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  1. It's a great time to be alive
  2. If it has Myth in the title, it's not true.
  3. That's too bad. The Christmas cards are delightful.
  4. Big companies are ruining this country. Why not give local mom and pop porn a chance? I can send you one where mom really gives it to pop.
  5. You ever see a scene made so well you forget you're turned on? You're just sitting there muttering to yourself, "is that drone footage....who has the time to shoot and edit in b-roll.....nah, that was rehearsed, you don't just expect that to happen."
  6. Neither did I, but now that I know this bit of info i'm going to subtly hint that i'm better than you because I don't drink it. Is it weird that I kinda want to drink it now?
  7. I saw my new neighbor's brand new lawn mower blow up on the very first day he used it. Idk know what happened, but I laughed and karma won't let me forget it.
  8. Kim's Convenience S6 Ep13 I'm a sucker for a well made sitcom.
  9. right in the gas tank... hence the fire....
  10. Please don't fuck this up Please don't fuck this up Please don't fuck this up 🤞
  11. 🤣 Man, I didn't realize how much i've missed riding the bus.
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