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  1. Pretty much....though Bleach did manage to maintain a better through line in its transition.... Funny how I've spent years dismissing sitcoms for their formulaic structure and predictability while watching the same kind of anime over and over
  2. lol, what was the point of that? They gave up on it so quick.
  3. ...when talking about parents who murder their kids. Why is that?
  4. If it ever gets that far, i'm getting Heroin. My go to isn't going to be the same thing I chugged in the bathroom before gym class in the eighth grade.
  5. There is no way that doesn't already exist.
  6. uhh, here, just watch this
  7. lmao, ok Are you generally against washing your hands or is this specifically a post jerk off policy? Like is it part of what gets you off? Walking around afterward with dickhands?
  8. wait, that's the reason why.... Lets say you had all the time in the world, what then?
  9. I had a funny conversation recently. I need more data. Which one is it guys? Do you prefer to jerk off/receive a hand job dry or lubed?
  10. It depends on how you feel about coming down with a sudden case of broken legs. Listen here you, that's Sponges' thing, ok. You can't just go around stealing people's shticks! Keeping this boat afloat is dependent on the remains of this pirate crew doing the jobs assigned to them. How would you feel if I suddenly started talking about getting a big dick and never, absolutely never, using it?
  11. I hadn't thought about that. I was simply trying to make every aspect as analogous as possible. Looking at it now, I see that it can go both ways depending on how you took it. So the answer is really up to you.
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