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  1. It's hipster nonsense it'll do fine. Just grow a massive untrimmed bush, read Marx, and drink Pabst.
  2. Answerman? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Depression's a bitch.
  3. When ghosts fuck your earlobe, do you use tap or holy water to rinse the ectoplasmic ejaculate out?
  4. Nolan is adamant on theaters reopening in July for Tenet, so...
  5. La Blue Girl qualifies. So does Urotsukidoji, Kite, Cream Lemon... Does Kawajiri's filmography have enough "Fuck" to be considered for the Criterion's Fuck OVAs collection?
  6. I'm not tryna have my summer ruined here. Save us Future Trunks. You're our only hope.
  7. I can only see this working if the cast is entirely made up of Soundcloud rappers.
  8. Hentai is Hentai. A "Fuck OVA" is an meticulously directed piece of animated fornication held to as high of an artistic standard as that one scene from Blue Is The Warmest Color. So far, only select episodes of Bible Black have been certified "Fuck OVAs."
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