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  1. After I looked the episode number up, I'm just sitting here like "That's it? This is the whole show?" Once she gets whatever it is from this place there is no entire 2nd part to this show where Fena embarks on a revenge crusade? Yeah no Nadia did this way better (and longer) the first time around.
  2. Here I thought thinking this show was 26 episodes instead of 12.
  3. Toonami is being economical & smart. Do you advertise the last piece of your bowel movement hitting the toilet? No.
  4. I've never seen this show. But I am a simple man. Someone at work was watching it on their phone once... Anything that has a character using the words "Theatre of Battle" at any point in its runtime, I'm in! That's it. That's all it takes.
  5. I REEEEEEALLY don't like how this looks.
  6. Because they don't care about AS. They never gave a shit about AS. That audience just wanted Family Guy, that's it. Leaked ratings into Toonami is just a byproduct of some of those people leaving the TV on in the background on the same channel while they did something else (like fuck).
  7. Technically the NWA if lumping both Toonamis. AWA is Animondays. Speaking of, I actually tried to trademark DuMont myself since the rights were dead for about 2 years, but it looks like someone got to it already in June, so there goes that.
  8. Frylock acting like Adult Swim is the DuMont network. Which it kinda is. Let's dump all the Toonami hard drives into the East River #EndToonami LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!11!!!1!!1!!
  9. The problem is someone in their engineering department keeps blocking me out of hacking their 11pm hour with my DBZ cut. Blame that Mr. Robot slunt.
  10. I've figured out part of why the Netflix opening is so corny. There's 100% less smoking compared to the anime OP. Spike's not allowed to just lean around and Philip Marlowe it.
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