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  1. Everybody sing along and get re-traumatized: I couldn't wait for you to come clear the cupboards But now you're going to leave with nothing but a sign...
  2. The show was just monologues every 3 minutes about "feeweengs" so personally I won't miss it. BUT this is further proof Zaslav is a threat to the media landscape and the creation of art versus statistical "content."
  3. Blew through it all in two sittings. This show is a masterpiece. Finest anime series of the 2020's. It's also a legendary ad campaign -- I have to buy the game now. Is it patched up enough at this point and is there a PS5 port?
  4. Ugh god I'm not digging the face designs. I only want the Jinchuu arc. I already have the first 60-something episodes of the original for the rest (which if we're giving Watsuki this kind of attention anyways, why the FUCK hasn't the original series been upgraded to Blu-ray yet?).
  5. I would prefer it if all my old posts were eradicated from the internet in case I write something that gets picked up (a lot of them would get me cancelled immediately). Except for the ones about my impeccable music taste. That I take pride in.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/anairis_q/status/1572385507585437696 Yeah nah this is turbofucked.
  7. Which oni-chan doll did you cum inside now?
  8. Just blew through all of Bubblegum Crisis and Crash. Crisis is fucking great. Stereo cranked, adult beverage in hand, makes your balls feel like concrete. Too bad it's unfinished though because Crash sucks ass (though it does have a GREAT opening theme). Now I wanna pull up a gun on some anime exec to finally force them into adapting Exaxxion.
  9. Was there a PA outside the store blasting Angelo Badalamenti? That shit attracts crackheads.
  10. Giancarlo Esposito AND Canadian Goku in the same dub? What on god's green earth...
  11. Where's Aronofsky to make his version (except not call it Paprika and pretend it's a new thing he made up)?
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