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  1. @1pooh4u The order of episodes is the same for me and there is no narration.....I looked it up and it said they were trying out different orders of episodes for different users, but it never mentioned anything about the narration....sooo, idk what to tell you
  2. I own it on dvd but yeah, i'll check out love, death, and robots to see the changes
  3. They said they were going to play with the order from time to time, but they didn't mention any narration add-ons
  4. ...are the starring cast in a movie What movie is it?
  5. goodness knows those chachkies have to be at eye level to tie the room together
  6. One Way I’m Celebrating Pride

    so this is the type of shit you can do in a state without black people fun
  7. It's my birthday.

    Happy birthday Ass All Are Sex
  8. yeah, sorry about that.....my homie delivers packages for amazon and sometimes I'll hope in and smoke him out.....packages get there when they get there Is it the Harry Potter Golden Snitch clock or the personalized maple cutting board?
  9. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    I thought his son was running it now
  10. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    Do they still have those Playboy mansion parties? I'm not saying it's guaranteed, but it's a real shot at it
  11. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    all I can think of is that scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte is at the playboy mansion and meets a "nice" man who ends up saying, "hey, let me buy you some boobs"
  12. Video Greeting To Uneven Edge

    you had to have seen it comin'....we're animals lmao yo yo yo....North Dakota mutha fukkkuzzz this made my day, thanks
  13. Got a new shower curtain

    wooaahhh.....I like getting high in the shower......this would fuck me up