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  1. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I should just keep driving till I hit Mexico. I could start a new life. People do it all the time. Mostly criminals, but... (Looks around) Am I the only person in this parking lot? It's super eerie out here. Like a scene in a movie right before somebody gets got. How awesome would that be....sweet release. Maybe time froze. Time froze and...as long as I stay in this car, it'll stay that way. I'll just...sit here. Nothing has to happen, nothing has to be decided, nothing has to change. This is kinda nice. And, of course, now I gotta take a shit. Why do I always have to take a shit whenever i'm contemplating high stress situations? I wonder if the part of the brain that deals with stress is also the part that controls your bowels. Probably why people shit themselves when they get too scared. Fuck, i've been sitting out here too long. They probably think i'm about to rob the place. You never hear about people robbing ice cream parlors. Which sounds like a dumb idea, but it's actually genius. Banks are impossible and the people that work at gas stations are grizzled war vets at this point. Robbing an ice cream parlor is basically crime with training wheels by comparison. No silent alarm to worry about and the person behind the counter doesn't have a well worn pistol within reach. Am I about to rob this place? Then...I would HAVE to go to Mexico.
  2. First, you're welcome. Second, I don't appreciate your characterization of my original post, but I understand. Nobody ever takes you seriously when you're talking about piss. Third, I was on that show. The producers are assholes. They allowed me to be on the show just to disqualify me in the first episode. Apparently my hand and I don't count as a couple.
  3. That's just too cute. It makes taking your money more festive than it should be. I want people to be sad about taking my money....I want pics of human atrocities on my checks....like slaves and shit...
  4. They say that time is money and the reaper knows the budget. - Black Thought
  5. This is good useful information. Question, how do you categorize piss? Like, say someone enjoys a hot cup of organic, homemade piss in the morning...y'know, for the antibodies and all that....if it's not a tea, would it be considered like a coffee?
  6. Is not what you expect to hear at the end of a funeral. I mean, who still writes checks.
  7. you got out while it was still good...I wish I did that
  8. The Walking Dead just ended and i'm not going through that again.
  9. nah, america got some generic bullshit...other countries got some fun ones though
  10. I'm so sorry. Have you put any thought into that cock reduction surgery we talked about? It'll vastly improve your quality of life and not just because you can go back to wearing regular pants.
  11. because you're a crazy person. There's nothing wrong with that, btw. You asked and I answered.
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