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  1. i'm already doing that and it..................it takes a while have a drink or two and think about it
  2. Mix

    Enter the Florpus

    I just learned about the zim movie by way of this thread, but I can tell you, having done the research, the Rocko movie is ten times better if you're not sober
  3. I had no idea you could schedule those.... you really have your not together shit together...
  4. Those kinds of posters are all i've got on my walls.... always thought I was killin' it
  5. UFC 241: Paulo Costa vs Yoel Romero Fuck the main event, this is the fight right here....I'm so pumped for it
  6. damn, that looks like it could be good.....I'm feeling snacky
  7. I got sick of doritos too....a while back....they just taste artificial you need to get on the kettle cooked chip train
  8. I was gonna go with keying his car, but yeah, that works too
  9. ain't shit niggas are always trying to tell you how you ain't shit... I don't know how you're best motivated, but people telling me what I can't do is all I think about while I move toward shutting them up.....you don't have to be classy about that shit either, let that muthafukka know
  10. How long ago? Kids's eleven now....how long has she been killin' it?
  11. Then why even bring it up. Now all I want is to hear that story. I'm already coming up with far-fetched scenarios that the original can't possibly live up to.
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