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  1. I could make fun, but I'm a day away from brewing toilet wine, so do watcha gotta do
  2. ahh....I see.....you're saying the dogs are the key to our survival No wonder the old lady down the street has seven of those tiny purse dogs.....she's raising an army
  3. I for one welcome our new overlords
  4. Never realized our elderly population was holding back an uprising. The birds and squirrels are more addicted to bread than Oprah. I sat down to eat my sandwich and was accosted and subsequently mugged by, and I'm ball parking the numbers here, three thousand birds. They were led by a squirrel
  5. Black guys don't go running at night....there are easier ways to get shot >.>
  6. I don't smoke...that would be a good excuse though
  7. Reaffirming that age old saying "You can't have bad cardio if you have no cardio"
  8. Could someone point me to where I can read your guys take on how trump has been doing with the rona response
  9. I was going to do a young santa clause thing, but fuck that, this is mint
  10. Mix

    Things happened

    It's OK just tell her you're having stomach problems and lock yourself in the bathroom for several hours....it's embarrassing but not as embarrassing, y'know
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