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  1. This and many more in my new book 'Questions For Instagram' Available at an Aldi check out counter near you! Aldi, there's food in here, it's not a bank, Aldi.
  2. But no one ever tells you the rest of the story. Like what the hell do you think him and his boys did then? My man was out here turning water into wine and chilling with prostitutes on the reg.....homie was a wild boy lmao, imagine getting hammered with Jesus ... -"YOOOOO, THAT'S MY BOY JESUS ON THE ROOF! YO, JEEEESSSSSUUUUUUUSSSSS" -"YOOOO, PETE FLOW IN THE HEEEZZZUUUUTTT!" -"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BRO?" -"I'M GOING TO JUMP OFF THE ROOF INTO THE WELL!" -"OH SHIT, SON OF GOD. THAT'S WHAT'S UP" ... ...it would be something like that
  3. I don't care about old tech, but I've been thinking about getting that same phone for a while now idk why but I dig it
  4. Mix

    The NBA Thread

  5. yeah, and you certainly can't let them work. Think of the after work stories x100
  6. y'know that's a good question... I'm surprised no one's ever bothered to ask that
  7. but....then you get the virgins, right? Like....a hundred of 'em, right?
  8. I can get you another waiter if you'd like ma'am, but since this is your fifth tequila sunrise in the past fifteen minutes, we're going to have to cut you off.
  9. I don't know what it's called when you hear something you know, but suddenly it seems like you're hearing it for the very first time and it holds new meaning Batman's name is Bruce Batman's name is Bruce Batman's name is Bruce Batman's name is Bruce
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