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  1. Maybe Mark, Matpat and Dad are all going to do a charitu stream or something?
  2. These Snapple caps have the weirdest stuff written inside them.
  3. Mortir

    6AM Thoughts

    Every thing comes to an end. It is always the result of a beginning. But which came first? See? Now we have got an chicken or egg paradox on our hands do we not?
  4. Mortir

    6AM Thoughts

    The little title graphic in the bottom right corner is still spinning even though you have paused the video. Ugh.
  5. Even the show writers did not know how magnets work that is why there was not a magnet bender in the show or whoever owns Magneto would have had an issue with that character concept.
  7. Yeah I am against employers messing with my personal autonomy. Unless they tell me I have to get a COVID shot to keep my job. That is not scary or worrying at all and will finally beat the pandemic.
  8. This guy seems a little pretentious but he sounds like he knows his stuff and makes a lot of good points. Unfortunately some of the examples had the be excised due to copyright issues but there is still a lot there.
  9. I guess The Russian Sleep Experiment counts it was technically written up in 2010. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Sleep_Experiment
  10. Make a necklace out of them? That would probably look pretty cool.
  11. They are all literal subhuman nazis anyway who cares what happens to them. I say we deal with these fascists the way America always has.
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