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  1. Is he dying or cumming in that gif?
  2. That's the sort of glass half full mentality that's eluded me in life.
  3. I got a good laugh out of this, but then I saw the poll results and was oddly disappointed. Like, not one person. What if they where vegan farts? Humanely harvested and placed in recyclable jars?
  4. Cake flavored soda is somehow simultaneously inside and outside the box thinking. Bravo. Spicy soda, on the other hand, is simple plagiarism. Mexico's lawyers will be in touch.
  5. nah imagine if it was though.....they'd never let anyone know
  6. What percent black do I have to be to safely say the N word?
  7. From now on, just tell people you're writing poetry. That way when they can't understand it, they won't think you're an idiot, they'll think they're an idiot.
  8. Think of the things you truly value, you wouldn't want somebody putting their mits all over it... Your sneaker collection, your girlfriend's ass, etc.... That shit is suspect
  9. Every year, @Mewn donates her birthday for the cause. In lieu of gifts she asks that you go see House of Gucci
  10. But....you're here. Did you not account for yourself? I only ask because if you have, then that would mean the whole process of evaluating our sanity was undertaken by a self proclaimed insane man. Which I have no problem with, btw. In fact I prefer it.
  11. I'm worried they might be counterfeit
  12. Mix

    bah gawd

    Most of my knowledge is meme based, so I don't know who that is, bruv.
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