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  1. Oh I was dealing with it before that....It was just a funny thought I had on the can...
  2. I don't know if that other thread got in my head or what.... I mean i'm not worried, but i'm worried....if that makes sense Like I was sitting on the can earlier and I was like, "FUCK THIS, I'M NOT GOING OUT LIKE ELVIS!" I may be overreacting....i'm young...fit as a fiddle....btw, what is a fiddle....it's like a musical instrument, right? why compare health to that? It maybe gas, idk....what does acid reflux feel like? also, what is acid reflux? Is it the same thing as heart burn? all I know is my left arm isn't numb, so I should be good, right....that's the one sign I know to look for thanks to tv.... ok, reading this out loud's making me feel better.... besides, this isn't how that old witch doctor said I'd go.....'course his office was next to a K-Mart and also he had an office....very uncharacteristic of a genuine witch doctor I'm starting to babble....I'm going to go make some tea
  3. Day time hallucinations Night time hallucinations Decrease in Semen Increase in Semen my bones are cold my teeth are hot my heart is either too fast or too slow my brain makes a clicking sound my tail is losing all it's hair my left foot is spongie my right foot is rough and explosive, i need a seat belt on the toilet, diarrhea
  4. share the same base.....what kinda hydra dick are you dreaming about? when you pulled one off, did two grow in it's place?
  5. man, i am so behind on Rick and Morty
  6. I have sisters....they've pretty much made sure I knew with unnecessary detail what goes on on that side......no thanks
  7. hehe, good one, but no....hehe, yeah just, uhh, no......hehehe.......no
  8. It's leg day....my thighs are sore.....does that count? Solidarity, Sister!
  9. lmao......I should maybe state that I give my partner plenty of attention....I'm not just staring at my dick the whole time.....just most of the time
  10. you don't go to the game and not watch your boy play....you know what i'm sayin'
  11. omg, I just described your dick didn't I
  12. let me put it to you this way.... I've had dreams where I was other people.... i've had sex in those dreams as those other people... still had my dick....
  13. star lord, man how is no one getting that reference >.>
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