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  1. OMG Ginguy said something sensible? I'mma stock up on Twinkies and gas masks, the horsemen are coming.
  2. Pushing further into AC. Wanted to add a sincere LOL at Ms. Bitch.
  3. Weebs are invading our country replacing good hardworking WASP Americans. Watch some shooter target an anime convention next.
  4. I actually just started watching Ass Class (don't even think about making a porn joke with this abbreviation you sick fuck) 2 days ago and I've blown through 10 episodes already. Don't know what put me off from actually sitting down and watching it initially. Maybe I thought it was solely a gag manga/anime? Believe it or not it was the next episode previews that have been playing on AS almost all the time that got me interested and color me surprised, there's some layers to this show.
  5. Bet you those suicidal Terra Luna bros have families mourning, accounts crippling their loved ones with debt. LOL.
  6. I'd say R&M's pretty close to top tier, but like all Dan Harmon shows, it enters an identity crisis pretty early. At least the S3-era rabid fandomhood has cooled down a bit.
  7. Westaboos > Weeaboos for an original show from an American broadcast network.
  8. If anything can get a free pass being subbed, it's Rick & Morty. Otherwise, they'd just bring Roiland in for the dub and that's not really a way to separate it from the main series.
  9. It's a direct Soul Eater prequel, so I might pick it up again based on that.
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