing ass show but Levi.... Why the fuck they make Levi so hot?
  15. Is Kudasai doing some freaky shit with a sleep demon late at night and then forgetting about it the next morning?
  16. I need reliable backstory into this hookah beatdown.
  17. Oh my God, my dad holds a grudge for years. He is ranting about some old Sidney Poitier tea from back in the day.
  18. When the fuck did Inukami get a blu-ray release?
  19. Whichever bitch ass official said that shit, I hope they get Long Covid. And that thing where everything you eat tastes like sewage.
  20. I am almost out of potato starch. I still can't remember if I got it from the Vietnamese market or Super H Mart.
  21. Fried chicken and maybe some french toast.
  22. I have Bossy by Kelis stuck in my head after counting my Ghiradelli haul. 84 chocolate caramel Santas and nearly five regular size bag amounts of different flavored squares.
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