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  1. I mean....this is a dating show for the mother of a stripper/hip hop ho which is on a channel that i've never even heard of....describing it as low brow would be a complement....they're ready to do anything that doesn't cost money to get viewers...
  2. Is noting the same as blogging? I can't keep up with these trends....
  3. One guy outright talked about just being fresh out >.> Another guy was talking about how he used to pimp hoes >.> And the guy during the strip show who was still wearing his chain and had his sunglasses tucked into his underwear, just arrived from the Dominican Republic
  4. of course they are....you brought in outside agitators to stir the pot and lay blame on the local pigeon population
  5. I see she's sent you to launch a mis-information campaign Judas
  6. No one knows, but everyone is amused....THEY SHOULDN'T BE! Someone is planning something......SOMETHING BIG! Think about it....what are pigeons if not the cowboys of the urban fauna.....now when you think cowboys, you think indians....cowboys and indians....the great rivalry......who are the rivals of pigeons....RATS.....cowboys and indians fought each other......pigeons and rats fight each other.....SOMEONE IS TRYING TO START A WAR BETWEEN THE PIGEONS AND THE RATS FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! and we are the only ones who can stop this evil mastermind.....BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE OF US!
  7. woah woah woah who's throwin' what into me I never consented to this wait was this when I was black out drunk at Jeff's party 'cause they said they didn't know why I put that costume on and fell asleep in the tub
  8. alright, I did it.....I went back to the scary bar I got kicked out of because it was scary and I wrote in the stall "For a good time, call Ku at 336-432-0386"
  9. Baby Yoda's an innocent soul....I won't let you do to him what you did to those Poor, possibly retarded, Red Pandas
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