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  1. Like, they try to convince you that you're the only guy they're fucking. - "My husband hasn't touched me in years." - "Listen, I don't care if you're fucking your husband or anyone else. That has nothing to do with this." - "oh" - "Yeah, I'm not a good guy. You know that, right?"
  2. I...don't think you're allowed to ask that question. At the very least, i'm not allowed to answer it. This feels like a trap. A booby trap. I'm in trouble, aren't I?
  3. In my defense, you're a lot smarter now. I mean, you were married back then.
  4. Do you think you'll ever get married again or nah? I'm fascinated by people who have been married multiple times. I like listening to them explain how they've "figured it out."
  5. You know, right away, what their partner was into. You're getting the same moves. - "so, uhhh...you're like, super into butt play?" - "I was trying to help you finish." - "Oh, you were doing that for me?" - "Yeah, the prostate is like the male g-spot." - "idk, I was doing pretty good before a finger went up my ass. If anything, it's a trick for lasting longer. That shit improved my time." - "oh, shit. haha." - "hehe...on an unrelated note, I like to cry in bathrooms from time to time. It has nothing to do with this, so don't you spare it a second thought. Just something I gotta do...right now >.>"
  6. Yeah, that's how garage sales work, lady.
  7. huh...Smaug was right.....they were asking for it
  8. They were mining jewels. You think Elon's dad cleaned up after himself? No, he was too busy mining jewels and hooking up with family members. Jewel wealth frees you from the constraints that bind the rest of us. The seven dwarfs should of had a maid and A BIGGER HOUSE.
  9. but Santa and his "elves"...that's just fine??? There's some magic little people have that blinds you to slavery. The Seven Dwarfs were mining for jewels, but the home Snow White cleaned for them looked pretty broke down. Where was all this jewel wealth going?
  10. You guys are as dumb as that lady if you think he still doesn't have those dogs.
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