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  1. How refreshing would it have been, if they were like; - "open marriage, twenty years, only one hiccup, that's some kinda record" -"I know right. We ride together (well sometimes we ride and other times other people ride ), we die together, fuck buddies for life"
  2. I guess you'll do what you gotta to stay relevant....though I don't think this will pay dividends down the line....to the majority of people, this is all they'll know him for....I remember him being on one of the best XXL freshman covers along with Chance the Rapper and Isaiah Rashad, but never heard from him since
  3. well you got shaky phone camera from the back row, but it still has all the hallmarks
  4. If you had a choice, where would you live? What other anime worlds would you say are worse?
  5. I.....fell asleep >.> it was like a lullaby, I fell asleep after the first act
  6. you guys should watch Hamilton together let me know how long it takes for people to start falling asleep
  7. What if I told you THIS is the afterlife
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