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  1. MY message to DA BOARD!

    damn, son....multi-tasking like a boss Making a targeted diss message while in the middle of what appears to be a late night burglary......gangsta AF
  2. It's wine o' clock bitches

    yeeeaaaahhhhh, we're all 28.......our best years are behind us, yeeeeaaahhhhh
  3. It's wine o' clock bitches

    lmao, could you imagine.... I don't have to imagine....I actually do this jk i'm serious
  4. It's wine o' clock bitches

    I like to get a few different wines and mix them all in a bucket....I call it hobo soup
  5. All I got is Sangria

    For once, third best Naraku, can this not be about you......ya self absorbed bastid
  6. All I got is Sangria

    @Admin_Raptorpat feel free to delete this thread
  7. All I got is Sangria

    lmao, I was playing that
  8. All I got is Sangria

    don't stick me with this....I didn't buy it....someone brought it over like a million years ago
  9. All I got is Sangria

    I swear the only thing worse than no alcohol is not enough alcohol... I guess if I donated blood before hand I might be able to get a buzz off this
  10. logan's run is on netflix.

    I was let down by the ending though....I was sorta expecting a "soylent green is people" type scenario, but they just ran in there and started yelling like idiots...what did they think was gonna happen, lmao...
  11. logan's run is on netflix.

    Logan's Run was ok....you can see it's influence on other sci-fi flicks like Equilibrium
  12. logan's run is on netflix.

    I'm starting to get into it but that robot though...did the funding run out?
  13. Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    I couldn't sleep so I watched it all last night.....it just never delivers